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Get ready for a battle royale between the Super Paper Mario most lovable minions. Who will be worthy to take on the Count himself!!! Who will be the ultimate hencheman?!??


Wiz: Paper Mario, an iconic RPG title that had so many lovable characters.

Boomstick: But when it comes to the most memorable characters of the franchise lets take a look at the one game in the series that wasn't an RPG. Looking into Super Paper Mario we've found characters worthy of a death battle royale.

Wiz: What we are talking about Count Bleck's most trusted baddies. Like Dimentio Master of dimensions or Mr. L the mysterious vigilante who looks strangely familiar.

Boomstick: Wiz you left out the fan favorites like Mimi that creepy green spider lady. Or O'Chunks the delightfully dimwitted yet strong as ever baddie bouncer.

Wiz: Really, their the fan favorites.

Boomstick: Well my fan favorites.

Boomstick: Anyway he's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skill to see who would win a death battle.


Wiz: Master of Dimensions, Prince of chaos, Dimentio left an everlasting impressions on fans of Mario everywhere. Dimentio is the right hand man and magician of the devious Count Bleck who plans to destroy the worlds with the power of the Chaos Heart.

Boomstick: Don't you mean the chaos emeralds Wiz.

Wiz: No I don't think so.

Boomstick: I think you do.

Wiz: Whatever Boomstick. Dimentio's main method of attack are magical projectiles he can make and throw at enemies. He can make multiple or just one to throw at enemies.

Boomstick: Just like Paper Mario he can travel between dimensions. Dimentio can also teleport, clone himself as many times as he fricken wants to, and can move very fast while floating in the air.

Wiz: His clones can also attack you with projectiles and move as he does. He can also do his multi-boxed attack where he summons a ton of boxes to trap enemies in and if you get trapped in one he makes fire ignite the box and burn foes. Not only that but he can also summon little smiling and moving platforms that can fire projectiles at foes that used in the final fight.

Boomstick: And if you didn't think that is cool then you are a dull person. But Dimentio can also turn

Final Form

into his final form with the power of the chaos heart and Luigi. In his final form he can make his fists grow and crush enemies like a bug, jump into the air and stop on them, target foes and do a super jump, have the smiling platforms target enemies, spin a crossed enemies and rapidly fire projectiles and he's totally invincible in the form. Holy Crap.

Wiz: Technically no, he has been defeated in his final form with the powers of the pure hearts. Dimentio is very cunning and persuasive. He is very good at manipulating and using his charisma to get what he wants.

Boomstick: He is so good at manipulating that spoilers, he fooled both the Mario bros and count bleck into thinking he was on either of their sides in order to gain ultimate supremacy and almost destroy all dimensions. He is truly fricken awesome. He even sent the Mario bros to hell just by trapping them in a box at flip side. Not even Bowser could do that.

Wiz: Yes Boomstick Dimentio did send them to hell only for them to get the pure hearts to defeat the count for him. He is also so good at persuasion that he can plant a seed in anyone's head too completely mind control them. The dumber a person is the faster the mind control seed blooms into a hypo-sprout and the smarter a person is the longer it takes to sprout.

Boomstick: MIND CONTROL, ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME. Dimentio and Comrade Black need to get together some time and plan to take over the world or something using hypnosis.

Wiz: Dimentio is so powerful that he has created his own dimension that enhances his power and has even took down ancient creatures with just a flick of his wrist like Frack-Tail the dragon. Dimentio talks mysteriously in a combination of threatening and creepy. Somethings he says are plain insane or crazy but he is always 100% dead serious even if he doesn't sound like it.

Boomstick: He even can transport anybody he wants into any dimension. Tell me again how this guy lost to the Mario Brothers.

Wiz: Well Dimentio can get cocky sometimes and miss look a few flaws like helping the Mario bros get the Pure heart to defeat Count Bleck would also give them the ability to defeat him with the Chaos heart. Or that his dimension enhances his power by 256% and also his enemies power by 256%. Never the less Dimentio is still the pleaser of crowds and even when he is defeated everything still goes his way.

Dimentio: And so I strike, like an unseen dodge ball in an echoing gymnasium.


Wiz: Count Bleck's perfect plan to destroy all worlds and create new ones couldn't be complete without some female help.

