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These lanky lime horrors will gaze upon you with a look of utmost sadness. You'll soon have a similar facial expression, if you let it get close.
~ From the Minecraft Official Site: Meet the Creeper

Creepers are some of the main enemies from Mojang's sandbox video game series, Minecraft. The Phino is The Creeper Organ That Makes The Creeper Explode

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 1

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Name: Creeper
  • Most Famous Mob in Minecraft

Flying Kick[]

  • One of the Creeper's only melee attacks
  • Deals moderate damage
  • Can be spammed very quickly, making it pretty dangerous, especially if the opponent gets struck in the head, back or neck which could easily lead to their deaths


  • Triggered when close to the Player
  • Also triggered upon death in the Survival Test
  • Can inflict status effects on victims if it had those prior to detonating
    • Also leaves behind an aura of said effect, allowing it to inflict said effect on victims even after exploding
    • Full list of effects

Charged Creeper[]

  • Supercharged form of the Creeper
  • Explosion radius and power is doubled
  • Activated upon getting hit by lightning
  • Explosions causes victims to drop their heads
  • Theoretically, the Creeper gains another new attack in this form, id est electrocuting others by touching them with its aura (based off what should happen according to logic)

Reality Vision[]

  • From the 1.RV-Pre1 joke update, but not necessarily non-canon
  • Allows the wearer to see a minimap of the area
  • The wearer's position was indicated with a green dot.
  • Not limited to just the Player; mobs could spawn with it as well, Creepers included.


  • From 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST to 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST_03, if a creeper exploded in water, it would provide an infinite water source block.
  • Can climb ladders and vines despite a lack of arms
  • Able to jump around in the Survival Test, where it was very mobile
  • Produces a music disc if rekt by a Skeleton (even though this is completely useless and unimportant in Death Battle regards)
  • Can summon poppies with its explosion in 15w14a


  • Can kill most mobs and the Player with a single hit
  • Gained memetic popularity
  • One of the most recognizable Minecraft-related things
  • Often considered one of the most powerful and dangerous mobs in the game
  • Can one-shot players in full iron armor and bring those with full diamond to the verge of death
  • Able to survive getting struck by lightning effortlessly
  • Able to blast through pure stone with its explosion
  • Can maximally inflict 145 points of damage on players while charged, which corresponds to 72.5 hearts — meaning it can theoretically one-shot Players in full diamond with all maximum protection and damage reduction enchantments, or Players with the effect of Resistance up to Level 6 or Health Boost up to at least dozens of levels high, as well as Endermen, bring an Elder Guardian to the verge of death and deplete about 75% of the total health of Iron Golems and Giant Zombies — and all this in a single blast.
  • It’s self destruction is equivalent to 3.53 Tons Of TNT! (Enough to bring down large buildings such as skyscrapers)
  • It’s Charged Self Destruction is equivalent to 21.3 Tons Of TNT! (Enough to destroy a City Block!)
  • Can knock Players away with its Flying Kick and make quick work of them with only a few hits in a row


  • Flying Kick and its Electric Touch are its only attacks that can be used repeatedly and doesn't kill the Creeper
    • Electric Touch is hypotethical and based off logic, making the Flying Kick the only one of those to be completely confirmed as canon and applicable
  • Explosions can only be used as last resort and might fail, leaving the Creeper to only kill himself
  • For some reason, is afraid of ocelots and cats
  • Can be forced to explode by fire-related items
  • Many of its hidden tricks, like inflicting status effects or becoming charged, all depend on situation, location, context and opponent.
  • Its aura is still visible while charged if it was turned invisible prior, or lightning strikes it while it is cloaked