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ZIM? Do not show fear. This is me without fear. And a 62 pound hall pass.
~ Dib

Dib is one the main characters of Nickelodeon's animated television series, Invader Zim. He is the archnemesis of Zim.

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With Gaz

Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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With Gaz

Death Battle Info

  • Full Name: Dib Membrane
  • Age: 13
  • Aliases: none
  • Occupation: Student/Paranormal Investigator
  • Likes: Mysteries, Discovery, Studying/Research, Professor Membrane, Watching Zim suffer
  • Has a big Head
  • Big brother of Gaz Membrane
  • Archenemy of Zim

Powers and Abilities

  • Sneaking skills
  • Stronger than an average Human
  • Great Intelligence
  • Durability
  • Great Speed


  • Food Launcher
  • Computer
  • Alien Sleep Cuffs
  • X-Scope
  • Microscopic Nano Chip
  • Water Balloon
  • Water Balloon Device
  • Giant Beaker
  • Explosive Permission Slip
  • Alien Tac
  • Tak's Ship
  • Grappling Hook
  • Graple
  • Hacking Device
  • Dodgeball Machine
  • Cloaking Device
  • Broken Light
  • Spelldrives
  • Mech Suit
  • Water Balloon Launcher 2.0
  • Zapper
  • Video Game Sword
  • Glasses
  • Dib Mobile
  • Broom
  • Space Suit
  • Alien Disguise
  • Anti Allergy
  • Laser Gun
  • Alien Serum
  • Clown Mask
  • Rockets


  • Somehow manages to walk despite how big his head is
  • Started a large food fight
  • Found out ZIM had been stealing organs
  • Managed to sneak into ZIM's house and get a picture of him
  • Pooped ZIM out of his stomach (I am not even kidding)
  • Tormented ZIM with water balloons
  • Fought against Shunck to go see Professor Membrane
  • Saved him and his entire class from being sent to a room with a moose
  • Managed to make his way into ZIM's base
  • Broke into NASA and has apparently done it many times before
  • Got footage of ZIM and sent it to Mysterious Mystery's and they even made an episode about it
  • Drove the Mysterious Mystery's man crazy
  • Managed to defeat a very angry monkey
  • Dragged ZIM into Dib's own imagination world
  • Got ZIM captured by halloweenies
  • Found out the truth behind Chicken Foot
  • Caused a massive car wreck
  • Got ZIM squashed by his Mega Doomer
  • Saved the Earth from Tak alongside ZIM
  • May have raised the dead
  • Convinced the president to drill underground instead of destroying the Earth
  • Stopped ZIM from becoming skool president
  • Beat ZIM at dodgeball
  • Gave his sister Gaz the Sense of the Shadow Hog
  • Took out all of the power in the Earth
  • Helped Spongebob and other Nicktoon to defeat the glob of doom
  • After ZIM disappeared he spent years sitting and watching his house knowing he'd return
  • Searched the universe in search for ZIM
  • Ditched ZIM in space
  • Beat Gaz at video games
  • Defeated ZIM alongside a pants alien
  • Tricked ZIM into kidnapping Batflaps
  • Crushed a tiny planet under his foot
  • Got revenge on ZIM for posting a funny video of him on the internet
  • Escaped an evil alien base that was holding him hostage
  • Followed a trail to several "squatches"
  • Scared ZIM with his Clown Mask


  • Due to his large head objects can be attached to it and he won't even notice
  • Can go into a crazy outburst when frustrated or annoyed
  • Horrible Luck
  • Can be restrained by stronger foes
  • Maybe to determined for his own good (he sat and watched a monitor on ZIM's house for years as ZIM had disappeared all because he thought ZIM was still up to no good)
  • LICE