Boomstick: And that female help came to be known as Nastasia.

Wiz: Well yes but were focusing on Mimi today for the death battle. Mimi is the undercover agent and master of disguise for the dark lord Count Bleck.

Boomstick: She can transform into any form she wants to take on, can teleport, and she has an outfit for ever single occasion and meeting. She also can turn into a creepy ass looking spider thing through the power of the exorcist.

Wiz: That's her true Mimi form Boomstick. In that form she can climb up and around walled areas, shoot rupees from her skin, and do a rupee wave attack were rupees pop up and leave the screen in a wave form that anyone would need to block to not get damage by it.

Boomstick: She can also just become a head with rupees coming out of all four sides and bounce around the screen to try and damage foes. Even as a creepy spider she can follow enemies by teleportation. Mimi can also some how flip into the 3rd dimension too like Dimentio and Paper Mario. If both she and Dimentio can do it why is it so special for Paper Mario.

Wiz: Because he's the hero.

Boomstick: I guess that's a totally credible reason.

Wiz: Mimi also has other attacks up her sleeves. She can form a rupee circle around her and float in the are making it hard to touch her. She an launch rupees from the circle around her in that attack and can also summon rupees out of thin air to appear and fall on top of enemies.

Boomstick: Is she wearing any sleeves anyway Wiz. Anyway she must be good at her impersonations because she doesn't just look the part but does the persons voice accurate enough not to raise suspicion.

Wiz: She is a master at her work even if she doesn't look the part. Mimi can be very easily angered sometimes and is very manipulative in what she does. She may even look very happy but we'll never know what shes thinking. Mimi though is very charming and hard working in helping out the count. She even delayed Mario and friends from saving the ninja world of 100 and with that the world died away. When defeated Mimi explodes and returns to her regular form where she can escape.

Boomstick: And when they had returned to the fallen world they had the terrible pleasure to be punished by Mr. L.

Wiz: Boomstick were not on him yet.

Boomstick: Can't we do him next.

Wiz: No next is O'Chunk's. Anyway Mimi is one of the more mysterious and clever enemies of the mario universe and as we see during Dimentio's final attack that she would do anything to follow and serve the count.

Boomstick: Wait whats with her and rupees.

Wiz: Nobody will ever now Boomstick.

Mimi: Gee, lookee here! The girl you thought was a handmaid or a Merlee imposter... She's actually the faithful servant of Count Bleck, master impersonator Mimi!


Boomstick: Now lets get ready for a real fighter in all his hunky glory.

Wiz: uuuhhhh

Boomstick: I mean strong glory, oh shut up Wiz you know what I mean.

Wiz: Right?

Boomstick: Anyway O'Chunks is his name and brawling is his game. This is a gladiator of mass destruction, a mountain made man, a true sign of brutal violence and he does all of this with his fists. Seriously he doesn't need creepy spider powers or floating death orbs, O'Chunk will just chuck you to hell.

Wiz: O'Chunks is the muscle in Count Blecks group of baddies and the one Mario and friends have fought the most out of all of the minions. He can easily grab enemies and throw them so hard that the enemy will bounce around for a bit. O'Chuncks can also jump very high and crush enemies with his feet and size.

Boomstick: He also has a wicked bad-ass tornado spin he does that will damage enemies many times or knock them far out of the way. O'Chunks is even so strong that he can pick up a piece of any landscape and throw it at foes with no sweat.

Wiz: But that's not all for our fiendish little friend. O'Chunks can also ground pound in the air to deliver powerful blows and can also increase his strength and size for an amount of time. O'Chunks can also charge making or horrific blows on foes.

Boomstick: O'Chunk's farts are also so powerful he can rocket into the air and try and crush you wo shreds.

Wiz: Somebody alert Wario he has new competition in town.

Boomstick: O'Chunks has no competition, just himself.

Wiz: But with the glory of strength and size comes some flaws like O'Chunks intelligence is that of a toddlers. He also lacks in speed which he makes up for in size. He can be a little cocky at times which can also lead to his downfall, like after he throws someone around he dances in victory which could lead to a hit or two.

Boomstick: He has even tangled with the mighty bowser but lost, sadly.

Wiz: O'Chunks a name that strikes the fear in the hearts of weaklings around.

Boomstick: Ahem Wiz, ahem.

