A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

This is set to become an actual Death Battle. Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here.

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  • Jioto
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Dark Horse Comics vs Marvel Comics, which of these two fourth-wall breaking anti-heroes will win in an absurd battle to the death?

(Dedede's Version) Season 1 Episode 7! Marvel VS Dark Horse! The 4th Wall is something that shouldn't be destroyed, bus this two goofy anti-heroes break it normally, but who will break the other?


Wiz: The Fourth Wall is the only thing that separates us from the fictional characters on the screen or page.

Boomstick: But with these two, there is no fourth wall.

Wiz: Deadpool, Marvel's merc with a mouth.

Boomstick: And The Mask, that weird green headed guy that goes and kills everyone!

Deadpool: And this'll be one hell of a fight!

Wiz: What the-Would you get outta here?

Deadpool: Come on! Be nice!

Wiz: Oh, god! What've we done?!

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Deadpool: And it's gonna be me!

Deadpool (Zacisawesome101)

Boomstick: Why are we doing this again? We've done this twice now! Can we skip it?

Wiz: No. But we can try and go really fast. SotherewasthisoneguynamedWadeWilsonwhogotcancerandthengotWolverinejuiceandbecamereallyweirdandpowerful-

Deadpool: Aww, come on Ben. You can't skip my awesome origin like that!


Deadpool: You're mean. Anyway, my name is Deadpool, a.k.a Wade Wilson. Mercenary bounty hunter-

Boomstick: So, anyway. Deadpool had a happy life, until...DUN-DUN-DUN. Cancer. 34 tumours, everywhere! Damn, even I don't have isues this bad.

Wiz: Facing death, Wilson fell into a deep depression. He gave up, stopped his mercenary work, dumped his girlfriend and evens stopped his chemo treatments. Which is silly, because he fell into a depression because he thought he would die. Why would he give up something that could keep him alive?

Deadpool: You dissing me, man? Come on! Stick 'em up!
Deadpool background

Wiz: Shut up.

Boomstick: Until the good people at Department K decided to help him out. What Wade didn't know was that Department K was a subdivision of the Weapon X program and they injected Wade with a special serum that they used on a lesser known superhero, you might not know his name, it's Wolverine.

Deadpool: I thought it was bad, especially since the scawwy doctors kept doing surgery on me because I kept regenerating. Real-life operation, ya'll!

Wiz: But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows...

Deadpool: Wait, this WAS sunshine and rainbows?

Wiz:...As people at Department K put bets on the patients going under surgery to see if they would survive, affectionately called the Deadpool. And with Wade getting super strength, speed and durability, he killed a doctor and ran away, going under the name...

Boomstick: Deadpool. Which is a freaking awesome name, by the way!

Deadpool: Aw, shucks.

Boomstick: Even though they only gave Deadpool one dose of Wolverine juice, he gained a truckload of new powers. Like, as we've definitely seen, breaking the fourth wall.

Deadpool: Hey, you. Yeah, YOU. I think you might have more important things to do than read something on a Death Battle Fanon Wiki! Do some homework, or pay your bills or somethin'.

Wiz: STOP! *sigh* Moving on! Deadpool can pull any number of weapons out of nowhere. This is a technique commonly referred to as 'Hammerspace' or the Magic Satchel. It doesn't help his opponent when they learn that Deadpool is a master of almost any weapon you can dream of.

Deadpool: You got that right! I love 'em all! My crude but oh-so slick swords, even one that gets rid of healing factors! My favourite guns, Salt and Pepper, bombs, grenades, knives, teleportation belts, shuriken's! *laughs* Oh, I can't choose my favourite! They can be whatever I want them to!...anything.

Wiz: Uh...what?

Deadpool: Oh, nothing. But let me ask you you want to see a magic trick?

Boomstick: Wrong company, genius.

Deadpool: Oh.. *sniff* That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me! I'm touched.

Boomstick: What the hell? Well, anyway you slice it, Deadpool's a damn badass! He can redirect a rogue helicopter, he fights faster than any normal man can keep up with and is sometimes so unpredictable even he can't keep up with himself.

Wiz: Really, Deadpool has a mind bordering on complete insanity. However, in some cases, that can be his biggest strength. He can barely keep up with himself, which means it's nearly impossible to predict his moves.
Deadpool weapons and abilities

Deadpool: Woah, woah, woah. We can't go any further without mentioning two things. One: My sexual prowess and TWO: My healing. Come on, it's like my best feature!

Boomstick: Which one? The thing that makes us carve our eyes out? Or the healing?

Deadpool: Wow, that one hurt.

Wiz: Deadpool's healing factor is almost unmatched in fiction. It allows him to carelessly cut off limbs, jump out of a helicopter head first, survive the Chrysler Building collapse on top of him, and surviving being turned into a puddle.

Boomstick: He can even frigging survive NUKES being detonated on his face.

Wiz: Although the healing factor does have a few flaws. Deadpool can be killed by drowning, suffocation or destroying every cell from his body, so he has nothing to regenerate from.

Boomstick: Also, if someone manages to take away his healing factor, his cancer will kill him just like any man and, funnily enough. If you take away his cancer he'll explode! Pinata!

Deadpool: Wow. Now you're just being rude. I can't believe you haven't mentioned the awesome things I've done, like killing everyone in the Marvel universe, INCLUDING Wolverine. Hi! Billy Mays here with a special TV offer, buy one Carbonadium Sword, useful for all your pesky Wolverine killing needs. It disables healing factors, is sharp and friendly! Buy it now!

Boomstick: You're the biggest weirdo I've ever met.

Deadpool: Oh, now that's not true. Have you seen my competition? The Mask?

Wiz: Can you go we can finish our rundown?

Deadpool: Don't forget! I'll always be with you...! (voice fading) In your heart!

Wiz: Well, glad that's over.
Deadpool power cosmic

Boomstick: Also, Deadpool has temporarily given the powers of the Power Cosmic as one of the Heralds of Galactus. Aside from the regular finding planets for Galactus to eat thing, he has a whole slew of new powers that make him a Cosmic level threat. Stuff like precognition, knowing almost anything, sensing weaknesses in objects or opponents and even freakin' light speed flight.

Wiz: It grants Deadpool with superhuman strength, immortality, energy and molecular manipulation, able to change his size and mass. He can now shoot concussive energy blasts at opponents or he can decide to blast a huge wave of energy out of his body. He can even survive the vacuum of space now.

Boomstick: Aside from that, Deadpool has done a whole awful lot. He's immune to the Penance Stare and physics in general. He's even dodged Cable's lightning, a hail of bullets and Cyclops' Optic Blasts, all at the same time.

Deadpool: And that's just a slow day.

Deadpool feats

Deadpool: Hey, I was just hanging around to make sure you didn't screw this up like you did with Harry Potter vs Edward Elric.

Wiz: Boomstick?

Boomstick: Yeah, Wiz?

Wiz: Get your gun.

Deadpool: Hey! It's not definite, it could have a surprising, albeit correct outcome like Lightning McQueen vs Sweet Tooth. But enough of that, let's talk more about how great I am!

Boomstick: Deadpool can lift 800 tons, gone toe-to-toe with Thanos and lived, won Lady Death's love, fought Luke Cage and Iron Fist simultaneously and has survived fights with the Hulk.

Wiz: He's practically unstoppable, capable of taking down any number of foes in a matter of seconds. However, this contributes to his biggest weakness: Overconfidence.

Boomstick: He's REALLY cocky, and years of rapid healing have let him think he's invincible, which makes him pretty careless and sloppy in battle. He's also gotta have SOME form of ADHD, I mean, he borders insanity and is always distracted, there's gotta be something going on.

Deadpool: Nope! Pure Wade Wilson.

Wiz: While the Merc with a Mouth might be cocky and arrogant, there's one thing that's obvious. No matter how obnoxious and annoying he is, Wade Wilson is one mercenary you do not want to mess with.

Boomstick: Also, if looking like a testicle is the tradeoff for rapid healing, I'd probably take it too.

Deadpool: Oh, my turn's over? Well, let's see my competition. Hosted by the blatant Wiz and Boomstick rip-offs, Escargoon and Dedede. One is the name of that French thing where you eat snails and the other is a Kirby character.

Wiz: Uh...the snail thing is actually called escargot.

Deadpool: Whatever, know-it-all. Wiz and Boomstick rip-offs, take it away!

The Mask Smokes in DEATH BATTLE! (EmperorDedede)

(Note: The version used here is Stanley Ipkiss for the background, thought for the feats and powers sections I will probably composite all the other holders of the Mask of Loki since it's basically the same source of power, just like compositing Link, different backgrounds, same powers)

The Mask Preview (Dedede)


  • Real Name: Stanley Ipkiss
  • Other names: Big Head
  • One of the holders of the Mask of Loki
  • His movie is quality
    • Not the Sequel tho

Escargoon: The Mask of Loki, a valuable object created by an ancient Africa tribe of Shamans, the Mask have the power to turn his holder on the closest thing to a god.

Dedede: Wait, it was created by an African tribe? Then why it is called Mask of "LOKI"?

Escargoon: Well, depending on the universe, the comic version was by the African tribe, but in the movie the Mask was created by the god of mischief, Loki, and in the Animated series it got created by the nordics.

