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Fools! Lackwits! Did you think that that you… you, with your small but admittedly tasty-looking brains, could stop me, the master of all zombies? Then by all means, give it a try.
~ Dr. Zomboss

Dr. Edgar George Zomboss, often known as Dr. Edgar Zomboss, better known as Dr. Zomboss, simply known as Zomboss is the main antagonist of the video game series, Plants vs Zombies.

Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far[]

With Randall Boggs[]

With Zombies[]

  • Grunt VS Zombie (Completed)

Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]




  • Full Name: Dr. Edgar George Zomboss
  • Species: Zombie
  • Occupation: Mad Scientist
  • Favorite Food: Pop Smarts (Cherry, Apricot Sundae, and Einstein flavors)


  • Strength
    • The Zombot can one-shot most plants with its incredible strength and weight
    • Zombot can lift up and throw cars with ease
    • Suits can cause tremors in the earth
    • Suit can lift itself up onto a house
    • Shoved much bigger zombies out of his way in college, including a football zombie
  • Speed
    • Surprisingly agile on foot
      • Could casually leap from head to head of zombies in college
    • Zombot's laser travels at a speed of approx. Mach 1.5, which should scale to Zomboss's reactions
    • Zombot is slow and bulky on the ground, but very quick and nimble in the air
  • Durability
    • Can tank punches from athletic humans
    • The main suit, The Zombot, can absorb over a thousand hits of damage before surrendering
    • Can endure burning and freezing damage
    • Shrugs off constant pelting of cabbage, butter, corn kernels, etc.
    • Can survive the destruction of his Zombot upon his defeat


  • Genius inventor
  • Expert cheater
  • Anti-plant combat expert
  • Clever strategist


  • Imp-Powered Heat Ray
    • A heat ray powered by a tireless imp on a hamster wheel
    • Carries it in his lab coat without it being detected despite it's size
    • Source of heat appears to be some sort of lava
    • Melted a steel cage
      • Melting point of steel: 2500°F (1510°C)
  • Wrench
    • Plain old wrenches that Zomboss throws in a gravity-defying parabolic line, or in a large cluster that obeys gravity
  • Zombie Heads
    • Decapitated zombie heads
    • Zomboss throws them repeatedly in sizable clusters, or individually to have them act like boomerangs
  • Homing Wrench
    • Red, glowing wrenches that are faster than normal ones
    • Target and home in on enemies
    • Does more damage than normal wrenches


  • Dr. Zomboss's most iconic mech suit
  • Built in the image of a giant zombie
  • Larger than buildings, it towers over all manner of plants
  • Extremely strong and heavy
    • Stomps plants flat under it's foot
    • Walking causes tremors in the earth
  • Zomboss's helm is in the head, sometimes protected by a dome, other times not
  • Comes equipped with many combat functions and features
  • Crazy Dave's RV
    • Item to be thrown by the Zombot
    • Crushes everything in a six square radius
    • Zomboss somehow gets it back after throwing it, allowing for multiple uses
  • Fireballs
    • Zombot can release large balls of fire that burn through anything in its path
    • Stopped by ice-based attacks
  • Ice Balls
    • A large ball of ice called forth from the Zombot's mouth
    • Comes in two variations
      • First type rolls along and crushes everything in its path
        • Leaves a trail of ice to bring up Bob Sled Zombies
      • Second type floats forward, bursting to release a slowing chill upon contact
        • Sometimes contains a plant
    • First type can only be destroyed by fire-based attacks, whereas the second type can just be smashed apart
  • Flight
    • Capable of rocket-powered flight
    • Can soar great distances skyward, keeping pace with a flying Gatling Pea
  • Laser
    • Giant laser fired from the Zombot's mouth
    • Requires charging up, but deals massive damage
    • Travels at speeds of ~Mach 1.5
  • Zombie Deployment
    • Zombot can drop in zombie forces at will

Zombot Variants[]

