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Dr. Eggman vs Bowser

Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) X Bowser (Super Mario Bros

Dr. Eggman vs Bowser is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Wiz: On a previous Death Battle, we pitted Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik and his robot army against Dr. Albert W. Wily and his own robot army.

Boomstick: And it turned into a disaster.

Wiz: But will it be a different outcome? We will find out as we pit Eggman and his army against a rival and his army from the Mario series...

Boomstick: Bowser , King of the Koopas.

Wiz: I'm Wiz and he's Boomstick, and it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Dr. Eggman[]

Wiz: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, previous death battle combatant brought back to fight again. With and IQ of over 300, he is possibly the smartest combatant in Death Battle. And possibly has the worst anger problem.

Sonic: See you later, Baldy McNosehair!

Dr. Eggman: *screams*

Boomstick: But the guy's still an idiot. Seriously, who gets thwarted by a chili dog loving hedgehog?

Wiz: A lot of Dr. Eggman's infantry are well made. However there is one fatal flaw.

Sonic is shown hitting an Egg Pawn with a homing attack, causing it to explode.

Boomstick: They are so fragile.

Wiz: Such infantry includes the Motobugs, high speed scouts that's only attacks are simple running into enemies.

Boomstick: The Caterkillers don't do shit either. they're just there to crawl around and wait for an idiot hedgehog to land on them and get impaled on its spikes.

Wiz: The Buzz Bombers are like the Motobugs but they are faster and they have actual weapons; lasers. Plus they can fly.

Boomstick: The E-1001 Egg Pawns have an nice arsenal, bad thing that they're dumber than Dr. Eggman.

Wiz: And lastly, the SWATbots, well-rounded robots. However, just like everything else that Eggman has,

Boomstick: The Badniks, the higher ups of Eggman's army, seriously make up for these monstrosities.

Wiz: The EggRobos are basically the Egg Pawns except they are designed for Tactical tasks and they can pilot vehicles.

Boomstick: Silver Sonic can fly with its rocket shoes and its powered by a Chaos Emerald.

Wiz: Mecha Sonic is Slower and Tougher than your average Silver Sonic, has a greater focus on fire power, and can use and absorb the powers of a Chaos Emerald.

Boomstick; Mecha Knuckles is a silver Knuckles that fires giant rockets.

Wiz: E-101 Beta MKII can Fly and Teleport, has homing missiles, and can use a wide RoE Laser Beam

Boomstick: And finally, the Shadow Androids. Replicas of Shadow the Hedgehog that fire small rockets. as well as having Shadow's abilities.

Wiz: And when the battle isn't going in his favor, Eggman can call upon the Egg Fleet, a massive armada filled with lasers, guns, and many other weaponry.

Boomstick: The biggest of all the ships is the Egg Carrier, a 2588 feet long monster that's filled with missile launchers and a massive front laser cannon. Where can I get one?

Wiz: Finally the Egg Mobile, a flying ball that Egg Man can control. with is he can attach a wrecking ball and use duel mounted machine guns.

Boomstick: And that beauty can go inside a giant mech. The Death Egg Robot has the power of flight, has rocket arms, and has a laser cannon. And according to Wiz, its estimated height is a 16'5 monster.

Wiz: However Eggman still has his weaknesses. Such as Eggman, who built an empire of ROBOTS that function well in being able to walk and talk and such, is still and idiot. He has no plans on what to do half of the time.

Boomstick: He's basically a "plan-as-I-go" guy who fails a lot. Oh and one of the main reasons he lost last time? His whole army does NOT work as a team, this is why the Badniks, as powerful as they were, had been destroyed easily.

Wiz: However, with his arsenal of guns and lasers, Eggman might wi-

Boomstick: We're forgetting about Metal Sonic!

Wiz: No, Metal Sonic is banned from this as if he gets a Chaos Emerald, he's going to betray Eggman and kill him, along with Bowser, literally just like last time.

Boomstick: ugh... fine.


Wiz: Bowser, the almighty King Koopa and commander of all forces in the Koopa Kingdom. He is fairly capable of destroying all of the neighboring kingdoms.

Boomstick: And all he does is kidnap the same princess for 34 years. You'd think he'd do something else considering he's so strong and that he survived the universe collapsing twice and being burned to a crisp countless times. But hey, he's still a freaking powerhouse that can breath FIRE!

Wiz: Many facts are unsolved about Bowser. However, using a picture of a Nintendo-approved statue, Mario is 5'1. And then using a universal height scale of all Mario characters, Bowser is found to be approximately 8'7. This will be used later but for now, Bowser, like Dr. Eggman, has his own army.

Boomstick: Such includes Goombas, the basic enemies that can be stomped on easily. However these little guys can jump on enemies, possibly trying to imitate the man who have slaughtered their ancestors for years.

Wiz: Koopa Troopas are the steps up from the Goombas. They are turtles with protective shells. When threatened, they retreat back into their shells. If they are rammed into like this, they skid across the ground and when they hit a wall, they ricochet and fly back, hitting whatever hit them.

Boomstick: Lakitus are nerdy-looking koopas that fly on clouds and throw Spinys at enemies. Spinys are creatures that can roll up into a ball and ram them with their spiky shells.

Wiz: Magikoopas are the wizards of the Koopa Kingdom. They can cast spells that can destroy almost everything.

Boomstick: And finally, Hammer Bros. are geared Koopas that can throw unlimited hammers which they probably shove inside their shells.

Wiz: Apposed to Eggman's Badniks, Bowser has The Koopalings. Larry Koopa, the youngest, has an Orange Wand, it allows him to fire Fire Balls at his enemies. Morton Koopa Jr. wields a massive magic Hammer that combined with his strength, can pound his enemies' heads into the ground.

Boomstick: Wendy Koopa can create magic rings that can be duplicated and thrown. Iggy Koopa is possibly the smartest and tech savvy of the Koopalings. His magic blasts are definitely the most large radius'd and powerful of all the Koopalings.

Wiz: Roy Koopa carries a Bullet Bill Cannon and shoots out the latter mentioned. Lemmy Koopa is the shortest and the most insane of the Koopalings. He rides a giant ball and throws bombs at his enemies.

Boomstick: And the most powerful of the Koopalings, Ludwig Von Koopa. This guy can turn anything into anything he wants and can teleport. He's also the most intelligent on par with Iggy Koopa.

Wiz: Bowser's Castle also serves as a flying fortress with many cannons and Bullet Bill launchers, breathes fire thorugh Bowser's head mounted on the front, and it can carry even more infantry.

Boomstick: Also has a Clown Car, a flying car with a clown face painted on it. It can crash into enemies with no visible effect. There is a stash of Mecha Koopas. Wind up mechanical koopas that explode.

Wiz: And Bowser has a mega form called Giga Bowser. This form is about 2.5 times taller than normal Bowser, so he's roughly 21 feet and 7 inches tall. Bowser's strength in this form is thrown up drastically. But like Eggman, he has his weaknesses.

Boomstick: Such as he is without a doubt dumber than Egg Man AND Giga Bowser lasts for only a short time. Other than that, nothing can possibly stop this monster of a turtle.


Bowser is shown in his Castle's Throne Room, onlooking the scenery. Suddenly, the ground shakes. Bowser jumps to the window to see what has happened. A black mark is directly at the castle door. A mega phone is turned on somewhere a mile away.

???: You idiots! The trajectory was off!

Bowser presses a button on his throne, sounding off an alarm. Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Lakitus, Magikoopas, and Hammer Bros. run outside. Bowser jumps down and points towards Eggman's army, who is approaching.

Bowser: Grah! What are you doing here!

Dr. Eggman smiles at Bowser.