O'Chunks: Hamage? I mean Damage. Whatever, then! Not that it matters a pinch o'stew in a sandstorm. Yer a goner.

Mr. L[]

Wiz: Now out of the cast of Count Bleck's minions there is one who strikes fear in the hearts of not just weaklings but everyone.

Boomstick: And his name is Mr. L a.k.a. The Green Thunder. How bad ass is that name.

Wiz: He is the newest of Count Bleck's minions to enter and leave his side. Mr. L is very fast on the ground and light on his feet. He can jump very high and even use his power to pull off a super jump.

Boomstick: Mr. L bends down and then stands up very fast to do a super jump into the air. A super jump launches Mr. L completely off screen and can get him onto any buildings he wants to be on. The super jump also can damage any enemies Mr. L hits from below and gives Mr. L the ability to jump on the enemy again on the way down.

Wiz: It's sort of like a combo move sometimes. Mr. L usually jumps on people for his main attack but also is very good in hand to hand combat.

Boomstick: Mr. L is very agile and great at dodging attacks. He can also heal himself with any type of shroom shake he wants but anyone during the time he holds it up can take it or stop him from using it.

Wiz: But when all else fails Mr. L uses his Bro Bot, a robot made to look like Luigi. Why Luigi, because spoilers

Bro Bot

Mr. L is Luigi brainwashed by Nastasia.

Boomstick: Mr. L's Bro Bot is a lethal giant metal robot head on giant metal shoes. It can fly with rocket shoes and land with such brute force on enemies.

Wiz: Bro Bot can also shoot lasers out of it's eyes,it's mustache can act as a deadly metal boomerang, shoots missiles out of it's nose, shoots it's hands out like a missiles or uses it's hands to hit enemies, and can suck enemies up into it's mouth and chomp them away then spit them out.

Boomstick: His new Bro Bot design is known as Bro Bot type L and it is the latest and greatest in robot technology. It's so powerful it breaks through physics and logic. Anyone in front of where the Bro Bot will enter is bound to be damaged real bad.

Wiz: Of course Mr. L is very cocky and always looking for a fight but this works in his advantage as he strives harder to defeat enemies than the other minions who look down on them. Granted though Mr. L's pride does get in the way and he sometimes over estimates his power over others.

Boomstick: Of course he was also defeated by Dimentio but that was because Dimentio needed him for his plan. But even though the green thunder got the bad end of the stick, he'll live inside us all forever.

Mr. L: Oh me? Just one of Count Blecks more promising minions. The Green Thunder... Mr. L. I don't need you to tell me it's a cool name. I know it. Don't bother memorizing it.

Wiz: The combatants are set.

Boomstick: Now time to see who will win a Death Battle Royale.

Damage Done[]

Were giving each baddie 100 health that will rise or fall during the death battle. It took a while to find a close enough estimate on the damage each or their attacks do because each time you fight them your at a different level with more defense. I think we've gotten close enough to the damage each one will do and here they are:


Tornado Spin- 5

Grab and throw- 3

Fart Rocket Crush- 4

Jump Crush- 3

Charged run- 4

Super sized- doubles attacks

Terrain Pick up- 4

Himself- 2


Projectiles- 4

Fire block- 6

Smiling block projectiles- 3

Final Form Smash- 5

Final Form Arm Crush- 2

Final Form Spin Attack- 5

Fly- 2

Himself- 2


Rupee wave- 4

Rupee bounce- 4

Rupee ring- 2

Rupee drop- 3

Rupee throw- 2

Ground Rupee- 2

Herself- 2

Mr. L:

Jump- 3

Himself- 2

Super Jump- 6

Bro Bot:

Missile nose- 4

Hand crush- 2

Hand rocket (each)- 3

Smash- 2

Sucking and Eating- 4

Lasers- 2

Mustache rang (Hit once)- 2

Entrance- 30

Shroom Shake- either 10, 20 or 50 Hp brought back depending on shroom shake used.

Death Battle[]

In castle Bleck, the minions were being held for a meeting and all of them but Dimentio were there.

Mimi: So why are we here again, I was in the middle of writing in my diary.

O'Chunks: Eeer I was told this was going to be an important matter.

Mr. L: Whatever it is I hope it was worth it, I was in the middle of upgrading Bro Bot to type L-M.

