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This is a fanon wiki and so the content that is created on here solely orginates the imaginations of it’s contributors. This wiki is not associated with Screwattack themselves and should not be treated as if it was associated with them.

This wiki also contains fairly violent content and swearing so if you find said content particularly disturbing we’d recommend NOT reading the What-If? Death Battles that are created on here.

Help to fix grammar or page structure errors, and to reword crude language is highly appreciated as long as you aren’t trying to fill out the battle sections of a page that has another user’s user category on it without their permission. Any users found doing so will result in Warnings and blocks being given to them.

Take note that, due to considerable problems with trolls and vandals, it is automatically required that our members wait for 4 days after first creating an account before they are able to edit, and they must also have a confirmed email address.

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Death Battle Fanon Wiki Promotion Video (Of Sorts)

Important Notice: The promotion section of the video is part of a Hitler predicts/reacts video and while the video contains no offensive material towards groups of people affected by Hitler’s actions, if you do find any content to do with Adolf Hitler in general to be particularly unsettling or uncomfortable We’d recommend that you do not watch said video.

Hitler Predicts Death Battle - Samurai Jack vs

Hitler Predicts Death Battle - Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai

If you wish to skip straight to the promotion section of said video then you should skip to 0.57 seconds


One Year Anniversary

Technically the celebration of the second year of the DBF's conception, this and the following anniversary celebrated the refounding done by the former founder Nkstjoa and some of the following elder Admins that first shaped the Wiki.

  • AgentHoxton
  • Ahomeschoolingroudon
  • Shadow7615

Summary completed by former Head Bureaucrat, Arigarmy.

Two Year Anniversary

Technically the celebration of the third year of DBF's conception, it follows the same idea as the previous celebration. Some celebrated the Admins of the time both new and old, while some celebrated the users in general. 2016 wasn't the kindest year to the wiki, but it also brought many people together among the various hardships that went on during that year.

  • Arigarmy V2
  • Arigarmy V1
  • GalacticAttorney
  • Commander Ghost
  • Breeky

Summary completed by former Head Bureaucrat, Arigarmy.

Third/Fourth Year Anniversary

This celebration in 2017 celebrates the fourth year as it was first conceived by the original founder on August 17th, 2013, before leaving and having it refound by the first refounders and former Admins (which in that calendar would be celebrating the third anniversary). Though the wiki is now mainly run by another person, the Wiki continues to expand and celebrate its long lifespan to this day. Many people celebrated and contributed to the anniversary this year, and for that we are grateful to still be a standing community after all these years.

  • Commander Ghost
  • Thetmartens
  • Dio the Ludicolo
  • Hipper
  • CallMeKnuckles
  • PlozAlcachaz
  • Shakaboy
  • TheSoulOfMelemele
  • ThatOneNoob
  • Theultimatelifeform
  • BangJang96
  • Hoot Freeman
  • Simbiothero
  • Plasmalucario
  • TJman461

Summary completed by former Head Bureaucrat, Arigarmy.

Fifth Year Anniversary

This celebration in 2018 celebrates the fifth year as it was first conceived by the original founder on August 17th 2013. While many of the wiki's more dedicated contributors left in the later months of 2017 and the early months of 2018 the wiki still remains incredibly active and it's staff team has been working alongside the community to improve the quality of life of the wiki and to help restore the site to it's former glory. As was the case last year, many users contributed to this all-important anniversary with several users creating spectacular and incredibly creative images that celebrated staff members, regular users and What-If? Death Battles from the previous five years which proves that despite the hardships that the wiki has faced throughout it's history it still has a dedicated and close-knit community which the users of the site are eternally grateful for.

  • Nkstjoa
  • Segakid451 2.0
  • R0Battles
  • Commander Ghost
  • Shadow7615
  • Raiando
  • StarMario89
  • Cartoonfan12345
  • UltimateDespairDaniel
  • ROLVeBloxxer
  • Gogeta46power
  • Simbiothero
  • BobDehCat
  • BangJang96
  • BangJang96
  • SuperSaiyan2Link
  • Jackthomasmoore

Summary completed by current Head Bureaucrat, Big the cat 10.

Sixth Year Anniversary

This celebration in 2019 celebrates the sixth year as it was first conceived by the original founder on August 17th 2013. Apart from a few new dedicated contributors, the wiki’s community has largely remained the same over the last 12 months and the site itself has generally been more peaceful than in previous years. Efforts were also made to reduce the number of trolls on the wiki and to reorganise the staff team. While images were created honouring various characters, staff members and regular users from the wiki, the community was also encouraged to submit Thumbnails for the first battle page of the wiki (Zelda vs Sofia I) in order thank the wiki Founder for creating the site. Several users submitted Thumbnails for the page which proves that the wiki continues to thrive 6 years after it’s creation, a fact that this community is extremely proud of.

  • Nkstjoa
  • EmperorDedede
  • Sharaku Jr.
  • Sharaku Jr. V2
  • Sharaku Jr. V3
  • Simbiothero
  • Jioto576
  • TheBlackDragon4
  • Vrokorta

Summary completed by current Head Bureaucrat, Big the cat 10.


For fans of Death Battle, there is at least one battle that they'd love to see, but even Death Battle can't cover all of them. Here, whether it has a high chance of happening or not, you can show just how you'd imagine them to be.

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