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This is set to become an actual episode of Death Battle. Check out the Death Battle Wiki’s page for it here.

Cole MacGrath vs. Alex Mercer is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by LakuitaBro01.2


InFamous VS Prototype! A huge video game rivalry is to be settled today! Will Cole MacGrath shock the Blacklight virus into submission? Or will Alex Mercer slice the Conduit into unrecognizable biomass?


Wiz: To be blessed with amazing powers sometimes isn't a blessing. You can do whatever you could want with them, but in the end, you may discover something truly awful about yourself.

Boomstick: You could either become the hero you wanted or decide to be a dick to children. Hell, I'd fuck up an entire city if I had awesome powers too.

Wiz: And that's exactly what our combatants today do for a living.

Boomstick: Cole MacGrath, the Savior of Empire City.

Wiz: And Alex Mercer, the Blacklight Virus given form.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skill to see who would win a Death Battle.

Cole MacGrath:[]

Alex Mercer:[]


Empire City at Night

Beneath the Mask (Rain) - Persona 5 and Rain Noises

It was a cold night, around 1 AM in Empire City, a city in which was rebuilding itself after a massive explosion rocked the Historic District, a plague swept through all three of it's islands, and through all that, it survived. However there still were super powered humans, named Conduits, that were running around with newfound powers, ruling sections of the city whenever they pleased.

However, one was fighting them all off and making an attempt to save the city. Harnessing electricity and ice, he'd destroy any Conduit that would try and do harm to another person. His name was Cole MacGrath.

In the Neon District of Empire City, he traveled along rooftops, having received new intel of a new Conduit in a broken down old factory located in the Warren, he was on his way there.

The Warren

Cole arrived at the factory, studying his surroundings. The factory was a wreck, and that's not just talking about the busted windows, the smoke stack that was about to tip over into the harbor, or the plant life that has long since grown over all the brick. No, it was the blaring lights of the military trucks, all from the Marines, the blood splatter on the ground and on all the walls, and the corpses strewn everywhere.

"What the hell happened here?" he pondered out loud as he slowed his pace to a crawl towards the cracked doors of the factory. Once inside, he punched a fuse box, turning all lights in the factory on. There were even more bodies and blood inside, so Cole put his best foot forward and followed the trail.

At the end of the trail, he found a group of huddling Marine troops. "Aw shit it's the Terrorist!" one of them yelled out, and all seven trained their guns on him. Cole put his hands up "Woah guys c'mon I'm here to stop the Conduit!"

One of the soldiers yelled out in pure fear "It's not a Conduit! It's not even alive!" McGrath gained a confused face, as another soldier continued on. "It's the Blacklight virus, it has form, it attacked us here at the factory."

The soldiers lowered their weapons. Cole looked around. "Where'd it go?" he asked. The soldier in the middle of the group's head jerked up, looking straight into his eyes. "Here."

He morphed into a slender, hooded figure, and instantly his arms turned into blades that sliced all the other soldiers into pieces. Then, he appeared to absorb them into himself, licking his lips. Cole went wide eyed and started to channel electricity through his arms.

"Delicious." he grinned, blades beginning to form again on his arms. Cole could only yell "Who and what the FUCK are you?"

Murder Your Maker - Prototype 2

"Alex Mercer, the Blacklight virus". Cole nodded, "Well let's see how you enjoy a little shock you little shit!"


I'm My Own Master Now - MGR:R

Neon District

Moritifed - Max Anarchy

Ravus Aeterna - Final Fantasy XV


Cole MacGrath VS Alex Mercer Is a What-If? Death Battle collaboration between Raiando and Resident Eldritch, it features Cole from InFamous and Alex from Prototype.

The Harbinger Of Supernatural
Alex Mercer VS Cole MacGrath Final
Season Episode 3
Written by Raiando, Eldritch Umbra
Episode guide
Mega Man Battle Royale
Krystal VS Jenny


InFamous VS Prototype, these two Individuals from Rival Open World games are about to fight to see who's the best Superhuman, only one of them will be Superior.