Dimentio then pops into the room using his teleporting magic.

Dimentio: Hello my friends, do you know why you were summoned here right now.

Mr. L: No but if you don't spill the beans I'll spill whats left of you.

Dimentio: Calm yourself Mr. L, your all here for an important matter. Count Bleck is planning to destroy all worlds and leave them barren, he has lied to us and we need to stop him quickly.

Mimi: WHAT!?

O'Chunk: HE DID!?

Mr.L: Wait how do we know this is true.

Dimentio: I've over heard his plans and if we don't acted soon it'll be to late to stop him.

Mr. L: So what would we do about it.

Dimentio: I will stop him of course and get the praise I deserve.

Mimi: Wait, then what was the point of bringing us here.

Dimentio: So you know the truth and don't think I'm crazy when I go attack the count, silly girl.

Mimi: Hey watch it there Dimentio.

O'Chunks: What? I want to defeat the count.

Mr. L: As do I, I deserve all the glory.

Dimentio: And what makes any of you worthy to defeat him.

Mr. L: Want to find out.

Dimentio: I see your eyes flaring with anger like their burning up from staring at the sun too long. I guess I'll accept your little threat there but I warn you I strike like an unexpected sandstorm during a kindergartner picnic.


Dimentio flies down right passed Mr. L so fast that is deals 2 damage too Mr. L. O'Chunks jumps and tries to hit Dimentio but misses and his hit by Mr. L's super jump dealing 6 damage too O'Chunks. Dimentio sees these two fail attempts and chuckles a little bit but misses Mimi's rupee coming at him which deals 2 damage. Dimentio looks at Mimi and is about to strike her but sees Mr. L coming up with a super jump from below and quickly moves out of the way. Mr. L misses Dimentio again but Dimentio takes from his pocket seeds and in a split second sprinkles them under Mr. L's hat. Dimentio does get damage though as Mr. L on the way back down from his super jump, jumps on Dimentio's head dealing 3 damage to Dimentio.

Dimentio: Lets go mix this up a little in my favor.

Dimentio then snaps his fingers and everyone is transported to Line Land Road. O'Chunks tornado spins Mimi dealing 5 damage too her and Dimentio makes a power orb and throws it at O'Chunks. O'Chunks is hit by it taking 4 damage and then tries a second time to grab Dimentio out of the air. O'Chunks grabs Dimentio and throws him around and after Dimentio is thrown around O'Chunks dances and Dimentio takes 3 damage. Dimentio quickly teleports back up into the air as Mr. L jumps on O'Chunk twice while dancing and Mimi does a rupee wave hitting both Mr. L and O'Chunks with O'Chunks taking 10 collective damage and Mr. L taking 4. Just then a squiggle walks by and is picked up by Dimentio. Dimentio throws the squiggle at Mimi dealing 1 damage too her as Mr. L deals 6 damage too her using his Super jump under her. Mr. L tries to jump on Mimi on the way down but takes 2 damage by landing on a rupee Mimi was held above her head and another 2 damage as she throws it at Mr. L.

Dimentio: Well this place is little and shabby, how about another.

Dimentio snapped his fingers again and everyone was transported into Merlee's Mansion.

Mimi: yes my kind of place.

Mimi's neck snaps and she turns into a spider being. Then rupee's pop out of her head and she bounces around the mansion damaging O'Chunk's, Dimentio, and Mr. L. Dimentio takes 8 damage from being hit twice, O'Chunk's takes 8 also from being hit twice and Mr. L takes 12 from being hit 3 times. After Mimi is done and back into her spider form O'Chunks Tornado Spins Mimi and Mr. L doing both 10 damage to both of them. Mr. L takes out a shroom shake and revives 10 Hp and does 6 damage to O'Chunks by jumping on him twice and receives 4 damage from Dimentio's magic orb attack. Dimentio though takes 2 damage from Mimi who throws a rupee at him from on the ceiling.

Dimentio: Well Mimi I always knew your style of things was always drab, lets go to a new kind of place away from this damp old mansion, shall we?

Dimentio snapped his fingers and they all were taken to Fort Francis where Francis met them.

Francis: Wwwwwhhhaaats this, my sweet lair has been infiltrated. I must get out of her now.

