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Dallas infamy
Think about your family, think about your friends. Do not, I repeat, do not be a hero now.

~ Dallas to the civilians in First World Bank in the first and second episodes of the Payday Web Series

Dallas is one of the protagonists and playable characters in the Payday media franchise.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]


A criminal operating under the name or alias of Nathan Steele, Dallas was once a mobster operating in Chicago, working on making his way up the criminal hierarchy job by job, climbing from a simple club bouncer to a reliable hitman. Eventually, he tried to play an ultimate job by turning two of Chicago’s biggest mobs against each other, resulting in plenty of deaths, police and mobster alike. The mob leaders had a hit on Steele, but he escaped into the depths of the criminal underworld and survived.

While in hiding underground, he ran a gun range while also performing hits against drugs dealers in an attempt to harm the Amercian drug trade. This continued for 10 years before Dallas suffered what Bain calls a “What am I doing with my life?” scenario and decided to find a criminal crew after stealing a weapons shipment. This was where he came across fellow Payday Gang members Wolf, Hoxton and Chains and, under Bain’s guidance, he became the natural leader of the gang, inspiring fear and criminal brilliance.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Supposed Name/Alias: Nathan Steele
  • Age: 44
  • Nationally: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Affiliations: The Mafia (formerly), CrimeNet/The Payday Gang
  • Mastermind of the PAYDAY Gang
  • Perk Deck: Crew Chief
  • Older brother to Houston
  • Portrayed by Eric Etebari and voiced by Simon Kerr
  • Chain Smoker
  • Not from Texas, but rather Chicago
  • Personally named his Yacht "Medic Bag"


  • Stealth and combat
  • Criminal Mastermind
  • Hostage proficiency
  • Exploiting the oblivious
  • Expert planner
    • Co-ordinated the hitting of a Murkywater Gold Convoy under Bain's instruction

Weapons and Equipment[]

  • B9-S Pistol/Bernetti 9
    • Based off the 92FS Centurion
    • Can hold up to 20 rounds
    • Dallas' signature sidearm
    • Given a long suppressor
    • Mainly used for dealing with cameras or weaker enemies
  • Crosskill .45 Pistol
    • Based off the 1911 Springfield Lightweight Operator
    • Has 10, 16 and 22 round magazines available
    • More stopping power than the Bernetti
    • Inaccurate when downed
  • Bronco .44
    • Based off the Taurus Raging Bull
    • Six-shot Magnum Revolver
    • Deadly power and accuracy
    • Kicks like the mammal's name it alludes to would suggest
  • Mark 10 Submachine Gun
    • Based off the MAC-10. Go figure
    • The main backup to his rifle
    • Fires up to 1000 rounds per minute
  • Compact-5
    • Based off the MP5, duh
    • Accurate backup to the crew's main weapons
    • Has a 10mm straight mag conversion
    • Based off the Glock 18c
    • Shockingly easy to control in full auto
  • AMCAR-4 Assault Rifle
    • Based off the M4A1
    • Dallas' rifle of choice
    • Versatile and highly customizable
    • Used for most loud situations in a heist
  • AK
    • Based off a range of AK variants, but mostly depicted as the AKM and AK-74
    • An alternative competitor to the AMCAR-4
  • Reinbeck 880 Shotgun
    • Based off the Benelli M1 Entry despite being a pump-action
    • Fires 12 pellets, but only one has to hit to deal the full damage
  • Locomotive
    • Initially based off the Serbu Super Shorty, later a cut-down Remington 870
    • Powerful and easily concealed secondary
    • Same damage properties as the Reinbeck
    • Regarded as a joke weapon in Payday: The Heist
  • M308
    • Based off the M1A SOCOM 16
    • The crew's marksman rifle of choice
  • Brenner-21 Machine Gun
    • Based off the HK21E
    • Originally designated as a Heavy Machine Gun
    • Superb stopping power, but its recoil makes it very unwieldy
  • Platypus 70
    • Based off the Winchester Model 70
    • Full-powered Sniper Rifle
    • Penetrates walls, surfaces, shields and through multiple targets
    • Decapitates Tasers or blows massive holes through their heads when used by Bodhi
  • GL40
    • Based off the M79 Grenade Launcher
    • Mostly used by Wolf for breaching and room-clearing
  • Fists and other melee weapons
    • Typically used as an absolute last resort
    • Ranges from using weapon butts to bludgeons, knives, swords, tasers, even money itself and a Comically Large Spoon
  • Hand Grenades
    • Max amount: 3 grenades
    • Supplied by Gage
  • Doctor Bag
    • Enhanced through the Mastermind Skill Tree
    • Fully heals and resets down counter - the amount of times Dallas has ran out of health and gotten knocked down
  • Ammo Bag
    • Enhanced through the Enforcer Skill Tree
    • Restocks ammunition and somehow grants temporary infinite ammo after usage
  • Two-Piece Suit
    • Used mainly for stealth, speed and dodge
    • May have armor hidden underneath for protection
    • Classy despite Dallas' kind of gross-looking color scheme
  • Crew Chief Perk Deck
    • Grants additional health, armor, stamina and damage resistance
    • These effects are amplified by hostages or converted Law Enforcement