Dr. Eggman: Well I've seen that Sonic and Tails decimated your Mario and Luigi-

Bowser: So you've come to continue the chain?

Bowser points his finger at Dr. Eggman.




Instantly there are gears and blood and guts everywhere. Lakitus are flying above throwing Spinys at Buzz Bombers and SWATbots, destroying some but not all of them. The Spinys roll into balls and fly across the ground, ramming themselves into Caterkillers who have Goombas impaled on their spikes. Koopa Troopa skeletons are lying burned on the ground. Magikoopas are destroying multiple robots. Many are lying on the ground dead with the Robot Infantry losing.

Dr. Eggman: Where are the Badniks? BRING IN THE BADNIKS!

The Badniks fly in and almost immediately two EggRobos are destroyed but the Koopa Army is wiped out. The Badniks close in on Bowser. Silver Sonic flies at Bowser and Eggman laughs triumphantly. However Bowser punches Silver Sonic's head clear off its body and it hits Eggman in the face.

Bowser: You think it's over, do you, punk? KOOPALINGS! DESTROY THESE ROBOTS!

All of the Koopalings instantly appear. Eggman, seeing the possible danger presses a button and a radio clicks on.


Bowser: What's that? A bunch of floating eggs? Prepare the castle for take off! We're going to crack them! Meanwhile, the Koopalings and the Badniks are fighting. A Shadow Android runs in and homing attacks Lemmy, going right through his soft side and shell. Wendy is throwing her rings at the Badniks but all they are doing is make a collection sound when the rings hit the latter. Wendy, getting annoyed, throws three at MKII. All three land on MKII's legs, midsection, and neck. The rings hold its arms in place. Wendy goes into her shell and crashes into it's crotch area, causing it to explode, killing Wendy in the process. Meanwhile Eggman is slamming his hands down on his vehicles controls.


Right on cue, Mecha Sonic flies in and lands right in front of Eggman. Roy, who just got done wiping out some EggRobos , turns to see himself greeted by Mecha Sonic's fist punching him off a cliff. Morton swings his hammer at one of the three Shadow Androids, causing it to explode. He turns around to see the other two rushing at him. He prepares to swing but is interrupted by a missile from Mecha Knuckles, killing him. Larry's wand begins to glow a bright red and he fires a giant beam of fire at the Shadow Androids and Mecha Knuckles, destroying them.

Dr. Eggman: Damn Mecha Sonic! You better wipe the rest of these creatures out before you are turned to scrap!

Bowser appears in his Clown Car opposing Eggman.

Bowser: You can fly too, huh?

Bowser flies into Eggman, knocking him further away. A hatch opens and a wrecking ball comes out. Eggman proceeds to fly into Bowser, the wrecking ball hitting the Clown Car. Bowser takes out a Mecha Koopa and throws it Eggman, who in return throws it back, damaging the Clown Car. Bowser rams right into Eggman again. Meanwhile, Mecha Sonic has made quick work of all the Koopalings except for Ludwig and Iggy. Larry can be seen on fire with half his skeleton showing and Wendy's bow is shown floating away in the wind. Mecha Sonic turns to the last two Koopalings. Mecha Sonic backs them into a corner when a pink fist knocks Mecha Sonic away. Roy had climbed back up the cliff and was pissed. Roy jumps on Mecha Sonic and shoves its head into his cannon and pulls the trigger, decimating Mecha Sonic and causing him to explode. Roy gives a thumbs up to Ludwig and Iggy but is zapped by a laser, killing him. The Egg Fleet arrived. Ludwig and Iggy stare with their mouths open. Suddenly, Ludwig pulls Iggy towards him and he teleports, bringing Iggy with him.


Eggman takes that distraction to hit the propeller of the Clown Car, causing it to fall. Bowser's Castle flies into the air and begins to fire at all of the ships in the fleet, destroying about fourteen or so before it is shot down and it crashes. Eggman begins to laugh.

Dr. Eggman: You're all out of infantry and now your days are numbered! Egg Fleet! Destroy him!

Nothing happens. Suddenly, the Egg Carrier's lasers begin to fire at all ships in the fleet, destroying all of them. The scene changes to the control room where Iggy is being yelled at by Ludwig. Above Ludwig's head is a bubble with a picture of a steering wheel and a question mark. Iggy shakes his head no. The two begin to scream as out the window a hill can be shown approaching fast. The scene changes again to see that the whole Egg Carrier has exploded. Eggman screams in frustration.

Dr. Eggman: FINE! I'll kill you myself!

Eggman goes into the Death Egg Robot and kicks Bowser onto his shell and places its foot on him. Two machine guns are pointed at Bowser.

Dr. Eggman: Any last words?

Bowser: Just two.

Dr. Eggman: I want to hear them before I kill you.

Bowser puts his head down, looking at the foot of the Death Egg. He looks up at Eggman and has a look of triumph.

Bowser: SHOW TIME!

Bowser begins to glow and the Death Egg falls off. The mech quickly gets up in time to see a beast hulking over it; Giga Bowser. The Death Egg's rocket arms begin to punch at Bowser's head, doing no physical effect. Giga Bowser proceeds to rip off the arms of the Death Egg, doing the same for the legs. Eggman is shown in the cock pit pressing a button and a giant laser beam fires out of the chest. However Giga Bowser dodges. Giga Bowser rips open the cockpit and picks up Eggman. He proceeds to throw Eggman against a wall. Giga Bowser runs at Eggman and skids to a stop as he transforms back into Bowser.

Dr. Eggman: You won, you won! Spare me!


Bowser breathes a giant wave of fire at Eggman, burning him to a crisp.



Boomstick: Holy shit that was awesome!

Wiz: Yes. While Eggman was smarter, had machines, and brought a bigger arsenal to the table, Bowser's minions are smarter than the robot infantry. And when it comes to The Badniks and the Koopalings, every Badnik except for Mecha Sonic could be destroyed easily by the Koopalings abilities.

Boomstick: And I don't think Eggman could have been able to kill a turtle who has had a castle fall on him numerous times, fall in lava pits, and survive the universe collapsing twice with out any protection even if he tried.

Wiz: Overall, Bowser's Army was superior to Eggman's in any way possible.

Boomstick: Looks like Bowser's having some hard-boiled Eggman tonight.

Wiz: The winner is Bowser.

Bowser Kingdom VS Eggman Empire
Bowser Kingdom VS Eggman Empire
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date May 24, 2017
Written by TheMetallicBlur
Directed by TheMetallicBlur
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Team Mario vs Team Sonic Zero vs Dante


Nintendo vs. Sega. Which army of the mascot's enemy win? Will Bowser feed his kids an omelet for breakfast or will Eggman dine on turtle soup?


Wiz: Mario and Sonic have an incredible rivalry

Boomstick: Their rivalry rivals the rivalry of Batman and Superman.

Wiz: But this time we're taking their worst foes and their armies to fight.

Boomstick: The Bowser Kingdom, lead by Bowser.

Wiz: And the Eggman Empire, lead by Eggman.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skill to find out who would win a Death Battle.


( Cue ~ Inferno - Mario Party 7)

Wiz: Bowser is the leader of his army, kidnapper of Peach and enemy of Mario. Of course he specializes in his infantry.

Boomstick: His Goombas and Koopas do nothing but just hope for someone to touch them. His Lakitus drop Spinies on people who can ram with their horns. And his Hammer Bros can throw an unlimited supply of hammers. Magikoopas fight by casting spells that seem to only work like lasers.

Wiz: The Magikoopas are led by Kamek, the closest thing Bowser has to a fatherly figure.