Francis runs out of the room as O'Chunks ripped some of Francis's floor off and threw it at Dimentio. Dimentio warped away and dived at O'Chunks doing 2 damage to him as Mimi is hit by the floor and takes 4 damage.

O'Chunks: Eeeer I'm tired of this bash on me in tis small place, I'll chunk you later.

O'Chunk fart rockets away onto the roof of fort Francis where he is followed by Dimentio and his warping powers, Mr. L and his super jump, and Mimi with her rupee ring. Mr. L though was trampled by O'Chunks when he landed on the ground and Mr. L took 4 damage. Mimi in her rupee ring shot a rapid fire of rupees down on O'Chunks and Mr. L while using rupee drop to land rupee's on Dimentio. As a result O'Chunks took 4 damage from 2 rupees, Mr. L took 8 damage from 4 rupee's and Dimentio took 6 damage from 2 dropped rupee's.

O'Chunks: Temporary alliance to squash Mimi.

Mr. L: Sure bro, lets a go.

Mr. L super jumped into the air but was hit by one of the rings around Mimi taking 2 damage.

Dimentio: Allow me boys.

Dimentio trapped Mimi in a box in the air, snapped his fingers, and Mimi was exploded in the box taking 6 damage. Mimi's ring disappeared, she fell to the ground and was charged by O'Chunk doing 4 damage to her.O'Chunk then proceeded to fart rocket into the air and grab Dimentio and then slam him to the ground. But O'Chunks slammed a clone Dimentio down as Dimentio shot him with a power orb from behind doing 4 damage to O'Chunks.

Dimentio: We need a place more out there and open, like space maybe.

Dimentio snapped his fingers right before Mr. L collided from under him. When they reappeared they were all in the Whoa Zone and Mr. L still damaged Dimentio with 6 damage.

Mr. L: It was foolish of you to bring us here DImentio, especially because I ave bro bot. BRO BOT COME TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Bro bot broke through the paper boundaries damaging both Mimi and O'Chunks with 30 damage each. Mr. got in the bro bot and started up the robot head.

Mr. L: Lets see if you can truly soar Dimentio.

Mr. L launched into space with Dimentio floating behind him and Mimi in her rupee ring behind Dimentio.

Dimentio: too bad O'Chunks couldn't be up here to help with the slaughtering.

Dimentio then took 4 damage as O'Chunks fart rocketed on by and landed on the bro bot. O'Chunks started pounding on it doing 9 damage too Mr. L. Mr. L shot lasers hitting Dimentio twice for 4 damage and O'Chunks once for 2 damage. Mr. L shot a nose missile which impacted on O'Chunks doing 4 damage too him. Finally Mr. L sucked up Mimi and spit her out doing 4 damage too her. Mr. L opened bor bots mouth to suck up Dimentio but Mimi shot a rupee into it making the bro bot explode and sending Mr. l back down to earth also causing him 4 damage (2 damage for being hit by a rupee in the robot and another 2 because when he landed he landed on a ground rupee).

Dimentio: This place is getting boring too. Speaking of boring who here hated history.

O'Chunks: eeeewwwww history is nasty.

Dimentio: O'Chunks then I have a feeling you'll be leaving us in our next location.

Dimentio snapped his fingers once again sending everyone to the Cragdon village. O'Chunks picks up another chunk of land and chucks it towards Dimentio who dodges it. Nobody else is hit by the piece of land though.

Dimentio: Why didn't think of this earlier.

Dimentio snapped his fingers and a sprout appeared on O'Chunks head.

Dimentio: Now O'Chunk be a dear and smash the other two.

O'Chunk: Yes lord Dimentio.

O'Chunks supersized making his attacks do double damage. O'Chunk then tornado spinned Mr. L tice causing Mr. L 20 damage. Mimi transformed into spider form and shot a rupee at Dimentio while dropping one on him causing Dimentio 5 damage. Dimentio shot a magic orb at Mimi which she dodged but it hit O'Chunk instead causing 4 damage too him. O'Chunks still was hypnotized to Dimentio's will and charged Mimi causing her 8 damage but she then rupee bounced him twice, Dimentio once and Mr. L once. O'Chunks took 8 damage, Dimentio took 4 damage and Mr. L took 4 damage. O'Chunks finally charged at Mr. L but Mr. L super jumped in the air dodging O'Chunks attack. O'Chunks stopped and looked around to see where Mr. L went when Mr. L landed on O'Chunks head and jumping on it three time doing 9 damage. O'Chunks fell and was finally eliminated from the battle.


