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Darkseid vs. Thanos
Season 2, Episode 10 (Season Finale)
Vital statistics
Air date June 18, 2015
Written by Ahomeschoolingroudon
Directed by Ahomeschoolingroudon
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Darkseid vs. Thanos is a What-If? episode of Death Battle, featuring Darkseid from DC Comics and Thanos from Marvel Comics.


The two most infamous galactic overlords fight in the cosmic war between DC and Marvel, it's Thanos vs Darkseid!


Boomstick: Whether you think about it or not, there's always this maniacal evil guy that wants nothing more than to bring the universe to its knees. In this case, you have these two monsters who are ready to duke it out.

Wiz: Like Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips.

Boomstick: And Thanos, the Mad Titan.

Wiz: I'm Wiz and he's Boomstick and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


Wiz: Apokolips, a planet spawned by the destruction of Urgrund. But lying in this planet is the dark ruler. Who runs this planet with an iron fist. Darkseid

Boomstick: When the Old Gods fell in Ragnarok the New Gods filled the void. However, Uxas ended up killing his mother Heggra to wrest control of Apokolips from her after his father got trapped on the Source Wall. What a Dick.

Wiz: Then he’d kill his brother to gain the Omega Effect for himself. Without regret or remorse he took up the god name Darkseid.

Boomstick: As such he gained multiple abilities throughout this process, he gained the strength to lift more than 1000 tons, speed allowing him to think, react and move faster than a well rounded Olympic Athlete and he has inexhaustible stamina

Wiz: He also has immense invulnerability and immortal, Darkseid is extremely resistant to most forms of physical and mental harm. Bullets bounce off him and rockets, bombs and lasers won’t leave a mark on him

Boomstick: Not even somebody like Lobo or The Justice League is able to hurt Darkseid. However great powerhouses like Superman can be to harm him, Darkseid in his ultimate form the soul fire is able to defeat powerful beings like Mordru, Anti Monitor, Time Trapper, and even an omnipotent being ( the Source)

Wiz: Darkseid however is fueled by the Omega Effect, a force of entropy from the destructive side of the Source and use it in a plethora of ways. He can use it for Telepathy, Mind Control, Telekinesis, Matter Manipulation

Boomstick: Or when shit gets real, he can bust out the Omega Beams, Darkseid’s most destructive use of the Omega Effect! He can fire a beam right from his eyes and able to track down the opponent as Darkseid can make it travel in a straight line, curve, bend or twist around corners, Darkseid's omega beams destroyed a planet, They’ll find you alright.

Wiz: He can also teleport, increase his size and for more deadly attacks he can use the Omega Sanction which is like a living hell, it traps the foe in a series of alternate realities each worse than the last, he also can create avatars to help him attack. Darkseid is a super genius and military strategist and has a healing factor, Darkseid also utilizes the mother box, it is basically a super computer which allows you to teleport, absorb powerful blasts, energy manipulation, Create energy blasts, and force fields. *Darkseid cannot be warped out of reality* .

Boomstick: Or the Agony Matrix which..well I’ll let him describe

Darkseid: Imagine the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your life, times 1000. Now imagine that pain continuing forever.

Wiz: However he can also bring in The Anti-Life Equation. Which is a simple formula of loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding × guilt × shame × failure × judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

Boomstick: My head hurts.

Wiz: Darkseid can insert this equation into the heads of his foes, giving the feeling that life is..pretty much pointless.

Boomstick: I think we’d need an anti-depressant for that one

Wiz: Uh, oh whatever. Darkseid has broken a Green Lantern ring with his bare hands, destroyed an entire space station single-handedly and straight up bitch-slapped Superman!

Boomstick: Forget about the Man of Steel Darkseid’s got the Balls of Steel to bitch-slap one of the most powerful characters in fiction and Darkseid has defeated even more character!

Wiz: However, Darkseid does have some faults. His Omega Beams have been ineffective by Wonder Woman’s bracelets, he’s vulnerable to Radion and he’s, pretty obsessive

Boomstick: He also requires large amounts of willpower to pull of his abilities, why I don’t know but you’ll be cowering in fear if you see this guy near you,

Darkseid: I hope you appreciate Kal-El that everything that happens from this point is on your hands. The skies will rain fire, the oceans will boil, the streets will run red with the blood of billions. Only then after your last pitiful hope is extinguished will I end your life. Let’s go!


Wiz: Eternals. An evolutionary offshoot of humanity possessing greaterp owers and longer lifespans than your average Joe. But there’s one Eternal that’s more unique and powerful than all of them, The Mad Titan Thanos

Boomstick: Born to the Eternals Mentor and Sui-San Thanos was subject to the Deviant gene at birth. As a result Thanos became a mutant. Like a Teenage Mutant Ninj-

Wiz: No! Not ninja turtles! What made you think he was a ninja turtle anyway?

Boomstick: ...I dunno...

Wiz: He ended up gaining physical abilties far surpassing that of other Titans. This augmented the powers he inherently possessed as a descendent. Thanos was feared and shunned by his fellow Titans.

Boomstick: Rightfully so! He eventually met one fateful day where he’d find companionship with the female embodiment of Mistress Death. With this he decided to win over Death the only way he knew how

Thanos: Together we can appreciate the truest expression of my love. Annihilation of everything that is.

Boomstick: That’s one way to do it.

Wiz: As such he assaulted Titan, as now he only cared about winning over Death. During this time he conquered many worlds. And spent his entire time trying to win over Lady Death.

Boomstick: To do this he has Superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, durability and agility. He’s able to endure extreme heat, cold, radiation and poisons. Even tank hits from powerhouses like Odin, Thor & Drax.

Wiz: His mind is immune to psychic attacks and has proven to be even more powerful than Moondragon. He can project psionic blasts and read the minds of various individuals.

Boomstick: He’s been able to mind control Hulk and lobotomize the Fallen One with ease.

Wiz: He can also blast Plasma or Cosmic Energy for destructive force. As well as manipulate matter entirely.

Boomstick: But his best ability is the item, The Infinity Gauntlet. A weird, glove thing with 6 different gems. Time Gem stops time like Dio Brando. Time travel and slow down or speed up time

Wiz: Space Gem manipulates space, dimensions, creation of wormholes, etc. Soul Gem manipulates well..souls. Reality Gem allows the wielder to Reality Warp, Power Gem controls all of the power in the universe and Mind Gem allows for unlimited manipulation of psionic powers.

Boomstick: Yeah. That’s 6 reasons why you should stay away from The Mad Titan. Otherwise he’ll be one step closer to the heart of Death

Thanos: My darling, success is just a heartbeat away. Soon the chains to bind the great Galactus will be yours to lock into place...

Death Battle

A wrecked Metropolis is shown


The city continues to get destroyed as boom tubes surround. The alien god Darkseid was taking out the city. And killing everybody he saw his eyes on alongside his parademons

Darkseid: Parademons, dispose of these annoyances..

The parademons ran from Darkseid and began killing innocent civilians. But Darkseid noticed something..Thanos was killing innocent the same city.

Darkseid: Lay off, this is my place to kill

Thanos: Nice try, but I’m winning over Lady Death my way.

Darkseid: You wouldn’t win her over even with your best might.

Thanos: Let me show you how wrong you really are

Thanos got into a fighting stance while Darkseid just scoffed

Darkseid: A person like you wants to challenge a god? You may want to wish your life goodbye. Because this will be your final moments.