Wiz: Through the generations, there have been lots of Superheroes in many shapes and forms.

Boomstick: They usually start as being your Average Joe, but all the sudden they have Superpowers!

Wiz: Depends on who they are, they would use their Powers for Either Good or Evil.

Boomstick: Like Cole MacGrath: The Savior of Empire City.

Wiz: And Alex Mercer: The Blacklight Virus.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their Weapons, Armor and Skills to find out Who Will Win a Death Battle!

(The Doors of Death Battle slam shut and open for Cole's Bio)

Cole Amps Up[]

Wiz: In The Empire City, Cole MacGrath was a simple Bike Messenger who was just having his own business. He was also best friends with Zeke and Trish.

Boomstick: But one day, when he was delivering the Ray Sphere, it ended up detonating as it caused a Massive Explosion that killed hundreds and destroyed the City, fortunately Cole MacGrath survived.

Wiz: When he Awakened, Cole found himself with new powers, bound with his Electric Abilities, MacGrath discovered that he's a Conduit!

Boomstick: Conduits are basically like your usual Superpowered beings, with each of them having their own Abilities, It was up to Cole to either use these powers for Good or Bad.

Wiz: Were Considering about Good Cole for this one, Cole MacGrath has many ways of using his Electric Powers.

Boomstick: He can shoot out basic electric projectiles that travel at great distances, throw Sticky Bombs that latch onto anything and stun them, he can also Grind on Metallic Surfaces.

Wiz: Cole is very acrobatic as he got great parkour skills and even be able to Fly, he can even create Shields, a Grapple Hook, Shockwaves and even Telekinesis.

Boomstick: He also got The Gigawatt Blade as well as The Amps for Melee combat and not to mention, he got Supernatural Senses like reading the minds of Dead people, foreseeing the future and spot anyone in disguise.

Wiz: Electrokinesis is not the only ability Cole has, he also got such abilities like Cryokinesis.

Boomstick: Now that was quite unexpected from a guy who mostly uses Electricity but he got totally Cool powers that will make anyone Shiver.

Wiz: Cole can shoot Ice Blasts, create an Ice Shield to block off projectiles, use Ice Leap to create a platform beneath him to jump off and use the Ice Barrier to create a Spiky Obstacle and he can walk on Water as Cole with electric abilities is fatal to it.

Boomstick: On top of all these abilities, Cole got the powerful Ionic Abilities, with Ionic Drain he can take his opponents life force out of them, Ionic Freeze surrounds Cole with Spiky Icicles, Ionic Vortex makes Cole create a Massive Tornado that pulls anything in it and finally his Ionic Storm makes Cole summon a Massive Lightning Strike around him to completely zap em off.

Wiz: Cole is a powerful opponent to be reckoned with, he's capable of going up against the likes of the First Sons and it's leader Kessler.

Boomstick: Kessler basically has Cole's Powers but stronger, in fact. Kessler turned out to be Cole MacGrath from the future this whole time, he was also the person that ordered the Ray Sphere from Cole.

Wiz: Cole is strong enough to bring down entire Aircraft Carriers with Lightning Bolts and not to mention, he went up against The Beast.

Boomstick: And that guy was strong enough to Blast the Moon into pieces, however Cole has never shown such feat from himself, but still. He's fast enough to avoids Bullets, Lightning Blasts from Kessler and Black Holes from The Beast.

Wiz: Cole himself is pretty durable, he's tough enough to survive Extreme Heat, such as taking explosions in the face and surviving The Beast's grasp, who's literally made of fire, has an impressive Regenerating Ability as he can survive Bullet wounds for example and is possibly comparable to Forced Conduits, who can regrow Limbs.

Boomstick: And best of all, Cole has survived the very explosion that gave him powers, and that Explosion literally nuked an Entire City.

Wiz: That is pretty impressive, i even made a Near Replica of the Ray Sphere.

Boomstick: I could totally try it out!