Dimentio: Well now that we have that oaf out of the way it's time to fight somewhere more fit for you two.

Dimentio snapped his fingers and they all were transported to ninja kingdom where they continued the battle there,

Flying Fish: I'm flying fish, ninja of the 44th gate and I'll fly you to your doom.

Flying fish charged and swatted at Mimi causing he 5 damage. Dimentio put Flying Fish in a fire box and bursted him to oblivion.

Dimentio: Ciao for now Flying Fish.

Flying Fish: NNNOOOO.

After Flying Fish was defeated Mr. l took out a super shroom shake but Mimi took it from his and regained 20 health. Mr. L took out another super shroom shake regaining 20 health for himself. Dimentio tried to put Mr. L in a fire box but Mimi got in her rupee ring and shot three rupees at Dimentio which two hit Dimentio causing him 4 damage. Dimentio cloned himself and shot 4 magic orbs (two from each Dimentio) over the whole battle field. Mr. L was hit by three magic orb causing him 12 damage and none hit Mimi.

Dimentio: I see you two are worthy of facing me, lets see if you can take me though in the underwhere.

Dimentio snapped him fingers and they all transported into the underwhere where Mimi rupee waved Mr. L causing him 4 damage. Dimentio fly past Mr. L four times causing him 8 damage. Mr. L super jumps Mimi causing her 6 damage and jumps on Dimentio after causing him 3 damage. Then Mr. L stopped as a sprout appeared on his head. Mimi and Dimentio stopped as Dimentio smile widened. Dimentio snapped his fingers as they all were transported to Castle Bleck again.

Dimentio: I've been waiting for this all battle and now I can finally use this.

Mimi: Use what, what are you doing?

Dimentio took out the chaos heart and threw it at Mr. L causing a black hole to form that Dimentio flew in. He came out a few seconds later as Dimentio's final form.

Dimentio: Now it's time to defeat you all.

Mimi threw a rupee at Dimentio but it did no damage.

Dimentio: You fool I'm completely invincible unless you have the pure hearts.

Mimi got into her rupee ring and flew to flipside and flopside but was followed by Dimentio. Mimi collected the pure hearts but Dimentio at them, stopping her from using them to defeat him. Dimentio hit Mimi with his arm causing 2 damage as her rupee ring caused no damage to him. Dimentio then super jump and crushed on Mimi causing 5 damage to her then after spinning attacking her also causing 5 damage. Dimentio spin attacked Mimi three times more causing 15 damage too her. Mimi was exhausted and fell to the ground as Dimentio super jumped and crushed her doing 5 damage. Mimi felt all life drain from her as she fell over to the ground dead.


Dimentio: I think that about covers that, I'm coming for you count.


The screen fades to black but soon is interrupted by a voice.

Mr. L: Who said this was finished

A glow from the pure hearts came from inside Dimentio as Mr. l super jumped out, destroying Dimentio's final form.

Dimentio: So your not giving up, well then die.

Dimentio trapped Mr. L in a fire block with Mr. L having only 1 HP left. Mr. L took out an ultra shroom then the box was lighten on fire. After the fire box was down Mr. L was still standing with 45 HP.

Mr. L: Bro bot come to me now.

Bro Bot came and Mr. L jumped inside as Dimentio warped all of them to his Dimension.

Dimentio: Welcome to Dimension D. where you doom awaits.

Smiling moving platforms appeared in the Dimension as they shot little shots that caused 3 damage to Bro Bot each time. Bro Bot used a mustacherang which hit Dimentio causing him 4 damage (one time hitting Dimentio towards him and one on the way back). Bro Bot was hit by a block shot causing 3 damage to Mr. L. Bro Bot shot nose missiles and hand rockets at Dimentio. Dimentio got hit by a rocket hand taking 3 damage but dodge both the others. Bro Bot tried to crush Dimentio with it's hand but Dimentio countered with magic orb causing Mr. L 4 damage. Mr. L makes Bro Bot then suck Dimentio up, crush him in his teeth and spit him out causing Dimentio 4 damage. Bro Bot tires and stomps on Dimentio but Dimentio traps it in a fire box blowing it up and causing Bro Bot to blow up and Mr. L to take 6 damage.