Dedede: Oh, I see.

Escargoon: The Mask got transmitted by generation on generation, the mask can make true the wishes of his holders but also spread the chaos, and then it reached to our protagonist, Stanley Ipkiss.

Dedede: So, when Stanley puts on the Mask of Loki he becomes a combination of The Joker, Creeper and that logic of Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, his head becomes green and bald with big teeths, he also become a crazy murder with the alias of Big Head, I mean, Big Head isn't the best name for an assassin, I would prefered something like "The killer dude with a magic green head", that it's WAY a better name.

Escargoon: You have to be kidding me.

Dedede: I never talked more seriously on my entire life.

Escargoon: Uhh... Ok, I guess.

Powers & Abilities

  • Toon Force
  • Creation
  • Regeneration
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Teleportation
  • Flight
  • Shapeshifting
  • Can break the Fourth Wall
  • Reality Warping
  • Inmortality
  • Creation
  • Regeneration
  • Teleportation
  • Flight
  • Shapeshifting
  • R.I.P. Fourth Wall
  • Reality Warping

Escargoon: Who wears the Mask of Loki also obtains incredible and crazy powers, just like Toon Force, can create things from nowhere just like allies, weapons, and other things (including a frog).

Dedede: The holder also obtains even a higher regeneration than Lobo's one, and that guy can regenerate from literally anything, he is also a master of weaponry and can also teleport and fly!

Escargoon: The Mask can also change his form, and also-

The Mask: Break the damm fourth wall!

Dedede: WOW!

The Mask: Hey fat penguin, I heard what you said about my name and your name idea... It's amazing!

Dedede: I known right! Hey, how can I call you? Stan or Killer Green Head Dude?

The Mask: You can always call me... Cuban Pete

(*Cues: Cuban Pete*)

Escargoon: Em... Majesty?...

Dedede: Shut up Escargoon, I'm dancing with my new friend!

Escargoon: Emm... Ok... Well, while Dedede is dancing is dancing with his new friend I'll end explaining Mask's powers: Reality Warping, being able to transform a simple balloon into a Tommy Gun; and Resilient Inmortality, which basically means that the holder can survive things that would normally be lethal for a regular human.

"Hey Escargoon, look a the cool gift that my new friend made me!"

(Dedede jumps in with the Mask of Loki)


'Masked Dedede: Why so serious Escargoon? Hey! Wanna see how I turn a kitty into an atomic nuke?!

Escargoon: WHAT?! NO!!

Escargoon: Oof... Well.. I finally got the Mask off... Now I think we are save.

Dedede: I think you forgot something.

Escargoon: Oh, right, I'm going to give the Mask back to Stan.

Dedede: Aw, I really wanted to create a nuke, but let's get into the several feats of the guys that wear the Mask.


  • Destroyed part of an apartment complex with a Rocket Launcher
  • Move fast enough to cause a sonic-boom
  • Regeneration makes him hard to kill
  • Destroyed a Solar System in his fight with Lobo
    • He is also comparable Lobo, who can beat Superman
  • Destroyed an universe once
  • Can survive gunshots, headshots and being crushed several times

Escargoon: Well, the several holders of the Mask also made some great feats, like surviving any type of shots, including headshots, destroying part of an apartment complex with a Rocket Launcher, move fast enough to create a sonic-boom, and more superhuman feats.

Dedede: He also fought and defeated Lobo in the canon crossover with DC, You can see here for more info about everyone's favorite Bounty Hunter, but basically he is a Universe buster who can keep up with DC's fastest characters like The Flash, the Mask also destroyed an universe once, and basically he has a pretty hard healing factor, allowing him to survive almost anything.

Escargoon: exactly, almost anything.


  • Goofy and Insane
  • The Mask of Loki can be removed if the opponents puchs him hard enough
  • Some versions only work at night

Escargoon: The Mask of Loki also have his faults, it become the holder goofy and insane, even if this doesn't have evil intentions, the Mask can also be rwmoved if the holder get punched in the head hard enough.

Dedede: That, and sometimes the Mask only works at night, I don't exactly known why, I think because that logic of Jekyll and Mr. Hyde again, but even with those weird faults, the guy who ears the Mask becomes a dangerous, whacky, and powerful being that you don't want to bother... Unless he wants to dance with you the Cuban Pete, then feel fre to dance with him.

Escargoon: Hey Majesty, the Mask is out asking for you to dance with him.

Dedede: What?! I'm going Cuban Pete!

(Dedede leaves the hall, then Escargoon put his mask off revealing to be Deadpool)

Deadpool: That's right, it was me all the time Deadpool! And now prepare to see how I kick the ass of this green moron... Cya! Oh, but before, I'll leave the best quote of my opponent, Cya again!



Wiz: All right, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.


Dp vs the mask combatants set


Who do you want to win?

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Who do you think will win?

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Death Battle! (EmperorDedede)


Who do you want to win?

The poll was created at 03:01 on November 10, 2019, and so far 183 people voted.
Who do you think will win?

The poll was created at 03:01 on November 10, 2019, and so far 179 people voted.

Death Battle! (EmperorDedede)

(Location: Deadpool: Why do you care?)

It's night, the camera shows a street full of people, one of those was the Merc with a mouth from Marvel, Deadpool, who was reading a script and accidentally endered in an alley.

Deadpool: "And accidentally entered in an alley", what are this Wiz and Boomstick's rip-offs thinking, they think that I'm going to enter in a random alley by acciden- *Looks around* Yeah, I'm in a dark alley...

Then, a figure with a hat and a gun emerges from the shadows.

Deadpool: *Gaps* Oh my god, JACK NICHOLSON!

This character is revealed to be The Mask, this takes off his hat but he keeps aiming the Mercenary from Marvel with his gun.

Deadpool: Wait, no, is that green head dude that I have to kill.

The Mask: Well that's correct, and now youre dead!

(*Cues: Appetite For Greed*)

Stan shoot at Wade in the chest, creating a huge hole, but he regenerated instantly thanks to his healing factor.

Deadpool: Hey! I wasn't ready!

The ripoff of Deathstroke grabs his katanas and puts a fight position.

Deadpool: Now youre done asshole!

Big Head makes a sword appear from nowhere and puts a combat position too, both 4th wall breakers gets ready for the...


  • EmperorDedede

The attacks of both anti-heroes begin to collide, and then they both left the alley while they were fighting and entered in the middle of the road, avoiding several cars.

Deadpool: Hey! You forget to look left and right!

The mercenary then jumped on a car, while this vehichle ran over the Freakshow Master, then Wade shouted victorious while the car drove away.

Deadpool: Wooho, take that Freak!

Then, the Merc with a mouth heard a familiar voice behind him, and quickly turned around.

The Mask: That's my name, don't waste it on me.

The Freakshow Master was right behind him! Deadpool quickly tried to cut his head off, but the Mask teleported behind DP (Again), and kicked him towards the street, amking the Bounty Hunter to fall, then, Ipkiss started spinning just like a spinning top, creating a huge green cartoony tornado and absorbing all the cars that were nearby.

Deadpool: Oh oh... That's not good.

The Big Head killer stopped spinning, sending all the cars to fly, one of them fell a few inches from Wade, this sigh relaxed.

Deadpool: Phew, I though it was going t-

With no time to finish what he was going to say, the not serious Deathstroke got crushed by the Batmobile, he managed to get out by making a hole in the vehicle with his katana, then, he saw how his opponent approached him with an animal balloon.

Deadpool: Oh c'mon, you are going to kill me with a stupid balloon, dude, I'm the fucking Deadpool, nothing can kill m-

The Mask then transformed the animal ballooon into a massive arsenal of weapons, including shotguns, militar guns, miniguns, rocket launchers, and pointed all to the "Inmortal" mercenary.

The Mask: Are you sure pal?

Deadpool: Oh...

Then, the use of all the weapons ends with a big explosion, which destroys part of the city, the camera focuses on a big crater where Deadpool was lying, this looked at the 4th Wall.

Deadpool: Damm, this guy is pretty strong, I may find some of his weakness on his biography.

But he suddenly something like a cartoony tornado approaching to the crater, DP then jumped out of the fictional world, entering in the real world, the Big Head Killer then looked surprised to the crater.

The Mask: Hey, where did he go?

(Location: DEATH BATTLE! Fanon Wiki)

Wade jumped out of the fight, then he watched the place where he was.

Deadpool: Hey, this seems like a great place! Now let's take a look into his bio.

But suddenly, Ipkiss came out of the letters, breaking the 4th Wall too, he angrily looked at the Mercenary while he was weilding a big hammer.

The Mask: I found you!

Deadpool then grabbed his Magic Satchel, taking out another big hammmer, but with his logo at the front of the hammer.

Deadpool: You are about to get clobbered!.. Oh? It's weird, I never though of that pun.

Oh that's actually Dedede's quote, since you two are going to fight with hammers... Nevermind, but Anti-Heroes starting attacking each other, but neither managed to seriously harm the other, the Merc then got tired and pulled out a giant sword from his Satchel.

Deadpool: This is over Big Idiot, this is THE CARBONADIUM SWORD BABY!

The Mask: Okay.

