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We've lost some good people. They gave everything to get us here. It's up to us to make it mean something and do them justice. The Collectors, the Reapers... they aren't a threat to us. They're a threat to everything — everyone. Those are the lives we're fighting for. That's the scale. It's been a long journey, and no one's coming out without scars. But it all comes down to this moment. We win or lost it all in the next few moments. Make me proud. Make yourselves proud.
~ Shepard

Commander Shepherd is the main character in the video game series, Mass Effect. He/She is customizable character and can be either male or female.

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  • Full Name: John/Jane Shephard (First name can be customized)
  • Height: 5’ 7”
  • Age: 29 (ME1), 31 (ME2), and 32 (ME3)
  • Gender: (Customized to either Male or Female)
  • Homeworld: Earth (Earthborn Background) or Mindoir (Colonist Background)
  • Occupation: Commander of the SSV and SR2 Normandy, N7 Special Forces Soldier, Spectre, and former Cerberus Operative
  • Alias: Commander Shepard and The Butcher of Torfan (Ruthless Background)
  • Always end their conversations with 'I Should Go'


  • Superhuman physical characteristics
  • Expert Marksman/woman
  • Expert Grenadier 
  • Capable hand-to-hand combatant
  • Healing factor (Soldier)
  • Skilled Mechanic (Engineer)
  • Adept Hacker (Engineer)
  • Weapon Mastery 
  • Biotic Abilities (Adept, Sentinel, and Vanguard)
  • Skilled Leader


  • Omni-tools are projected orange holographic displays that appear on the user's forearm
  • They are multipurpose diagnostic and manufacturing tools as well as computers used for a variety of civilian and battlefield tasks
  • They are standard issue for soldiers and first-in colonists 
  • They can be used for many different sorts of applications
    • Flashlight
    • Scanner
    • Repairing items
    • Dispensing medi-gel
    • Programming and hacking
    • Camera
    • Video, audio and holographic communication
    • Projecting holographic images; omni-tattoos
    • Downloading and playing video games
    • Converting items into omni-gel
    • Manufacturing objects in real time
    • Using Tech Talents and Powers
    • Applying upgrades to items



  • Survived a slaver attack at the age of 16 (Colonist Background)
  • Single-handedly repelled Batarian slavers on Elysium (War Hero)
  • Survived a thresher maw attack on Akuze (Sole Survivor)
  • Survived experiencing Prothean Beacons 
  • Became the very first human Spectre
  • Fought against numerous opponents including Mercenaries, Cyborgs, rogue Spectres, Biotics, Terrorists, Pirates, Robots, Synthetics, and numerous Reaper Husks
  • Survived being poisoned 
  • Defeated Matriarch Benezia, Saren's top lieutenant and a powerful Asari biotic 
  • Defeated the Thorian and saved all of Zhu's Hope Colonists
  • Destroyed Saren's HQ on Virmire 
  • Alongside Liara defeated the Shadow Broker
  • Killed Kai Leng, a Cerberus assassin with cybernetic implants who is skilled enough to kill a Krogan with a toothpick and kill Thane; the best assassin in the galaxy
  • Headbutts a Krogan without getting knocked out
  • Saved the galaxy multiple times
    • Defeated the rogue Spectre; Saren and Sovereign, delaying the Reaper Invasion 
    • Responsible for saving the Destiny Ascension and the onboard Citadel Council 
    • Gathered together an elite team composed of soldiers, mercenaries, assassins, and specialists to rescue colonists from the Collector Base on what is considered a 'Suicide Mission'
    • Destroys the Collector Base 
    • Destroys the Human Reaper hybrid 
    • Prevented another Reaper Invasion by single-handedly infiltrating the Project Base and using it to destroy the Alpha Relay 
    • Used the Crucible to end the Reaper War once and for all 
  • United the entire galaxy against the Reapers
    • Helped cure the Genophage
    • United the Quarian and the Geth
    • Gained the support of STG and the Salarian fleets
    • Convinced Din Korlack to give the Volus Bombing Fleet
    • Formed an alliance between the Turians and the Krogan
    • Convinced Captain Balak to lend the Batarian Fleets against the Reapers
    • Saves the Rachni Queen, twice
    • Saved the Hanar homeworld 
    • Convinced the Leviathans, the original creators of the Reapers, to side with them and emerge from hiding
  • Liberated Omega from Cerberus General Oleg Petrovsky alongside Aria and Nyreen
  • Is so dangerous the Reapers considered them to be the only true threat they have ever faced
  • Became the #1 fighter in the galaxy in the Armax Arsenal Arena
  • Defeated a renegade clone of themselves who have their exact same skills and abilities 
  • Transforms all the races in the galaxy into a synthetic-organic race (Synthesis Ending)
  • Becomes the new Catalyst and controls the Reapers (Control Ending) 
  • Survives the explosion of the Citadel (Destroy Ending)


  • Normal human weaknesses 
  • Officially was killed by the Collectors and was resurrected through Project: Lazarus
  • Can be a jerk
  • Is bad at chess
  • Can be ruthless
  • They can reckless, hot-headed, selfish, or naive
  • Ultimately an unwitting pawn of Cerberus
  • Doesn't know how to dance
  • Responsible for the genocide of multiple races
    • Kills the last Rachni Queen 
    • Screws the Krogan over by sabotaging a cure for the Genophage
    • The destruction of the Alpha Relay created a supernova that kills over 300,000 Batarians
    • Responsible for the destruction of either the Geth or the Quarians
  • Their decisions can potentially make everything worst
  • Their actions can lead to their squadmates and allies getting killed
    • Kills Urdnot Wrex, twice
    • Abandons the Citadel Council to their destruction
    • Chooses Morinth over Samara causing the laters death by the hand of the former
    • If they fall to arrive in time they will be forced to kill an indoctrinated Jack
    • Tali commits suicide if Shepard chooses the Geth over the Quarian
    • Is forced to kill Legion if they choose the Quarian over the Geth
    • Leaves Zaeed for dead
    • They can be responsible for destroying the entire galaxy (Destroy Ending)
  • Suffers from many psychological issues
  • Suffers from reoccurring nightmares
  • Is treated as a crazy person
  • Always sent to solve someone else's problem 
  • Hates being spied on