Darkseid slowly walked up to Thanos and kicked him right in the chest but Thanos retaliated and punched him in the face. Both clashed heads at each other but Darkseid got knocked back

Thanos: So, this is you saying you're a god? If you’re a god, what should I be?

Darkseid: An insect.

Darkseid got up and bitch slapped Thanos right in the face. Thanos however bitch slapped Darkseid right back. Both rapidly slapped each other but Darkseid grabbed Thanos by the throat

Darkseid: You should’ve fled when you had the chance

Thanos however teleported both him and Darkseid on top of the Daily Planet.

Darkseid: What?


Thanos kicked Darkseid in the groin and shot a small energy beam at him but Darkseid shot his own beam back.

Darkseid: You impress me, only slightly

Thanos: Too bad you haven’t impressed me

Darkseid: Allow me to fix that

Darkseid picked up the Daily Planet statue and slammed it onto Thanos and rams it through the Daily Planet building, the entire building explodes when Darkseid rams it through killing everybody but Darkseid and Thanos in the building.

Thanos: Damn.

Darkseid: I thought so.

Darkseid grabbed his kryptonite knife and stabbed Thanos. Thanos only shrugged it off and uppercutted Darkseid back. Darkseid picked up some of the debris and launched it at Thanos

Thanos: Is that all?

Darkseid: ...

Darkseid took a step back as his eyes began to glow

Darkseid: Flee..

Darkseid fired his Omega Beam. Thanos however teleported and managed to avoid it as it collided to another piece of debris

Darkseid: Hmph. Impressive, no mortal has managed to avoid my omega beam. But, I wager I can still break you.

Darkseid began attacking Thanos mentally, attempting mind control however Thanos broke free and rushed at Darkseid while he was vulnerable. And kicked him right in the chest

Darkseid: Hmph..mortal....

Darkseid unleashed the Agony Matrix at Thanos causing him to fall to the ground in pain

Darkseid: I knew even a man like you could fall to my Agony Matrix. Imagine the worst pain you’ve ever felt. And have that continue on and on. Increasing the amount of pain. Thing don’t have to imagine.


Thanos however...surprisingly got up. 

Darkseid: Still alive!?

Thanos: Of course, I’m the Mad Titan! And I’ll make sure your death will be slow..

Thanos fired plasma out of his hands but Darkseid fired omega energy back out of his eyes back. Countering each other.

Thanos: You’re pretty good..

Darkseid’s eyes began glowing and the entire debris filled area blew up to smithereens. Launching Thanos into the air, but Thanos teleported behind Darkseid and fired plasma at his back. Knocking him down

Thanos: Is that all you have?

Thanos stepped on Darkseid

Thanos: Then I’ve bested you. Time for your demise..

Thanos reached for Darkseid’s neck but Darkseid teleported and began growing in size.

Thanos: Ugh.. 

Darkseid slammed Thanos into a building and Darkseid picked it up and rapidly whacked Thanos with it. However Thanos wasn’t done.


Thanos fired a giant plasma beam at the building destroying it. Thanos teleported behind Darkseid and jumped on his back. However Darkseid grabbed him and tossed him into the ground

Thanos: This guy’s good..but he’ll soon meet his fate. Along with the rest of the earth.

Thanos grabbed Darkseid by the leg and tried to burn him with plasma but Darkseid kicked him.

Darkseid: I hope you appreciate that you’ve been can’t even defend yourself against me any longer. Soon you’ll see death herself.

Darkseid swung his leg down but Thanos fired plasma as he swung. Knocking Darkseid to the ground

Thanos: As if, I’m seeing her when the earth including you has been destroyed.

Darkseid switched back to his regular form and fired a giant omega beam. Launching Thanos away, Darkseid teleported to him and swung his arms down.

Thanos: I hate you..I think it’ll be time I seal your doom.

Darkseid: As’ve already fallen before my might.

Darkseid walked up to him

Darkseid: But there’s still some part of me that knows mercy.

Darkseid used Omega Sanction and began trapping Thanos in painful alternate realities....Thanos however came prepared. He got ready and pulled out the Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos: With this..I will end him..


Thanos got back to the reality Darkseid was in.

Thanos: Now..that I have the Infinity Gauntlet...I will end you.

Darkseid: You’re gonna kill me with that? Insanity. I’ve tried that out’s dead you here my insect. Dead.

Thanos proved him wrong however and two stone pillars emerged from the ground and slammed at him

Thanos: You must not know the power it has..

Darkseid picked up the pillars and crushed them.

Thanos: I’m not done yet

Thanos began ambushing Darkseid with energy blasts and blasted him up into space.

Darkseid: I need to counter his..infinity gauntlet..

Thanos flew up into space and fired another huge blast of energy knocking Darkseid onto the moon

Thanos: You can’t counter the Infinity Gauntlet. Nothing else can match up to it.

Darkseid however pulled out the Anti-Life Equation and used it.

Darkseid: I will end this now.


Darkseid and Thanos jumped at each other and fired Omega Energy and Plasma at each other. Thanos however fired a massive energy wave destroying the moon

Thanos: I have bested you in every way possible mortal. If you really think you can stand against the titan make your move, otherwise you can get lost.

Darkseid: No. I’m not done with you. I’ll make sure that I end your life, slowly, painfully.

Darkseid was floating through space and got ready for more combat.

Thanos: You still try to fight? Can’t you see that it’s hopeless?


Darkseid: I shall prove that the entire universe shall bow down to me. And me alone. Never with somebody like you. You are merely a man. And a god..

Darkseid rushed at Thanos and fired a Omega Beam right at his face but Thanos managed to resist and suddenly, Darkseid couldn’t move. He was being held still by telekinesis.

Darkseid: W-what!?

Thanos: I shall best you. The only way..I know how!

Thanos suddenly stopped time. And teleported away. He resumed it and Darkseid felt..different..he was being erased from existence entirely by The Infinity Gauntlet’s Reality Gem. Then, he vanquished from existence entirely.

Thanos: He’s last thing to do..

Thanos used The Infinity Gauntlet to destroy Apokolips. Thanos then laughed


Thanos went back to earth and began destroying it with The Infinity Gauntlet


Boomstick: Holy shit that was awesome..

Wiz: While Darkseid may be a very tough fighter he couldn’t compete with the likes of the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Boomstick: While Darkseid is strong The Infinity Gauntlet is able to sink the west coast of the US and Japan with only 2% of it’s power. Once The Infinity Gauntlet used 100% of it’s power Darkseid was a goner

Wiz: And The Infinity Gauntlet can’t even destroy itself, so there’s no way Darkseid would be able to destroy it

Boomstick: Also, Thanos is immune to psychic attacks so The Anti-Life Equation’s formula would be meaningless.

Wiz: Lastly while Darkseid is penetrated by attacks of Superman. Thanos can brush off attacks from the likes of Odin. Even if the Darkseid could tank hits from the Power Gem. Thanos had 5 other ways to kill Darkseid. Leaving this victory pretty straight forward

Boomstick: Darkseid could’ve won, but instead he faded away

Wiz: The winner is Thanos


Marvel VS DC! These two bulky powerful alien dictators with god-like power clash in a battle of epic proportions. Who will win? Who will die?


Wiz: Dicators. Evil tyrants with unimaginable power and ability.

Boomstick: And these two hefty, insane, alien dictators aim to topple the universe with their insane power! Like Darkseid, wielder of the Omega Effect and Ruler of Apokolips.

Wiz: And Thanos, the Mad Titan and lover of Mistress Death.

