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Darth Vader vs Agent Smith is an upcoming episode of kazamamishima what-if? then was adopted by your boi BuLLMOOsEdang


Star Wars vs The Matrix! Two ruthless villains who become an internet meme finally clashed against each other!


Boomstick: Every villains had infamous quote, speech, moments and everything! But, what about those things suddenly become an internet meme? Like Darth Vader, the dark lord of the Sith!

Wiz: And Agent Smith, the most powerful Matrix Agents program

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle!!

Darth Vader[]



Wiz: Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, there is a child who lived in Tatooine with his mother...

Boomstick: Who doesn't even need a introduction here because everyone is already who the hell is this boy.

Wiz: Fair enough.

Boomstick: Considering that he is an iconic character of Star Wars verse, and everyone knows his background. Even a newbie Star Wars know who the hell is Anakin Skywalker.

Wiz: Again, that's fair enough since we only use that against several iconic characters who was too much popular in pop culture. Still, we would like to explain the rest of it.

Boomstick: Especially The Force.

Wiz: In Star Wars Universe, The Force was an energy field that connected all living things in the galaxy. and those who possessed the power of The Force will gain an incredible Power through the Midi-Chlorian.

Boomstick: And what's that midi... er. midi thing?

Wiz: Midi-Chlorian is the original foundation of live in Star Wars Universe. and without that, life cannot be exist and everyone would not known about the force.

Boomstick: By the looks of it. It looks like a parasite. 

Wiz: Not quite, the Midi-Chlorian is in fact a sentient microscopic being that lived inside every life form.

Boomstick: And anyway, Vader has mastered many kind of The Force Power. Including Telekinesis, Force Barrier, Force Scream, and of course, the famous Force Choke.

Wiz: Then again, he also wielded Lightsaber. His Lightsaber can even cut through basically not anything and everything, but most of it. Don't forget, he also wear the Dark Armor, a mechanical armor who was used by Vader itself a life support. It also contain ultraviolet and infrared vision which he can used it anytime and anyplace. 

Boomstick: Darth Vader is considered one of the most powerful Sith Lord all the time. Not to mention, his power was stated to be more powerful than most of Jedi Master including Obi-Wan itself, and it is not a bluffing or even hyperbole since he slaughter any Jedi Order members, including the younglings, he was even par against Obi-Wan in their duel at Mustafar which he lost painfully but won the rematch in episode IV.

Wiz: He is also fast enough without anyone even realize what's going on, moved a starship with Telekinesis, beat Han Solo in a quick draw and withstood the force Lightning attack. 

Boomstick: Vader was also capable of Matching Obi-Wan skill as we speak earlier, has fought both Gallen Marek, and eventually his own son, Luke. 

Wiz: He was actually fast enough to not be detected by around lightspeed reactions which mean he is in the ranges of light speed possibly more.

Boomstick: And has defeated Darth Sidous the "Strongest" Sith Lord.

Wiz: He is also known to increase his speed and strength using rage.

Boomstick: But of course if you damage his armor to much his life support will fail.

Wiz: in the end, Vader ultimately sacrifice his own life to save his own son. even in his death, he is still one of the most iconic character in Star Wars Universe.

Boomstick: He is truly a Lord of Darkness.

Agent Smith[]



Wiz: Virtual Reality, always a dream of man but it seems to always have a consequence

Boomstick: And in this instant the consequence is the entire universe becoming one person

Wiz: Agent Smith, an agent of the not so dark

Boomstick: He carries around Desert Eagle .50 AE, A very, very powerful gun. It is very customization with a comfortable grip, and since it is comfortable it offers good precision for it's.......

Wiz: Anyways, he is very skilled 

Boomstick: Not only having probably what would be every type of martial arts known, including my personal favorite Chun Kuk Do, He is very proficient and did beat Morpheus in a fist fight

Wiz: He is also very fast fast enough to react and effectively dodge the bullet without breaking a sweat

Boomstick: He has also been known to take any bluepill body he pleases

Wiz: Which is what made him almost immortal to begin with 

Boomstick: But then Neo came along. He became the one and Agent Smith mad. So of course Agent Smith went to attack Neo and failed majorly

(Okay I know that technically Smith is the One but canon story wise Neo is the One)

Wiz: He became so mad that he had one objective, and only one. Eliminate Neo, so he became "Unplugged" and went rogue under the name of just "Smith". And that change did bring about some new powers. He became a walking virus. With a simple jab he would convert whoever he touched into a Smith

Boomstick: But things got worse, he infected The Oracle herself, which gave him powers equivalent to that of the One and it gave him new abilities like being able to now fly

Wiz: And he can also absorb strucutres and metallic items together to become MegaSmith, a giant boss like creature thing

Boomstick: Although he isn't perfect eventually being tricked by a Trojan Horse program by Neo leading to his doom

Wiz: And who knows if a virus is ever truly gone?