(Boomstick Grabs the Near Replica of the Ray Sphere and tries to make it Explode)

Wiz: Boomstick, Don't! You know what happened last time when you tried to use something that blew up out entire laboratory?

Boomstick: Oh...Right...

Wiz: Anyhow, despite Cole's pretty impressive abilities, he still has his own disadvantages.

Boomstick: He can't carry any sort of firearms, as when he touches them, they end up blowing up, but that can come pretty handy when going up against anyone with Firearms.

Wiz: Cole's Electric Abilities are also pretty limitied, as he needs to absorb some Electricity from his environment, if Cole is in a place with no Electricity.

Boomstick: He can Tell his abilities Farewell.

Wiz: While he's immune towards any Electric Attacks, he can still be harmed by the superior White Lightnings.

Boomstick: Despite all of these, Cole MacGrath is still very impressive, he even crossed over in Street Fighter X Tekken and Playstation All Stars where he fought against the likes of Ryu, Heihachi and Raiden. Oh and his Evil Self fought against the Fat Princess for some reason.

Wiz: With all that said, If there's any City that could need a Hero, Cole MacGrath would always be there to be anyone's Savior.

Cole MacGrath: Powers don't kill People. Oh, no... it's the Person behind the Powers that kill People.

(The Doors of Death Battle Slam Shut, finishing Cole's bio and open for Alex's bio)

Alex Shapeshifts In[]

Wiz: Imagine if you woke up one day with no memory of who you were, where you are or how you got there.

Boomstick: That would be Terrible.

Wiz: Well, thats just the first day in the life of Alex Mercer. Alex then woke up and proceeded to break out of the facility that he was held in.

Boomstick: Jeez. turns out Alex had some Strange Powers which he discovered after he was attacked by a group called Blackwatch, a secret Government organazation meant to contain the Blacklight Virus. And apparently Alex just so happened to be infected with the Blacklight Virus. So, with no clue where he was, why he was there and with a creepy government organazation wanting him Dead, Alex set out for anwsers.

Wiz: As Alex Mercer would travel across Manhattan, he's capable of Absorbing anyone and Shapeshifting into them, not only that, Alex Mercer also obtains their Entire Past, it doesn't work on Anyone that are Already Dead.

Boomstick: Besides, he also has a Younger Sister that he Protects, which is very nice from Someone who's capable of Causing Havoc.

Wiz: With Alex Mercer being Powered Up by the Blacklight Virus, He's been considered to be a Threat by anyone that ever Encounters Him.

Boomstick: Like Wiz said, Alex can Kill and Shapeshift into anyone, Absorb Energy and infect other People thanks to the Blacklight Virus, he can harden his skin to near indestructible levels and Alex also has insanely powerful regeneration, you can shoot him a Thousand Times or even try to cut off his Limbs and he will still end up being fine.

Wiz: Being a Virus, Alex can corrupt entire Cities with ease, No matter your Willpower, even an Elite Force would have a trouble against him!

Boomstick: Alex's Shapeshifting Powers can grant him other cool abilities for Hand-To-Hand combat, he can turn his hands into Razor Sharp Claws to slash up his enemies, a Blade that can slice n' dice through it's foes, as well as creating a Chain Whip that he can lash out on his foes and bring down Helicopters to the ground and let's not forget that Alex can turn himself into a Spiky Cannonball.

Wiz: With hardening up his Arms, he can create the Hammerfists to deal enormous damage and being able to destroy Tanks with ease, he can also create a Spiky Shield around him to ram on his foes, and not to mention Alex Mercer can somehow fly by lightening up his body.

Boomstick: If we can have Flying Penguins and Echidnas, why not some Shapeshifting Guy in a Hoodie?

Wiz: He's also got Parkour Skills as he's capable of climbing up walls with ease and he can Dive Bomb himself and cause a massive Shockwave around him.