Ipkiss, ignoring Wade's threat ran towards him with the hammer in his hand, Deathstroke's ripoff attacked him with the sword destroying his hammer and cutting one of his fingers of his right hand.

The Mask: Ha! You though a sword would kill me?... *Looks at his cutted finger, which doesn't regenerate* Wait, why I can't regenerate my finger?!

Deadpool: Because this baby can negate durability and healing factor freak!

After hearing this, The Mask scared ran away.

Deadpool: Hey, come back here!

The Freakshow Master clicked on the "EXPLORE" button, appearing different options, he clicked on "Random Page", both 4th Wall Breakers were teleported to another fight, then Mask shouted at DP.

The Mask: You never catch me alive weirdo!

Frisk vs. The Batter - TheDoomGaze

(Cut Music)

Both fighters landed in a grey Throne Room, then Deadpool shouted.

Deadpool: Wait, I known where we are... We are in Earthbound!

The Mask: Yeah, this is clearly Earthbound.

Deadpool: Oh yes, *Takes out his sword* I have to kill you.

The Mask: *Inside a Toy car* That will be if you catch me first!

The Mask escaped inside the tiny to a large hall full of pilars, at the end of the hall we saw two characters fighting, Frisk from Undertale, and the Batter of OFF, but suddenly, Ipkiss ran over the Batter with his little car, the Fallen child stopped moving while DP entered in scene.

Deadpool: Hey Freak Head, it's illegal to ran over kids on this site... I gues... Are you okay little chinese esteriotype children?

The Mask: Uhh... I ran over Scout thought.

(Inside Frisk's Head)






(Back in the fight)

(*Cues: Megalo Strikes Back*)

Frisk quickly used his knive, slashing DP's head off, after that, a lot of number 9 appeared on the screen.

Deadpool: Why the f*ck does a f*kicng child have a knive?!

Then, the Genocide Children dashed towards his original opponent, the purifier used his bat to hit Frisk, sending them towards the "Random Page" button, making that both Wade and Ipkiss teleport to another fight.

Metal Sonic vs Kratos - The Golden Moustache

(*Cues: Death Egg Robot (Final Boss) (Sonic 2) - GaMetal Remix*)

In Eggman's Base, we can see how Kratos from God of War is fighting with Metal Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog, then, Deadpool and the Mask landed over both Kratos and Metal Sonic respectively.

Deadpool: Ugh, where we are now?

The God of War furiously got up, throwing the Mercenary towards a wall, he then looked to both Whacky Killers.

Kratos: You two... You two must be minions of the fat red man too!

Kratos quickly stabbed Ipkiss in the chest, just to be punched by a Boxing Glove and then getting shooted in both legs with a Tommy Gun, the Big Head then grabbed both of his swords, getting ready to end with the life of the God Killer.

The Mask: Finish Him!

Wade then stabbed Kratos in the face with the Carbodium Sword.

Deadpool: FATALITY! And now, *swings him sword towards the Freakshow Master" time to finish you jerk!

Mask stabbed DP in the eyes with Kratos swords, and then ran away inside a little toony green tornado (Just like Taz but in green), while the ripoff of Deathstroke screamed a the distance.

Deadpool: Come back here you freak!

Then Stan crashes with an unknown character.

The Mask: Hey, watch out! Um... wait a second.

This character was Eggman, Ipkiss looks him with curiosity.

The Mask: You seems familiar... Meh I don't-

But suddenly, Deadpool stabs Mask in the head with the Carbonadium Sword, and then cutting him in half, the Merc laughed while his eyes were regenerating, Eggman ran way scared after watching this.

Deadpool: Haha, I won! Who's the joke now, Wiz and Boomst ripoffs? Wooho!

Without noticing it, Wade was celebrating his victory when Ipkiss, behind him, was regenerating from the attacks of the Sword, he then walked silently towards DP while he took out a hammer, he looked and the camera and said.

The Mask: Shhhhh...

The Merc then notices something.

Deadpool: Huh?

Then, Deathstroke's ripoff got smashed several times, and then throwed towards the Random Page Button, appearing in another page.

Shrek vs Baldi - Halloween7

(*Cues: All Star - Smash Mouth (0:36) *)

Both appeared in a swamp, then DP asked his opponent while he was still regenerating his bones.

Deadpool: How the f*ck did you survived the attacks of the Carbonadium Sword.

The Mask: Easy kiddo.

The Mask then streches his arm to grab the sword and then explain how he survived.

The Mask: The Sword only affects to the radiation of the healing factor, but since mine's is pure magic, I'm fine!

Deadpool: But youre finger!

The Mask: What? *His middle finger regenerate, mocking DP* this finger?

Deadpool: Ugh... I hate you.

Mask then make his boot big in a cartoony style, and kicked Wade towards a house insisde the swamp, in the house, Shrek was fighting Baldi, when Deadpool landed near them, the ogre shouted:


Ipkiss then teleported behind Shrek, stabbing the Ogre with the Carbodium Sword in the chest and throwing his corpse to the swamp, then Baldi dashed towards the Freakshow Master with his rule, only to get his head cutted off by Deadpool's opponent.

Deadpool: YOU KILLED SHREK! YOU MONSTER... Oh... you have the Carbonadium Sword... Mec Mec!

The Mercenary then ran away like the Roadrunner, then Stanley started chasing him with the Carbonadium Sword, Marvel's Merc took out from his Magic Satchel the Teleport Belt, teleporting inside Shrek's bath, Big Head Killer then stopped in front of the bath.

The Mask: Woohoooo... where are youuuuu?

Deadpool: Some...

Wade kicked strongly the door, and pulling out of his Magic Satchel Iron Man's Proton Cannon.

Deadpool: BODY once told me.. PROTON CANNONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Deadpool fires the cannon and a massive beam of energy disintegrates The Mask and at the same time clicking the "Random Page" button, teleporting to another Fanon battle.

Ben 10 vs Link - Zacisawesome101

(*Cues: Death Battle: Emerald Heroes*)

Deadpool: Let's see if I can find a way of killing him while he is still being dust.

The Mask: *Instantly regenerates and impersonating 'Syndrome* Too late. 15 years too late.

Deadpool: Ah shi-

Ipkiss punches DP with a boxing glove and makes him fall downstairs, the merc then looked around.

Deadpool: A Dungeon? I hope this one is a Sexy Dungeon, because I am the sexiest man alive.

Yeah, sure.

Deadpool: Excuse me?

Hmmmm, Wade then gets hitted by an anvil, which was throw by the Big Head, then Deathstroke's ripoff looked at the fourth wall and shouted to the writer.

Deadpool: F*ck you!

Deadpool then took out a bomb, throwing it to the Freakshow Master, but this grabbed the bomb and... Basically did this:

Dat a spicy meatball

The Mask: That's a spicy meatball!

Deadpool: Dammit!

Wade then looked around again, now watching how Ben Tennyson and Link were fighting, the Merc then had an idea, he quickly dashed towards the kid, cutting his arm off and grabbing the Omnitrix.

Deadpool: Oh yeah, RR with a green alien device! But this time the special effects aren't going to be shit, whatever, it's Deadpool time!

Wade then used the Omnitrix, transforming into Heatblast and throwing a flare at Stanley, who leaned over to aboid the attack, making the flame to press the "Random Page" button, making both freaks to teleport, while Link looked confused at Ben, who was lying in the ground without an arm and bleeding.

Ben Tennyson: Help...

(Cut Music)

Goku VS Iron Man The Irish VS Writer

Deadpool turned into Humongosaur when he landed in the ground, smashing Big Head with his tail several times, he then punched him towards two flying fighters, Iron Man and Son Goku, then Wade shouted at the Armored Avenger.

Humongosaur (Deadpool): Oh my god, Tony you are alive! I love you 3000 man!!

Iron Man: Emmm, I known you?

The Saiyan then kicked Tony towards the ground, creating a Crater and a smokescreen, then the Merc charged furiously againts the alien warrior.

Humongosaur (Deadpool): Get away from him you b*tch!

Son Goku: Bring it all!

(*Cues: Dragon Ball Z - Fight Theme*)

Goku then started charging the Kamehameha and DP transformed into Alien X, going to start an epic fight made by the Irish VS Writer too... but yeah, Mask appeared from nowhere with the Phantom Zone gun, pointing at Kakarot.

Son Goku: Wait, what's tha-

Ipkiss fired the gun, sending Goku to the Phantom Zone, then he pointed at Wade.

The Mask: Say hello to my little friend, Slade!

Mask fired the gun one more time, but this time the merc could react and aboid the attack, which hitted Tony, getting trapped into the Phanto Zone with the Saiyan, Deadpool then charged furiously againts his opponent, grabbing him by the neck and starting erasing him.

Alien X (Deadpool): This is Alien X, he do a lot of shits. This is over.

The Mask, with his last effort, he extended his arm, clicking on the already mentioned several times button, sending both to another fight while The Freakshow Master was turning into Space Dust.

Bionicat VS Cyborg Kuro-chan - Vrokorta

(*Cues: D3: Tribute to the King - GaMetal*)

The transformed Wade landed into a destroyed city, he looked at his hands, they were full of dust, the remains of his opponent, then he wiped his hands destroying the dust looked proud at the horizon.