Boomstick: Also, to make the battle more interesting, we will be giving Darkseid and Thanos their most powerful power-ups and equipment with the exception of the Heart of the Universe for Thanos since it basically makes him Omnipotent. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to anaylse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!


Wiz: Long ago when the legendary Old Gods died, two planets were formed from the remains of one of their former planets. One was New Genesis, a peaceful and lush world and the other was Apokolips, a hellish industrial world.

Boomstick: Uxas was born to the royal family of Apokolips, but was never destined to inherit the throne and the powers that came with it. Since his dad was frozen in the Source Wall, Uxas killed his brother Drax and his mother Queen Hegra, what a nice guy!

Wiz: While doing this, he entered the Omega Chamber where his brother would gain the rights of a New God but once he was dead, Uxas entered the chamber becoming much stronger and gaining the Omega Effect and took the name, Darkseid!

Boomstick: Darkseid launched a war on New Genesis but soon turned his attention elsewhere to Earth but was continually stopped by Superman and the Justice League. I guess that's what you get when your name is named after the thing Sith Lords use!

Wiz: Eventually though, Darkseid was killed by his own son Orion who brought his father’s evil reign to an end though Darkseid would eventually return to continue carrying out his evil deeds.

Boomstick: Darkseid is strong enough to knockdown a Mother Box enhanced Batman like he was nothing, physically overpower the likes of Superboy and Superman, hold open a hole between Dimensions, defeat legions of superheroes simultaneously, and hold his own against a multiverse-empowered Green Lantern.

Wiz: He’s also fast enough to catch the likes of Superman and the Flash off-guard, can move at immeasurable speeds and is able to process information and react to events within a microsecond.

Boomstick: His durability is also really fucking OP as he’s been unharmed from the combined attacks of Supergirl and Superboy, taken hits from Superman on a regular basis, was unfazed by a combined attack from the Justice League and was only knocked out from a combined attack from the Green from all over the Multiverse.

Wiz: Additionally, it is stated that Darkseid can never truly die unless he allows himself to, and even when his son, Orion did manage to supposedly “kill” him he just revived himself.

Boomstick: To get onto his wider range of abilities, he can fire powerful energy blasts that are powerful enough to knock back the likes of Orion and Superman, create living beings to serve his will and can manipulate matter and transmute elements to the point where he can destroy humans with a mere thought, degrade and de-evolve living organisms, and disperse the molecules of his opponents in order to erase them from existence.

Wiz: He can also change his size at will, mess around with his opponents’ souls, drain the power of mystical beings and teleport himself and other beings or objects anyway in the universe to the point where he can teleport entire planets with just his mind.

Boomstick: There’s also his telepathic abilities which are also RIDICULOUSLY powerful. Hell, he’s been able to mind control both Superman and Martian Manhunter at once, forced Supergirl to experience unending pain until he was distracted, and was able to mind control billions of Daxamites simultaneously.

Wiz: He can also travel through time at will, send others travelling through time and has cosmic awareness, but his most iconic ablity of all is his Omega Beams..

Boomstick: Which are obviously a rip-off of Superman’s heat vision but a WAY cooler one though!

Wiz: Right, not only can these beams injure opponents but they can also disintegrate them, teleport them, send them travelling through time, transmute them into objects and bring them back from the dead. They can lock onto targets like homing missles and travel around several objects in order to hit said targets. Darkseid can also make them invisible if he desires to in order to catch his foes off-guard. The beams are so powerful that they’ve even been able to damage cosmic beings such as the Spectre and the Anti-Monitor.

Boomstick: He can additionally use the Omega Sanction on his opponents which traps them in an infinite number of realities where they are continually being born, growing up and dying at an accelerated rate. It’s also extremely difficult for people to escape from unless Darkseid wills it. Damn, this Omega Sanction thing sounds worse then me being forced to hang out with my ex-wife!

Wiz: There’s also the Agony Matrix which essentially forces the opponent to re-live the most painful experience in their life with 1000 times more pain forever, and the Anti-Life Equation which represents the dark part of The Source. The equation is as follows: loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding × guilt × shame × failure × judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side. Even when using only a fraction of the equation makes the user powerful enough to warp reality and using the full equation enabled Darkseid to force his will upon every human, Superhero and Supervillian on Earth.

Boomstick: Wait, so I can basically force my will onto the entire planet with a simple equation?! I really need to start getting my head around this whole math thing again.

Wiz: Also, the Darkseid that interacts with the DC Universe most often a avatar of the ‘True Darkseid’. If a foe is particularly powerful he can fight his opponents in this form which usually resides in another plane of existence and if Darkseid attempts to enter the Multiverse in this form it will be torn to shreds. He can also create singularities to swallow the Multiverse and transform it into a reality where only he exists if he needs to. In this form he was able to win a war in Heaven and is powerful enough to be considered a threat by the Monitors who are the Guardians of the Multiverse.

Boomstick: However, his big trump card is the Soulfire Matrix, a power-up that was meant to give Darkseid the power of the Anti-Life Entity and is fuelled by the souls of dead New Gods. It greatly increases Darkseid’s power to the point where he was able to defeat the physical embodiment of the Source which is essentially the source of all existence in the DC Multiverse so he is basically Nigh-Omnipotent in this form.

Wiz: Darkseid is extremely intelligent and has set in plans in motion thousands of years in advance. He was able to split the Olympian Gods apart so that he could conquer them more easily, force the Guardians of the Universe to surrender in a war between him and the Green Lantern Corps, developed a device capable of reading every kind on Earth and was able outplay the Source which is essentially Omniscient. He’s also evil to the core and is cold, calculating and manipulative and is willing to let resistance build up just so he can crush all their hope. He has incredible willpower and is able to rule over planets with his mere will and determination.

Boomstick: Darkseid has defeated the Justice League numerous times, conquered the likes of Earth-2 and Earth-3, captured the Olympian Panthoen, defeated the Guardians of the Universe in a war against them, has captured and taken over the Black Racer, an aspect of death itself, has betean the Source and is an integral part of the Universe that is untouchable by the Spectre who is Nigh-Omnipotent.

Wiz: However, despite all his power Darkseid does have his faults, he is vulnerable to a substance called Radion, can lose some of his power if he is ever disconnected from the Omega Effect and is destined to be killed by his son, Orion.

Boomstick: He’s also had some REALLY embrassing moments in the comics, like when he worked as a Macdonalds employee, was robbed and betean up by ordinary thugs or the time he tripped and fell flat on his face in front of all his minions.

Wiz: But, with his sheer willpower, intelligence and his vast array of abilities Darkseid has definitely earned his reputation as one of the greatest threats to the DC Universe!

Darkseid: I hope you appreciate Kal-El that everything that happens from this point is on your hand. The skies will rain fire, the oceans will boil, the streets will run red with the blood of billions. Only then, after your last pitiful hope is extinguished, will I end your life.


Wiz: Thanos was born to his parents, Mentor, and Sui-San on the Moon of Titan and was part of technologically-advanced race known as the Eternals.

Boomstick: Too bad he was born with this weird gene which made him look like the Purple Guy from Five Nights at Freddy’s that caused his mother to try and kill him at birth. God, don’t make me remember those jump-scares!

Wiz: However, despite his strange appearance, Thanos was quite an intelligent child and dreamed of becoming a scientist, but signs of his true nature slowly began to emerge when a mysterious girl appeared to Thanos and told him to kill the creatures which had previously killed his friends. He then began to kill his fellow Eternals in order to find an answer for his strange genetic makeup which impressed the girl immensely.