Boomstick: He can literally Jump off from the Highest Point of The City, Dive into the Ground then Destroy Everything around it and he would still be Fine. Now about all those memories, Dr. Alexander J. Mercer was at one point hired for some Science stuff for Gentek and he was working on the Blacklight Project, which is a counterpart of Redlight. I'll tell you this, Alex was a Sociopath and it's mostly from his Terrible Past where he spent in Abject Poverty, he was the only one who cared about his Sister Dana from his Family as their Mother spent Nine Years in Prison.

Wiz: When Alexander was moved to Gentek after obtaining his Doctorate from Columbia University, his Tragic Past is what made him a Very Cold Individual, He had No Friends, He couldn't Trust anyone and He would put anyone into Danger without feeling terrible about it. He's the one that created The Blacklight Virus.

Boomstick: Despite The Blacklight Virus being a Success, Alex was a potential liability to the Blackwatch with the Virus, the elite Soldiers of Blackwatch silenced all the people who worked on the Blacklight Virus.

Wiz: When the Blackwatch caught Alex Mercer, before they can shoot, Mercer unleashed the Blacklight Virus before he got gunned down. Dr. Alexander J. Mercer is Dead and in it's place took the Blacklight Virus.

Boomstick: Even when The Virus taking on Alex Mercer's Form had the Truth, he didn't like the Past, then he basically considered that Everyone is Terrible for all of the Conflicts that Happened and wants to Infect them all with The Blacklight Virus, now The Entire World has to worry about this Psycho.

Wiz: And just when you believe that you can escape from Alex, he has Supernatural senses that can make him track down Viruses and Humans alike, he's even capable of moving fast enough to cause Sonic Booms.

Boomstick: Alex Mercer can create an Armor around his body, it makes him more Stronger and Durable than ever, however Alex can't move fast in the Armor. But if that's not enough, after consuming Elizabeth, Alex can use his Evolved Form as it amplifies all of his Strenght, Speed and Durability even further, it also comes with an additional ability that is Hive Mind as it allows Mercer to infect people to be able to Mind Control them.

Wiz: Alex's most powerful Ability would be his Devastators, upon glowing in Red` Alex Mercer can do these three moves.

Boomstick: Tendrill Barrage makes Alex spread out bunch of Homing Tendrills all around his body, it's range is wide enough to cover the Time Square, or even cover the whole Manhattan.

Wiz: GroundSpike Graveyard makes Alex slam the ground and cause bunch of Tendrills emerge from the Ground and impale anyone around his sight.

Boomstick: And my personal favorite Devastator is gotta be the Critical Pain, where Alex unleashes a Massive wave of Tendrills with intense Air Pressure, it's very effective to take down a Singular target!

Wiz: Alex Mercer is a really tough Virus to put down, like we mentioned before, he's capable of taking down Military Vehicles with ease and that includes Heavily Armored ones.

Boomstick: Alex can even take down hulking Juggernauts and battled against the likes of Cross, Elizabeth Greene and James Heller. He also consumed 9 Evolved during the latter's battle and let's still not forget that his Tendrils can travel through the whole Manhattan.

Wiz: Speaking of Elizabeth, she was capable of taking down Elite Soldiers in a blink of a Camera and she can even send powerful Shockwaves across the whole City-Block, Alex can even keep up with Roland who can create bunch of Mirages while running fast.

Boomstick: Alex's Regenerating ability is so tough that he can Regenerate from any wounds, is completly Bulletproof and can survive incoming Missiles in the face and get blasted out of his apartment.

Wiz: Alex took beatings from James Heller, who should be his Superior and he even survived a Nuke Explosion that has Annihilated The Entirety of Manhattan, while that said explosion turned Alex into a puddle, he managed to fully regenerate himself from it like nothing happened.

Boomstick: Alex Mercer Is powerful for sure, but some of flaws include that he could still be consumed by another Blacklight Virus user, became a Complete Psycho and like many say, he's weak to Electricity. Say Wiz, why are we pitting up this Man against someone whose Main Ability is Electricity?

Wiz: To be fair, that was all from Cross' Stun Baton and Alex's should be able to overcome that Weakness at this point, as other Blacklight Viruses have shown Restance against Electricity.