( Cue ~ Kamek's Theme - Super Mario World 2)

Boomstick: Yeesh! Father's Day must be weird. Well, anyway, Kamek can shoot lasers, fly on a broomstick, duplicate himself, brainwash people, see the future, and is also a psychokinetic. He can lift a giant hammer with no effort and survive lava.

( Cue ~ Koopalings Battle Music - New Super Mario Bros Wii)

Wiz: And when he's not enough, Bowser brings out his seven Koopalings. Larry Koopa possess a magic wand he uses to shoot magic blasts which can ricochet off walls.

Boomstick: Morton Koopa is the muscle of the group, able to paralyze Mario. He can also throw a huge Chain Chomp with little effort. He can also shoot blasts from his wand, even though he prefers his muscle, and spiked balls. he can also unleash a sonic screech against his enemies. he also often carries around a big hammer.

Wiz: Wendy koopa is the only female Koopaling, but don't underrestimate her. She can unleash three rings that can collide with the environment. She can also create Spinies disquised as herself and even spin in her shell for offensive and defensive purposes. She can also survive lava.

Boomstick: Then you've got Iggy Koopa. He's like Wiz, smart and demented.

Wiz: Yea...HEY!

Boomstick: Iggy is the fastest Koopaling when it comes to wands. Not only can he fire at a faster rate than his siblings, but he can fire two sets of spells at the same time. He can also spin like a top and make his opponents dizzy. And apparently he can conjure up lava from the ground!

Wiz: Roy Koopa is one the strongest Koopalings, rivaling that of Morton's. He can jump so high in the air and unleash powerful tremors.

Boomstick: These tremors are so powerful that they can stun the Bros. He also has a magic wand and carries a Bullet Bill launcher. What is does is self explanatory.

Wiz: Lemmy Koopa is like the Michelangelo of the group, the turtle, not the painter. He uses his wand like any other Koopaling, but prefers to fight atop his bouncy ball, making him quite agile. And like all the other Koopalings, he can shoot speels out of his wand.

Boomstick: And the last Koopaling is Ludwig, the leader. He can breath fire, ground pound, unleash spells, shoot homing fireballs, create two copies of himself, and is exceptionally skilled in Table Tennis.

Wiz: Which is a game that requires patience and strategy.

Boomstick: But when those guys fail, he resorts to his true second-in-command, Bowser Jr.

( Cue ~ Bowser Jr.'s Theme - Mario Strikers Charged)

Wiz: Bowser Jr. is one of Bowser's most formidable forces. He is a master in mechanics and can even take the form of Shadow Mario.

Boomstick: Shadow Mario is just as strong and agile as Mario. His paintbrush can unleash forcefields, electricity, lava, and poisonous water.

Wiz: He also wields the Junior Clown Car, which comes with boxing gloves able to hold tennis rackets, cannonballs, utensils, mechakoopas, bob-bombs, and can even shift into an actual car.

Boomstick: So then why doesn't he just use that in Mario Kart!?

Wiz: No idea, but sometimes you gotta do things yourself and that's what Bowser does when his forces fail.

Boomstick: He's incredibly strong, stupidly durable, and possesses many abilities. He can breath fire like a dragon, teleport, turn people into brick, and even retract into his shell for either defensive purposes or to spin into the enemy like a projectile.

Wiz: He can also roll once he retracts into his shell and can even shoot the spikes on his back and fights with his teeth and claws.

Boomstick: But one of his more destructive abilities is his ability to grow gigantic. He can fight a castle when really large and his attacks are even stronger.

Wiz: We can't forget about his airship and the Koopalings' airships. They come equipped with bullet bills, cannonballs, and bob-bombs as their main weapons. Of course the deadliest and most powerful creation is the Megahammer, created by Bowser Jr.

( Cue ~ Megahammer - Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Boomstick: The Megahammer has two hammers that it uses for clobbering things and a bullet bill launcher. Bullet Bills going slow is a game mechanic, which won't be considered in this fight. As seen in the RPGs, bullet bills can actually reach supersonic speeds. The Megahammer is also powered by the Grand Star, making it at least Galaxy level.

Wiz: However, the Megahammer does contain three weak spots, the three blue spots on it. One behind it and the other two in front of it. Bowser himself has weaknesses. He's a complete idiot who always builds traps that he always ends up in and he once couldn't even recognize his baby self. Plus, he can tend to be a bit arrogant.

Boomstick: Even with all his faults, these are the guys who Mario just can't stand.

Bowser: SHOW TIME!

Dr. Eggman[]

( Cue ~ Robotnik's Theme - Sonic the Hedgehog )

Wiz: Dr. Eggman is Sonic's greatest foe with many deadly creations, ranging from his: Motobugs, Buzz Bombers, Caterkillers, Egg Pawns and EggRobos. Moto bugs aren't exactly useful, but Buzz Bombers come eqiupped with laser shooters on their stingers. Caterkillers simply have spikes that are only useful when someone steps on them. Egg Pawns and EggRobos specialize in using guns. The Egg Pawn, in particular, uses the Egg Gun.

Boomstick: What's so special about that?

Wiz: They're capable of harming bosses.

Boomstick: Damn, that's powerful!

( Cue ~ E-100 Series Theme - Sonic Adventure DX)

Wiz: Eggman's more deadlier robots are the E-100 series. E-101 Mark || specializes in yellow beams capable of creating explosions, homing missiles, enough speed to create afterimages, enough skill to dodge missiles, an advanced targeting system, deflective forcefields that could be used for ramming, teleportation, and spiky gauntlets strong enough deflect missiles.

Boomstick: He does this with a backhand. E-104 Epsilon specializes in homing missiles from both arm cannons and flight. E-103 Delta also uses Missile launchers, has a jet booster and target locator. E-105 Zeta launches missiles all over the place that home onto opponents.

Wiz: ZERO is strong enough to shatter walls and create shockwaves, possess tethered hands, is durable enough to withstand the Piko Piko Hammer, can jump really high, and can even electrify his arms to deal more damage.

Boomatick: Egg Keepers can fling their heads like saucers and these saucers can emit a stunning laser, allowing them to go in to attack with their spear-like arms.

Wiz: E 121 Phi is capable of copying skills and techniques. Since there are so many models, we'll use models 3,4,8, and 7. #3 can use Knuckles' moveset, #4 can use Tails', #8 can use Shadow's, and #7 can use Chaos Gamma's. all of them are powered by an emerald shard.

Boomstick: Chaos Gamma can hover, fly, self-repair, launch grenades from a shoulder-mounted grenade launcher, unleash electricity with electric daggers, shoot beams similar to Mark ||'s, use drill hands, and also can self-destruct. That's not very useful.

Wiz: Well it doesn't actually kill him, it creates a huge explosion damaging everyone around him.

Boomstick: Oh, ok!

Wiz: But Eggman's infantry and E series could only hope to be as deadly and as successful as his most destructive machine.

( Cue ~ Never Let It Go - Sonic the Fighters)

Boomstick: Metal Sonic!

Wiz: Metal Sonic was designed to destroy Sonic and he was skilled. Metal is comparable to Sonic in speed and can even do his Spin Dash and Homing Attack.

Boomstick: Metal also has abilities Sonic doesn't. He can fly, shoot chest lasers, surround himself in energy with his overdrive attack, and also possesses the Black Shield, which is practically impenetrable.

Wiz: One of Metal's more useful abilities is his ability to scan others and copy their moves and abilities. For this, we'll only give Metal the moves he scanned in the Rival series. Sonic Boom allows him to jump in the air, yell sonic boom, and move at the speed of sound instantly.

Boomstick: Knuckle Slam lets him slam on the ground, creating shockwaves that can be used for offense and defense. Chaos Control lets him warp time and space. Bat Guard lets him create artificial bats used for offense or defense.

