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Elise: Anybody want anything?
Dan: Only my sweet, sweet revenge! And maybe some peanut brittle.

~ Dan VS: 101: Dan vs. New Mexico

Daniel "Dan" Mandel is the main character of the animated television series, Dan VS.

(For other combatants named Dan, see Dan (disambiguation).)

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]

  • Age: 36
  • Aliases: Bat Boy, Dan Man, Biff Wellington, Dr. Jerk
  • Occupation: Mostly Getting Revenge
  • Likes: Revenge, Chris, Mr. Mumbles, Burgerphile, Hortense, Watching Population Control Johnny, Turkey Sandwiches and Occasionally Elise.
  • Dislikes: everything else

Powers and Skills[]

  • Great Intelligence
    • He's a great liar.
    • His revenge plots have a good record of succeeding.
    • Generally very smart.
    • On one hand, he constantly makes up great plans for revenge.
    • Won't quit and will fight to the end.
  • Stupidity
    • Often blames people for things that are clearly his fault.
    • Can be somewhat oblivious to people who hate him.
    • He wanted Chris to hot glue his tooth back in.
    • He flat out told security guards that he planned to kidnap the commissioner of Baseball.
  • Fight Dancing
    • Fighting and Dancing.
  • Strength
    • Can barely pick up Chris who weighs 220 pounds.
    • He was once able to still walk despite having random crap and people hanging on him.
    • Outmuscled Chris and tossed him over himself.
    • Teeth are strong enough to eat through metal.
    • Pushed a giant Christmas Tree over.
    • His head caused a crack on a bulletproof wall.
  • Speed
    • Briefly outran an avalanche.
    • Dodged Laser Fire.
    • Can jump large distances.
    • Briefly outran a giant broccoli monster.
  • Durability
    • Tends to shrug off most wounds.
    • Was tazzed 4 times and just walked it off.
    • Survived a bunch of hot air balloons exploding near him with little to no injury.
    • Survived crashing inside an alien ship.
    • Survived being blasted with fire in his face with minimal injury.
    • Got punched square in the face and had no reaction.
    • Got trampled by an elephant and got up in a matter of seconds.
    • Survived an avalanche that covered all of Canada (+ Alaska.)
    • Survived a helicopter crash without injury.
    • Survived being crashed through a car window.
    • Developed an Immunity to Tear Gas after being Tear Gassed So many Times.


  • Brass Knuckles
  • Ballista
  • Fireworks
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Lighter
  • Krab
  • Speed Shoes
  • Health Pack
  • Dentist Bear
  • Crowbar
  • Drill
  • Poison Meatloaf
  • Knockout Gas
  • Axe
  • Baseball Bat
  • Chainsaw
  • Fight Dancing
  • Knight's Armor
  • Weed Wacker
  • Fake Magic Wand
  • Shapen Candy Cane
  • Paintball Gun
  • Perdo Stick
    • Has a button that will activate an electric buzzer
  • Giant Rubber Band Ball
  • His Car
  • Giant Mech Suit made out of car parts


  • Escaped a haunted graveyard.
  • Key'd the Wolf-Man's car.
  • Defeated New Mexico.
  • Thwarted a Ninja with milk.
  • Figured out his dentist was a supervillain and stopped him.
  • Blew up an animal shelter.
  • Froze Canada.
  • Blew up a car store.
  • Gave Bakersfield Vertigo.
  • Caused a riot that burned down the Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre.
  • Kidnapped the Commissioner of Baseball.
  • Stole a toaster from the Salvation Armed Forces.
  • Captured a Shark from the Aquarium.
  • Trashed the beach.
  • Blew up Barry Dipmer.
  • Killed Mike.
  • Won a hair cutting contest against a barber (Although he won by cheating).
  • Vandalized a art museum.
  • Figured out Art Artsteen was a fraud.
  • Saved Elise's Parents.
  • Started a revolution against Chef Puree.
  • Got his impostor thrown in jail.
  • Clashed with the Hockey Mask Maniac.
  • Got revenge on the manager of Burgerphile for getting his order wrong.
  • Proved a thief magician to be a fraud.
  • Defeated a lemonade stand gang.
  • Burned Elise's parents house to the ground.
  • Got the Mall Santa fired and replaced him.
  • Infested his neighbors house with cockroaches.
  • Learned how to Fight Dance.
  • Robbed a bank of one dollar.
  • Got Chris to stop playing golf.
  • Defeated a robot version of himself.
  • Wrecked Hortense's wedding although he could not stop her from getting married.
  • Solved the mystery of who catnapped Mr Mumbles.
  • Saved a Dinosaur from being captured.
  • Stopped a foreign spy from making America dumber by convincing him they were dumb enough already.
  • Stopped his Telemarketer from calling and driving him insane (Although he only did this by going to jail).
  • Ruined and won a Reality T.V. Show.
  • Defeated the Goodhills and claimed ownership of Dennis (Before he was taken away for Dan's track record).
  • Destroyed Gigundo-Mart alongside Elise.
  • Nearly killed Chris before sparing him.
  • Somehow escaped Siberia.
  • Defeated a Sheriff of a Wild West Town (Albeit it was a fake one).
  • Almost destroyed the planet just to kill a squirrel and it's family.
  • Easily got into position to do so.
  • Got rid of a Mummy that wouldn't leave him alone.
  • Defeated a Demon.
  • Defeated Elise's mech with his mech.
  • Somewhat got revenge on the High School Reunion although apparently, people liked his antics.
  • CURED himself of the Common Cold rather than just letting pass.
  • Escaped the dreaded DMV (It's a lot more impressive than it sounds).
  • Escaped a snowed-in house with Elise.
  • Destroyed Burger Bananza with a Wrecking Ball.
  • Created a giant broccoli monster.
  • Successfully started Vegiemagedon.
  • Defeated a Superman-like superhero.


  • Doesn't do well against stabbing weapons or guns.
  • Can be easily knocked out despite durability.
  • Can be subdued by stronger opponents.
  • Won't beat a man when he's down.
  • Will put his life on the line if it means getting revenge.
  • Lactose Intolerant.
  • Can't Swim.
  • Tree Frog Extract.
  • He can make terrible decisions.
  • Doesn't know when to quit.