Boomstick: Even with all these flaws, Alex Mercer is still Very Dangerous, if he wasn't stopped in Time, He would have Infected the Entire World with nothing Stopping him.

Alex Mercer: The City's Changing...and I'm changing with it. I can be anything, become anyone. Absorb every memory until i can remember who I am and who...deserves my Wrath.

(The Doors of Death Battle slam shut, finishing Alex's bio and open for the Pre-Fight)


Wiz: Alright! the combatants are set, we've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!!!

(The Doors of Death Battle slam shut and open for the Fight)

Death Battle[]

It was a Cloudy Day at Manhattan, the wind was blowing as the scene Zooms down to the City, we see the Civilians were walking around and having a Regular Day. But then the scene shifts towards a Tall Building, we see a man in Blue Jeans and a Black Hoodie, he opened his eyes as they glow red, he's not just an Ordinary Man, His Alex Mercer.

Alex jumps high in the air as he Divebombs on the Road, the impact caused a Shockwave that knocked many Cars and Humans away. People around Alex saw this and started to run in fear, the Hooded Virus grew a pair of Claws as he rushes down towards his preys, he slashes down a bunch of Civilians into bloody pieces as he consumed them one by one.

Then all the sudden a bunch of Military Vehicles like Tanks and a Helicopter arrived in to take down Alex. Super Soldiers came in with their firearms loaded and pointed towards the Biomass.

Super Soldier: Fire at Will.

The Soldiers started to gun down Alex Mercer from all directions as it left bunch of Bullet holes on him, however Alex regenerates from the wounds as he smirks. He runs towards one of the Soldiers as he impales them in the Chest and Head, Alex lifts him as he tosses the Soldier on the others.

More Super Soldiers surround Alex but he managed to Brutally kill all of them with a Spin Attack, the Tank blasts towards Alex and blows him up, however Mercer emerges from the Explosion as he grabs the Tank's barrel and started to spin it around, then he throws the Tank high in air and destroyed the Helicopter that was flying. It caused a Massive Explosion as the remaining Soldiers and Tanks tried to evade from Alex, but he uses the GroundSpike Grave and impales rest of the Super Soldiers as the Scenes fades to Black.

The City was in Ruins from Alex Mercer's destruction, The Buildings were Shattered and Roads were all Destroyed. Alex was then approaching towards a wounded Person as He was about to Kill, but then all the sudden a Lightning strikes down on a Alex as he gets electrified and knocked down. As Alex looks above, he sees a man standing on top of a Building, he was a wearing a Black and Yellow jacket as electricity was flowing through his left palm, it was Cole MacGrath, he jumps down from the building and approaches towards Alex Mercer.

Alex Mercer: Who do you believe you are? They are Not Worth Saving, can't you tell? They're all Terrible.

Cole MacGrath: I've heard that there was a Massive Outbreak in this city and it looks like you're the one that is causing it.

The Person managed to run away from Alex Mercer as they're about to Fight.

Alex Mercer: This World is in Crumbles, I will be the one to Change it, give it a Second Chance, it will all be brought to a Singular Point.

Cole MacGrath: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Cole MacGrath, the Savior of Empire City, What you're doing is not helping anyone.

Alex Mercer: Savior, huh? Pray for Yours because they will have to Suffer.

Then Cole charges up Electricity in his palms, ready to battle against Alex.

Cole MacGrath: Whatever it takes to beat someone like you, you're no Different than the Conduits I've fought before.

Alex smirked as grows a pair of Sharp Claws and does a fighting stance.

Alex Mercer: Whatever that is, You'll Meet Your Maker!


The Battle begins with Cole MacGrath shooting two Lightning Bolts at Alex Mercer, but he managed to somersault over them a get close to Cole, he slashes the Conduit right in the chest two times before kicking him away.

Cole stands back and Charges up a more powerful Electric Shot, he lashes out his Palms and electrifies Alex in place, the Bike Messenger got a chance to attack the Blacklight Virus as he starts to give him a series of punches before finishing with a Scissor Kick right in Alex's Chin, which knocked him on the Ground.

