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In the name of liberty, I will fight the enemy regardless of their allegiance. While men of courage write history of this day, the future of our land depends on those who are truly free.
~ Connor Kenway

Connor is a character from the video game series, Assassin's Creed.

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  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

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Born to a Kanien'keha woman, Ratonhnhaké:ton watched his village burn at a young age as well as the death of his mother. Seeking justice, Connor was instructed in a vision to seek the Assassin's symbol, leading him to Achilles Davenport, former Mentor of the Colonial Assassins. Calling him Connor after his late son, Achilles reluctantly agreed to train him. Following a friendship with Samuel Adams, Connor worked to fight for the American Revolution and to eliminate the Templar presence in the Colonies. Eventually, he met his father, Haytham, the Templar Grandmaster. Proposing a truce to kill a wayward Templar, the two of them began to bond, only for it to dissolve once Haytham informed him that George Washington had instructed the burning of Connor's village. In his anger, Connor left both of them in pursuit of Charles Lee. During an attack on Fort George, Haytham attempted to kill Connor, only for Connor to kill him. Shortly after, he found Lee and killed him, taking the Grand Temple Key from him and hiding it on instruction from Precursor Juno.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Real name: Ratonhnhaké:ton
  • Ethnicity: Mixed Native American
    • English (father)
    • Mohawk (mother)
  • Born: April 4, 1756
  • Son of Haytham Kenway
  • Grandson of Edward Kenway
  • Actually never adopted his father's surname
  • Final ancestor accessed by Desmond Miles

Close Range Arsenal[]

  • Tomahawk
  • Dagger
  • Twin Hidden Blades
  • French Cutlass
  • French Boarding Axe
  • Gunstock War Club

Long Range Arsenal[]

  • Bow and arrow
  • Throwing knives
    • Coated in highly toxic water hemlock poison
  • Pistols
    • Flintlock
    • Double-barrel
    • Duckfoot
    • Pitcairn-Putnam (pair)

Misc. Arsenal[]

  • Rope darts
  • Smoke bombs
  • Trip mines
  • Shard of Eden
    • Ring-like Piece of Eden
    • Protects from stray metallic projectiles
    • Formerly used by William Kidd

Eagle Vison[]

  • Sixth sense
  • Can sense the emotions and intentions of those around him
  • Used to distinguish friend from foe
  • Able to find key targets, objects, and hiding spots

Alternate Reality abilities[]

  • Wolf Cloak
    • Turns invisible
  • Wolf Pack
    • Summons three wolves
  • Eagle Flight
    • Transforms into bird and flies at incredible speed
  • Bear Might
    • Creates large shockwave


  • Became an assassin at the age of 13
  • Defeated a group of bandits before his Assassin training
  • Led a detachment of American rebels against the British in Lexington and Concord
  • Defeated the Templar Colonial Rite
  • Quickly mastered sailing and commanding a ship despite having no training
    • Had admitted he inherited it from his grandfather, Edward.
  • Turned the tide of battle against the British on multiple occasions
    • In fact, Connor actually contributed battling the British during the American Revolutionary War, more notably at their important battles
  • Helped reconstructed the Colonial Assassins Order
    • By technicality, he became it's Master after Achilles' death
  • Defeated Haytham despite suffering from injuries from an artillery strike
  • Survived an alternate timeline created by an Apple of Eden


  • Prone to failure:
    • Forced to kill his friend when he was manipulated by Charles Lee
    • Could not get his tribe to stay when the Americans started their expansion
  • Sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him
  • Somewhat naïve
  • Stubborn
  • Lacks armor
  • Alternate Reality abilities drain him with overuse