Alien X (Deadpool): Yeah, I won... but it doesn't feel well... I have a bad feel about this...

DP looked behind you, finding to antropomorhpic cats fighting, nothing strange, then one of the cats dissapeared, Kuro specifically, Deadpool then looked everywhere confused, only to see in front of him a female figure, this was the Death, the Ex-girlfriend of the Mercenary.

Alien X (Deadpool): Death, what are you doing here?

Death: Deadpool, you look so handsome now, I want to be your girlfriend again.

Alien X (Deadpool): Really? Wow!

Death: But just one thing, could I watch that rollex you have, it look precious.

Deadpool: *Turns back to normal and gives Death the Omnitrix* Yeah sure, there you go.

Death?: Thanks, *Throws the Omnitrix away* Haha, fool!

Death then started spinning into a green tornado, revealing to be The Mask.

Deadpool: Agh, fuck you!

The Mask: No.. *Takes out a Nuke with Kuro's face* you are the one fucked here.

Deadpool: *Stops time to break the Fourth Wall* If you don't get this joke, please review this freak's analysis, now I will escape while time is stopped haha!

DP then clicked on the button, teleporting into the last fight. Bionicat looked and the camera, dashing againts it and punching the camera, turning the screen into black.

Thanos (MCU) vs Steppenwolf (DCEU)Nkstjoa

(*Cues: Apokolips - LEGO DC Supervillains*)

The anti-heroes appeared in a devastated Pozharnov in Northern Russia, then, a bunch of Parademons intercepted the whacky 4th wall breakers and quickly dashed againts them.

Deadpool: Oh oh... They are coming at us!

The Mask: *While grabbing the Nuke* Wait! I have an idea!

(*Cues: Cuban Pete*)

The Freakshow Master quickly dressed his "Cuban Pete" outfit and grabbed two maracas and started dancing in front of the Apokolips army, the Parademons stopped and confused watched the Big Head Killer.

Deadpool: Oh, that's cool, but what happened to the bomb?

The Mask: What?

Ipkiss then noticed that his Atomic Nuke was in the ground.

The Mask: Damm-

The Nuke explodes, disintegrating Deadpool, Mask and the bunch of Parademons, then we can heard a lot of screams of innocent people that lived near the place (And also Kuro's scream). At some kilometers from there, Thanos was fighting with Steppenwolf, then the two titans saw the shockwave of the explosion coming at them, the Mad Titan quickly used the Space Stone teleporting to a safe, the Apokolips general tried to escape, but the explosion ended catching and desvatating the entire country. In the midst of all the destruction, The Freakshow Master was without any scar, but full of ashes and DP's head was lying in the floor.

(Cut Music)

Deadpool: I'm gonna kill you asshole!!... Only give me some hours

The Mask: Now *Takes out a disintegration gun* Say good night to the Mask guy!

But without time to end with his opponent, the Mask got launched by the Power Stone several meters away, Thanos then looked at DP's head in the ground.

Deadpool: Cable, is that you? You look bigger... And purple... And ugly... And -

The Mad Titan then stomped Wade's head several times before kicking it at the same direction of where Ipkiss got throwed, the camera then focushes on The Big Head Killer, who stops in mid-air and making another Infinity Gaunlet appear from nowhere.

The Mask: Oh snap-

But unable to snap his fingers in time, the End of the Worlds came out of the ground and cutted the Freakshow Master's arm.

Steppenwolf: Puny creatures...

DP's head hitted Steppenwolf, who grabbed the head of the Merc and roared.

Deadpool: Hehe... Hi...

Then, Thanos grabbed the other Infinity Gaunlet and laughted.

Thanos: Perfectly balance... Like all things should be.

He then snapped both of his fingers, but the power was too much for him and he ended up creating a massive shockwave that was erasing everything on his way, including the same Mad Titan, but luckily, a portal opened saving the two anti-heroes while the camera shows how the shockwave starts destroying the entire universe.

(Location: Sanctum Sanctorum)

The duo teleported into a magical room, Doctor Strange was looking seriously at DP.

Deadpool: Hey doc, what's up?

Doctor Strange: *Sighs* alright Wade, I don't known how you managed to alter seven different dimensions...

Deadpool: You already known me doc, I'm pretty strange guy with this things, Hehe.

Doctor Strange: I had enough Wade!

Deadpool: C'mon Stephen, don't be like tha-

The Doctor teleported Wade to outer space while he sent Ipkiss to the city of the beginning.

The Mask: Wow, what a ride!

(Location: Outer Space)

Deadpool woke up in the middle of the space, he then screamed.

Deadpool: F*ck you Stephen!

But no one heard him... Except one Celestial being who appeared in front of him, this being was Galactus, devourer of Worlds, he grabbed the Merc with his giant hand and putted him in front of his face.

Galactus: Wade Wilson of Earth 616, why are you here and what is stopping me from turing you into my appetizer?

Deadpool: Oh hey Gal, could I possibly ask you two things: First, could you not eat me; and Second, could you give your super amazing Herald powers again please? I need to end with a green moron.

Galactus: First, you should make a couple of things for-

Deadpool: Yeah yeah, I'll do that blah blah blah later, give me the powers!

The Devourer of Worlds rolled his eyes, and confered Wade a little part of his powers, Herald Deadpool was back and he quickly travelled at Light speed towards the Earth, Galactus sighed.

(Location: Deadpool: are you still caring about the city's name?)

The Mask was resting in a beach chair while he was reading the script.

The Mask: "Mask was resting when the sun was getting closer and closer" huh?

(*Cues: Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Galactus*)

Ipkiss then noticed that the entire Planet was destroyed and he was covered by ashes again, he then looked behind him and saw that the sun was coming to him again, he quickly pulled out the ashes and putted a scared cartoon face.


The Sun disintegrates the Big Head Killer, Herald Wade looked seriously at where his opponent "died", he then fired an energy blast behind him, opening a hole on the Mask chest, who just teleported aboiding the sun, the Cosmic Merc then punched his opponent, sending him to High speed towards Mars, DP followed him and started punching him several times while they were travelling at Light speed.


Something like this

Ipkiss crashes in Mars, in the surface of the planet the Herald begins to manipulate the matter of the entire planet, causing it to crash with his own core, exploding the planet and his opponent with him.

Herald Deadpool: This is over, I will literally predict anything you will do.

The Mask: Oh yeah?

(*Cues: Superman Theme*)

The Freakshow Master appears in front of Deadpool, punching the Merc and making him crash againts an asteroid, the Big Head Killer now has a suit with an "J" logo in the chest, a red cape and a green version of Superman's hair (Just like here).

The Mask: I'm super unpredictable!

DP grows into a planetary size, trying to hit Mask several times, but this is too fast and aboid easily all the attacks.

The Mask: C'mon big guy, is that all you have?!

Ipkiss starts attacking Herald Wade with a lot of different guns, but those are ineffective againts the mercenary, who grabbed two planets and crashed them againts the Mask several times, he got into his normal size and stabbed his opponent with his motorized surfboard.

Herald Deadpool: Goddammit DIE!!

The Mask: No.

The Merc throws the Freak againts a meteor, the Big Head Killer quickly transformed into a giant green dragon and spitted fire againts his opponent, DP blasted his opponent head off with a beam of energy, Stan came back to his normal form and took a giant atomic nuke with the words "The Big Boi".

The Mask: You are the Dead guy here, Pool.

The Nuke exploded and leveled the entire galaxy, Deadpool tried to escape from the explosion at Light Speed, but the explosion ended hitting him.

Herald Deadpool: No... NO... NOOOOOOOO!!!

(*Cut Music*)

After the explosion, we see Deadpool's head seriously injured on a destroyed portion of a Planet, the Mask teleported in front of the head of the Merc and grabbed the head.

Deadpool: Alright *cough* I don't known how but you could be at me even with my incredible Herarld powers... What are you doing to do now?

The Mask: Hmmm, do you like baseball?

Deadpool: What?

Ipkiss putted the head in the middle of the space (since there's no gravity), took out a hammer and whistle, making the sun appear in front of him.

Deadpool: Wait, wasn't the sun destroye-

The Mask: Ssssssssss...

He strongly hitted Wade's head sending it towards the sun.

The Mask: MOKIIINNN!!!!!

Deadpool: I will return freak!!!

No you don't, Deadpool died incinerated by the sun, The Mask victoriusly shouted at the camera.

The Mask: That's all folks... Finally!


Results (Zacisawesome101)

Boomstick: Holy CRAP! That was...INSANE! Let’s watch it again!

Wiz: There was a lot going on here. Both The Mask and Deadpool had plenty of power and speed on their sides.

Boomstick: Buuut the Mask was 100x faster than Deadpool, he and Lobo raced around the planet multiple times in the span of a few seconds, which blows Deadpool’s lighting feats out of the water.

Wiz: The Mask was also stronger. He’s able to scale to Lobo, since they were basically evenly matched in their fight. Just as a reminder, lobo is the guy who: Fought with Superman, assassinated Santa Claus, pulled Solaris through space and beat Supergirl in an arm wrestle.

Boomstick: and when stacked up against that, Deadpool’s lifting 800 tons and going against Hulk feats really seem lame in comparison.