Dimentio: Now the green thunder will fall.

The smiling blocks rapid fire shot at Mr. L causing Mr. L 9 damage. Mr. L though called Bro Bot from the side lines and a rocket hand shot at Dimentio. The rocket hand hit Dimentio causing him 3 damage. Dimentio made two more clones of himself and shot projectiles at Mr. L while the smiling blocks continued firing too. Mr. L super jumped into the air striking a clone as Bro Bot shot a nose missile hitting Dimentio for 4 damage. Dimentio's clone shot a magic orb at Mr. L causing 4 damage to Mr. L. Bro Bot shot a laser blowing up the other clone and Mr. L was hit twice by smiling block projectiles taking 6 damage.

Dimentio: GAME, SET MAT....

Mr. L rocketed up doing 6 damage to Dimentio with his super jump and then jumping on Dimentio three more times to do a total 15 damage.Dimentio tried to fire block Mr. L but he was too fast and jumped to high to catch him. Mr. L started dodging the Smiling blocks projectiles even though he was hit twice taking 6 damage. Mr. L was near Dimentio when Dimentio cloned himself but Mr. L landed on the real Dimentio causing him 3 damage. Dimentio warped away from Mr. L but was trapped inside his dimension with Mr. L. Bro Bot from the side shot two hand rockets both hitting Dimentio for 4 damage. Mr. L ran towards Dimentio but this time when Mr. L jumped to early Dimentio trapped him in a fire box doing 6 damage to Mr. L.

Dimentio: Finally your finished.

The box disappeared with Mr. L still standing with 1 Hp left.

Dimentio: No I can't lose, not today.

Dimentio dived at Mr. L who jumped on Dimentio causing 3 damage. Dimentio was warped above Mr. L but was to dizzy from being hit while flying. Mr. L super jumped right under Dimentio and when he hit Dimentio a glow of Green lightning shined from the hit. Mr. L landed on his feet while Dimentio landed on his face.

Mr. L: Now that your done I still have business to finish. Come on Bro Bot lets go find the count.


After Math

Wiz: The sly Mysterious man got the final strike in this battle.

Boomstick: And it was glorious, even though that was green lightning and not thunder.

Wiz: Now O'Chunk had the disadvantage from the beginning because of his size, lack of speed and lack of common sense and brains. Even though he was strong he wasn't great a dodging and was everyone's favorite target. O'Chunk's was completely defeated by the time Dimentio mind controlled him.

Boomstick: Mimi had a great advantage in most of the small places at the start and near the ending. She could have won if Dimentio didn't turn into super form and crush her. Either way she had speed and range to her advantage the whole time.

Wiz: Dimentio was so close to winning and practically had the whole match planned out from planting the seeds in O'Chunk's and Mr. L to knowing when to use his ultimate form. Dimentio would have won if he realized that Mr. L wasn't defeated but in his super form. Dimentio is more of a strategist and when it came to Mr. L's surprise and fast hand to hand combat, Dimentio had no more tricks left.


Boomstick: Mr. L was our death battle winner with the greatest speed advantage on the ground. His super jump and Bro Bot gave him advantage over the air and the rest of the battle field with the most weapon options and speed + strength. When it came to Dimentio and Mr. L, Mr. L was faster on both air and ground, hand a bigger advantage in heath with healing, did more damage overall and when Dimentio took them both to dimension D, Mr. L had Dimentio trapped in a corner. Dimentio's attack were too slow and easy to dodge and really worked out better when there were other people fighting instead of a 1v1.

Wiz: The Winner is the Green Thunder, aka Mr. L


Boomstick: Next time of death battle:

Men of high skill level who are almost unstoppable. Men who are both injustice but who have done good. They've killed cops, murdered soldiers and caused choas everywhere they go. But who is better, the man on the battle field or on the home turf.

First Blood vs Retro City Rampage:

Rambo vs Player



While making this battle I had to write down the damage each of their attacks did and had to play through super paper Mario to find all their attacks again.That's why it took so long because I had to replay through the game but this next battle won't be like that.->Repair