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I'll win. I am Dabura. I am the demon king! I don't care how many kilis of energy they have. There is no one in the universe who can exceed my power!
~ Dabura

Dabura is a Demon Lord from the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball.

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Dabura is the king of the Demon World, a plane of existence separate from the rest of Universe 7 that was created the evil wizard Demigra as a haven for the various demons races to do as they pleace without interference from the Supreme Kais. Dabura ruled until he was placed under the thrall of Babidi, becoming his right-hand man and helping him revive Majin Buu. But upon seeing the threat Buu poses, Dabura makes a stand that costs him.

Death Battle Info[]

Stated by the Supreme Kai Shin as the strongest being in his realm, Dabura's power was boosted to greater heights that made him equal to a Super Saiyan 2 combatant. While he can use Ki Blasts and Afterimages, he also uses psychic powers, sense evil, magically conjure weapons like his Evil Spear and Darkness Swords, and breathe Evil Flames from his mouth. His deadliest attack is Stone Spit, spitting on an opponent who instantly turns to stone until Dabura is killed.

Demon God[]

Being infused with energy by Mechikabura, Dabura can transform into a stronger version of himself equal to a Supreme Kai in power level and armed with a larger version of his sword. In this state, Dabura is strong enough to easily defeat Kid Buu.


  • Nearly defeated Kid Buu in his Demon God state.
  • Ended up in heaven after he died, though it was originally intended as a punishment.


  • Got turned into a cookie.
  • Can be unnerving as a repentant soul.