Boomstick: What the hell?! What kind of girl would be impressed by murder?!

Wiz: Well, turns out this girl was actually the physical manifestation of Death itself so murdering was kind of her thing.

Boomstick: Thanos would eventually discover this and tried to romance Death, but she rejected his advances. He then decided that to impress her he would have to go on a massive murder-spree and went about ravaging his Homeworld and other planets in order to do so, acts which would eventually bring him into contact with the heroes of Earth.

Wiz: Thanos conducted experiments on himself and managed to gain a vast array of different abilities. He is strong enough to one-shot The Thing and War Machine, smack Thor aside, send the Hulk flying with his blows, was able to punch Captain Mar-vell from Saturn’s moon all the way to Earth, and managed to keep up with Champion when he had the Power Gem.

Boomstick: He’s fast enough to react to Thor’s hammer and stop it before it could hit him, is able to move at speeds that make him invisible to the human eye and is able to keep up with Faster-Than-Light characters. He’s also tough enough to take hits from the likes of Silver Surfer, Odin, Drax, Thor’s lightning and even Galactus, who is usually considered as a Universal-level threat even in his weaker state.

Wiz: He’s also been banned from death by Death itself so it’s extremely difficult to put him down for good coupled with the fact that he has a powerful healing factor that is strong enough to heal him from being disintegrated in a matter of seconds.

Boomstick: His main methods of attack are his energy blasts which he typically fires from his hands and eyes and can malnipulate energy to the point where he can dissolve molecules, disintegrate other beings and draw in energy from other sources to increase his own power. He can charge up his fists with energy to increase the striking power of his attacks and has been able to match the likes of Odin and the In-Betweener with energy blasts and even harm Galactus with them. Damn, these energy manipulation ablites sound very familiar to a certain other alien dictator from DC they should totally fight oh wait!

Wiz: Thanos can heal other beings, construct objects, aborsb the life-force of other beings including God-like beings to increase his power and manipulate matter to point where he was able to turn a Skrull alien into stone.

Boomstick: He can also curse other beings with immortality like the time he made Deadpool immortal, kill supposedly immortal beings and can teleport himself and other beings anywhere in the universe and even to other dimensions and realities if he needs to, though his teleportation ablites seem to be tied to the existence of his Techno-Mystic Chair as without it he is unable to teleport on his own.

Wiz: Thanos’s telepathic ablites are also particularly impressive as he’s been able to mind-control the Hulk, drive Drax insane, win a mental battle against the likes of Moondragon and can retrieve information from Galactus’ mind who is also a powerful telepath.

Boomstick: Thanos can additionally levitate and fly and also generate force fields through his link to his Techno-Mystic Chair which are able to tank attacks from Silver Surfer and were only broken when Galactus used a considerable amount of his power in order to break them.

Wiz: On top of his regular ablites, Thanos also has some powerful equipment on-hand to assist him in battle such as the aforementioned Techno-Mystic Chair that allows him to teleport and generate force fields as long as it stays intact and a Stasis Rifle which is a single-shot gun that traps it’s target in a cube of energy, however the most powerful tool in his arsenal by far is ..

Boomstick: His amazing Pimp Hand!! A move so powerful it allows him to backhand anyone who gets in his way including Captain America, The Hulk, Drax, Mephisto, She-Hulk, the In-Betweener, and Thor, Beast, Iron-Man and Vision all at once.

Wiz: Ahem, the most powerful tool in his arsenal by far is the Infinty Gaunlet, a glove which contains the 6 Infinty Stones which effectively allow the user to become Nigh-Omnipotent when they are used as a unit. The Power Gem increases the user’s strength and stamina to infinite levels and allows them to replicate any superpower, the Time Gem allows the user to travel through time, control the aging of beings, trap foes in unending loops of time and can allow them to become Omnipresent. The Space Gem allows the user to control all of space according to their will enabling them to teleport anywhere in the universe and increase their speed, the Reality Gem allows users to break the laws of Physics, resurrect the dead and warp reality on a universal scale, the Soul Gem can control the souls of both living and dead beings and attack them and the Mind Gem allows the user to read and control all minds in the universe simultaneously.

Boomstick: But, despite it’s insane power the Infinty Gaunlet does have it’s restrictions as certain Nigh-Omnipotent and Omnipotent beings such as the Beyonders, the Living Tribunal and The-One-Above-All have proven resistent to it and it can also not be used outside of the Marvel Universe.

Wiz: Thanos is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and martieux artist and is incredibly intelligent being a genius in every field of advanced science and has created technology far more advanced then human technology. He was able to create a weapon with the capacity to destroy stars in a very short amount of time, create clones of himself, has create shackles that were tied to their opponent’s life-force and has been able to out-smart the likes of Mephisto and the In-Betweener before. Lastly, he has incredible willpower and will not concede to anyone unless he manages to accomplish his goal or is killed in the process.

Boomstick: He’s been able to fight the likes of Odin to a stalemate, match the power of the In-Betweener, fight evenly with Galactus for a period of time, battle Thor when he was in his Warriors Madness state and had the Power Gem, defeat the likes of Black Bolt, the Fallen One and The Champion and was able to destroy half the universe with a click of his fingers when in possession of the Infinty Gaunlet.

Wiz: Despite his power though Thanos is still pretty arrogant. He is also vulnerable to the likes of Drax who was specifically created to kill him, is constantly competing with Deadpool over Death’s affections, subconsciously allows himself to lose a lot of the time and can struggle to compete against Multiversal or Nigh-Omnipotent threats without the Infinty Gaunlet.

Boomstick: Also, eventhough this happened in a different reality there was the time where he ended up chasing Spider-Man in his ‘Thanoscopter’ and then got arrested by the NYPD which was pretty stupid.

Wiz: But, with his great intelligence, willpower and vast array of ablites, Thanos will stop at nothing to eradicate the universe and win Lady Death’s affections!

Thanos: I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless. It's frightening, turns the legs to jelly. I ask you to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it's here. Or should I say, I am.


Wiz: All right the combatants are set, let’s end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!


On an island on the Atlantic Ocean, battle sounds and battle cries can be heard as the smouldering and ruined landscape of the once lush and green island comes into view.


The Hulk’s lifeless body hit the ground with a huge thud, creating a fairly large crater and causing a large amount of dust to be sprayed in multiple directions.

Iron Man: Banner No!

Nearby the Green Goliath’s body lay the bodies of Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Vision, the only two heroes that remained were a battle-worn Iron Man, and Thor. As the two heroes tried to get to their feet, the architect of all this death and destruction stepped towards them. It was Thanos.

Thanos: The resistance of you and your comrades proved futile, surrender to me now and I will make your deaths quick before I continue with purging this planet of all life for my beloved Mistress Death!

Iron Man: We will...never..surrender! Thor now!!

Thor: Behold the true wrath of a God of Thunder, Mad Titan!

Thor summons a massive bolt of lightning to his hammer before launching it towards Thanos whilst Iron Man blasts him with a unibeam, the two attacks speeding towards Thanos’s location and causing a big explosion upon contact with his body, causing another massive explosion which devastates the landscape even more and causing a couple of nearby mountains to collapse.


The two heroes catch their breath and assume that they have managed to put an end to this threat, but out of the dust appears Thanos who is completely unscathed thanks to his force fields.

Thor: What in Odin’s name! How can this be?!

Thanos: Like I said your resistance is futile, looks like finishing you both off is going to be a lot more messier then I previously intended.