Wiz: Defensive means that they can surround him and if anything touches them, the bats explode. As for offense, he can throw them as homing projectiles that explode.

Boomstick: ESP allow him to unleash a wave of psychic energy that can confuse the enemy and Chroma Camo turns him invisible and become slightly faster.

Wiz: With enough power, Metal can access different forms, one of them being Neo Metal Sonic. Neo can shoot lightning bolts powerful enough to destroy the Final Fortress' largest tower and even shapeshift by turning into a puddle of liquid metal and emerge in a new form.

Boomstick: Metal Madness is a whole new deal. He's not exactly moblie due to being attached, but he's cool in many ways. He can launch the spines on his back like missiles, genrate a column of fire with his right hand, and with his left hand, he can shoot missiles that trap the enemy in crystal cages. He can also land destructive attacks with his tail.

Wiz: But his deadliest form is Metal Overlord. Overlord becomes faster, stronger, tougher and is more of a challenge. He can shoot a barrage of crystals, shoot needles as homing missiles, and unleash crystal cages strong enough to hold Super State Users.

Boomstick He's strong enough to throw a metallic battleship with one hand, durable enough to withstand regular attacks from Super beings, fast enough to keep up with three Super State beings, and is even able to use Chaos Control to freeze time. He can fight on par with three Super State beings at once. They won, but their chances of victory were slim, if not, even less. I mean, the dude has no weak spots at all!

( Cue ~ E.G.G.M.A.N. - Sonic Adventure 2)

Wiz: And even with his deadly robots on command, Eggman is perfectly willing to battle. He pilots the Egg Mobile, a fast, single-man pod that can shoot lasers and missiles. It also comes equipped with a device that can emit knockout gas and is surprisingly fast and durable.

Boomstick: It's fast enough to elude Super Sonic and tough enough to withstand a tentacle from Dark Gaia.

Wiz: His Egg Mobile also has a universal compatibility to operate almost all of Eggman's machines. This time being the Egg Dragoon. It's design is based off Sonic's movements.

Boomstick: The Egg Dragoon comes equipped with fire beams, ice cannons for feet, and a drill that could be electrified and shot as a missile. Its arms can even be turned into massive blocks that can flatten foes. It's also pretty fast, being able to keep up with Sonic. He also carries a laser gun too.

Wiz: And like Bowser, Eggman has his own amrada of airships called the Egg Fleet, equipped with all kinds of laser turrets, air mines, and missile launchers Plus, it can also deploy robots to attack.

Boomstick: His Egg Fleet is lead by his Egg Carrier, wihch has a huge fron-mounted laser cannon. It also comes equipped with laser turrets,

Wiz: However, he's not exactly perfect. His robots and his leadership skills aren't flawless.

Boomstick: Still, no matter how many people he fights, Sonic knows that his ultimate nemesis is Dr. Eggman.

Eggman: Take a good look at yourself, Sonic. It's the last look you'll get before I close your eyes forever!

Pre-Death Battle[]

Wiz: Alright! The combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle!

Death Battle[]

Bowser was outside the Mushroom Kingdom with his troops.

Bowser: It's finally here, boys! After years of setbacks, the mushroom kingdom is ours!

Bowser's forces cheer

Bowser: With the princess and those two plumbers dead, we can just waltz in and take the kingdom!

???: I wouldn't bet on that, Shellface.

The voice comes out from hiding and reveals itself to be Eggman with his army.

Eggman: If anyone's claiming the Mushroom Kingdom, it's gonna be me!

Bowser: Since when have you been interested in the Kingdom?

Eggman: Since I learned how many people inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom. So many people to roboticize!

Bowser: If anyone's gettin it, it's gonna be me!

Eggman: I'm getting it! Crossing me was your last mistake!


( Cue ~ Eggman's Theme - Sonic X)

Eggman: Attack for the Eggman Empire!

Bowser's goombas walk in the way to attack, but are instantly killed by the Buzz Bomber's lasers. The Koopas are also shot down by the Buzz Bombers. The Hammer Bros. threw their hammers up, but they don't reach the Bombers. The Egg Pawns start to shoot and murder off some Hammer Bros. Magikoopas came out, but they were defeated by the EggRobos.

Eggman: You fool! This war is mine. Your infantry is inferior!

Bowser: *Growls* Koopalings, come help your master!

The Koopalings show up out of nowhere and start destroying the Moto Bugs, Caterkillers, and Egg Pawns. The EggRobo starts shooting lasers at the Koopalings. They are harmed but not killed. They start to level the EggRobos and Buzz Bombers.

Bowser: Who's inferior now?

Eggman: No matter. Get a load of this!

( Cue ~ E 121 Phi's Theme - Sonic Battle)

Eggman deploys E 121 Phi's models of #3, #4, #7, #8 to attack and sends out Chaos Gamma and some Egg Keepers come out. Model #3 throw a huge rock at Roy which he effortlessly smashes, but then unleashes a punching explosion to send Roy back. Model #4 shoots out of the Arm Cannon at Lemmy, but Lemmy is able to dodge them all. #7 constantly snaps and starts bring areas of distorted space onto Morton. Morton retracts into his shell, but #7 counters by using Roaming Chaos and sends Morton into the air. At that point, E-101 Mark || comes out. He shoots lasers at Lemmy's head and destroys him.

Iggy: I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

During this, Gamma took advantage and drilled his head.

Bowser *growls* Kamekkk! Bring out the airships!

Kamek arrives.

Kamek: Yes, sir!

Kamek teleports the entirety of Bowser's airships.

Eggman: Hmph! Very well. Call in the Egg Fleet!

???: They're already here, old man.

Kamek: Who said that?

Metal Sonic arrives to the field.

Metal Sonic: Scan complete!

Kamek: Scan for what?

Metal Sonic: I've scanned your life data, now I can use your powers.

Metal firstly unleashes ESP to confuse Kamek. Then he uses Kamek's mind control against him and turns him into his slave. Metal orders Kamek to attack Bowser, which he does.

Bowser: I'll make you pay with your life!

( Cue ~ King Koopa Battle - Super Mario Bros. 3)

The Airships start shooting cannonballs and bullet bills as well as bob-bombs, but they are utterly destroyed by Eggman's lasers. The Egg Carrier then destroys all of Bowser's airships. At that moment Bowser Jr. shows up in his Megahammer suit.

Bowser Jr.: What? You thought that was that? Ha! I'm gonna cream you clowns!

Metal decides to kick it up a notch and turns into Neo Metal Sonic.

Neo Metal Sonic: Kamek, what are the weak points?

Kamek: Aim for the blue spots. One behind him and two in the front.

Neo Metal Sonic: Goodie, now weaken him for me.

Kamek: Yes, master!

Kamek used his psychokinesis to reflect the Bills back at Megahammer. Megahammer gets hit. Meanwhile, Neo strikes the Final Fortress' tower and becomes Metal Madness. He starts to collect some of the broken fragments from the tower and becomes Metal Overlord.

( Cue ~ What I'm Made Of - Sonic Heroes)

Bowser: Wait a sec, where's Eggman?

Eggman: Did you miss me?

Eggman arrived with his Egg Dragoon and attacked the Megahammer's back with the electric drill, shocking Junior. Overlord used Crsytal Attack one one of the weak spots and Kamek attacked the other. But then out of nowhere, a cannonball hit the Egg Dragoon.

Eggman: What was that?

Ludwig: Me! Ludwing van Koopa along with the other Koopalings!

Metal Overlord: Chaos Control!