Boomstick: That was terrrible 

Wiz: Really? I thought that was pretty good

Boomstick: No

Wiz: Oh

Boomstick: Who knows if a virus is ever truly gone?




Death Battle[]

Untitled presentation (5) (1)

Darth Vader is found choking some random Russian guy in an abandoned warehouse

Darth Vader: "Where is it"

Russian: "I don't know"

Darth Vader: "Useless"

Vader slices him down straight down the middle making two nice little halves

???: "I'm afraid it is not here."

Darth Vader: "I am aware of your presence, show yourself"

???: "Are you talking to me"

????: "Or me"

?????: "Or me?"

??????: "Or possibly me?"

Darth Vader: "....."

???: "It's Smith, Agent Smith"

Darth Vader: "Names mean nothing to me"

Agent Smith: "Precisely"

All four Agent Smiths charge at Darth Vader

Tighten VS Jasper FIGHT

Darth Vader force pushes the Agent Smith in front of him far back then turns around slicing the head off of the one behind him

The two remaining Agent Smiths grab a hold of Vader while the third one gets up and sprints right at Vader

Vader uses the force to spin around his lightsaber and chop the Smith on his right straight in half and then impales the one on his left. Vader then throws the saber right at the final Agent Smith

Time seems to stop were as in reality Agent Smith reacts to the throw and dodges with a side step with ease and punches Vader straight in the chest causing Vader to fly through the air 

Vader does an epic backflip and lands on his feet 

Agent Smith: "Why, why do you keep fighting. Why, why, why. There is no way to win this."

Vader force chokes Agent Smith and lifts him into the air.

Darth Vader: "Do not underestimate my power."

The neck makes a snap noise then Agent Smith goes limp

Darth Vader: "Pathetic."

Agent Smith: "You can't get rid of us that easily."


7 more Agent Smith's appear from around the corner all sprinting at Vader

Vader throws his lightsaber impaling three of them like a kabob 

He then jumps in the middle of all four of them 

Smith 1: "We"

Smith 2: "Will"

Smith 3: "Kill"

Smith 4: "You"

All four hyper jump at Vader  

Vader throws his lightsaber at one and force chokes another bringing a Smith closer

One of the Smith's dodges the saber and Vader boomerangs the saber and executes the Smith in the air. Vader turns around to see three Smith's charging at him. Vader swings his saber round and round, the light feeling of the saber spins round and round, he meets with three fist from each forward and the sides making him stagger but he quickly recovers and starts blocking punches with his saber. It spins round and as punches come left and right, each one that almost hits he blocks just in time. Vader grows a little impatient

Through a coordinated attack all three Smith's hit Vader and make him step back

Vader force pushes all three back and stops them in mid air, crushes them together into a ball and sends them through the concrete wall 

Smith's: "We are not done here." These words echoes of many voices 

Twenty Agent Smith's come through doors

Vader dash's at the forming group of Smith's, he grabs the closest Smith from around the neck and charges at them impaling a couple of them, Vader then force pushes the Smith in his hand knocking back a couple other Smith's

Standing in the middle you hear Vader's breath, it's slightly heavier. Thirteen Agent Smith's stand around Vader and nothing happens. Everything is still until  one of the Smith's shifts and everything descends into chaos. Vader's saber is spinning  around his body deflecting attacks that come at him. Vader gets faster and faster seeming to have an energy field of red around him. As Vader gets faster so do the Smith's

Slowly but surely the Agents Start to fall down, Thirteen goes to ten, ten goes to six then six to four. 

Vader: "You are tempting my patience."

Smith 1: "I have all the time in the world."

Vader force chokes one of the Smith's and breaks yet another neck. The three remaining Smith's hit Vader square on the back causing him to be sent straight through the wall and hurdling into a diner and crashing some tables and chairs. Chair legs, forks, knives and glass cups rise into the air, they turn forward and at tremendous speeds they pierce through the air impaling anything in their path. The Smith's dodge most projectiles except for a chair leg, which hits one in the rib causing him to stammer backwards and regain momentum  but shortly after he gets up he is met with a knife in between the eyes.

Another big wave of the force is felt and it sends everything flying backwards and crashing into the wall. One Smith throws a chair whilst the other throws a table. Vader slices both with ease. The Smith's escape out a window with Vader following right behind.


Next time[]

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