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At last! My greatest creation is completed!
~ Dexter

Dexter is the main protagonist of the Cartoon Network animated series, Dexter's Laboratory.

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Dexter is an 8 year old "Boy Genius" (self-described) in the town of Genius Grove. When he was born, he had an abnormally large head. Because of this, the doctors told Dexter's parents he was a genius and gave him a pair of glasses. Ever since he started crawling, Dexter has started inventing. When his sister, Dee Dee, started messing with his inventions, Dexter had turned into a recluse, hiding his inventions from all, and building greater ones to further understand the world and study science.

Death Battle Info


  • Age: 8
  • Height: 2' | 61 cm
  • I.Q.: Immeasurable
  • Hometown: Genius Grove
  • Occupation: Elementary-school Student
  • A prodigy since birth
  • Has the mannerisms of a Russian mad scientist
  • Once attended the same Kindergarten School as the PowerPuff Girls


  • Rapid building
  • Proficient combat skills
  • Moves faster than the eye can follow
  • Insane durability (due to toonlogic slapstick)
  • Deceptively strong & agile for someone of his stature


  • Wrench
    • 2 feet long
    • Can deflect laser blasts
  • Brass Knuckles
    • Has "DEXTER" as the name design
  • Memory Eraser
    • Can hit multiple targets with a ray of light
    • Erases about a day's worth of memories on whoever gets hit by it
  • Backwards Belt
    • Controls the time of Dexter, and forces them to do everything backwards
  • Time Expansion Helmet
    • Stretches time around Dexter to 60 times slower than normal time
  • Teleportation Controller
    • A single button remote capable of teleporting Dexter inside his lab and out
    • There is also an interstellar teleporter than can be controlled by giving Dexter's computer AI voice commands
  • Animal Atomizer
    • A single button device that can change a person into any animal, regardless of if it's alive or extinct
    • Animals are randomly selected
  • Ghost Capture Unit
    • Can trap ghosts
    • Backpack-style blaster
  • Heli-Pack
    • Helicopter-style backpack
  • A lot of lasers
    • One laser can digitize an opponent
    • Another is an orbiting laser cannon created alongside Mandark
  • Laser Pen
    • Most used Laser
    • Cut through a web of chewing gum and glass
  • Monster Potion
    • Turns a person into a monster, who keeps growing, until reaching extreme sizes bigger than skyscrapers
    • Consuming toxic waste will boost attack power and size
  • Beardatron
    • A device that can grow a beard of any size, shape, or style
  • Major Glory action figures
    • Can fly up to 1.7 billion mph
    • Heat vision
    • Can lift up to 3 children
    • Arctic breath
    • Cloaking device
  • Hypnosis Pen
    • Can control whoever's name is written on paper


  • Dexo-Transformer
    • Increases strength and agility 100-fold
    • Dodgeball launchers
    • TNT launcher
    • Electric Zapper
    • Lasers
    • Laser machine gun
  • Robo-Dexo 2000
    • Dexter's favorite mech
    • Rocket-fists
    • Has a lot of lasers
    • PEZ dispenser-style rocket launcher
    • Rocket-powered flight


  • Fought against inter-dimensional tentacle monsters, aliens and Dee Dee
  • Unknowingly gave his pet monkey superpowers
  • Beardatron gave Dexter a beard which endures stabs from another beard that cut wooden crates
  • Destroyed a mountain, survived atmospheric re-entry multiple times, plugged an active volcano with its butt, and destroyed a city block as Dexo-Robo 2000
  • Took 3 shots from his orbiting laser cannon, and survived
  • One of the main leaders in FusionFall
  • Defeated Mandark, his virtual equal multiple times.
  • Single-handedly eliminated a group of U.S. Navy soldiers
  • Turned the Earth into a giant potato to use it as a potato-battery.


  • DeeDee frequently destroys his equipment and lab; sometimes with a simple press of a button.
  • Is physically weak, even by human standards. Dexter is fully dependent on his gadgets in a battle.
    • It should be noted that he has yet to have a growth-spurt; his adult-future-self is actually very skilled and muscular.
  • If he overworks himself, his mind will burn out
  • Possesses a huge ego and a short temper: Cannot comprehend the idea of anyone being smarter than him
    • Prone to long egotistical rants
    • Is a mad scientist.
  • Is so accustomed to Dee Dee's destruction he can't live without it