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Donald Duck
Donald duck vs daffy duck
Season 3, Episode 13
Vital statistics
Air date April 7, 2015
Written by Maxevil
Directed by Maxevil
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Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck is a What-if Death Battle.


Disney vs Warner Bros.! Which cartoon duck will have the last laugh?


Wiz: Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, the rightful cartoon mascots of their rightful companies.

Boomstick: And then there is also their ducky rivals who are literally ducks. Like Donald Duck, the hot-headed duck from Disney...

Wiz: ...and Daffy Duck, the dimwit duck of Warner Bros.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Donald Duck[]

Wiz: Donald Duck is the cartoon duck in sailor uniform we all love today.

Boomstick: And that is despite that he is still overshadowed by Mickey Mouse.

Wiz: He is quite the fighter when he needs to be...

Boomstick: ...even though he never dreams of it.

Wiz: However, when he does fight, it is mostly because of his temper losing.

Boomstick: Like the Hulk, Donald does lose his temper that increases his strength and speed by a certain number; like the latest time he went berserk on Pete for having his nachos accidentally demolished.

Donald: MY NACHOS!

Wiz: Even though his temper is a weapon, it can also double as a weakness.

Boomstick: But has accomplished certain, such as getting his own brand of white bread and orange juice.

Wiz: So at least he will always try to keep up with Mickey.

Pete: You'll get yours, Duck!

Donald: Ya big Paluka!

Daffy Duck[]

Wiz: Daffy Duck is that freeloading, annoying, cartoon duck that we all know and love.


Wiz: Not to mention the fact that he's kind of stupid…

Boomstick: Yep, I wish he was in Duck Hunt. Then I could shoot him, shoot him while he's falling, and shoot the dog too.

Wiz: Despite his inherent stupidity, Daffy has shown a natural tolerance for injury. Then again, all cartoon characters do...

Boomstick: So that means I can shoot him in the face , like, 50 times, and he wouldn't die? This is getting funner and funner...

Wiz: There are limits to his invulnerability. He can be stunned, knocked out, and pretty much anything else.

Boomstick: So, he can only take, like, three bullets? That's not fun...

Wiz: *sighs* Well, he has tricked people on occasion. He also seems to be a fast learner, shown when he got his barber's license while pretending to be his girlfriend, Tina.

Boomstick: He is the single weirdest duck I have ever seen. Was he dropped on his head as a baby or something?

Wiz: Eh, I always thought he was on LSD.

Boomstick: Well, I guess it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Daffy Duck: You're Dephbicable!



Wiz: All right, the combatants are set, let's end the debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!


We see Donald Duck getting ready to go fishing, he casts his pole in the pond until it shrugged, Donald thought he caught a fish, but sees that it was Daffy Duck pulling it away from him.

Daffy: Sorry, chum, but no fishing here.

Donald: (angrily) Is that so?

Daffy: Yep.

Donald: We'll see about that.


Donald runs to Daffy, but Daffy jumps over him.

Daffy: Woo-Hoo, Woo-Hoo, Woo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo!

Then Daffy punches Donald while wearing a boxing glove. Then Donald gets up and uses his pole to whack Daffy some, but Daffy dodges those and tricks Donald again with a drawing on a tree of himself for the running Donald to run into. Then just as Daffy thought he'd won the fight and is about to raid through Donald's picnic, Donald gets so furious and charges at Daffy yet again, this time giving him a series of heavy punches with one more punch to send him flying, then Donald uses his fishing pole to coil around Daffy's neck, and causes him to be hanged to his death



Boomstick: Looks like duck season is over.

Wiz: While both cartoon ducks are durable, Donald surpassed Daffy on strength and speed, and he has more fighting experience.

Boomstick: And it was all done with his temper.

Wiz: Right, especially when he used it on Pete for his destroyed plate of nachos.

Boomstick: Guess Daffy should not have hang around with Donald.

Wiz: The winner is Donald Duck.


  • This is Maxevil's thirty-first Death Battle.

Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck
Donald vs Daffy
Season 2, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 9/10/2017
Written by Tjman461
Directed by Tjman461
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Disney vs Warner Bros! Two beloved cartoon ducks that have similar names that are overshadowed by the mascot are going to finally settle their rivalry and see who will win in a fight!


  • Since Daffy and Donald have so many forms/weapons I most likely won't use them all so here is a list of the one's I won't use (It doesn't change the outcome I have planned, the same character I have winning will win either way):

Donald: The OCK suit, The Ultra Suit, his vehicles, and his spy gear, Duck of Doom (It is way too overpowered and he technically can't use it without someone pressing a button while he's inside the machine so he can't use it anyway). And his magic quest gear because they are weak and it won't help him at all so what's the point?

