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Fight back! Why won't you fight back?
~ Cynder

Cynder is a character from The Legend of Spyro series of video games.

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Battle Record

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In the year of the dragon, a large clutch of dragon eggs were left at the dragon temple to be guarded by four dragon guardians. Then the dark armies raided the temple to destroy the eggs. Two eggs were spared. Spyro's, who was sent down a river and Cynder's who was kidnapped by the ape king Gaul. She was born under influence of the dark master, Malefor, who used his dark powers to turn her into an evil adult form loyal to Malefor. Eventually Spyro caught up to her and beat the evil out of her turning her back to her natural self. Spyro brought her back to the dragon temple where she was welcomed with open claws. However, she still felt guilty for all the evil she had done and ran away to find her true destiny. Again, Spyro meets up with her to find she was captured and enslaved by pirates who force the two into a fight. However Gaul returned and captured Cynder so he can corrupt her again.

Death Battle Info


  • Homeworld: The dragon realms

Elemental powers and skills

  • Shadow
  • Wind
  • Poison
  • Fear 
  • Aether 
  • Dark Fire 
  • Melee and aerial combat skills

Strengths & Feats

  • Defeated the Dark Master
  • Captured all four dragon Guardians
  • Favors quick strikes
  • Greater magic reserve then the purple dragon.


  • Played the role of the antagonist, deuteragonist, and the protagonist.