Wiz: The Mask was much tougher than Deadpool too. In their fight, the Mask and Lobo created this ENORMOUS explosion, which is worth about 322 teratons of TNT, which is insane! But it also completely eclipses Deadpool’s feats of strength and durability. Deadpool can survive nukes, but even the most destructive nuke in human history, the Tsar Bomba, only measured at around 50 megatons of TNT.

Boomstick: That is MILLIONS of times weaker than The Mask.

Wiz: And while Herald Deadpool did make this fight fairer, what, with light speed reactions and cosmic level feats, but this is where the Mask’s toonforce jumps into play.

Boomstick: Yeeeahh, remember toonforce? You know, the thing that can, you know, warp reality and things like that? Yeah, at any point, the Mask could just make Herald Deadpool back to normal, and there’d be nothing he could do about it.

Wiz: With the Mask’s regenerative abilities, there was almost no way for Deadpool to really kill the Mask, even if he did land a fatal shot. In any case, the Mask’s regenerative capacities are better than Lobo’s, who can survive and regenerate from mostly anything.

Boomstick: But I hear people saying ‘What about the Carbonadium Sword? Couldn’t Deadpool just make the Mask not able to regenerate?’

Wiz: A reasonable question, but the Carbonadium Sword works by exposing regenerating cells to radiation, which then cancels their regeneration. However, the Mask’s regeneration works differently, it’s not radiation, but toonforce.

Boomstick: This keeps circlin’ back to toonforce.

Wiz: Which makes sense. Toonforce is one of the strongest things in fiction.With it, Deadpool didn’t really stand much of a chance. He put up a good fight and his more experience and skill definitely helped him out, but the Mask’s superior speed, strength, durability, regeneration and toonforce abilities put the Merc in his place.

Boomstick: That fight was knocked out of the park!

Wiz: The winner is-

The Mask: Hey! Did you miss me?

Boomstick: Uh…

The Mask: I guess not!

Wiz: The winner is the Mask!

The Mask: Let’s rock this joint! Whooo!

Boomstick: AAAAH!

Wiz: Run away!

The Mask: Hahahahaha! The winner is me! Who would’ve seen that coming? Uh, everyone!

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Two anti-heroes that are 4th wall breakers. They are also known as comedic comic book anti-heroes and being brutal fighters that are nearly impossible to kill.


Wiz: The Fourth Wall breakers are the only thing that character can talk to and look at the screen like they knows people are watching them.

Boomstick: Fourth Wall breakers? That's a bad idea, Wiz...

Wiz: I know. Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson.

Boomstick: And The Mask, also known as Stanley Ipkiss. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour, and skills to find out who would win a... Death Battle.


Wiz: Wade Winston Wilson was born to Thomas and Hailey Wilson in Canada, his mother died when he was five year old.

Boomstick: And I think we've been over this before, why can't we skip it?

Deadpool: Hey, you can't just skip my backstory like that!

Boomstick: Great, here we go again...

Wiz: Yes, Deadpool. Wade was a mercenary looking for his chance to become the world's next greatest hero.

Deadpool: And here I am!

Boomstick: Yeah, he is also pro at breaking fourth wall.

Wiz: Wade was diagnosed with cancer—Deadpool: Yeah, cancer was one of my worst enemy. But I got offered a cure by Department K!

Wiz: Yeah, he was actually handed over to the Weapon X program. They injected Wade with Wolverine's healing factor.

Deadpool: Yup, that was the same place where Logan was! The place where they gave his bones the old chrome dip.

Boomstick: Will you stop interrupting us?

Deadpool: Nope.

Wiz: Ugh. He is exceptionally skilled with swords and guns.

Boomstick: He have this teleportation belt, which cause him to teleport.

Wiz: Deadpool is one of the character who is breaking fourth wall no matter which media, movies, YouTube, TV shows, interest shows, and literally everywhere.

Deadpool: That's right folks.

Boomstick: Deadpool's weapons and abilities has helped him to accomplish some amazing feats in spite of his illness, he also once became a Herald of Galactus.

Deadpool: Oh yeah I remember when I've fought Silver Surfer with it, and my precious opponent Saitama too.

Wiz: His healing factor can heals heavy wounds and he can regrows his limbs, he also casually battled Red Hulk.

Deadpool: And I love Chimichangas! You should try one too!

Boomstick: No thanks, we already tried that.

Wiz: He can dodge and catches Captain America's throwing shield.

Deadpool: Like The Winter Soldier does too!

Wiz: Will you go away? We almost finish with you, and we'll move on to your opponent's turn.

Deadpool: And why did you pitted me against Jim Carrey? Are you guys planning to kill me off? Oh wait, I can't die. I'll win anyway, cya!

Boomstick: Well what do we do?

Wiz: Moving on to The Mask.

The Mask

Wiz: The Mask of Loki, a object created by the God of mischief.

Boomstick: Wait you don't mean this version of Loki right?

Wiz: No, not the marvel version.

Boomstick: Ah okay.

Wiz: It was also created by an ancient Africa tribe of Shamans. The Mask reached to the protagonist named Stanley Ipkiss.

Boomstick: Aw, good old Jim Carrey.

Wiz: His other name is called Big Head, and he also breaks the fourth wall.

Boomstick: Oh no.

The Mask jumps out of screen

The Mask: Hello everyone!

Boomstick: Oh s...

The Mask: This is the marvelous thing that you've brought me this into battle!

Wiz: Not to sound rude, but we are right now in middle of analyzing your biography.

The Mask: Oh sure, go ahead.

Boomstick: Maybe he is not that bad than we thought.

Wiz: Anyway, The Mask of Loki obtains incredible powers like Toon Force and can create things from nowhere.

Boomstick: He can survive gunshots and being crushed several times, he is actually hard to kill. Unless you take his mask off.

The Mask: Sorry to interrupt but can I share something?

Boomstick: Um, sure.

The Mask: I've defeated Lobo before, yes that was canon because I was in there. And I am also a Universe buster!

Wiz: Exactly. However his mask can be removed if his opponents punch his head hard enough. Sometimes the mask also required works only at night.

Boomstick: That sounds like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's story.

Wiz: He is immortal, he can teleport and shapeshift! He also have a Reality Warping.

Boomstick: He can move fast enough to cause a sonic-boom, destroyed a freaking Solar System while fighting with Lobo the main man, and he is a master of weaponry!

The Mask: Seems like you guys know me a lot, great job!

Boomstick: Thanks, I really appreciate.

The Mask: Hey, want to go hang out with me in bar? Drinking and stuff?

Boomstick: Yes! That would be cool!

Wiz: Sorry to bother but you need to fight first.

The Mask: Oh right, after I beat his ass. We'll have some fun.

Wiz: Basically he can survive almost anything due to his hard healing factor.

The Mask: Before I go, I'll leave my famous quote here... SsssssssssssssssssMOKIN!

Pre Death Battle

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEE!


Who will win?

The poll was created at 04:18 on November 17, 2019, and so far 15 people voted.

Death Battle

Deadpool was driving his motorcycle, he was having fun listening music. Until The Mask kicks Deadpool off the motorcycle, causing it to crash.

Deadpool: What the hell man? I was having some good time! Oh wait it's my opponent.

The Mask: Hello, Red Ranger. Oh wait, was your name Deadpool? Did you die in a pool or something?

Deadpool: Shut up you green moron, I will have some good time ending you!

Deadpool pull out his guns, preparing to fire his guns. Deadpool was shooting at The Mask which clearly doesn't work, The Mask pull out his hammer and swing it at Deadpool who is dodging until he gets hit. Deadpool was tossed in a truck, The Mask was walking towards and see Deadpool is making ice cream.

Deadpool: Want some ice cream, Mr. Creeper?

The Mask: I'll pass.

Deadpool stabbed The Mask in the stomach, The Mask kicks and tosses Deadpool like a ragdoll.

Deadpool: Hey, that wasn't nice! I was eating my ice cream!

Deadpool see The Mask disappears, but The Mask was behind him, putting a bomb at Deadpool's back. As he look at screen, he shush and disappears.

Deadpool: Alright since--

Deadpool got exploded, spraying bloods everywhere, but he regenerates.

Deadpool: Damn, this is going to be annoying.

Deadpool notices that The Mask is behind him so he turn around quickly and kicks him in the balls, The Mask's eyes was flying out of his eye sockets.

The Mask: Ouuucchhie.

The bomb was in front of The Mask, it exploded.

Deadpool: Well that should take care of him.

Deadpool sees The Mask regenerates.

Deadpool: Maybe not.

The Mask: That wasn't nice.

Deadpool throws grenade at The Mask, The Mask with his baseball bat swing and hit a grenade, which it was tosses to Deadpool. Deadpool dodges and pull out his guns, he shoot at The Mask which doesn't work.

Deadpool: Yup, this guy is very tough to kill...

The Mask: Want to see my magic tricks?

Deadpool: Yes, but if that tricks me then I'll trick you back.

The Mask: This is my favorite.

The Mask pull out a black balloon, making it like a gun. Deadpool chuckles, but The Mask made a real gun called Tommy gun.

The Mask: You dare laugh at a Tommy gun?!