Daffy: The Evil Lord Destructocon (it's not even that strong tbh), his vehicles, the six wazillion dollar duck/cyborganic parts.


Wiz: Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, two of the most well known cartoon mascots.

Boomstick: Too bad their friends are always overshadowed.

Wiz: These two have been rivals for many years and it's finally time for them to settle it. Daffy Duck, the looney, dimwit duck of Warner Brothers.

Daffy gif

Boomstick: And Donald Duck the angry, hot-headed duck of Disney. He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick.


Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a death battle.

Daffy Duck[]

Wiz: Daffy Duck, the annoying Duck that has been chased by Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig for many many years.

Boomstick: Boy, are Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig stupid, maybe Daffys just a troll but still, he's a duck! I kill a duck everyday it's on my schedule!

Wiz: Anyway, Daffy has pretty much done every job there is in his cartoons, actor, singer, teacher, you name it. Which shows he probably has a lot of experience doing all this.

Boomstick: He may seem kinda stupid but he has done a lot and I mean a lot of crazy shit.

Wiz: For example he has thwarted so many enemies that it would be too much to list. Some notable ones are martians, Speedy Gonzales, scientists, and the monstars.

Boomstick: Hehe, one time he was in WWII and humiliated Hitler I'm not joking.

Wiz: He also one time even got the best of Bugs Bunny.

Boomstick: WHAT! You have to be pretty smart to be able to do that!!!

Wiz: He also is able to become the animator, however Elmer Fudd can do it better than him and he doesn't use it to his full potential. His strength is also monstrous he can carry an uprooted tree and a horse on his back, beat up crusher the wrestler, and can break/bend metal.

Boomstick: He can also carry a mallet twice his size and create a shockwave with it!

Wiz: When Daffy becomes brave and patriotic he becomes really strong, he can punch bullets away, can bend the barrel of a battleship gun with ease and throw that same submarine away with ease. Also caliber shells bounce off of him in this state.

Boomstick: Like all cartoon characters Daffy can survive explosions, being cut up and whatnot but Daffy was able to survive a planetary explosion! He was also even able to climb out of a black hole! I wish the ducks I hunted could do that! It would make it more challenging!

Wiz: He is also able to get shot in the face and snap his beak back into place, and is able to get cut in half and get flattened etc.

Boomstick: Now onto his speed, holy shit this duck can move fast. He can go really fast even when he is frightened and as he is running can emit fire or turn into a literal bolt of lighting.

Wiz: Daffy can dodge bullets coming from any direction and was able to dodge them in a confined space.

Boomstick: And he can keep up with Bugs Bunny who was able to cut off Florida in 3 seconds.

Wiz: Like most cartoon characters he has toon force and with this he is able to manipulate the environment to do insane things.

Boomstick: He can also fly through storms and went faster than a WWII jet fighter! However, he can get exhausted from it and prefers other means of travel.

Wiz: He also has the ability of the fourth wall, he can talk to the viewers, the animators and the narrator. Also even if he gets erased he still exists but he becomes a disembodied voice.

Boomstick: Even though he seems dumb there are smart things he does like fooling people with costumes or tricking many people. He is also skilled in many jobs like we said before.

Wiz: His personality is that he is clever, but is also antagonistic. He is also rather gullible and dumb and kinda selfish but deep down he is sympathetic, he just wants to be appreciated.

Boomstick: Wow that's kinda beautiful.

Wiz: His weapons include pretty much pulling things out of no where and using them against his opponent where he gets them nobody knows. Another thing he has is a bulletproof vest that he keeps under his feathers.

Boomstick: He also has his Robin Hood form where he kinda cheats by going close range to shoot with the arrow. He also can shoot a giant arrow held with rubber bands between two trees. He also has a staff and is kind of skilled with it but it can be disarmed easily.

Wiz: He can turn into stupor duck where he has powers similar to superman, his powers include: Sub-zero breath, can fly around the earth and make it go back in time, can move buidings, super hearing, create whirlwinds, heat vision, tickle charged feathers where he can tickle his enemies and distract them. Despite all these powers he is no where near the same power as Superman.

Boomstick: And because of a mishap at the dry cleaners he got the green lantern outfit.

Wiz: He is able to create barriers and forcefields, is able to make green energy in the shape of giant hands, giant shoes etc. He also can go mach 10 speed in this form and can shoot green laser beams. However, it will eventually run out of energy and can't get recharged without a battery, and of course Daffy doesn't have one. He also can't use it to it's full potential.