Mastermind Skill Tree[]


  • Combat Medic
    • Becomes more resilient to damage while reviving his friends
  • Uppers
    • Instantly revives himself or his crew when standing within 5 meters of a First-Aid Kit
    • Causes it to mysteriously vanish without even touching it
  • Inspire
    • Revives his crew mates twice as fast
    • Literally shouts at his crew to make them work faster
    • Tells you that pain is mental which inexplicably forces you back on your feet
    • Very overpowered


  • Forced Friendship
    • Increases Dallas' cable tying speed by 75% and lets him hold up to 6 ties at once
    • More hostages somehow make Dallas and his crew more resilient to damage
  • Joker
    • Lets Dallas subdue and turn law enforcement against their own
    • Can convert two at once and turn them into supernatural damage sponges
  • Hostage Taker
    • Can recuperate from damage with hostages and converted law enforcement
    • Arguably the weirdest way he can heal himself


  • Ammo Efficiency
    • Reloads an extra bullet with headshots by firing on semi-auto
  • Graze
    • Causes headshots with Sniper Rifles to virtually damage everything around it in a 100cm radius

Strengths and Feats[]

  • Proficient with all kinds of weapons, whether improvised or not
  • Professional and refrains from killing civilians
  • Can bend law enforcement to fight for him
  • Revives his crew mates by literally shouting at them
  • Tanked high explosives, point-blank shotgun blasts and sniper fire
  • Can sprint through tear gas and fire completely unimpaired
  • Beaten SWAT units and Ex-Mercenaries in hand-to-hand combat
  • Robbed the First World Bank, Benevolent Bank, Harvest and Trustee, among many other prominent financial establishments
  • Snuck into the FBI headquarters and branch office multiple times
  • Rigged the 2014 Mayoral Election for Bob McKendrick (And later de-railed his career after being betrayed by him)
  • Framed a competing Democrat who opposed the Elephant
  • Infiltrated the White House completely unnoticed by Murkywater, who were anticipating his arrival
  • Successfully pulled off over 50 heists, many being very high-stakes
  • Killed Hector, the Commissar, Ernesto Sosa and the Dentist
  • Fought his way through Henry's Rock and Hell's Island to rescue Bain, and helped him steal the ENTIRE United States of America
  • Broke Hoxton out of prison and helped him hack the FBI headquarters
  • Turned two Chicago mobs against each other and avoided their capture
  • Stole Nuclear Warheads, the Healer's Coffer, the Medallion and the Diamond. Not just any diamond, THE Diamond
  • Raided a private Russian research base with a stolen EMP

Weaknesses and Faults[]

  • Sometimes reliant on team-work
  • Has a smoker's lung and has low stamina as a result
  • Holds a finite amount of ammo, requiring ammo bags or ammo caches from dead cops to stay sustained
  • Suffered from what Bain calls a criminal's version of a "What am I doing with my life?" crisis before joining the Payday Gang
  • Hates needles, or the drugs within them
  • Profusely demands his need for a Medic Bag
  • Awful at lying towards pagers
  • Looked very weird in his early days with the Payday Gang