The Mad Titan, charges up two energy blasts in his hands and launches himself at the two heroes whilst they do the same. Suddenly, a noise of large portal opening can be heard and two red laser-beams strike Thor in the back disentegrating him in a flash of red light.

Iron Man: Thor!

Tony, distracted by the death of his comrade lets his guard down and is sent flying with a punch from Kalibak and hits the ground. He then tries to get up but Kalibak leaps towards him with his mace and slams it down on his helmet killing him. Around Kalibak dozens of Parademons emerge from a massive Boom Tube and Thanos stops his assault to take in this sudden turn of events. Finally, a large, grey bulky figure emerges from the Boom Tube with the Parademons moving out of the figures way in respect. It was Darkseid.

Thanos: This day got even more interesting

Darkseid sees the Mad Titan in front of him and glares at him.

Darkseid: Who are you?!

Thanos: I am Thanos of Titan and I am here to eradicate all life on Earth in the name of my lover Mitress Death!

Darkseid: You will do no such thing! I intend to conquer the Earth for myself and bend all its lifeforms to my will! Destroy this impudent wretch my Parademons!

Kalibak and the Parademons charge towards Thanos who smirks before placing the Infinty Gaunlet on his hand and clicks his fingers.


Almost instantaneously, all the Parademons look begin to disentegrate and turn into dust. Kalibak also notices his body beginning to disentegrate and turns towards Darkseid.

Kalibak: Father, I don't feel so good..

Kalibak then is transformed into a pile of dust leaving only Darkseid and Thanos standing opposite each other.

Thanos smirks again.

Darkseid: Hmph, you may have destroyed my army but you have no chance against me alone!

Thanos: I highly doubt that! To prove that you are a mere weakling just like your minons I will crush you without using my Infinty Gaunlet!

Thanos takes off the Gaunlet and gets into a battle position and so does Darkseid, the two dictators ready for the great battle that was about to come.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.38

The two run at each other and try to punch each other with Darkseid managing to dodge his opponent’s blow whilst Thanos is struck in the chest and knocked back slightly. Thanos recovers quickly and manages to dodge a kick from Darkseid and block a punch from him with his elbow before firing a energy blast at Darkseid’s chest sending him skidding backwards across the ground. Thanos then runs towards Darkseid again, trying to catch him off-guard with another energy blast which he easily dodges before Thanos launches an eye-beam at Darkseid’s face, however a Darkseid tanks the blast and instead decides to punch Thanos in the neck winding him slightly.

Darkseid then goes on the offensive trying to hit Thanos with several punches and kicks as the two move across the ruined landscape. Thanos however manages to either dodge or parry the attacks before Darkseid’s eyes glow red and fire his Omega Beams which hit Thanos square in the chest and launch him into the air slightly, the Mad Titan manages to pull himself together though flipping over and landing safely on the ground with chestplate slightly scorched from the beams and Darkseid looking at him in shock.

Darkseid: How could such an insignificant wretch like you survive my Omega Beams?!

Thanos grins and then laughs

Thanos: I’m a lot tougher than I look fool!

Thanos then charges up a strong energy blast and launches it at Darkseid which sends him flying into a nearby mountain with considerable force.


Darkseid hits the mountain causing a large crater as he collides with it. He then drops to the ground on his knees, feeling blood on his lips. Several giant slabs of rock then begin to fall off the mountain and hit the ground with considerable force.




Thanos then begins to run towards Darkseid, who decides to fling some of the slabs at his opponent with his telekinetic powers. Thanos destroys each slab with energy blasts from his hands and eyes before leaping into the air and raising his fists in an attempt to slam Darkseid in the face. Darkseid manages to anticipate and blasts Thanos with an energy blast from his right hand blasting him through the air. The Mad Titan tries to slow himself down using his ablity of flight, but before he could come to a complete halt Darkseid takes off from the ground, rockets towards Thanos and grabs him by the throat, the two beings moving past several mountains as they fly across the island at hypersonic speeds.

They then fly over a grassy plain which is surrounded by some more mountains and volcanoes before Darkseid flies towards the ground and manages to keep himself leviatating above the ground whilst dragging Thanos across the ground at incredible speed in order to injure him.

Darkseid: You will now suffer for trying to fight me! No one can stand against the might of Darkseid!

Darkseid then blasts Thanos at point-blank range with his Omega Beams while still dragging him against the ground. Thanos manages to endure the blasts though and kicks Darkseid right in the chest launching him into air. Thanos then flies into air with incredible speed to try and punch Darkseid but the Lord of Apokilipes sees this coming and meets the punch with a punch of his own and the two fists colliding with considerable force. The two then begin to exchange blows in the sky at a rapid pace, with Thanos beginning to get a slight edge over Darkseid in their scuffle having managed to punch Darkseid in the gut, neck, and face. However, Darkseid still manages to hit Thanos in the side with a sweep of his leg and punch in the face causing blood to start dripping from his nose. Seeing that his opponent has been distracted Darkseid then tries to punch Thanos with both of his arms but Thanos manages to intercept the fists with his own hands and the two beings become locked in an arm struggle.

Darkseid: Ha Ha..utterly pathet~(Darkeseid is then kicked in the balls by Thanos) Ugh!

Thanos then takes this opportunity to uppercut Darkseid before slamming him towards the ground with Darkseid managing to slow himself down in the nick of time and land safely on the ground.

Thanos: Who’s pathetic now wretch?!

Darkseid: Your cheap shots will not allow you to obtain victory!

In the blink of an eye Darkseid teleports right in front of Thanos and fires a powerful energy blast towards him with his left hand causing a fairly large explosion.


Darkseid begins to be covered in dust from the explosion as he stares at the same spot that Thanos had stood only moments ago with a grin on his face. However, as the dust began to settle the grin began to disappear as he saw Thanos standing a few meters in front of him completely unscathed thanks to his force fields.

Darkseid: What?!

Thanos: Hmph, my invincible force fields have caused your attack to be rendered useless! There is no way that you can defeat me!

Angered by this, Darkseid tries to swing at Thanos who dodges the attack and grabs Darkseid by the neck beginning to drain his lifeforce. Thanos then knocks Darkseid across the plain again with a punch to the chest.


After coughing up a bit of blood, Darkseid charges at Thanos who does the same but this time decides to augment his fists with a considerable amount of energy and when the two being’s fists collide it causes another massive explosion.


The explosion sends out a huge shockwave across the island, decimating several mountains and reducing them to rubble and causing several nearby volcanoes to erupt spouting lava everywhere across the already badly damaged island.

While the two dictators were both staggered by the shockwave, Thanos recovers first and catches Darkseid off-guard by launching an eye beam at his face and damaging him slightly. Darkseid however manages to dodge a second energy blast from Thanos’ hand and block a third one with his hand. Thanos then uses his connection to his Techno-Mystic Chair to teleport behind Darkseid but before he strike his foe again, Darkseid hits him with his Omega Beams again which teleport Thanos above the mouth of an active volcano. Darkseid then appears through a Boom Tube next to Thanos and tries to strike him with Thanos barely dodging the attack, slamming Darkseid on the back with his leg and sending him hurtling into the mouth of the volcano straight a boiling pool of lava.



Thanos smiles and folds his arms.

Thanos: You will make a worthy addition to Death’s domain

Suddenly, a deep rumbling sound is heard from the volcano and it erupts with a considerable amount of force.


Lava is scattered in all directions across the island destroying the landscape even further, however out of the centre of the volcano a giant humanoid figure is seen flying out of it at incredible speed, with their clothes torn and charred and their body covered with lava. It was Darkseid. Thanos looked at him in shock.