Boomstick: And the final form, Duck Dodgers, one of Daffy's strongest forms.

Wiz: We can't really calculate his strength in this form because it is very inconsistent but he is still the same Daffy Duck so it shouldn't matter. He is also able to survive many explosions in space in this form but there are way too many to list so just take my word for it, he also generally has the same toon force and fourth wall ability as normal Daffy. He also has generally the same intelligence he had that normal Daffy would have. His weapons include laser guns, an electric gun, a bomb gun, an anti-matter gun which stuns the enemy, and the Nutty which is where he spins around uncontrollably hurting his opponent. He has laser nunchucks, and so many other weapons that it would be boring for me to list out so you can read it for yourself here:

  • Normal Blaster: A normal laser pistol with infinite projectiles
  • Three-shot Gun: Works exactly like the blaster, but shoots three rays instead of one
  • Electric Gun: A gun that shoots an electric ray
  • Bomb Gun: A gun that shoots small bombs
  • Anti-Matter Gun: A gun that petrifies the victim for a couple of seconds
  • Nutty: A special attack involving Daffy/Dodgers whirling around uncontrollably and

damaging everyone near him

  • Disintegration proof vest
  • Laser Nunchucks
  • Blaster
  • Elevator Boots
  • Extendable Pole
  • Fists of Vengeance
  • Freeze Ray
  • Gliding Wings
  • Glow Stick
  • Grapple Belt
  • High Tech Putter
  • Hover Board
  • Instant Buildings
  • Jet Pack
  • Laser Saber
  • Levitating Discs
  • Quadicorder
  • Robot Disguise
  • Rocket Booster
  • Space Binoculars
  • Stunt Dummy
  • Universal translator
  • Worm Hole

Boomstick: He has a lot of strengths but he also has a lot of weaknesses.

Wiz: He has terrible luck, his weapons backfire, is dumb and cowardly, he has to be focused to be at his full potential, he often forgets to fly, he can still feel pain and be knocked out, and finally his toon force is a little inconsistent.

Daffy: You're dephbicable!

Donald Duck[]

Wiz: Donald Duck, the hot-headed, angry, sailor duck of disney.

Boomstick: Who gives a duck, hehe this is gonna be fun.

Wiz: He's the duck that everybody loves except he always gets overshadowed by Mickey Mouse it's kinda sad.

Boomstick: But of course just because he is overshadowed doesn't mean he isn't a strong duck you better not duck with him!

Wiz: Boomstick that's gonna get old fast.

Boomstick: You know you love my puns Wiz.

Wiz: Ugh, anyway we'll start with his strength. He has his base form and his rage mode. In his base form he has been able to do double jumps and even a super jump, can damage enemies by jumping on their head, can hold a tree from falling down, carry large sacks of gold coins like his Uncle Scrooge, and with a running start is able to kick a soccer ball causing a shockwave.

Boomstick: Then like Hulk he has his rage mode, his strength can increase immensely in this form, he can punch a shark away, rip a tree out of the ground, throw boulders, rip a utility pole out of the ground, and one time threw a catapult.

Wiz: He also has great durability, he can survive big falls and explosions, fight with people bigger than himself, get electrocuted and crushed, and survived energy powerful enough to take down space ships.

Boomstick: He is also really really fast, he has dodged gun fire and lasers and magic, can run fast and become a blur when frightened, can run on freaking water, can run and turn into a lightning bolt when enraged, can run from california to the north pole in seconds, can outswim a shark and swing a sword so fast it sets on fire.

Wiz: Again like all cartoon characters he has toon force which is really self explanatory, HOWEVER a really notable feat was when he got erased but then became back just as angry. Speaking of anger his toon force and strengths are all enhanced when he becomes angry.

Boomstick: And when he becomes angry he doesn't really care about murdering people, so yeah try to avoid that.

Wiz: Over the years he has gotten many powers, he was given electricity powers from the roman/greek gods, where he can grab people to electrocute him and shoot it as projectiles.

Boomstick: Though he can get enraged he can also be very smart, he has experience being a treasure hunter, and he can be quite clever and can do math and all kinds of stuff. He also has fourth wall awareness and knows he is being watched and even crossed into the real world.

Wiz: Along with this he has fighting skill, like swordmanship, using war hammers and maces, wielding two weapons, been in the army and navy, can pick up other peoples weapons if given the chance to do so, and can fight blindfolded when being the masked mallard.