  • Zombot Sphinx-inator
    • When it opens its mouth a portal will appear to summon zombies from Ancient Egypt
    • Its eye fires missiles
      • Missiles can create tombstones to summon zombies
    • Pretty fast and agile
    • Able to make a small tornado around itself
    • Able to time travel
  • Zombot Plank Walker
    • Its eye can transform into a cannon to fire a group of Imps
    • When it opens its mouth a portal will appear to summon zombies from the pirate era
    • Pretty fast and agile
    • Able to time travel
  • Zombot War Wagon
    • Has wheels to roll around
    • When it opens its mouth a portal will appear to summon zombies from the Wild West
    • Its eye can fire three missiles at once
    • Pretty fast and agile
    • Able to time travel
  • Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC
    • Shoots beams of ice and snow out of its trunk
      • High chance that zombies will appear when freed from the ice and snow
    • Can throw icicles via a sling shot tied around its tusks
    • Buries itself under snow and ice as protection 
    • Able to time travel
  • Zombot Aerostatic Gondola
    • Flies in the air via attached hot air balloon and wings
    • A compartment will open underneath, in which zombies will fall out to attack
    • Drops a sack of some material which unleashes a row of green fire
    • Calls airplanes that drop Lost Pilot Zombies
    • Able to time travel
  • Zombot Tomorrow-tron
    • The head of the machine and the legs can split apart
      • The head can fly using rocket boosters
    • When it opens its mouth a portal will appear to summon zombies from the far future
    • Its eye can shoot a missile
    • Able to time travel
  • Zombot Dark Dragon
    • Can fly
    • Breathes fire
    • Can shoot fireballs that summon Imp Dragons
    • Summons Medieval zombies out of the ground just by roaring
    • Able to time travel
  • Zombot Multi-stage Masher
    • Speakers
      • Will send out shockwave attacks
      • Can fire speakers from the sky
      • Act as shields
    • Will switch between different forms that each represent a type of jam (punk, pop, rap, 8-bit, and metal)
    • Each form will summon different zombies from that respective type
    • Able to time travel
  • Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur
    • Capable of using lasers
    • Will fire twin missiles from its mouth
    • It can summon zombies and dinosaurs by roaring
    • Can time travel
  • Zombot Sharktronic Sub
    • Can swim and submerge under water
    • Has a mouth turbine to pull and consume plants
    • Can summon and control sharks
    • Summons zombies from underwater to aid in battle
    • Can time travel

Zombie Army[]

  • Zombie
    • Just your average run-of-the-mill zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
    • Cone on this zombie's head makes it more durable than a normal zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
    • Bucket makes the zombie more durable than even the Conehead Zombie
  • Ladder Zombie
    • Upon contact with an obstacle, ladder is placed on it
      • Makes other zombies able to climb over blockades
  • Screen Door Zombie
    • Regular zombie with a protective screen door that absorbs attacks
  • Jack-In-The-Box Zombie
    • Insane zombie with an explosive jack-in-the-box
      • Suicide bombs whatever he runs into first
  • Bungee Zombies
    • Cast down from the Zombot's hands like puppets
    • Grab and pull up whatever they're aiming at
      • Strong enough to uproot plants
    • Bungee Zombies are capable of blitzing Crazy Dave
  • Pogo Zombie
    • Zombie on a pogo stick that can jump over obstacles to breach enemy defenses
  • Catapult Zombie
    • Stationary; Launches basketballs at faraway enemies
    • Very durable
  • Snowmobile Zombie
    • Highly durable Zomboni-riding zombie
      • Leaves a trail of ice in his wake that makes it impossible to grow plants where he drives
  • Gargantuan Zombie
    • Giant, monstrous zombies with large maces made of various objects
      • A single swing can crush plants flat
    • Imp on it's back can be thrown deep into enemy territory


  • Terrorized the plants for multiple games, spin-offs, and more
  • Youngest student in Zombie University history to get a doctorate in thanatology, the scientific study of death
  • Created a sun vacuum, multiple time machines, an elevator that lowered an entire city underground, and many more impressive devices and suits
  • Took over several time periods at once, including ancient Egypt, pirate times, and the future on more than one occasion
    • In one such trip to the future, he had taken over by the year 2020
  • Were it not for many cases of plot-induced stupidity, would have beaten the plants on multiple occasions
  • Efficient and skilled in zombie warfare, particularly against plants
  • Inarguably the smartest enemy type in Plants VS Zombies, rivalling Professor Brainstorm


  • Plot-induced stupidity
    • Commonly meets defeat at the hands of outside interference and underhanded tricks by the plants' forces
  • Arrogant and quick to anger
  • Relatively helpless without inventions and his army
  • Lack of Pop Smarts will sometimes demoralize him, but not always
  • Would rather let his zombie army do the fighting for him
    • Demonstrates a willingness to fight on the front lines, however
  • The cockpit in the Zombot's head is not always protected, leaving him vulnerable when he gets low to the ground
  • Is allergic to 74,000 species of plants and mammoth fur