Alex stands up to see that Cole is lunging towards him with an Electric Punch, but Alex plunges his hand on the Ground as he creates a Tendrill that strikes Cole away, MacGrath then uses a Sticky Bomb that latches on the Tendrill, it detonates as Alex gets stunned some more.

Cole MacGrath stands on the ground as he sees Alex managed to recover from the Attack. Mercer then shifts his Razor Sharp Claws into a Blade Arm as he swings it around. We see a Split Screen of Alex and Cole as they both are ready for some more Beatdown.

The Electric Conduit and The Blacklight Virus run at each other as Alex swipes his Blade at Cole and slashed him, MacGrath punches Mercer in the face two times and did an Electric High Kick which flinced the Virus, Alex tried to decapitate his head but Cole dodges the Slash as he pulls out the Gigawatt Blade and tried to Slash him too, they both Clashed their Blades as they both struggle.

MacGrath and Mercer tried to Slash each other over and over, but Cole managed to plunge it through Alex's shoulder as it flinches him, Alex kicked Cole in the gut and backs away, then The Blacklight Virus started to charge himself up and jump High in the air, then he dives towards Cole and causes a Shockwave from the ground, it causes the Electric Conduit get launched at greater heights.

Alex starts to fly towards Cole as he turns himself into a Spiky Cannonball and ram into Cole, knocking him back a little, Cole started to launch bunch of Electric Shots at Alex, but he managed to dodge them in Zig Zag motion as he comboes Cole with a bunch of Claw Slashes and finished with an Cross pattern Slash.

As Alex and Cole were still fighting in Air, MacGrath does another Electric Shot and stuns Alex again, then he takes out the Gigawatt Blade and slashed him Three Times before uppercutting him away. Cole flies towards Alex and tried to use his Electric Punch, but then Alex unleashes his Tendrils at Cole as he knocks him far away and ends up Crashing on a Skyscraper.

Cole MacGrath opens his eyes and sees that Alex is charging at him with the Hammerfist, Alex rammed Cole so hard that they pierced through the Skyscraper as they go through Several Rooms, as they both launched out of the Skyscraper, Alex would throw MacGrath upwards. Mercer started to hit MacGrath with the Hammerfists simultaneously, suddenly Cole creates a Shield around him as it blocks Alex from punching and then he responds Alex back with a Single Punch, then he appears right behind Alex and did a Roundhouse Kick, making Alex spiral towards the Rooftops of that Skyscraper. Mercer crashes on the Rooftops, but he gets right back up as he sees MacGrath approach towards him.

Alex Mercer: Heh, you're really tough, I'll give you that. However You will be no Match for me, You will Soon be brought to the point of Singularity.

Cole MacGrath: Soon, The World won't have to Suffer from your Infection.

Both Cole and Alex get close as The Conduit throws bunch of punches at The Virus, but he managed to block them as he does a Spin Kick and hit Cole on the side of his head, causing him to spit blood. MacGrath cleans off the Blood he sees Alex trying to kick him, but Cole managed to grab Alex's leg and spin him, then he throws him towards a Wall.

Alex Mercer gets up from the Wall as he let's out bunch of Tendrils towards Cole MacGrath, however he Slides under them and reaches towards Alex, he did an Electric Kick on him, followed by an Uppercut that sent Alex spiraling upwards.

The Electric Conduit then flies towards a nearby Building, Alex lightens up his body to fly towards Cole as sends out Tendrils, however Cole Avoids them as he Approached to the Building and then Jumps on a Wire. He starts to grind on it, Alex follows him on a Wire as well, he tried to tackle MacGrath but he flips over him and continues grinding. Alex throws his Tendrils at Cole again, but counters it with an Electric Shot and stuns Mercer.

Cole MacGrath: It Appears that my Electric Powers aren't Friendly to you.

Alex Mercer: You're not the First One.

Alex dashes at Cole and generated a Sonic Boom, it managed to blast away Cole MacGrath from the Wire.