Boomstick: And then of course we have kingdom hearts Donald who has the following skills: Berserk, MP Rage, MP Haste, Glide and Super Glide, Fire Boost, Blizzard Boost, Thunder Boost, Donald Thunder, Donald Thundaga, Donald Cure, Donald Fire, Donald Firaga, Ignite, Donald Blizzard, Stop, Aero, Flare force, and finally Fantasia: (Donald's strongest spell) Summons small but powerful multicolored explosions that surround him. Despite having all these spells they drain him rather quickly and it all depends on how much mp he has.

Wiz: His personality is pretty contradicting he is usually easy going, relaxed and friendly but if he is mad he goes berserk. He also is cowardly and selfish but he always helps a friend in need.

Boomstick: His weapons include hammer space and can pull anything out of anywhere on multiple occasions. He has a sword and shield, rapier, the magic sheet which basically shoots a projectile of weak magic, the plunger gun which can shoot lethal popcorn, plungers and exploding bubbles.

Wiz: He also has Liquid Isotopes which grant him extreme power.

Boomstick: Wait...... You're saying Donald has beer that gives him super powers. Where the hell can I get some?!?!?!

Wiz: Anyway in this state he gets an extreme power boost that lasts a couple minutes. He can break metal, can fly in the vacuum of space, blow down a forest, can lift mountains, can go the speed of light, and can increase his brain power to where he can think so fast, that for him, time is standing still.

Boomstick: His first form is the Duck Avenger who fights with wits and strategy, his powers include: a metal boomerang, bouncing boots, many guns and gadgets, and a robot clone that is used for a distraction. He also has the X-Transformer shield which can deflect any projectile, can give him flight, and also has many many projectiles that it can shoot and other abilitys.

Wiz: And he has Magician Donald but we already went over his spells. He then has his Maui Mallard/ Cold Shadow form where he uses a bug gun in his Maui Mallard form, and has a staff as the Cold Shadow.

Boomstick: And his final form which is the Duck of Doom which was only created because Huey, Duey and Louie wouldn't clean their room.

Wiz: We can't use Duck of Doom because he needs a machine to use it and someone has to press the button so we technically can't use it.

Boomstick: Holy shit does this duck have a lot of forms.

Wiz: Yes but he does have weaknesses, his anger and clumsiness can get him into trouble, his magician form can be knocked out easily because he isn't as strong in this form, and he can still feel pain and be knocked out.

Boomstick: Don't duck with him if I were you.

Donald Duck: You big palooka!

Special Thanks[]

I would like to thank DoctorMooDB for giving permission to use his research page as a source as long as I gave him credit.


Wiz: Alright the combatants are set lets end this debate once and for all.


Daffy is seen with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd and they are fighting over if it's duck season or rabbit season.

Daffy: Alright Buster lets try this again.

Bugs: Whatever you say.

Daffy: It's wabbit season!

Bugs: Duck season.

Donald is then seen walking past minding his own business.

Daffy: Wabbit season!!!

Bugs: It's wabbit season.

Daffy: No it's Duck Season!!! And THAT'S final!

Daffy stands there and then realizes his mistake.

Daffy: Mother...

Elmer however doesn't shoot Daffy and shoots Donald who was minding his own business. Donald's rear end is charred and he gets annoyed, and He walks over to where Bugs, Daffy and Elmer are.

Donald: What's the big idea!?

Daffy: (Gasp) A fellow duck! Can you please help me tell these two it's wabbit season.

Donald is confused but does what Daffy says.

Donald: Uhhh it's rabbit season?

Bugs: No it's duck season.

Daffy: Rabbit season!!!

Bugs: No it's rabbit season!

Daffy: No it's DUCK SEASON! FIRE!

Elmer shoots Donald again instead of Daffy and Donald gets angry at Daffy.

Donald: Hey what's the big idea telling him to shoot me!?

Daffy: Uhh, hehe sorry chum.

Donald gets angrier and gets out a gun. He shoots Daffy in the head and his beak gets out of place, but then Daffy snaps it back. Then Donald gets into a fighting stance and Daffy does the same.



Donald runs over quacking angrily as he's running and tries to punch Daffy, but he pulls out a mallet and whacks Donald square on the head. Daffy laughs and runs away, but Donald chases after him and is now very angry. Donald rips a tree out of the ground as he is running and hits Daffy with it. Daffy gets knocked down and lays there. Donald runs up to where Daffy is. Daffy gets up but Donald gets out a shotgun and shoots at Daffy's chest.

Daffy: Ooh ya got me! Oh... goodbye my friend.

