Diamond with a lightsaber

Diamond Cedar was an OC created by Aqua-pineapple-princess (yes i'm a sad child)

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Found by Aayla Secura at a young age, she devoted herself to jedi training. At the age of 15 she was given to Kit Fisto to train. After two years as a padawan, she felt that the Jedi order was restraining her (oh where have we heard of this shtick). In a mission, she and her master were (purposely) separated with two separate squads. Then she 'accidentally' led her troops into an ambush where the clones were killed by droids. Found by Hondo, she decided to join him.

Years later (read one year), she developed a skill with explosives and sometimes ran jobs. After taking a squad for a job, she ran into Darth maul and Savage Opress; after being bribed with money and training, she joined forces with them. After 5 hours of training she decided to plant explosives and returned to hondo's side. She tends to stay away from fights but usually is reluctant to take out her lightsaber.

Death battle info


  • Full name: Diamond cedar
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 18
  • Padawan (For a record of three years before backstabbing her assigned squad, ran away and worked for hondo)
  • Sith apprentice (for a new record for eight hours!)
  • Pirate
  • Great at blowing stuff up


  • Explosives
    • Hand detonated explosives
    • Voice activated explosives
    • Just chuck them explosives
    • just shoot them explosives
  • Lightsaber
  • A blaster (stolen from a clone)


  • Blew up a clone base (i'm all about that base bitch)
  • Managed to destroy the ship of Darth maul and Savage Opress by planting explosives
  • managed to combine the force choke with the mind trick
    • you won't do what i say fine...*chokes the guys with the force*
  • Defeated a squad of clones
  • Paid attention to the boring-ass speeches of jedis, sith lords and other politians (i give credit to her)


  • Naive
  • Has a short attention span
  • disobeys authorites
  • reckless
  • explosives are limited
  • sometimes forgets to plan
  • eithier underestimate or over-estimates opponents
  • makes the WORST song references
  • runs away (a lot)
  • prefers a blaster over a lightsaber


Force abilities

  • Telekinesis
  • Le old jedi mind trick
  • the choking ability learned by the sith lords
    • Has the best control over it
      • no seriously her abilties at that

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Her design is based on Kayano Kaede from assasination classroom but if you think she's based on Emerald Sustrai then feel free to think that way

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