The Mask fires his Tommy gun at Deadpool, wounding him a lot. The Mask was laughing at he is shooting at him, but Deadpool manages to throw a bomb at The Mask. Which blow them up, and they both were healing. The Mask was moving too fast for Deadpool, The Mask stabs Deadpool in the chest with his bare hand, Deadpool stabs The Mask in the chest with his twin katana. The Mask grabs his cake, which has a bomb in it, he smack in the Deadpool's face. It exploded right in Deadpool's face, causing him to get angry.

Deadpool: That's it, you are taking this way too far!

The Mask: Oh, that's gotta hurt.

Deadpool was thinking...

Deadpool: Wait, I gotta take his mask off. That's the only way to defeat him!

Deadpool sees The Mask disappears, but he was behind Deadpool, he grabs a mace and hit Deadpool like a baseball. Deadpool lands on the rooftop, he groans.

Deadpool: Man, this guy is hard to kill. Damn you Death Battle.

The Mask shoots his rocket launcher at Deadpool, throwing Deadpool backwards and almost at the end of rooftop. He see The Mask disappears again.

Deadpool: Where are you?!

The Mask: This.

Deadpool: Huh?

The Mask keeps teleporting around Deadpool while saying his words.

The Mask: Is.

The Mask appears in front of Deadpool.

The Mask: Sparta!

The Mask kicks Deadpool hard enough to tosses him meters away, Deadpool got slam into ground.

The Mask: Get it?

Deadpool regenerates, then he see The Mask was coming towards him with a hammer. Deadpool dodges and The Mask missed, he look around to find Deadpool. But he didn't find Deadpool...

At Taco Bell

Deadpool: Yum Yum, this is delicious. Best Chimichanga I ever taste!

Meanwhile The Mask is still looking for him.

Deadpool: Glad this green face Jim Carrey is gone, that guy was like Shrek but worse. Oh wait, maybe Joker.

The Mask: You can call me whatever you want, but you are dead.

Deadpool: Wait! You want to have Chimichanga?

The Mask: Sure.

The Mask ate Chimichanga in less than second.

The Mask: Are we fighting--

Deadpool cut his head off, The Mask's head flys into air, Deadpool then kicks his head like a soccer ball. It slam into The Mask's stomach, but The Mask's head came back into its place.

The Mask: Wow, what a ride!

The Mask turn his hands into a boxing glove, he then throw his punches at Deadpool. Deadpool then cut The Mask's hands off, then cutting his head off. Deadpool put a bomb and take cover, it exploded.

Deadpool: I pray to god this will be over.

Deadpool doesn't see The Mask.

Deadpool: Wait, is this over?

The Mask: Not yet!

Deadpool: Aw s--

Deadpool was hit by a baseball bat, Deadpool was thrown in the space, then he got stop by Galactus

Deadpool: Galactus? It's you again!

Galactus: What do you want?

Deadpool: Can I be your Herald again? Please, Mr. Galactus?

Galactus: Why do you--

Deadpool: Once I defeat that green guy, I'll come back for you. Will you make ms Herald now?

Galactus: Fine.

Deadpool turned into Herald Deadpool.

Herald Deadpool: I'll be back.

Herald Deadpool flew back to Earth, The Mask look up and see Herald Deadpool.

Herald Deadpool: Now you are done, freak.

Herald Deadpool shoots at The Mask who been dodging, then Herald Deadpool uppercuts The Mask into space. Herald Deadpool flies toward The Mask, The Mask tries to throw a punch at Herald Deadpool, Herald Deadpool shoots a blast at The Mask. The Mask stabs Herald Deadpool's chest with a chainsaw, Herald Deadpool then headbutts The Mask. The Mask pull out a giant trumpet.

Herald Deadpool: Huh?

The Mask blows, Herald Deadpool's ears was bleeding and was tossed backwards. The Mask's hands turn into chainsaw, he charges Herald Deadpool while he dodging Herald Deadpool's blasts. Herald Deadpool fires his multiple bullets at The Mask's face, The Mask then fires back bullets with his mouth at Herald Deadpool. But that didn't stop him, Herald Deadpool manages to grabs The Mask's throat and tosses him away.

The Mask: Why are we near to sun?

Herald Deadpool: I just have a idea.

Herald Deadpool pull out a Continuity Gem.

The Mask: And what is that?

Herald Deadpool: Well with his Continuity Gem, I can be like the god. I can rewrite history and change reality, impressive right? So that means I can make you take off that mask!

After he said that, he attempts to bring sun closer to Earth. He then uses Continuity Gem to do what Wade wished, The Mask reach my hands to his own mask, trying to remove it.

The Mask: No! No no no, please stop. Noooooo!

The Mask accidentally removed his mask, revealing Stanley Ipkiss, who got burn in the sun. Herald Deadpool grabs The Mask of Loki, then he manages to send sun to its rightful spot.

Herald Deadpool: Woohoo, I am the victory again!



Boomstick: No way, are you kidding me?

Wiz: Wait what? This isn't how...

Herald Deadpool: Jealous? In fact, nothing can kill Herald Deadpool!

Boomstick: Now our mission have failed...

Wiz: I guess... We should explain how he won?

Herald Deadpool: Do it.

Wiz: Alright so it would have been total stomp if Deadpool didn't get his Herald form, however he is actually smart.

Boomstick: Well yeah, he kept up with Silver Surfer who can survive black hole and supernova, not to mention he destroys a planet before. Oh wait, The Mask can destroy a universe.

Wiz: Well while that is true, but Herald Deadpool can defeat The Mask before he could do anything.

Boomstick: Like I said, he kept up with Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer can go 500,000 light years in seconds, damn he could even blitzes The Mask.

Wiz: If The Mask get his head punched so hard enough, his mask would get remove. Or he could just take it off by himself, the only way Herald Deadpool could remove it by using Continuity Gem which can change reality.

Herald Deadpool: Exactly, I got to admit my new opponent was pretty hard to kill.

Wiz: Yeah whatever.

Advantages: Deadpool

  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Durable
  • Smarter
  • Kept up with Silver Surfer

Disadvantages: The Mask

  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Durable
  • Smarter
  • Immortal
  • Could have actually win in different way

Boomstick: Kinda sucks that I won't have fun with Stanley. Ugh, I guess Deadpool stands his own victory again.

Wiz: Well, the winner is—Herald Deadpool: Deadpool! Ha, I got it right! Oh wait, Galactus is waiting for me.

When two of fiction's greatest 4th breakers enter or exit the ring, who will win, and who will die?



Necro: The fourth wall has existed for many, many years. And very few characters have ever dared to break it.

Mercer: Unless you count Deadpool, the merc with a mouth.

Necro: And The Mask, the cartoony killer!

Mercer: He's Necro and I'm Mercer.

Necro: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Deadpool Breaks Into DEATH BATTLE!

Necro: Underneath his care free and happy-go-lucky facade, Deadpool, also known as the merc with a mouth was once known as Wade Wilson. Hey Mercer, did ya get the door locked?

Mercer: Yeah! Deadpool won't be getting in anytime soon.

Necro: Perfect! Wade Wilson dreamed of superheros and always wanted to be one, that is until, he was diagnosed with Cancer, effectively crushing all of Wade's dreams.

Mercer: That is, until Wade was approached by a mysterious organization, with the offer to participate in the Weapon X program.

Necro: Naturally, they said that participating would cure his cancer, so Wade signed up.

Mercer: They injected him Wolverine Juice, which is basically a liquid form of Wolverine's healing factor, so Wade was given a healing factor of similar Strength to Good old Logan's.

Necro: This did not actually Heal his cancer, in fact it just mutated Wade to be hideous to look at. And all it did to the cancer, just in case you guys are wondering, Wade's cancer was just subdued, meaning that it will not kill him, but it is not gone.

Mercer: He later decided to escape from Weapon X, and due to his healing factor, he had already earned a badass nickname among the other inmates, which was wait for it...


Necro: Anyway, Deadpool is a skilled martial artist, being able to take on the likes of Taskmaster with relative ease. He is also very skilled with all kinds of weapons, such as katanas, hammers, guns and throwing stars and other such things.

Mercer: Deadpool is extremely strong, being able to fight on par with spider man, who can catch falling buildings and support them with some difficulty. Take it away Necro.

Necro: All right. This building was about one hundred stories high, and was likely composed of concreate and re-bar. For Spider Man to catch and suplex this building, he would have had to exert a force equivalent to 2.8 tons of TNT. And Deadpool can go toe to toe with spider man, and even beat him! So, needless to say that Deadpool is strong.

Mercer: But Deadpool is actually quite fast, being able to avoid lasers and bullets with ease. Lets look at these lasers real quick. Considering the person who was firing them was sixteen feet from Deadpool, and he shot two blasts, both of which Wade dodged. Considering that theses shots were likely to be artificial lasers, Wade must have moved at about Mach 1680(with about a margin of error to be about three or four machs at most) to avoid them.

Popup: The average true Laser moves at about Mach 3000, but we already know that these are not real lasers.

Necro: But when things go to shit, Deadpool has one weapon that can allow him to beat almost any one.