Daffy comically falls over playing dead and Donald starts walking away. Daffy winks at the audience and sneaks up on Donald. Daffy then pulls out his mallet and wacks Donald's head again causing a shock wave. Donald gets angry again and picks up an enormous boulder and smashes Daffy with it. Daffy climbs out and Donald punches Daffy more. Daffy gets hurt a little bit and Donald shoots Daffy in the chest but it does nothing.

Daffy: Hehe sorry pal, that won't work on me!

Donald: Oh yeah? Why not?!

Daffy reveals his bulletproof vest that was hiding under his feathers.

Daffy: Bulletproof vest! Pretty clever huh?

Donald: Grrr...

Donald decides to shoot Daffy in the face a couple times but all it does is knock his beak out of place. Donald gives up and throws the gun at Daffy out of anger but Daffy dodges it. Donald runs up and is ready to punch Daffy, but Daffy gets out his boxing gloves and they runs towards each other. Donald raises his fist but Daffy punches him first and Donald crashes through a tree. Donald pushes himself out and gets more angry and he looks intimidating. Daffy gets a little worried because of how mad Donald is now. Donald walks over angrily and Daffy nervously backs up.

Daffy: N-now now we can work something out right chum?

Donald starts running at Daffy and he runs away scared, as he is running he turns into a literal bolt of lightning because he's going so fast. Donald pulls out an axe and also turns into a bolt of lightning to catch up to Daffy. Daffy stops thinking he outran him and pants.

Daffy (to the audience.): Whew! Good thing I got away from that freak show!

Donald catches up and overheard what Daffy said, Donald then swings his axe to decapitate Daffy, but he ducks his head inside his body to avoid it. Donald swings again and again angrily but Daffy keeps ducking his head in and out to avoid the swings. Donald stops swinging and punches Daffy away. Donald then activates his electric powers, but he also gets an idea.

Donald: Hey pal lets stop fighting, what do you say?

Daffy: Oh alright.

Donald holds out his hand for a handshake and Daffy grabs it but gets electrocuted and Donald laughs.

Donald: I have electricity powers.

Daffy: Yipe!

Donald shoots more electricity from his hands electrocuting Daffy. Donald then makes electricity in the shape of an arrow and shoots it at Daffy but Daffy flies up to avoid it. Daffy flies away quickly and lands somewhere else and tries to think of something else. Donald runs over to where Daffy landed but it isn't Daffy. It's Daffy in a costume. Donald confusingly walks up there.

Donald: Uhh sir have you seen a black duck around here?

Daffy (in disguise): He went that-a-way.

Donald: Ok uh thanks.

Donald walks away looking for Daffy. Then Daffy takes off his disguise and puts a stick of dynamite under Donald's hat then sneaks away. Donald doesn't notice and the dynamite explodes only making him angry. Donald then finds out where Daffy is and shoots electricity at him but Daffy dodges it. Daffy jumps behind a tree and gets out his Robin Hood gear. Daffy gets close to Donald and shoots arrows at him but Donald avoids them.

Donald: Haha nice try!

Donald puts on his Maui Mallard ego and now has the bug gun. Daffy runs between two trees and sets up the giant arrow. He pulls it back and tries to shoot it at Donald but he misses.

Daffy: Aww shucks.

Daffy runs up to Donald and shoots more arrows but Donald counters with his bug gun exploding the arrows. Daffy gets out his staff instead and wacks Donald with it. Donald shoots a couple fire bugs that burn Daffy, but he jumps into the water to put himself out. Donald shoots more fire bugs at Daffy's face but Daffy hides underwater. Daffy pokes his head back out and Donald tries shooting more fire bugs but runs out. Donald then shoots a bunch of electric bugs but Daffy dodges them by jumping out of the water before they electrocute him. Donald shoots a couple more electric bugs but Daffy wacks them away with his staff. Donald then runs out of electric bugs.

Daffy: Whew you're pretty good bub, but i'm better!

Donald: (Angrily) Is that so?

Donald has mostly run out of bugs so he transforms into the cold shadow and now has a staff of his own. Daffy shoots a couple arrows at Donald but misses. They then get out their staffs and clash with them over and over trying to get the upper hand. Daffy goes for a big wack but Donald dodges and the staff recoils hurting Daffy's beak. Daffy snaps it back into place and they go back to clashing with staffs. Daffy then swings his staff but Donald dodges and gets the upper hand. He then delivers a hard hit on Daffy which knocks him into a tree and he sits there dizzy. Donald then walks up to Daffy but Daffy gets frightened and runs away really quickly and goes behind a tree. Daffy then puts a bunch of dynamite in the shape of him as he hears Donald approaching. Daffy jumps into a bush. Donald then thinks he found Daffy but it was the decoy Daffy set up and Donald explodes and gets angry.