Everything freezes except Overlord. He aims Crystal attack on each weak spot five times and smashes Bowser. He unfreezes time and The Megahammer is destroyed as a result. Metal catches Junior and bites his head off. Afterwards, he tears apart Ludwig's ship and shoots needles at the heads of the other Koopalings.

Bowser: Now you've gotten me madder than ever!

Bowser grows giant and destroys the Koopa Clown Car.

Eggman: I'll keep him bus-

Metal Overlord: No need. Kamek, shrink him and place him in my hand.

Bowser: Not after I grab the Grand Star!

Metal Overlord: Kamek, teleport that star into space before he can use it!

Kamek teleported the Star into space.

Bowser: Nooooo!

Kamek shrinks Bowser and Eggman asks to kill him. Metal nods yes. Eggman drives the drill into Bowser and electrocutes him.

Eggman: Metal, tell your slave to suspend Bowser mid-air with psychokinesis and make sure he faces the Egg Carrier.

Metal Overlord: You heard the man!

Kamek suspended Bowser in mid-air and Eggman left the Dragoon as fast as he could and told the laser to fire, harming Bowser. Metal Overlord reverted to his basic form and used his strength copied from Knuckles to grab one of Bowser's spikes and drives it into his head.

Metal Sonic: Kamek, commit suicide.

Kamek put his wand in his mouth and blew his head up.

Eggman: Way to go, Metal. You were our team player!

Eggman starts patting Metal Sonic on the back of his head.

Metal Sonic: I thought we agreed to never do this after the 2016 Olympic Games!


  • Eggman starts roboticizing all the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Bowser's remains are spat on by Wario and Waluigi.


( Cue ~ Eggman's Theme - Sonic Adventure)

Boomstick: Mario characters just can't seem to catch a break, huh?

Wiz: Bowser's infantry is quite inferior weaponry-wise. And since weaponry is the only to kill the enemy without means of game mechanics, Bowser's infantry wouldn't last long.

Boomstick: But Wizard, we didn't use the goomba shoe!

Wiz: That doesn't matter, especially considering we didn't even include the EggRobo's vehicles.

Boomstick: The Koopalings and E series are pretty close, however, the Phis manged to pull through.

Wiz: There's a great chance that Tails, Shadow, or Knuckles could take on the Koopalings, and since the Phis were upgraded with chaos emerald shards, this was pretty close.

Boomstick: But since Gamma and Mark || were around, it didn't take long to figure out who'd win. Heck, Epsilon, Delta, and Zeta were nowhere to be found. With those guys fighting the Koopalings would've been destroyed!

Wiz: But Metal mind controlling Kamek ultimately led to their demise. Metal once copied data from Silver, who specializes in psychokinesis. There's no doubt Metal could imitate Kamek's psychic powers.

Boomstick: "Oh, but Junior didn't use his Shadow Mario!

Wiz: Big deal. Metal didn't even use most of the attacks we mentioned before.

Boomstick: And the Egg Fleet was definitely gonna trump Bowser's ships. Bowser's ships are made out of wood. Eggman's are made out of metal. Bowser's ships use cannonballs and bullet bills. Eggman's ships use freaking lasers!

Wiz: And Overlord is much more powerful than given credit for. He can fight on par with three super beings at once. They even stood less of a chance. And keep in mind that three super beings can take down Solaris.

Boomstick: Pretty impressive I'd say.

Wiz: Overall, Bowser's inferior weaponry, terrible strategy, and blatant weak spots were his undoing.

Boomstick: Looks like Bowser got a load of defeat.

Wiz: The winner is the Eggman Empire


  • Eggman patting Metal Sonic on the back is a reference to how Eggman pats Metal Sonic on the head and Metal Sonic gets annoyed in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Bowser's Kingdom VS. Eggman Empire

(Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog)

Bowser kingdom vs eggman empire steakburnt
Season ???, Episode 1
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Air date ???
Written by SteakBurnt
Directed by SteakBurnt
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Super Mario VS Sonic the Hedgehog! The most iconic videogame armies in a decades-long rivalry face off in a battle of gigantic proportions! Which will steal the glory and go on to rule the world?

Special thanks to SaltyGibus38 for giving me permission to make my own version!


(Cue Death Battle theme)

Boomstick: When you think of silly little platformer games, you might not think of huge armies ready for conquest.

Wiz: But throughout decades of enemies to jump on and villainous plots to stop, two armies have earned themselves a status as icons, which only begs one question: which would win in a war between them?


Boomstick: Bowser's Kingdom, the troop of minions that have terrorized the Mushroom Kingdom for years, led by the evil fire-breathing king Bowser.


Wiz: And the Eggman Empire, the sum of the terrifyingly brilliant Dr. Eggman's world-conquering robotic creations.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win...a DEATH BATTLE.

Bowser's Kingdom[]

(Cue New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Castle theme)

Wiz: Years ago, a powerful baby was born. Whether by stork or through an egg, it didn't matter. This baby wasn't exactly a turtle, not exactly a dragon, but somewhere in the middle and was first in line for being Koopa royalty.

Boomstick: Given an army and a magical caretaker, the prince was able to have his every demand met. And when you don't teach your kid discipline, that's when things get bad.

Wiz: Soon, he was ordering his troops to steal literal babies, likely just for the sake of playmates, if not anything worse...but that all changed when a baby he stole turned out to be the brother of his greatest enemy, and he was thoroughly stomped with a little help from a Yoshi.

Boomstick: This did nothing but ignite the flames in this little, he wanted conquest, he wanted power, and he wanted hot babes! Growing up, he became the one and only, Lord Bowser, king of the Koopas!...basically the coolest manchild you've ever seen.

Wiz: Bowser rules over the Koopa Kingdom, a rocky lava-filled wasteland which has his castle at the center of it all. From within that castle, his thousands of troops reside, ready to show their undying loyalty to their boss.

Boomstick: And what does he do with that? Well, yeah, he tries to conquer the world, but he also has a soft spot for Princess Peach, and tries to capture her a lot...ok, between getting Peach and leaving the Mushroom Kingdom without a ruler, which is the bonus there?

Wiz: But the Mushroom Kingdom isn't without its prized red and green heroes, the Mario Bros., and Bowser has spent dozens upon dozens of games trying new plans to finally be successful in ruling everything, and marrying a princess on the side.

Boomstick: So, if they're stopped by two high-jumping Italian plumbers, they can't be that strong, can they?

Wiz: ...those are some crafty plumbers, Boomstick.

(Cue Super Mario Galaxy - Attack of the Airships)

SMG Artwork Bowser (2021 Remake)

Boomstick: No better place to start than with the big guy himself, right? Bowser knows how to boss an army around, sure, but he loves getting his hands dirty along with 'em!

Wiz: His main ability is his fire breath. He can breathe both streams of fire and fireballs, and has tons of variations of them including fireball barrages, fireballs that become lava puddles, blue homing fireballs, and fireballs that rain down from the sky. He can even do a tail swipe similar to Godzilla where he lights his tail on fire.

Boomstick: Sometimes he can also do the opposite of breathing fire and suck things in with his vacuum attack, which can't be healthy. And if you were expecting this guy to not be able to fight close-range...COME ON. HE'S GOT SPIKE BRACELETS!

Wiz: He has powerful punches which he can do while sliding with the Sliding Haymaker, his claws allow for sharp swipes, he can jump and slam down on to the ground to crush opponents with his weight and make shockwaves, and he can curl in to his shell to stop attackers from above with his spikes and spin around to ram in to them. Somehow, his Koopa Biology even lets him cover his whole body in spikes to become one big spikeball and roll around...bizarre.

Boomstick: Finally, he has his hardly-noticed dark magic skills, and I'm not talking about his infinite supply of hammers for throwing. He can create giant brick purple magic spheres and flaming Bowser shells to throw, teleport, and even sometimes fly!