Cole MacGrath: Alright Hooded Man, time to get Serious!

Cole MacGrath then pulls out his Amps as Electricity flowed through it, Cole dashes towards Alex and hit him in the face with the Amps. Mercer roundhouse kicks MacGrath away and then he changes his hand into a Chain Whip and he swipes it around.

Cole and Alex fly towards each other as they both clash their Weapons, The Conduit swings both of his Amps at The Virus, but he parries them with The Whip and caused a Sonic Boom that made Cole spiral away, Alex then flies towards a Building as he walks upwards.

The Blacklight Virus reaches towards The Electric Conduit and slashed him with the Chain Whip three times, causing Cole to bleed from each slash, when Alex was about to slash him one more time, howeved Cole creates a Shockwave around him and caused Alex to be stunned in place, Cole then Slams him down with an Electric Punch.

Alex ends up getting launched towards a Military Tank as the Impact caused it to blow up. Cole MacGrath flies down to the ground and looks around, then he approaches towards the blown up Tank. As The Conduit puts back his Amps, suddenly he a wounded Soldier near the Tank, trying to crawl away from the Tank.

Soldier: Help...Me...

Cole MacGrath: I'll be there!

Soldier: You There...please...Help...Me...

As Cole approaches towards the Wounded Soldier, he sensed that something isn't right, he checked through the Soldier and witnessed a familiar figure, it was Alex Mercer in disguise. The Shapeshifter grinned as he sends out a Tendril on Cole's shoulder.

Cole MacGrath: Argh! You!

Alex Mercer: There is No One to Save.

Suddenly Cole MacGrath electrifies Alex away, then he approaches close to Alex as he delivers a High Kick, knocking him all the way towards a Building. The Conduit uses his Telekinesis to lift bunch of Rusty Cars around him and flings them towards Alex Mercer.

The Man in Black Hood stands up to witness a bunch of Incoming Cars at him, Alex takes no time and jumps over the first Car that crashes into the Wall, he runs forwards as he slices the Second Car with his Blade, then he creates a Shield as he blocks off more Cars coming at him, then he jumps over and walks on the other incoming Cars.

Alex then he sees a Police Car coming right at him, he uses his Hammerfists to put his hands inside of it, breaks it in two and wears them like Boxing Gloves, Cole MacGrath lifts up a Bus and throws it at Mercer, but Alex uses his Spiky Cannonball form and pierces through it with ease as he approaches towards Cole.

The Blacklight Virus slams down the Police Car on Cole as he causes a Crater beneath him, Alex simultaneously hits Cole to the ground over and over, with each hit causing Earthquakes and the Police Car getting more twsted, as Alex was about to hit him one more time, Cole uses his Telekinesis to lift Alex and constantly slam him across the Ground as Alex's Car Barriers break apart, then Cole swirls Alex and flings him away, causing Mercer to crash through Multiple Buildings and end up crashing on a Tank.

Alex slowly stood up and groaned in pain, he was looking very Bloody, but Alex uses his Regeneration to heal his wounds, he saw Cole MacGrath tackling towards him, but Alex equipps his Hammerfists to uppercut Cole in the chin, causing him to get knocked away, then Alex walks around the Tank, grabs it with One Hand and effortlessly throws it in the Air.

As Cole was knocked in the air, he saw the Tank coming right at him, so he Charges up a Lightning Bolt and zaps the Tank, completely blowing it up. Then all the sudden a Chain Whip pierces through the Explosion, Cole quickly uses his Electric Wire and makes it flow through the Chain Whip and grab Alex Mercer.

Cole MacGrath: Now it's My Turn!

The Electric Conduit starts to Spin around The Blacklight Virus around him and then slams him on the side of a Building, then he brings down Alex and slams him on top of a Car and then he Spins around Alex once again and makes him crash on a bunch of Cars all around him, then Cole drags Alex towards him and finally delivers a Scissor Kick that makes Alex spiral in the air and crash on the ground, now Alex is more Bloody with sparks coming all around him.