While Daffy was in the bush he transforms into stupor duck and jumps out, and Donald looks in surprise. Daffy, now much more powerful, uses his super speed to steal Donald's staff. He then uses his heat vision to burn the staff and Donald gets angry and turns back to basic form.

Daffy: Giving up ain't ya chum?

Donald: NO!

Donald gets out his liquid isotopes and drinks the full bottle and gets a major power boost. Donald runs towards Daffy but Daffy flies away. Donald gained the ability to fly with the drink and flies really fast towards Daffy surprising him. Donald then does heavy punches to Daffy injuring him and Daffy fights back using his heat vision but misses. They fly next to each other trying to punch each other and keep trading blows. Daffy uses his tickle charged feathers to make Donald get disoriented a bit and Daffy uses his Sub Zero Breath to freeze him. Donald falls from the sky and hits the ground while frozen. Daffy flies down towards Donald and laughs at him.

However, Donald gets angry while inside the ice and fire shoots out of his head melting the ice. Donald then is able to break out of the ice and starts punching Daffy many times. Daffy flies away and Donald flies with him and punches him. They keep flying in one direction next to each other and trading blows, trying to get the upper hand and they end up in a city. They land on the ground in the city and Daffy runs over to a building and picks it up. Daffy flies up with it and flies down quickly smashing Donald under it. Daffy waits a little bit for Donald to see if he gets out of it but nothing happens.

Daffy: Whew looks like that got him.

Daffy starts to walk away but Donald breaks out of the building and runs over to Daffy and tackles him. Daffy and Donald fall to the ground. Daffy then breaks away and flies away from Donald and Donald flies towards him and prepares a punch but he suddenly stops and starts falling to the ground because the drink wore off. Donald falls to the ground and weakly gets up and Daffy flies down and lands next to him. Donald weakly tries to punch Daffy but Daffy smiles and moves back to dodge it. Donald gets angry and gets his energy back. Donald then tackles Daffy surprising him and starts beating him up. Donald grabs him by the neck and chokes him and slams him around. Donald then throws him into a building and pulls a lamp post out of the ground. Donald then starts whacking Donald multiple times with it. Daffy grabs the lamp post before Donald can hit him again and flings it away.

Daffy: Looks like I need to bring it up a notch.

Donald: Huh?

Daffy puts on his green lantern suit and stands in front of Donald who is shocked. Donald then weakly gets up and turns into his Kingdom Hearts ego. Donald uses the Donald Cure spell to heal his wounds and feels better. He then uses Donald thunder on Daffy but Daffy uses his green lantern power to create a force field, making the attack useless. Daffy then makes a hand with his green lantern power and smashes Donald with it. While Donald is hurt Daffy flies towards him and prepares to use an attack in the shape of a shoe but Donald uses the stop spell and stops Daffy in place.

Donald then has time to catch his breath and uses a couple Donald thunders to damage Daffy. Daffy then is able to move again and smashes Donald with a green fist. Donald runs away and shoots Donald Fires at Daffy but Daffy uses a force field to protect himself. Donald shoots more Donald Thunders at Daffy and manages to hit him. Donald then runs up to him and tries to shoot a bigger attack while Daffy's down but his mana has run out.

Donald: Uh oh.

Daffy gets up and uses his green lantern power to make a giant fist and punches Donald over and over with it damaging him. Donald runs away to try and recharge his mana but Daffy keeps up really well and smashes Donald with a green shoe shaped attack. Donald is really weakened now, but he has one trick up his sleeve, he uses his fantasia spell causing powerful multicolored explosions. Daffy had his force field up but the attack broke through and damaged him.

Donald: (Thinking) This isn't working I need to think of something else, my mana has also completely run out! I know all I have to do is turn into the Duck of Doom! He won't stand a chance!

Donald then gets out a machine and gets inside. Daffy sees this and looks confused. Donald then thinks about what he is doing and facepalms because someone has to press a button for it to work. Donald then gets out of the machine and transforms into the Duck Avenger instead.

Daffy: (thinking) Hmm he has another form?

Donald (now the Duck Avenger) then charges towards Daffy and uses his Boomerang-O-Matic hitting Daffy (who is still in Green Lantern form). Daffy gets hit again by the Boomerang after it came back. Daffy gets annoyed and flies over and makes a green fist shaped attack punching Donald with it. Donald runs away and gets behind a building and sends out his robot clone to distract Daffy. Daffy sees the robot and destroys it with a fist shaped attack. Donald jumps out and uses his laser gun damaging Daffy quite a bit. Daffy lays on the ground and Donald runs over to where Daffy is and gets ready to shoot him in the head. Daffy flies up into the air away from Donald. Donald follows using his jetpack on his utility belt.