Wiz: His vehicle of choice is the Koopa Clown Car, a flying vehicle with a bizarre face on it that comes equipped with Bob-Ombs (we'll get to those), Mecha-Koopas (and those,) Bullet Bill Launchers (those too), a flamethrower cannon, a spikey cannonball launcher, and giant cannonballs that somehow fit inside the vehicle.

Boomstick: Speaking of Koopa Clown Cars, one belongs to Bowser Jr.. That's right, Bowser has a son! How that happened, we don't know, Peach ain't the mama. Bowser Jr. is bratty and nearly identical to his pops when he was a baby, which means he isn't as good at fighting on his own yet. He can spin in his shell, ground pound, ram, and shoot some decent fireballs, but he's still struggling with doing much more, which is why he comes back with a big arsenal to make up for it.

Wiz: His smaller Junior Clown Car comes outfitted with extendable boxing gloves that can do a flurry of punches, a gigantic Bowser arm that can come out of its back, a fireball and a spikeball launcher in its mouth, a deployable dome for protection, Bob-Ombs (we'll still get to those,) as well as Super Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms in its cockpit for healing allies. Jr. can summon his Clown Car with a Nintendo DS-esque device, and it can bring a giant bomb or healing snacks along with it.

Boomstick: Finally, he's got a hammer for short range attacks that can make shockwaves, and a Magic Paintbrush, which he can use to sling harmful sticky goop, and paint enemies to fight for him and M-shaped portals to teleport around. Maybe he can draw me a beer? I'll let him have a sip! He's probably 21 in turtle years.

Wiz: But if you recall, they both have their magical caretaker and arguably stand-in parent/grandparent to thank for helping them through their schemes, the robed Magikoopa Kamek. Kamek is a wise, loyal, and snobby wizard who has a lot of powerful spells which he uses to assist Bowser and fight Mario. He has a magic broomstick for flying, and a red-tipped wand. With it, can shoot blasts of shapes, rings of fire and fireballs, teleport, levitate, use telekinesis, clone himself, create giant magical energy blasts, and turn others huge. Kamek is one of the most common ways Bowser can become Giant Bowser, a form of his that is 70 feet tall and has been a final boss MANY times.

Boomstick: He can also summon tons of minions, which...yeah, fine, we've avoided it long enough. Bring on the list!

1600px-MLSSBM- Minions
  • Minions
    • Goomba: The most basic minions. Small, brown, Mushroom-esque monsters possibly originally loyal to the Mushroom Kingdom. They ram, bite, and jump in an arch to hit people with their heads with a move called a headbonk.
    • Koopa: Turtle-esque basic minions. They wear green shells which they can retreat in to to increase their defense or spin in to enemies.
    • Banzai/Bullet/King Bill Blasters: Cannons that shoot missiles with faces on them. Bullet Bills are the smallest, Banzai Bills are larger, and King Bills are by far the biggest.
    • Shy Guys: Masked, robed, shy guys. They can throw big and small turnips and do basic athletic flips. With a propellor on their heads, they can become Fly Guys that do the obvious.
    • Hammer Bro: Helmet-wearing larger Koopas that leap through the air and throw an infinite supply of hammers.
    • Fire Bro: Red Hammer Bros. that instead throw fireballs.
    • Ice Bro: Light blue Hammer Bros. that instead throw iceballs.
    • Boomerang Bro: Blue Hammer Bros. that instead throw boomerangs that return to them after thrown.
    • Sledge Bro: Heftier Hammer Bros. that throw larger hammers and can stun opponents by Ground Pounding.
    • Sumo Bro: Spike-headed sumo Koopas that shoot electricity currents below them by stomping.
    • Boss Sumo Bro: Large Sumo Bros. that can jump around which may stun the opponent upon landing and can shoot larger electricity currents.
    • Chargin' Chuck: Athletic buff Koopas wearing football gear that throw baseballs/footballs and attack with shoulder charges.
    • Piranha Plants: Toothy plants that can bite and shoot fireballs. They can retreat underground or be carried around in flower pots.
    • Pokeys: Cactus creatures that attack by slamming down or shooting spikes from their segments.
    • Spiny: Quadruped small Koopas that have spiky shells that they can retreat into.
    • Lakitu: Glasses-wearing Koopas that float on smiling clouds and throw Spinies or Piranha Pods that become Piranha Plants.
    • Thwomps: Angry-faced stone monsters that crush opponents when they detect movement.
    • Whomps: Angry-faced stone monsters that can actually walk. They will try to slam down on opponents, but they have an obvious weak point on their backs.
    • Bob-Ombs: Walking bombs that blow up.
    • Mechakoopas: Walking mini Koopa robots that can shoot fireballs and explode.
    • Dry Bones: Koopa skeletons that can throw bones and revive after being defeated as long as their bones are still there.
    • Boos: Ghosts that can turn invisible, fly, hide inside objects and phase throw them, and throw bombs with Boo faces on them. Usually shy when faced and weak to bright light, but can summon courage not to be when fighting on the frontlines for Bowser.
    • Monty Mole: Moles that can burrow through dirt and throw rocks.
    • Rocky Wrenches: Monty Moles with goggles that can repair damaged equipment and throw wrenches. They hide under manholes on airships.
    • Spike: Green Koopas(?) that throw rolling spikeballs and long spike bars.
    • Chain Chomp: Spherical, metal, dog-like creatures that bite opponents that can be "walked" by Shy Guys.
    • Big Tail Goomba: Giant Goombas that can float through the air after jumping and attack by swiping their tails.
    • Magikoopa: Robed Koopa Wizards that teleport, summon flame rings, shoot magic blasts, and levitate.
    • Paragoomba/Parakoopa/Parabones: Versions of Goombas, Koopas, and Dry Bones that fly via wings.

Wiz: Bowser's minions are all not just loyal troops, but also diehard Bowser fans that will fight to the death to help him accomplish his goals.

Boomstick: Being led by only three people doesn't seem practical though, and there's a whole lot in-between. There are 4 minion captains; Captain Goomba, Captain Koopa, Captain Boo, and Captain Shy Guy, but even though they're pretty good captains for the troops, there's a lot more higher-ups that can do a lot more on their own.

Wiz: Like the Koopalings, 7 powerful Koopas that at least tend to feel like Bowser's kids, even when they canonically aren't. And just like Jr., they do tend to be a little too bratty for their own good.

Boomstick: They can all breathe fire, spin in their shells, and use wands that can shoot magic blasts. It'd be a bit sad if there were no differences between them though.

Wiz: Ludwig can clone himself and create giant magic blasts, Lemmy can summon balls to ride on and shoot as well as bouncing bombs, Roy can ground pound to make shockwaves and summon a Bill Blaster, Iggy can raise his allies' power, Wendy can summon rings to throw like boomerangs that can bounce around, Morton can ground pound and summon spike balls and a hammer for himself, and Larry has a tennis racket for bouncing back projectiles and launching fireballs.

Boomstick: Jeez, this is all a mouthful. Below them are the Elite Trio, a trio of dumbasses that are somehow less motivated than some of the rest of Bowser's army. Private Goomp and Corporal Paraplonk have normal Goomba and Paratroopa abilities, while Sergeant Guy has a wand that shoots magic blasts and can turn Goombas in to copies of himself, a hammer, and a Banzai Bill Cannon called the Sergeant Guy Cannon...okay, that seems a little unfair. As a team, they're hard to take down, since they will keep healing each other when they are downed, so you have to take them down all at once.

Wiz: Nearing the end of the bosses, we have the stache-obsessed King Bob-Omb, the king of the Bob-Ombs, but I suppose a level of king below Bowser. He can throw bombs and Bob-Ombs, grab and launch foes, and self-destruct if need be.