Thanos: What?! How can this be...ARGH!


Before he could finish uttering his sentence, Thanos was met with a powerful uppercut to the jaw which sent him flying considerably higher into the air, Darkseid however managed to grab onto his chestplate and hold onto the bewildered Titan before he could fall back towards the ground and looked him dead in the eyes.

Darkseid: Fool! Darkseid dose not die this easily! Prepare to feel the full force of my Omega Effect!

Darkseid then fires his Omega Beams directly at Thanos who begins to be sent back in time but before he disappears Thanos summons his Techo-Mystic chair and disappears in a flash of light. Darkseid then opens a Boom Tube and walks through it.

10,000 years before the Present during the last Ice Age

Thanos found himself on an icy plane with a blizzard raging on around him. Looking around, he see some Wooly Mammoths and Sabretooth Tigers in the distance and could just about make out some massive glaciers across the horizon. He then turned round to see a Boom Tube open and Darkseid stepped out of it.

Thanos: Hmph, did you send us back in time to this frozen wasteland just so you could cool off after your dip in the volcano

Darkseid: I brought you here to demonstrate my full power and I will make you suffer immensely for your insolence (Darkseid suddenly feels a pain in his head as saw Thanos starting intently at him, trying to read his mind)

Darkseid sensed this and instead decided to launch his own mental assault on Thanos which caught him off-guard slightly but Thanos manages to quickly counter his opponent’s psychic attack with his own mental willpower, the icy ground beginning to crumble and crack around them due to the intensity of this struggle.

Darkseid: Fool, Darkseid cannot be defeated in any shape or form

Taking advantage of Darkseid’s lowered mental guard, Thanos manages to quickly delve into his foes’ memories.

Thanos: That doesn’t seem to have stopped the Justice League from beating you on multiple occasions

Darkseid quickly strengthens his mental defences again.

Darkseid: You insolent wretch! I will grind your bones to dust!

The Lord of Apokilipes then fires his Omega Beams at Thanos to try and strike him in the side but Thanos quickly activates his force-field blocking the attack. Darkseid then tries to increase the intensity of the beams to break through the force-field but it manages to stay intact.

A expression of frustration appears on Darkseid’s face which then forms into a smirk.

Darkseid: If I cannot best you in a mental battle then let’s see how you fare when I use my mental prowess to turn Earth’s pitfull lifeforms against you!

Darkseid then uses his mental powers to mind control the nearby Mammoths which charge towards Thanos with several of them crashing against Thanos’s force-field with their tusks in order to try and get at the Mad Titan.





Thinking that he is safe Thanos stands confidently in his force-field but then notices Darkseid launching a powerful energy blast towards the force-field with his hands destroying it.


Thanos had crossed his hands in front of his face in order to protect himself from getting seriously injured by the blast but was still damaged on the arms by it. He didn’t have much time to recover though as he was then smacked in the side by a Woolly Mammoth and sent skidding across the floor.

Darkseid: The fact that Earth’s lifeforms can damage you so easily shows how pathetic you are (Darkseid gets bitten in the leg by a Sabre-tooth tiger) Aah!

The Tiger’s teeth hadn’t been able to cause serious damage to the New God but they had still been able to damage him nonetheless. Darkseid is them slashed across the back by the claws of another Sabre-tooth tiger and grunts in slight pain.

Thanos then lifts his head out off the ground and looks straight at Darkseid despite having a bloody nose.

Thanos: Don’t forget you’re not the only one who’s skilled at using mind control, fool!

Darkseid frowns before disentegrating the two tigers with his Omega Beams whilst Thanos gets up and kills two Mammoths with his energy blasts before incapacitating the third one with a powerful headbutt.


Seeing that all the animals nearby his foe were all dead, Thanos then flies off through the skies towards the glaciers with Darkseid flying after him in hot pursuit. The two then land on the ground at the feet of the glacier before Thanos teleports to the top of the glacier and Darkseid does the same. The two then begin to exchange physical blows at a rapid pace with Thanos winning the scuffle by punching Darkseid in the face with a considerable amount of power, before sending him skidding back with a kick to the chest.

As Thanos prepares to blast Darkseid with some more energy blasts, the New God fires a blast of blue energy at his opponent causing him to fall on his knees in extreme pain whilst his skeleton flashes as if being viewed by several X-ray machines at once.

Thanos: ARGGH!!

Darkseid: It’s called the Agony Matrix. Imagine the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your life, times 1000. Now imagine that pain continuing forever.

Despite feeling an immense amount of pain, Thanos manages to slowly get to his feet whilst Darkseid uses his matter manipulation to transform a slab of ice into a giant metal spike.

Thanos: Ha! Ha! Ha! You’re attack had no effect on my wretch! (He suddenly gets impales through the back by the spike) GAH!

The force of the spike hitting him hurls Thanos off the top of the glacier and onto the icy ground below.


Still in agony, Thanos grabs the spike and dissolves it’s molecules, essentially disintegrating it. Darkseid then flies down to meet Thanos before charging up his Omega Beams.

Darkseid: You will now be erased from existence mortal for daring to defy my will!

Thanos: I’m not...finished yet!

Thanos then augments his right hand with a large amount of energy before punching Darkseid in the chest, sending him flying into the glacier with a considerable amount of force and causing it to collapse on top of him.


Thanos (thoughts): That blow was particularly strong but considering all the other attacks of mine he’s survived it’s likely that all this attack has done is enraged him even more

Thanos’s prediction proved to correct as Darkseid began to increase his size considerably, flinging massive slabs of ice everywhere as his body grew to the size of a skyscraper. Without a moment’s hesitation he kicked Thanos with all his might sending him flying across the plain and towards several ice-clad mountains.


Thanos went flying through the first mountain causing it to collapse as he burst out of the other side of it.


He then went flying through a second mountain with a similar amount of force, but before he could hit the next mountain he activated his force-field flying through 3 more mountain unscathed.




Thanos then skidded across the ice with his force-field still activated before teleporting back to Darkseid’s location and firing an energy blast at him which the Lord of Apokilipes deflected with his arm.

Darkseid: I’m surprised you managed to survive that insect!

Thanos: My power is incomprehensible to you wretch!

Darkseid: You are challenging a God fool!

Darkseid then tries to grab Thanos in the air with his giant hand but Thanos teleports behind him launching an eye blast at him before dodging another kick from him. This cycle continues for another couple of minutes before Thanos charges up a powerful eye blast which hits Darkseid in the chest sending him staggering back. Thanos then gets out his Statis Rifle and shoots at Darkseid, trapping the giant dictator in a cube of cosmic energy.

Thanos: You should know that only Galactic beings have been able to escape from this cube of mine there is absolutely no way you break out of it! (Darkseid manages to break out the cube and shatters it to pieces)

Darkseid chuckles.

Darkseid: You made a grave error by underestimating me

Darkseid then opens another Boom Tube and walks through it. Thanos then summons his Techno-Mystic Chair, sits in it and flies through the Boom Tube just before it closes.

The Moon in the Present Day

Thanos exited the Boom Tube to find that he was back in the present day, a dozen meters or so above the surface of the Moon but before he could take in the rest of surroundings he saw two Omega Beams moving straight towards him. His chair then began to fly away from the beams but they kept chasing the Titan, Thanos then teleported out of the beams’ path hoping to lose them, but the beams simply changed direction and struck the back of the chair as soon as, it rematieralised damaging it and throwing Thanos from the chair.