Mercer: And that would be the continuity stone, a seventh infinity stone which is unique to Deadpool. It allows him to alter than canon of his home universe to just about whatever he wants. If he wanted to be able to use Thor's Hammer? If he uses the stone, then he can.

Necro: And despite how deadly and powerful Deadpool is, he has some rather devastating weaknesses. First off, Deadpool is very unhinged mentally, and while he is a powerful fighter, it is likely that Deadpool could stop fighting entirely, and just go do something else.

Mercer: True. And while Deadpool's healing factor is busted, he can still feel pain, and he still has average human durability. It has also been stated that an powerful enough explosion can kill Deadpool for good.

Necro: But overall, Deadpool is one of the strongest mercs around, and he's got the fire power and the puns to back his tile up.


The Mask (Dark Horse) Does the Same Thing!

Necro: The mask was created by a tribe of African shamans, and when worn, it basically turned the user into a God.

Mercer: Yeah. But, at the price and looking like a sentient booger.

Necro: Dammit Mercer!

Mercer: It had to be said.

Necro: True.

Mercer: Anyway, the Mask somehow ended up in the hands of Stanley Ipkiss, and he of course put it on, and then ended up killing a bunch of people, but, yeah. That form of the Mask is known as Big Head, the monstrous killer form, which truly reflects the wearers soul and evil desires.This is a slideshow.

Necro: The Mask has a shit ton of powers, the first of which being his toon force, due to having the powers of a cartoon character, he can survive most anything without a single scratch, such as being shot, stabbed beaten, vaporized, or other stuff like that.

Mercer: The Mask can also warp reality to an unreal level, being able to get any weapon that he can think of with just a snap of his fingers. Hell, he can even alter physics with a snap of his fingers, and what's worse than that, he is aware of the fourth wall, just like Deadpool.

The Mask: Hey ya! I'm here now, just to help you guys out with my bio! Also, who's the sulky red guy out front?

Necro: Dammit! Oh yeah. The Mask can teleport to. And that, my big headed friend is your opponent, Deadpool.

The Mask: Huh. Anyway, I have many other abilities, like Transmutaion, Shapeshifting, Flight and I'm entirely immortal.

Mercer: That's not really true. While the Mask is immortal, he CAN still be killed, that is if you can somehow remove the mask from the users face.

The Mask: Just a technicality.

Necro: Anyway, The Mask is a master of most any weapon that can get his hands on, and he can heal from almost anything at a rather frightening pace.

Mercer: The Mask is very strong, easily being able wipe out city blocks while fighting with General Blaire. Considering the size of the building The Mask pushed down, and then when we see just how many he pushed down, eight to be exact. The buildings were all about two hundred feet tall or so, and they would each weigh thousands of tons each. For a baseline, lets say they were all twenty thousand tons each, this would mean that the Mask pushed over about 160,000 tons of stone and steel and glass. To do a feat like this, The Mask would have to exert a force equivalent to 28.3457686 tons of TNT.

Necro: Damn. Again with you knowing how to do math... It scares me.

Mercer: Good. Anyway, The Mask is quite fast, easily being able to create sonic booms by moving, and even being able to avoid rockets and bullets with ease. Speaking of which, Where is he?

Necro: He has been kind of quite, hasn't he?

Mercer: Who cares? He's gone, which means that we don't have to deal with another 4th wall breaker! Lets wrap this Bio up, fast!

Necro: Right. The Mask is far more durable than he is strong, mainly thanks to his regeneration and invnurability.

Mercer: But, this guy is not perfect. He is very,very insane and while he has a shit ton of powers, they are all linked to his mask, which can be removed...if he lets you take it off of him. Jeez. This guy seems kind of unbeatable, doesn't he?

Necro: As for other weaknesses, The Mask may be powerful, but he has been beaten before, and while he has a shit ton of powers, he tend to just not use them, thanks to his Arrogance and Sadism. Not to menction, he's not all that bright, adn his insanity has lead him to make mistakes before. (But yeah, he does seem kinda unbeatable.)

Daedpool: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Necro: Just go fight...Please?

Deadpool: Okay! Oh, he's gonna need a quote, won't he?

The Mask suddenly appears and smashes Deadpool with a hammer.


The Mask then tosses Deadpool out of the recording booth and into the subspace lobby.


Necro Freezes Time.

Necro: I guess the fighters already ready, so...

Mercer: It's time to unpause a DEATH BATTLE!

Mercer Unfreezes Time

The fourth wall...just flat out sucks.

(Time resumes)

"Well." Deadpool said as he got up off the floor and waited for his broken spine to heal. "So, you must be the Mask. Unluckly for you, I was listening to your Bio! So I know all of your powers!" Deapool said triumphantly.

"Really, can you remember any of them?" The Mask said, as he rushed Deadpool once more with his hammer.

"No...I can't! Damn You Necro and your stupid plot based stupidity!"Deadpool screamed as he shot the Mask in the chest with a handgun.

The Mask was blown back, striking a wall, cracking it and sliding down slowly, then getting back up with his iconic creepy grin on his face.

"Oh, you call that a gun?" The Mask said, summoning a massive rocket launcher.

"Oh shit." Deadpool said, upon see in the RPG.

"THIS is a gun." The Mask said, firing the RPG at Dedapool, who avoided the rocket, but not the explosion, the heat striking him in the back, burning him and his costume, comically launching him forward, while he screamed in ain Mario style, clutching his singed buns as he flew straight into The Mask, knocking both of them to the ground.

Suddenly, they were no longer in the sub space.They were...on a large stain bed?! Deadpool looked up in fear, screaming in terror upon seeing Stanley, who was laying in Rose's Iconic pose from Titanic, with a rose clutched in between his teeth, wearing a very, very loose robe, which left very little to Wade's imagination.

"Oh come on dude!" Deadpool screamed, pulling an assault rifle from no where and shooting the Mask multiple times, tearing holes in Big Head's body as if he were made of wet toilet paper.

Stanley screamed in pain and healed almost instantly, snapping his fingers, with the robe disappearing, it being replaced by his typical iconic yellow suit and hat, topping it all off with a tommy gun in each hand.

"SSSSSSSMMMMMOOOOOOKKKKKKKIIIIIIINNNNNNN!" The Mask exclaimed as he opened fire on Deadpool, who avoided the bullets, quickly drawing his katana's and rushing the Mask, slashing him across the chest, and arms, effectively cutting his arms off, and ripping away massive chunks of flesh from Stanley's chest.

"Yowza!" Big Head exclaimed, regrowing his arms and fixing up his chest and suit with a wink. He quickly turned on Deadpool, punching him in the chest, then following up with a kick to the groin, and then summoning a maracha, and smashing Deadpool in the chest with it, breaking his ribs with ease.

Deadpool screamed in pain, as he was sent flying to the other side of the bed. Wade's wounds healed, and he got up, looking more pissed than anythng else.

"That's it! I'm getting the big guns out now!" Deadpool exclaimed as he reached down into the bed and, pulled out a Pop-Up ad.

The Mask was rather confused, until he saw what the ad was for.

"Play Pokemon now? what the hell does that me- Pikachu, I choose you!" Deadpool inturrupted, smacking the Mask in the face with a deformed yellow mouse.

The Mask and Pikachu glared at eachother as Deadpool pointed at the Mask and screamed, "Pickachu use, Thunder!".

A bolt of electricty struck the Mask, shocking him badly. The Mask yet out a comical scream and quickly drew a rocket launcher, blasting the small Pokemon with it.

Pikachu was vaporized on impact, and Deadpool growled in frustration, and tossed the ad away in disgust.

The Mask quickly grabbed Deadpool by the face and threw him through the bed, and into a portal.

Planet 1993-1994

A portal opened over a strange desert planet, and Deadpool and The Mask were quickly deposited above the dusty ground. Just before they reached the ground, The Mask snapped his fingers, stopping his and Deadpool's fall.

The Mask then calmly stood up and got on the ground, pulled a hammer out of nowhere and smacked Deadpool in the head, undoing his physics manipulation, causing Deadpool to fall remaining three inches to the ground.

"OW!" Deadpool complained, getting up off the ground and dodging The Mask's next strike with ease.

"Stay still!" The Mask said, swinging at Wade once more.

"No way!" The merc with a mouth exclaimed, quickly grabbing a hammer from his satchel, and then smacking the Mask in the face, knocking him over a sand dune.

"Hey, who the heck are you?" A high pitched nasily voice exclaimed.

"I'm The Mask!" Stanley exclaimed, jumping up, punching the source of the voice as hard as he could.

"Oh, really! Your gonna try and mess with Bubsy the Bobcat? I'm gonna turn you into cat litter!" Bubsy exclaimed, leaping at the Mask with his claws drawn, only to be sent flying by a flying karate kick from a certian Gecko.

"Pay attention to your surrundings! Bitch." The large lizard exclaimed, then running after the bobcat, grinning smugly.

"Okay." The Mask said, teleporting back to Deadpool.

"Didjya miss me?" The Mask said, slashing Deadpool across the chest with a chainsaw.

"Dammit!" Deadpool exclaimed, quickly impaling him with a katana, and following up by decapitating The Mask.

(Screen Goes Black)

This did not have the desired effect. The Mask's body simply kicked Wade in the groin, an amazing feat of accuracy for a headless man, and lifted it's head and placed it back on his shoulders.