Donald then uses his freeze ray and freezes Daffy making him fall to the ground. Daffy hits the ground and the ice block breaks. Daffy weakly gets up and Donald lands on the ground next to him.

Daffy: (thinking) I guess it's time for an upgrade!

Daffy takes off his green lantern suit and turns into his Duck Dodgers ego. Duck Dodgers and Duck Avenger face each other, ready to fight. Daffy gets out his laser nunchucks and runs over to Donald. Donald shoots some lasers at Daffy but he uses his Nunchucks to protect himself.

Daffy: Time for another upgrade!

Daffy gets out his space suit to get his full arsenal as Duck Dodgers.

Donald: Oh yeah?

Donald gets out his x-transformer shield fully upgrading his arsenal as well. Daffy runs towards Donald and swings his laser nunchucks at Donald but Donald uses his shield to protect himself from the attacks Donald then punches Daffy with his shield knocking him into a building. Daffy gets up and gets out his blaster. He shoots a bunch of shots but Donald is able to protect himself from them with his shield. Donald runs up to Daffy to punch him and Daffy gets out his Fists of Vengeance and runs towards Donald. They start trading blows trying to get the upper hand. Donald finds an opening and punches Daffy in the face knocking him into a building (again). Donald walks up to Daffy who has wounds on his body and is laying against the building.

Donald: Ready to give up?

Daffy: Not yet pal.

Daffy gets up and uses his Fists of Vengeance to punch Donald, catching him off guard. He does one big punch which knocks Donald down. While Donald is down Daffy uses a Freeze Ray and freezes him. Daffy then gets out a stunt dummy that looks like him and sets it down next to Donald and runs behind a building. Donald unfreezes himself after a little bit and sees the decoy thinking it's Daffy. He punches it and destroys it. Donald looks around for Daffy and Daffy was flying above him with his jetpack. Daffy flies down behind Donald and gets out some grenades and puts them in Donalds hat. They explode and Donald is weakened a little bit. He finds Daffy and shoots a couple lasers from his shield at him. Daffy gets hit by them and starts to bleed.

Daffy gets out his laser saber and tries to attack Donald but Donald protects from the attacks and punches Daffy some more. He transforms his shield into a boomerang and throws that at Daffy giving him more wounds. Daffy grabs the shield as it comes back to hit him and slams it to the ground and tries to destroy it. However, the shield cannot be destroyed and Donald pushes Daffy away and grabs the shield. Donald shoots a couple lasers from his shield hurting Daffy even more. Daffy weakly gets up and uses his Fists of Vengeance a couple times but to no avail due to the shield.

Daffy: (Thinking) I need to get rid of that shield once and for all!

Donald then punches Daffy some more and he picks Daffy up and slams him to the ground. Daffy needed to think of something quick if he was going to survive lucky for him he had one more trump card. Donald gets ready to hurt Daffy again but in an instant, he was no where to be seen. Donald looks around confused and then notices he is in a blank white space.

Donald: Huh where am I?

Daffy: You're in my world now!

Donald: What?!

Daffy then quickly uses his pencil to draw an enormous anvil above Donald smashing him. Daffy then changes the scenery and puts Donald above a volcano. Donald starts falling but quickly turns his shield into a jetpack and flies away from the volcano into a forest. Daffy then erases Donald's shield and his Duck Avenger gear and is turned back into base form. Donald then gets angry and faces Daffy and uses his electricity power to try and hit Daffy from inside the canvas but Daffy is able to dodge it.

Daffy: Alright pal enough is enough may as well finish this.

Daffy erases Donald from existence.


Daffy relaxes and is relieved the fight is over. However, Donald ran back from the side of the canvas and is fine. He then looks at Daffy angrily.

Daffy: WHAT?!

Donald gets out his liquid isotopes bottle and gets ready to drink it (he only drank half of it the first time.) but Daffy erases the bottle before he can do so. Daffy then tries erasing Donald again but Donald comes back from it. Donald turns into his kingdom hearts form but Daffy erases that before he can do anything. Donald then gets out his maui mallard form and tries to shoot at Daffy with his bug gun (he reloaded it) but again, Daffy erases it. (Donald is now in his basic form)

Daffy: You aren't very good at this are you hehehe.

Donald gets angry and looks for other gear he can use but is pretty much disarmed at this point and he runs out of options.