Boomstick: Finally, we've got Boom Boom and Pom Pom. Wow...those names are definitely really easy to take seriously. Boom Boom can spin in his shell, run in to opponents like me when there's free food in the break room, turn invisible, and twirl around with his arms out to leave a trail of fire which can leave him feeling dizzy.

Wiz: Pom Pom meanwhile has boomerangs and ninja stars to throw at her opponents. She can spin in her shell to fly in the air to slam down and attack anyone below her, and even clone herself to attack 6 times at once, although the real one will always have a pink ninja star visible.


Boomstick: For fighting vehicles, they've got airships with cannons on them that can shoot cannon balls, meteors, and Bullet Bills. Thing is, yeah, they're made out of some steel...but mostly wood. Not super practical if your opponent has a lighter, although I guess Mario and Bowser's minions have no problem launching fireballs around on them.

Wiz: The Koopalings all have 7 customized personal airships for themselves. And similarly, Bowser has tanks loaded with cannons. Again though, made out of mostly wood...

Boomstick: And believe it or not, Bowser's Castle itself has been a vehicle for his army! Multiple times! It's got freakin' jet boosters! And wouldn't ya know it, it has cannons, and they shoot cannon balls and Bullet Bills.

Wiz: And that about sums up Bowser's Kingdom. A highly varied army with many means of attack and several leaders to guide the troops, but some troops tend to have the unfortunate weakness of being rather slow and can even have exploitable attack patterns, which is how Mario has been able to beat them for so long. It can be easy to tell they're from a platformer series first and foremost.

Boomstick: And their leader up at the top, Bowser himself, can be pretty brash, even when barking orders, which is not great during a strategic battle. At the end of the day though...come on, the dude has a lava castle and spike bracelets. The cool factor makes up for it.

Dt bowser art

Bowser: Hear this! I will kidnap Peach OVER and OVER until I pull it off! And no one can stop me! Losing is not an option! And neither is giving up!

Private Goomp: That's why you're the boss, boss!

Sergeant Guy: Sir, permission to call you the coolest!

Corporal Paraplonk: I would follow you into a BOTTOMLESS PIT!


Eggman Empire[]

(Cue E.G.G.M.A.N. - Sonic Adventure 2)

Wiz: Born in to a family already known for their incredible genius, Dr. Ivo Robotnik was destined for technological greatness.

Boomstick: The dude was a genius like old grandpappy Gerald before him, but for whatever reason, his family spent a lot more time paying attention to his cousin Maria.

Wiz: Or at least, that's how he sees it. Whatever the case, he felt like he was being neglected, and that combined with his supergenius intelligence made his worldview begin to shift

Boomstick: He thought, wellllll, the only way you could not recognize that amount of genius is if you were stupid. Old Ivo got an ego as big as his brain.

Wiz: Everyone is beneath him, deserving to be put under his rule and like it. In his perfect view of the world, the Earth would be his, and the capital would be Eggman Land.

Boomstick: Wait, Eggman Land? Why not Robotnik Land?

Wiz: Right, well Boomstick...Dr. Robotnik tried to conquer the world to achieve his dream. Multiple times. Dozens of times. Hundreds of times. Turning little animals in to robot power sources, unleashing ancient deities, quite literally splitting the planet into pieces, but he's always stopped by a hedgehog...Sonic the Hedgehog.

Boomstick: With super speed, a sense of justice, and a hunger for chilli dogs, Sonic along with his friends always find a way to stop Dr. Robotnik in his tracks. Sonic even started calling him Eggman as a fat joke, but he didn't let this get him down, and even started using it as his new name! Is that dumb or cool? I'm gonna say dumb.

Wiz: Indeed, nothing keeps Dr. Eggman down. Armed with his genius and gigantic army of robots, the mad doctor will continue to try new plans to beat Sonic as many times as necessary.

Boomstick: Personally, I think he should just use a box trap with a chili dog in it.

(Cue Egg Dragoon - Sonic Unleashed)

Eggman forces

Wiz: Dr. Eggman has an astonishing I.Q. of 300, well above anything recorded in the real world. With it, he has created a franky ludicrous amount of machinery.

Boomstick: Just up his sleeve, he has a powerful laser gun that has taken down Sonic's buddy Tails' plane in one shot, a jetpack for high-speed escapes, and a pair of Digimon-ass goggles.

Wiz: His signature vehicle-of-choice is the Egg Mobile, a round flying hovercraft with a protective dome, missiles, bombs, deployable electric wires, and a wrecking ball attached to a chain. It also has attachable legs to become the Egg Walker, which is more like a walking tank with much heavier firepower.

Boomstick: It can attach to his other more powerful mechs, including the Death Egg Robot which just looks like a giant version of him. It has extendable spiky arms, deployable bombs, and a jetpack it can use to fly into the air and drop down on unsuspecting hedgehogs.

Wiz: His Egg Dragoon mech has an impressive arsenal of mini guns, ice blasts, an extendable hand, drills that it can shoot out and swing like an electrified sword, and a flame thrower.

Boomstick: And finally his Super Eggrobo is an even BIGGER robot lookalike of himself, with floating hands for squashing foes, laser beams, and gatling laser barrages. This mech is arguably his strongest due to it being one of his later models and needing a heck of a lot of power.

Wiz: The doctor has a lot more mechs, but it would be impractical and unnecessary to list them all here, so we've just shown his most iconic and powerful ones.

Boomstick: Eggman relies on his robots just as much as the stuff he pilots, like his army of crazy-looking Badniks. These things can be pretty deadly when you get past how weird most of them are.

Badnik collage hq
  • Badniks
    • Motobug: Ladybug robots that can use their singular wheel to go fast and ram.
    • Buzz Bomber: Blue bee bots that shoot lasers from their stingers.
    • Snail Blaster: Snail robots equipped with laser cannons. Can crawl on walls and curl in to their shells to spin like a wheel to go faster.
    • Crabmeat: Crab robots that release energy balls or missiles from their claws.
    • Caterkiller: Spikey caterpillars, their spikey segments scatter if their head is destroyed.
    • Burrobot: Mole Badniks that drill underground and can drill things with their hands.
    • Balkiry: Jet-like robots that resemble birds and fly forward at high speeds.
    • Turtloid: Flying turtle robots who ride larger turtle robots that shoot energy balls from their mouths.
    • Blaster: A beetle-like badnik that can go at high speeds and shoot energy projectiles from their horns.
    • Orbinaut: Green sphere robots that shoot their surrounding spikey spheres, but are then left defenseless.
    • Kiki: A monkey robot that throws bombs of varying size and power.
    • Nebula: Spherical green robots that fly via a propellor and can drop bombs or spike balls.
    • Slicer: A mantis-like robot that shoots its sharp claws like a boomerang at foes.
    • Blowfish Transporter: Round bird badniks that deploy cargo such as Badniks.
      • Big Blowfish Transporter: Giant Blowfish Transporters that shoot missiles and create shockwaves by slamming.
    • Falco: Falcon badniks that deploy bombs and Egg Pawns.
    • Snowy: Large, tough, Polar Bear-esque robots.
    • Spinner: Spinning flying robots that slash opponents with their blades.
    • E-1000: A mass-produced robot designed after E-102 Gamma, a powerful robot that rebelled and was then destroyed. Can hover and shoot lasers.
    • E-2000: Large flying robots that have a shield for blocking attacks and a laser cannon for shooting huge purple Kamehameha-esque laser beams. They can also turn in to another more compact mode to shoot lasers better in the air.
    • Eggrobo: Robots that resemble Eggman. They have laser guns, jetpacks, and can pilot Eggman mechs.
    • Egg Pawn: Orange robots that may be an evolution of Eggrobos and have more or less become Eggman's standard troops. They can have Egg Spears (lances), Egg Guns that fire energy bullets, Egg Bazookas that fire heavy lasers, and shields that can be metal or spikey.
      • Egg Bishop: Egg Pawns that have staffs that can fire energy bullets and heal robot allies.
      • Egg Hammer: Large Egg Pawns that wield massive hammers.
      • Egg Knight: Stronger Egg Pawns that wield a spikey shield and an Egg Spear and lead groups of Egg Pawns, but they will be destroyed if the Egg Knight is destroyed.
    • Cannon Flapper: Flying Egg Pawns with cannons underneath them that shoot heavy laser bullets
    • Aero-Chaser: Flying green robots that can shoot dual lasers in a straight line.
    • Assault-Class Death Egg Robot: Mass-produced giant Death Egg Robots that have extendable spike hands and a single eye that can shoot giant lasers.

