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Double is a character and villain from the fighting game series Skullgirls.

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The being known as Double is a monstrous, transforming creature that assumed the form of a nun to manipulate events so the Skull Heart falls into the possession of the "right hands" to serve the Trinity's needs. Not much is known about Double except that she is possibly a shade of Queen Lamia, the Mother of the Trinity whose daughters Aeon and Venus were slain long ago by Eliza. But what is known is that when Marie Korbel proved to resist the Skull Heart's control, Double sought to find ideal hosts to serve the Trinity's agenda by weeding out unworthy and meddlers alike.

Death Battle Info[]

Double takes full advantage of her shapeshifting abilities in battle, freely shifting her mass into various weapons and appendages or taking the form of another. Using her lair Gehanna, which is a part of her entire being under the Grand Cathedral, Double can produce extensions of herself and consume her victims.


  • Masterminded the downfall of the Contiello family.
  • Destroyed Lab-8 with Valentine's help.
  • Manipulated Beowulf to take out those she considered unworthy to claim the Skull Heart from Maria, until Beowulf decides to go after the Skull Girl himself.


  • Made enemies out of Squigly and Annie.