Donald: Come on scaredy-cat come in here and fight me like a duck!

Daffy goes back inside the canvas and goes next to Donald. Donald puts his fists up and gets ready to fight. Daffy puts on his Stupor Duck form and is also ready to fight. Daffy quickly flies at Donald overpowering him and punches him multiple times giving him a black eye and wounding him. Donald is getting angry again and picks up a tree to hit Daffy with but Daffy uses his sub zero breath and freezes the tree, he then flies towards the tree and smashes it. Donald then tries shooting electricity at Daffy and hits him. Daffy is wounded a lot now but is going through the pain. Both fighters face each other angrily.

Daffy flies into Donald and lifts him up, he then flies super fast towards the ground and smashes Donald into it. Daffy then lifts up a building and throws it at Donald. Donald climbs out from under it and runs up to Daffy and tries to punch him but he is really weak at this point and Daffy is able to dodge it. Daffy then shoots a heat vision blast at Donald burning him and knocking him down. Donald struggles to get up but Daffy wastes no time and picks up Donald by the neck and chokes him. Donald struggles to break free but to no avail.

Daffy: Sorry I have to do this to you Donald...

Donald struggles to break free from Daffy's grip and tries to mutter something, but Daffy shoots a heat vision blast through his head, killing him. Daffy then throws Donald into the air and freezes him with the sub zero breath. He then waits for Donald to hit the ground. Daffy then lands on the ground and transforms into normal form next to The now frozen Donald. He gets out his traditional mallet and smashes Donald, shattering him into little pieces.

Daffy: Whew.

Daffy is really tired and walks towards a tree and lays against it, and goes to sleep.



Boomstick: Holy... Shit. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!

Wiz: Yeah, this battle was pretty close and there were a couple reasons why Daffy was able to best Donald.

Boomstick: Yeah, but were talking about a duck who is able to survive a planetary explosion with little to no wounds afterwards and climb OUT of a giant black hole!

Wiz: Well yeah that obviously gives Daffy the Durability advantage. We still need to know who is faster, stronger, smarter, etc. Let's start with Donald's strength, Donald has been shown to be very very strong when he is angry, being able to pick up boulders three times his size, uproot large trees, and can punch sharks.

Boomstick: However! Daffy has done the unthinkable! He can cause a shockwave with his hammer, swing said mallet which is twice his own size, tie a shotgun into a bow, and if that's not enough, he broke out of metal restraints out of fear AND was able to punch large shells being fired from a battleship gun one after another. And if even THAT'S not enough he threw a nazi submarine away!

Wiz: Donald may be smarter than Daffy but Daffy is used to dealing with angry people and knows how to make them angry and trick them. But overall intelligence has to go to Donald. Next is speed, Donald may be able to run on water but to do this you need to run 30 meters per second which is only 67.108 mph. Daffy has been able to fly around the world and bring it back to the stone age in a certain form. The earth is 24,901 miles around and Daffy did this multiple times to be able to go back in time which is already way faster than Donald. Even in basic form Daffy is faster because he keeps up with Bugs who can saw off Florida with a saw in a couple seconds.

Boomstick: Next is arsenal, Donald may have had more powerful weapons and forms but this could all be countered with Daffy's most powerful arsenal, his art supplies, with this he is able to completely screw up everything for Donald.

Wiz: Donald was one time shown to be able to come back from being erased but that doesn't mean his WEAPONS could come back, Donald's Duck Avenger shield was indestructible, and could reflect any projectile, but once Daffy figured out he could just erase everything Donald had, he found a way to defeat him.

Boomstick: Wow, maybe it wasn't so close after all.

Wiz: Guess not.

Boomstick: Looks like Donald was ducked from the start, and was looney to think he had a chance to win.

Wiz: The winner is Daffy Duck.

Boomstick: That's all folks!

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Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck is the season finale of Season 1 written by TheFrostKnight. It features Donald Duck from Mickey Mouse and Friends and Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes.


Mickey Mouse and Friends vs. Looney Tunes! Time to say goodbye to the laws of physics when these two klutzy ducks battle for the fame and glory!


Donald Duck Thinks DEATH BATTLE! is a big Palooka![]

Daffy Duck Says it's Duck Season in DEATH BATTLE![]



Next Time![]


  • The connections between Donald and Daffy are that they are both ducks from iconic cartoons who have alliterative names with their last name being the name of their species. Both are the greedy, selfish frenemies of the main character (Mickey and Bugs) who are heavily jealous of them and want to take their spotlight.
  • The fight would be hand-drawn.
  • The track's name would be Duck Season.