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Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's little buddy from the Donkey Kong video game series.

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Battle Record[]

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  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 5
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Spidermonkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong's sidekick & 2nd member of the DK Crew
  • Resident of Kongo Bongo Island; DK's roommate

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Simian Slam/Ground Pound
    • Diddy Kong jumps in to the air, spins, and slams downward
  • Cartwheel
    • Diddy Kong does a Cartwheel dash attack
  • Monkey Flip
    • Diddy launches himself forward and either does a powerful kick attack or latches on to his opponent and continuously hurts them
  • Chimpy Charge
    • Diddy runs in place and unleashes a powerful ram attack
  • High Jump
    • Can jump up to 15 feet in the air
  • Peanut Popguns
    • Diddy's Peanut Popguns fire in spurts, can be charged up for powerful shots, and can bounce on the ground
  • Jetpack
    • Lets Diddy Fly, perform powerful charged ram attacks, and lets him hover as well
  • Guitar
    • Diddy plays the guitar and damages enemies with a powerful blast
  • Bongos
    • Bongo rockets that let Diddy fly and ram in to enemies at high speeds
  • Blazing Banana
    • Lets Diddy throw flaming bananas
  • Banana Juice
    • Makes Diddy Kong turn in to gold and allows him to take a few more hits
  • Invincibility Barrel
    • Makes Diddy invincible for a few seconds
  • Crystal Coconut
    • Makes Diddy Kong stronger and invincible for a limited amount of time


  • Assisted DK multiple times in saving Kongo Bongo Island.
  • Headbutted the moon into Kongo Bongo Island.
  • Rescued DK from Captain King K. Rool (with assistance from Dixie Kong) and from the Subspace Army (with assistance primarily from Fox McCloud and Falco).
    • Defeated Rayquaza (with Fox).
    • Defeated a giant Diddy Kong clone (with Fox and Falco).
  • Can fly into the exosphere in 4 seconds [1].
  • In an alternate canon (where DK doesn't exist) Diddy became the evil dictator of Kongo Bongo Island (which will soon be renamed Diddyland) [2].

Weaknesses and Faults[]

  • The 2nd weakest member of the DK crew (after Tiny).
  • Lacks confidence when fighting without DK or other allies.
  • Young age makes him relatively inexperienced.
  • Jetpack is difficult to control and has several flaws.
    • If the Jetpack is overcharged, it could explode or break away and propel itself as a projectile.
  • Peanut Gun can explode if charged too much.
  • Is paranoid of aliens [3].


  • Got overpowered and kidnapped by Krusha (GBA version of Donkey Kong Country)
  • Was unable to defend Kongo Bongo Island when DK was in exile [4]
  • Diddy got captured by K Rool (Who banned his scientist persona) in DKC3.


  • Diddy was originally a redesign for DK Jr. However the new design was so radically different that it was decided to introduce Diddy as a new unique character.