Deadpool wailed in pain and fell to the sandy ground, clutching his balls. "You fucking jerk!" Deadpool moaned as he tried to stand, quickly drawing a railgun and blasting The Mask, who tried to dodge, and failed, getting hit by the blast, a large section of his body getting vaporized.

"Ouchie!" The Mask exclaimed, as his body began regenerating at an alarming rate. "But, you're gonna have to try harder then that if you want to kill me." He said, as he got up and grabbed Deadpool and tossed him into the air, then teleporting behind him, manifesting a hammer, slamming him into the ground once more, breaking a good deal of Deadpool's bones.

"Could you fucking not?" Deadpool exclaimed, tossing a grenade up at Big Head, who calmly caught the grenade and tossed it into his mouth and swallowed, his body inflating slightly as the grenade went off.

"That's it! I'm Done!" Deadpool exclaimed, pulling a bright purple stone from his pocket, and holding it aloof, they were teleported back to the subspace lobby.

Back To The Subspace

"This is where you just give up and die, Majora's Mistake!" Deadpool exclaimed, summoning a certain shiny sword. "This is Carbinanium. Your healing is really pissing me off, so I got this baby out! This guy ignores healing factors!" Deadpool said as he dragged the sword across the ground, creating sparks as he approached the Mask.

"That sounds exciting! But, it's too bad, because there is just on teensy little thing you forgot about me!" The Mask said, rushing forward, a nuclear missile in hand, the gap between the two closing really fast.

Deadpool reached the Mask first, slashing him across the face with the blade of the carbinanium sword, only for the blade to shatter into a thousand pieces as soon as it stuck Stanley's face. "How?" Deadpool muttered in shock.

"My face is invincible. I, the Mask can not be hurt. That's what you over looked." The Mask said, delivering a swift kick to Deadpool's back, sending him flying forward, then following up by throwing the nuke at him.

Just as the nuke was about to hit Deadpool, he glowed bright purple and disappeared, the nuke hitting the ground, exploding and sending the Mask flying.

The Mask also disappeared in a flash of light, appearing in a new section of the sub space. He was greeted by Deadpool, and many, many different versions of the merc with a mouth.

"Oh my, What a cool trick! To bad I can do it too." The Mask said, then snapping his fingers, producing a puff of green smoke. Multiple soldiers and monsters stepped out of it. But something was strange about the men and monsters. They all had the Mask on their face.

"It's on! Fellow pools, we have to take him out! Now, let's get him!" Deadpool yelled, then charging towards the Mask, soon too be followed by his alternate versions.

The Mask's army rushed at Deadpool's and the original Deadpool and Mask lept at each other again, a pair of katana's in Deadpool's hands, and a mace in the Mask's. Upon reaching each other, Deadpool, sliced the Mask's leg off, who retaliated by smashing his mace in to Wade's kneecap, breaking it with ease.

Both fighters fell to the ground, screaming in pain, that is until their wounds healed up, and they then got back up and prepared to fight once more. The Mask rushed Wilson, who preformed a low sweeping kick, knocking him to the ground, spread eagled. Deadpool saw his chance for revenge, quickly slamming his foot into the Mask's groin. This attack seemed to actually hurt Stanley, who screamed in agony, only to be silenced with a swift kick to the gut.

While all of this was going down, the armies of Deadpool and Mask were fighting.

Ladypool and Kidpool slashed Dino Mask and Solider Mask, but to no avail. Dino Mask slapped Lady and Kidpool away, then beginning to brawl with Pandapool.

As the army's continued fighting, the main versions of Deadpool and The Mask continued to fight, slashing and stabbing each other, and then instantly healing, placing them at a stand still.

Suddenly, Deadpool kicked Big Head away and held the purple stone up once more, teleporting him and The Mask back to the sub space lobby for one final bout.


Deadpool raised the continuity stone once more, the familer purple light covering himself, and the Mask. Mask quickly drew a shotgun and blasted Deadpool's hand off, sending the stone flying.

"That little trick won't work anymore!" The Mask said,his grin widening.

"Shit! At least I already got what I need!" Deadpool thought, grabbing at his belt.

"What the hell are you doing?" Stanley said, teleporting over to Deadpool, and stabbing him in the chest with a bowling pin, then following up by dropping a bowling ball on Deadpool's foot, breaking it, which caused Deadpool to scream in pain, falling to the ground, spurting blood from his wounds.

"Heh heh... I've won!" Deadpool said, grabbing a hold of The Mask's legs and pouring a strange liquid over his shins.

"What the hell is tha-owie!" The Mask exclaimed, as the liquid burnt his feet and shins, eating through them entierly. The Mask fell to the ground, wondering what Deadpool had used on him. "What was that?" Big Head asked, wondering where he could get a hold of some of that stuff. "That, my firend, was universal acid. It can and will kill anything, even immortals!" Deadpool exclaimed, before standing up on his new legs, having regenerated and removed the bowling pin from his chest. "And THIS is good night." He said, as he poured the small vial onto The Mask.

But the Mask only grinned, as he snapped his fingers, and the acid's fall reversed, splashing all over Deadpool's face, chest and legs, making the Merc scream in agony as he began to melt!

"How? How did that even happen!?" Deadpool screamed, as his flesh began to char, and this time, he was not healing.

"It's quite simple. Have you ever played Uno, Deadpool?" The Mask asked, as he pulled out a chain saw and scliced his legs off at the hip, allowing them to regrow, and then standing up, he took a step back from Deadpool, so as not to get any acid on him.

"Yeah, but how does this matter you...You crazy booger!?" Deadpool screamed, as he truly began to die...

"Think of this power as a reverse Uno, of sorts. I can manipulate physics, which means up is down and down is up! Isn't that great?!" The mask said, his grin becoming wider, and one of his eyes looked as though it was going to shoot from it's socket.

"Not particularly, no." Deadpool said, as the acid reached his vocal cords, melting them, and making him unable to talk.

"This has been fun, but... I have a show to win! This has truley been a barrel of laughs!" The Mask said, as he pulled a barrel out of nowhere and set it down next to Wade, who just noticed the fuse on the end of the barrel, just as his eyes melted, leaving him blind. with no lungs of vocal cords left to scream with, Deadpool screamed in his thoughts, hoping for someone to help him, some how. But no help came.

The Mask turned away, and transformed into a tornado, moving away from the barrel as fast a possible. The barrel, which was really a barrel of TNT exploded, obliterating Deadpool entirely, ending his sandess and misery instantly, as well as creating a hole in subspace.

When The Mask stopped moving, he grinned and grabbed ahold of the camera and smiled even wider than ever, as he held up the continuity stone, then dissapearing in a puff of smoke, leaving these words for you, the reader to here.




Mercer: Holy shit! It's over. Hey, Necro, how many fourth wall breakers have we killed now?

Necro: I think this makes two.

The Mask: I know, right?!

Mercer: Ah, shit! That's right, your still alive.

Necro: Ignore him. Anyway, so, when we first made this crazy match-up, we thought Deadpool had this one, easily.

Mercer: But, upon looking into this, we saw, That Deapool was just utterly outclassed.

Necro: Yeah. First, let's look at strength.

Mercer: Deadpool comes in at about 3 tons of TNT, if we high ball him. And as for Mask? We get 29 tons of TNT, which is about nine times stronger than Deadpool.

Necro: Yeah, so Deadpool, was not gonna out muscle Ipkiss anytime soon.

Mercer: Duribility was a similar story, and Neither really held an edge over each other in regeneration.

Necro: Let's talk speed. Deadpool had a far,far faster reaction speed, but was out classed in combat and movement speed. But, how could The Mask keep up with Deadpool's reactions? Well, it's quite simple. Teleportation. This would mean that The Mask could in fact keep up with this Merc, as he has had a rough time with foes who can teleport before.

Mercer: And now, we cover the elephant in the room. The Continuity Stone. How could Stanley get around it?

Necro: Well, it's quite simple, actually. The Mask posseces the same powers that the Continuity Stone had, and he did them better.

Mercer: Yeah. The Continuity Stone was really just glorifed hammer space, as altering the universe's canon would do nothing to The Mask, like at all.

Necro: But, Deadpool did have a way to kill Big Head. And that would be the universal acid.

Mercer: But, Mask's Hax such as physics manipulation, would easily allow him to get around it. This means, that if Deadpool tried to pour it on Mask, that he could easily reverse it, and douse Deadpool with it instead.

Necro: Deadpool was smarter than the Mask, and he was a better fighter, but none of that mattred, as they did not really give Deadpool any kind of edge.

Mercer: And The Mask's invunerability is the final nail in Deadpool's coffin, and no, not even the carbinanium sword would change anything, as while he could decapitate the Mask, it would not kill him, due to the Mask not being destroyed. (Not that Wade had a way to destroy it anyway)

Necro: And, The mask was far more experienced, due to being way older than Deadpool. So, In the end, Deadpool was a formidable fighter, But The Mask's Strength, Durability, Experience, Powers and flat out Immortality gave The Mask this win.

Mercer: It was MARVELous that Wade wasn't DEAD from the start.


Necro: The Winner is the Mask!

Mask: That's Me!

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