Thanos landed on his feet on the moon’s rocky surface, he saw that his chair was still intact but knew that he had to keep it that way if he wanted to keep Darkseid on his toes with his force-fields and teleportation. Darkseid then teleported in front of the Mad Titan.

Darkseid: Welcome to the place of your demise!

Thanos: I’m not going to be dying today, Darkseid! That honour belongs to you!

The two charge at each other and exchange blows once again with Darkseid managing to gain an upper hand and knock Thanos back with a punch. The two beings then try to dissolve each other’s molecules but the two molecular attacks counter each other and both villains are sent flying back slightly. Seeing that Darkseid is still trying to recover from the attack, Thanos tries to bombard him with a combination of energy blasts and physical blows but Darkseid counters all of them and uses his telekinesis to pull Thanos’ soul slightly out of his body, stunning the Titan and allowing Darkseid to send him flying with an energy blast of his own. Thanos and Darkseid both charge their eye beams and Omega Beams and launch them at each other, the beams colliding and causing a beam struggle to occur. The two beams are evenly matched for a moment before the Omega Beams rocket towards Thanos, the Mad Titan being hit with the force of the Omega Beams and his own eye beams which causes a large explosion visible from the Earth.


The rubble from the explosion begins to float off into space as Thanos gets to his feet, his chestplate battered and singed, his clothes torn and blood leaking from arms and leaks eventhough said wounds were rapidly healing up thanks to his regeneration. Thanos looked at Darkseid with an angry expression on his face.

Thanos: I was going to send you to Death’s domain rather quickly but just for that I’m going to finish you nice and slowly!

Thanos stepped towards Darkseid and began to augment his fists with energy as the New God began to utter something.

Darkseid: loneliness + alienation..+ fear + despair + self-worth...÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding × guilt × ...shame × failure × judgment ...n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, ... self=darkseid! Face the full power of the Anti-Life equation and bow before Darkseid!

Feeling the power of the equation’s attack his mind, Thanos dropped to the floor on one knee but still continued to resist the equation’s power to some extent thanks to his strong mental defences.




Thanos: ARGH!!!

Thanos felt a sharp pain in his chest to see 3 massive swords in his chest which had obviously been created from the nearby moon rock due to Darkseid’s transmutation ablites.

Darkseid: Fool, did I not tell you that Darkseid was unbeatable!

As Darkseid prepared to blast Thanos with his Omega Beams, the Titan looked up at him with a sky look on his face.

Thanos: You...should have..gone for the head!

The Mad Titan then summons the strength to backhand Darkseid with his mighty Pimp Hand, catching the New God off-guard.


Thanos pulled one of the swords out of his chest and stabbed Darkseid in the side with it.


Thanos then pulled out another sword and rammed the sword through Darkseid’s chest forcing the dictator to his knees.

Thanos with one of the swords still in his chest stood up and pulled the sword out and prepared to stab Darkseid with it.

Thanos: I Thanos of Titan hearby banish you to Death’s domain!


Thanos plunged the sword through Darkseid’s gut causing him to fall to the floor.


As Thanos prepared to teleport apart he heard a voice whisper to him.

Darkseid: have are mistaken! This body..contained only... a fraction of my true you will come face to face..with my true form...AND DIE BEFORE IT’S MIGHT!

Darkseid’s head fell to the floor lifeless. Suddenly, the whole Universe began to shake as Thanos sensed that a powerful being was soon to appear. Holes in reality began to appear as an unusual but powerful form of energy began to seep through the holes. It was the essence of True Darkseid.

As True Darkseid’s essence continued to enter the Multiverse the cosmos continued to shake and time itself was beginning to be disrupted. The cosmos began to shake even more violently as a figure began to emerge from True Darkseid’s essence. Darkseid.jpeg True Darkseid’s “humanoid” form had now joined the battle!

Thanos was barely able to lift himself off the ground due to the sheer volume of True Darkseid’s power.


True Darkseid: You may have defeated one of my avatars, Thanos of Titan but you have no chance of beating my True Form! Submit now or die!

Using all of his might, Thanos managed to get to his feet and began to pour all his remaining energy into his hands in order to create a powerful energy blast. After charging up the blast he prepared to fire it.


He then launches the blast towards True Darkseid, the blast hitting him in the chest.


The planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus were decimated by the blast as it hit True Darkseid, however it did nothing to affect the New God who prepared to fire an energy blast at Thanos from his hands.

True Darkseid: Say Goodbye!

As Darkseid fires the blast towards his opponent, Thanos puts on the Infinty Gaunlet and his power increases immensely. He then flies towards Darkseid no-selling his energy blast.

True Darkseid: NO! IMPOSS~ (He is then met with an uppercut to the jaw by Thanos)

Thanos: Ha! Ha! Ha! Face the power of the Infinty Gaunlet!!

Thanos begins to try to move time backwards but True Darkseid stops him and tries to move time forwards resulting in a “tug of war” of time and causing the cracks in space and reality to widen even further. Using the Infinty Gaunlet, Thanos then summons the Thanos Car and drives through space towards Darkseid at rapid speeds eventually colliding with him and knocking him into dozens of nearby planets causing them to explode upon contain with True Darkseid’s body.









True Darkseid: You think your pitiful earth vehicle will save you?! Ha! You will crumble before my true power!

Using the reality warping powers of the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid summoned his MacDonalds employee uniform and became MacDonalds Darkseid! Darkseid then began to summon thousands of fries/chips and launch them at Thanos using his mind. While the fries still collided with the car and exploded with the force to destroy planets nothing could stop the sheer might of the Thanos Car.

Darkseid then teleported out of the way of the car to avoid getting run over and tried to destroy it with his Omega Beams as soon as he reappeared but the car merely shrugged off the attack and drove towards Darkseid at the speed of light. Darkseid then summoned a Big Mac burger and threw it a nearby Blue Star causing it to go Supernova in the hopes that the explosion would destroy the Thanos Car.


While the car was damaged, it kept on speeding towards Darkseid, crashing through any unfortunate planets or asteroids that lay in it’s way.






Knowing that there was no other way to stop the Thanos Car, Darkseid then summoned a MacDonalds Happy Meal and threw it at the incoming car.

True Darkseid: Fool! No one can withstand the power of Darkseid’s Happy Meal!


The Happy Meal exploded upon contact with the car’s engine destroying the Solar System and the Thanos Car. As the car exploded, Thanos burst through the roof of the car before hitting Darkseid with a powerful drop-kick knocking him back through several Solar Systems destroying Darkseid’s MacDonalds uniform.

Darkseid then got to his feet and stared at Thanos and the two charged at each other with their fists colliding and causing another massive explosion that obliterated the Milky Way galaxy.


Unaffected by the galaxy-destroying blast, the two continued to exchange blows with Thanos beginning to increase his striking strength thanks to the Power Gem managing to get the upper-hand in their scuffle by backhanding Darkseid again and punching him in the chest knocking him back.

Thanos: You wretch! The power of the Infinty Gaunlet makes me Omnipotent! There is no way you can beat me now!

True Darkseid: That is where you are mistaken!

Darkseid then called upon the power of the Soulfire Matrix, destroying several nearby galaxies as his power grew immensely and Soulfire Darkseid emerged. Darkseid then lunges towards Thanos and punched him in the gut.

Thanos: GAH!

Darkseid: Now you shall crumble before the power of the Soulfire Matrix!

