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How's it going? I'm in fine fettle myself!
~ Cress Albane

Cress Alban is the protagonist of Tales of Phantasia, the first entry in the Tales series of video games.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]


Trained in swordplay from birth, Cress is an expert swordsman. He eventually travels through space and time to save his world.

Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry[]


Superhuman strength: Has cut straight through a monster without pausing, can push back massive beasts with his strength.

Superhuman speed: Several artes leave afterimages behind him as he attacks.


Eternal Sword: A magical weapon that gives the user the control of space and time, notably the ability to time travel and to cross through dimensional barriers.


Artes: Cress can infuse his attacks with energy, giving him access to stronger moves and techniques akin to magic.

Notable techniques-

Demon Fang / Majinken: Cress fires a blast of energy along the ground that will explode when it meets an enemy.

Sword Rain / Akisazame: A series of quick thrusts to keep the enemy off-balance.

Distortion Blade / Jigenzan: A technique that freezes his opponent in time as Cress attacks them.

Lightning Tiger Blast / Shuusou Raizanha: A lightning bolt followed by two slashes.

Phoenix Blade / Houou Shouhazan: Cress coats himself in flames before leaping at his adversary.

Inspiration / Shuukihou: Restores Cress' health.


Managed to fight off a significant part of Dhaos' monster army with only Arche as backup.

Managed to deflect Dhaos' laser attack, which atomized fully armored knights.


Does not have extreme durability and frequently relies on healing

Has shown to be less-than-effective when fighting anyone who uses magic



  • Appears in multiple Tales titles, in Tales of Xillia 2 you can meet him and convince him to beat the game for you.