Wiz: When these aren't enough, he has an even stronger array of super Badniks, starting with his line of robotic hedgehog doppelgangers.

Boomstick: Silver Sonic is a cute little Sonic robot that can copy his signature Spin Attack, jet around with rockets to ram, and shoot out his arm as an extendable claw.

Wiz: Mecha Sonic is seemingly an upgraded version of Silver Sonic. Larger and bulkier, it is more dangerous and trades in extendable claws for the ability to shoot out spikes in all directions from his Spin Attack. It is important to note that this is the one from Sonic 2, and the newer model from Sonic 3 is not present due to being, ahem, "scrapped" on an island somewhere.

Boomstick: Old Edgy the Hedgey himself, Shadow the Hedgehog, also has a bunch of robot copies called Shadow Androids that can, who coulda guessed it, copy his Spin Attack and speed, and shoot homing missiles outta their hands.

Wiz: But perhaps his ultimate creation is Metal Sonic. None of Eggman's other robots come close to him. Designed to match Sonic in every way, he can copy his signature speed and many of his Spin Attack moves like the Spin Dash and Homing Attack, and has his own abilities on top of them.

Boomstick: He has a rocket booster in his chest that lets him fly and shoot lasers, and he can surround himself in electricity like a true toaster to blast through opponents with his V. Maximum Overdrive Attack or shoot it all downwards with his Ring Spark Field. His Black Shield technique is a forcefield that lets him block incoming damage from opponents and looks strangely like Zelda's neutral special...

Wiz: Metal Sonic has also absorbed a strange purple mystical power in to his systems, allowing him to power himself up and shoot out purple pillars or spheres of crackling energy.

Boomstick: When he gets bored of just stealing from Sonic he can use his Copycat ability to steal anyone's signature technique. I wonder what he'd get from me...alcohol poisoning?

Wiz: With all his strength, he's like a son to the doctor...although recently, he's been pushed out of that spotlight by Sage, an ai who was brought to life by the power of the Ancients' Cyberspace, and by Eggman's own words is seen as his daughter.

Boomstick: After leavin' the Starfall Islands where Sonic Frontiers takes place, it's likely she's lost a bit of her power, but she's been integrated into the Eggnet, which is absolutely the next best thing to Cyberspace! She can fly, shoot lasers, make forcefields, run calculations on the spot, and is completely intangible!

Wiz: She can pilot empty uncontrolled mechs for more firepower to assist Eggman, a useful ability considering her otherwise inability to lay a finger on people...aside from the lasers, of course.

Boomstick: Eggman's biggest badniks aren't all just hinging on hedgehog copyright infringement and his own kids though. The Hard-Boiled Heavies, which, can we just take a second to appreciate that name, are 5 powerful Egg Robos with their own weird quirks.

Wiz: Heavy Gunner can shoot fly and shoot missiles, Heavy Shinobi has ninja skills that utilize shurikens and an ice sword, and Heavy Rider rides on a Motobug named Jimmy and swings a mace around.

Boomstick: Then there's Heavy Magician, who can turn in to a handful of obscure Sonic characters for the true loremasters to oggle at, and can teleport around using her hat and summon giant Uber Caterkiller badniks.

Wiz: Finally, their leader is Heavy King. He's fairly reliant on Chaos Energy and even when he has it, it runs out extremely quickly, although without it he can live up to his namesake and stomp on opponents with his weight.

Boomstick: But by far, Eggman's most useful robots are his right-hand geometric men, Orbot and Cubot...not really. They just give him someone to bark orders at and help keep him updated. He barely trusted them with laser guns one time.

Egg fleet

Wiz: Dr. Eggman's strongest part of his arsenal might not even be his robots at all, as he has a huge group of ships called the Egg Fleet. They come in a variety of shapes resembling mako sharks, manta rays, and sawfish, and they have an unbelievable amount of laser cannons.

Boomstick: His biggest ship is the Winged Fortress, one of his central flagships where he can sit back and relax as his bots do all the work for him, and fire some laser turrets and missiles if need be.

Wiz: Speaking of, he can easily give commands to all of his army using the Eggnet, a network that connects to all of his robots.

Boomstick: Jeez...I know Sonic's strong, but how does Eggman lose every single time with all this?

Wiz: It's quite simple. The doctor is egotistical and extravagant, not always choosing to take the easy way out if there is a more impressive way to do things.

Boomstick: This even continues over to some of the designs of his robots. He has admitted himself that he prioritizes aesthetics on some robots over 100% efficient practicality. I mean, how the hell else do you explain Orbinauts?

Wiz: But at the end of the day, if you're faced with a flying laser designed to look like a bee, it won't matter to the Eggman Empire how ridiculous it looks while shooting you.

Slw eggman

Eggman: Every defeat. Every humiliation at the Hedgehog's hands will be returned a thousand fold by my unstoppable creation. This is my dream come true. With this invention, I can expand the Eggman Empire across the globe, and conquer the world! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Orbot: The boss means business this time!

Cubot: Mhm!


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's settle this debate once and for all.


(Cue Super Mario Galaxy - Tension)

In an empty wasteland full of nothing but dust, rocks, and distant mountains, two armies approached. One mostly organic and completely fantastical. Another filled with a variety of robots. What they had in common, though, was a very strange appearance. In the skies above the first side, a voice boomed from the mouth of a floating castle sculpted to resemble its owner, surrounded by various wooden airships.


In the mouth of the castle stood the Koopa King, Bowser. By his side floated his trusted wizard Kamek on his broomstick, also joined by Bowser Jr. and the Elite Trio. They were met with a response by a less naturally booming voice, amplified by a series of speakers from a large yellow flagship, surrounded by its own armada of flying ships, each resembling a sea creature of some sort.

???: OHOHOHO! How funny that you think you're fit to take over this planet instead of me! I must admit, you have an interesting army, but not one built for a battle against mine! If you won't retreat into your shells and wait for me to make you an exhibit in Eggman Land, then I suppose I'll have to make you!

Aboard the ship sat Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Eggman, accompanied by his daughter Sage, his creation of confusing familial status Metal Sonic, and his bumbling assistants Orbot and Cubot.


Bowser Jr.: You got it papa!

Kamek: Of course, your nastiness.

Kamek flies out to join the airships as Jr. simply hops out hundreds of feet onto the ground, landing in front of the army.

Dr. Eggman: They always want to do it the hard way! Metal, lead the troops down below!

Metal Sonic's thrusters light up, and he flies out through an opened hatch in the ceiling, smashing down onto the ground in front of the myriad of other troops.



The two armies begin to head towards each other at full speed.




Bk vs ee fight


Koopa winner
Egg winner