Thanos then increases his striking power using the Power Gem and the two begin to exchange blows obliterating dozens of nearby universes. The Mad Titan then created a million clones of himself which all began attacking Darkseid with energy blasts and eye blasts which Darkseid managed to counter with his physical blows. He then unleashed his invisible Omega Beams which destroyed all of the clones within an instant. Thanos suddenly used the Mind Gem to quickly bypass the New God’s mental defences and find information on his weaknesses. Thanos then summoned thousands of Radion bullets around him.

Thanos: With my unlimited power I was able to uncover your greatest weakness! If a single one of these Radion bullets hits you death with fall upon you, but with thousands of bullets launching at you at once there is no way you can survive! Now..DIE!

Thanos launches the bullets towards Darkseid who creates a massive axe from the rubble of nearby planets and tosses it towards the bullets. The axe then splits itself in half, creating two slightly smaller axes, then into quarters and kept dividing itself until there were enough axes to counter all the Radion bullets which were all sliced in half by all the different axes.

Thanos then fires a powerful energy blast from the Gaunlet towards the axes and Darkseid, destroying the axes but missing Darkseid who teleports out of harms way and the reappears in front of Thanos before sending him flying with a kick to the chest. After being launched back by the attack considerably, Thanos comes to a stop and then smirks at Darkseid.

Thanos: You put up a valiant show but it’s all over now!

Thanos then snaps his fingers.


All around them planets and asteroids begin to crumble and turn into dust. Thanos grins at the destruction and then looks in Darkseid’s direction hoping to see his foe being destroyed as well but is left deeply disappointed as Darkseid merely flies towards Thanos completely unaffected by the gaunlet’s power.




Thanos snaps his fingers again causing more planets and asteroids to turn into dust but Darkseid simply continues to fly towards Thanos. Seeing that the New God is nearly upon him, Thanos then claps his hands.


While several Supernovas go off around him Darkseid is again unaffected by the attack.

Darkseid: Fool! I am a God, you cannot hope to match me!

Darkseid then headbutts Thanos with a considerable amount of strength sending the Titan flying back dozens of meters.

Thanos: You bastard! Even if I destroy myself by wielding the full power of this gaunlet, I’ll be taking you with me!!

Thanos then charges up an energy blast with the full power of the Infinty Gaunlet and launches it at Darkseid who in turn summons the full power of the Soulfire Matrix and fires two Omega Beams to counter Thanos’ blast, the two beams being evenly matched for a brief moment before causing a massive explosion that rocks the Marvel Multiverse which obliterates Thanos’s Techno-Mystic chair alongside thousands of different universes.


As the explosion causes huge devastation around them Darkseid thinks to himself.

Darkseid (thoughts): The power of the Soulfire Matrix is beginning to leave me. I must find a way to rob that wretch of his gaunlet in case he tries to get the better of me...ah I know!

Darkseid then flies at Thanos grabbing the Mad Titan by the waist and then opens a Boom Tube, the two dictators flying through it.

Apokolips - Darkseid’s Homeworld

Darkseid and Thanos exit the Boom Tube with most of the buildings of Apokolips crumbling to the ground due to sheer might of True Darkseid’s power. Darkseid’s orange glow disappears as he loses the power of the Soulfire Matrix and Thanos chuckles at the sight of this.

Thanos: Ha! Ha! You may have delayed your own demise for a while but now you are finished!

Thanos tries to tap into the power of the Infinty Gaunlet in order to finish off Darkseid but nothing happens.


Darkseid smirks.

Darkseid: I once tried to transport this very gaunlet here so I could use it to punish my enemies in this universe but since it only seems to work in your universe it was completely useless and now it seems that history has repeated itself.

Darkseid then slams Thanos on the back with both fists sending him crashing into the ground on the fiery planet causing a massive crater to appear.


Darkseid then drops to the ground safely whilst Thanos barely manages to stand up. The Mad Titan then tries to weakly punch at Darkseid but the dictator easily sidesteps his blows and begins slapping him around before throwing him to the floor and then blasting him with his Omega Beams causing the Titan to grumble in pain.

Darkseid then continues to talk to Thanos as he attacks him with the beams.

Darkseid: It’s a pity really, you could have made a fine addition to my army and we could have conquered the Multiverse together...

Darkseid then stops blasting Thanos with the Omega Beams for a brief moment but then unleashes the combined power of the Agony Matrix and the Anti-Life Equation upon Thanos causing him to fall to the ground in more pain. Darkseid then stops his attack once again.

Darkseid: However, if you surrender to me now I will ensure that your death is painless!

Thanos then lifts his head up and looks defiantly at Darkseid.


Darkseid responds by picking Thanos up by the neck and bringing close to his face.

Darkseid: Then you will sentenced to endure the power of the Omega Sanction for all eternity where you be forced to born and die in an endless number of hellish realities and there will no escape for you!

The New God then smirks before firing his Omega Beams at Thanos.

Darkseid: Farewell!

Thanos’ body then disappears in a flash of red energy and Darkseid laughs as Thanos begins to be trapped in an endless number of horrible realities.



Boomstick: Damn, that fight was awesome! But, whoever’s in charge of keeping the Marvel and DC Universes in order is going to have a hard time cleaning up that big mess!

Wiz: This fight was incredibly close, particularly in their base forms and while Darkseid may have had in the edge in strength, speed and durability, Thanos wasn’t completely outclassed when it came to these categories and could definitely hold his own against Darkseid in a physical bout.

Boomstick: It should also be said that some of their wider range of abilities such as their telepathy, matter manipulation and energy blasts countered each other which made the fight more intense and ended up prolonging it.

Wiz: While Darkseid’s attacks were powerful especially his Omega Beams, energy blasts and the Agony Matrix, Thanos was able to hang in there thanks to his extremely powerful healing factor and his teleportation and force-field ablites.

Boomstick: These ablites along with the fact that Thanos has been able to fight cosmic beings such as Odin, Galactus and the In-Betweener meant that he could arguably beat a avatar of Darkseid. But, once True Darkseid entered the fight, Thanos had no chance of countering it without a massive power-boost.

Wiz: Once Thanos put on the Infinty Gaunlet though he was able to fight on par with True Darkseid and even Soulfire Darkseid thanks to it’s vast power, but as the battle dragged on Darkseid would ultimately try to find way to counter the gaunlet’s power so that he could finish off Thanos once and for all.

Boomstick: Considering that in a crossover Darkseid once tried to take the Infinty Gaunlet into the DC Universe so that he could use it and it didn’t work properly (due to the Infinty Gems only being to function in the Marvel Universe) meant that he could recall this moment and use to his advantage.

Wiz: After he had been robbed of the gaunlet’s power, Thanos was once again unable to counter True Darkseid’s power and was unable to teleport away from him or use his force-fields to defend himself once he destroyed his Techno-Mystic Chair.

Boomstick: Thanos also had no way of escaping the Omega Sanction as he is unable to time travel in his base form so once Darkseid used this power on him he would basically be trapped in an endless amount of hellish dimensions for all eternity with no hope of escaping unless Darkseid decided to release him which would REALLY fucking unlikely.

Wiz: Overall, Darkseid’s superior physicality, his sheer power and his great intelligence would ultimately help him to get the upper-hand over Thanos and win the day.

Boomstick: Thanos shouldn’t have got on the Lord of Apokolips‘ Darkseid!

Wiz: The Winner is Darkseid.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Breloom-Da-Bassgod and PokeSEGA64 on Deviantart for letting me using information from their Darkseid and Thanos bios.

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