Cole MacGrath: Are Having Fun Yet?

Alex stands on his knees and punches the Ground as he slowly stands up.

Alex Mercer: The Fun has only just begun.

Cole throws an Electric Shot as Alex crosses his Arms, as the Shot impacts on Alex and causes the Screen flash in White, all the sudden we see Alex's body all covered up in Spikes and looking more Bulky. Alex Mercer used his Armored Form.

Cole MacGrath runs towards Armored Alex and tried to punch him, but Mercer grabbed his hand and delivered a Powerful Punch at Cole, then Alex implaes the ground and causes a Tendril to appear beneath Cole and plunged him on the chest.

Armored Alex grows out his Blade and points it at Cole, however MacGrath takes out the Gigawatt Blade and cuts down the Tendrils as his approaches towards Alex, they both Clash their Blades again, as each Clash is causing a Shockwave, Cole managed to Impale Alex in the chest, but Mercer responds him by punching his Bicep with the Hammerfist, causing Cole groan in Pain, then Alex kicks away the Gigawatt Blade from Cole's hands.

Cole MacGrath takes out his Amps and tried to hit Alex with them, but Alex used his Razor Sharp Claws and slashes the Amps away, then started to constantly slash Cole MacGrath and then he winds up a punch from the Hammerfist and hit MacGrath in the face, causing him to get launched away. Alex then walks towards Cole, then he pulls him up from his Torso with a Single Hand.

Alex Mercer: Nothing will Save You, you tried your best to Save the City.

Cole MacGrath smirks as Alex prepares to kill him off, suddenly The Conduit Unleashes a Blizzard and freezes Alex in the place, Cole jumps out of his grasp as he creates Ice in his Palms. Mercer breaks out of the Ice and looks at Cole.

The Blacklight Virus runs towards The Conduit and tries to punch him, but Cole freezes his hands and Roundhouse Kicks at Alex, Cole then does an Ice Slide and causes Alex to be knocked in Air, then Cole jumps up as he does a series of Punches and Kicks on Alex and finishes it with an Axe Kick that sends him crashing on the Ground.

Alex stands still as Cole lands down, Mercer sends his Tendrils towards MacGrath, but he creates the Ice Barrier and slightly freezes the Tendrils, suddenly Alex breaks through the Ice and hits Cole in the face.

Alex started to simultaneously punch Cole over and over, but suddenly The Conduit used the Ice Leap as he creates an Ice Sculpture and jumps over it, Armored Alex tried to follow Cole but he slams Alex to the ground as he charges his palms for a Powerful Attack, Cole dives down towards Alex Mercer and slams his hand on him, using the Ionic Freeze ability as he creates Ice Spikes all around the place and froze Alex.

As Cole leaps back, a Crimson Energy started to flow through Alex's frozen body and breaks out of the Ice, Alex has now changed to his Final Form, his Evolved Form.

Alex Mercer: This will be your Demise, The Virus will Evolve to the Singularity. This is where it all Ends.

Cole MacGrath: You still Wanna Fight huh? Bring it on!

Cole MacGrath leaps in the Air and shoots two Ice Spheres at The Redlight Virus, but Alex deflects both Shots and then he Slams the Ground, using the GroundSpike Grave Devastator to create Tendrils to break all the Ice Spikes and impale Cole, Evolved Alex then uppercuts Cole in the Air as he starts to give Cole a Vicious Beatdown as he rapidly attacks and slashes Cole with all of his Arm Upgrades, causing Cole to Bleed out. Alex winds up a Spin Kick and hit Cole with enough force to make him spill out Blood from his Mouth and end up Crash through multiple Buildings.

Cole managed to survive the attack, however he's all Covered in Blood as his hands were Shaking, he saw Alex Mercer emerging from the air, Cole MacGrath rolls away from his Dive Bomb, but Alex's impact caused a Shockwave around him that flings Cole away, however he stands up from the Ground and creates Electricity in his Palms.

The Conduit started to shoot Electric Bolts at very fast pace towards Alex, but he managed to Sidestep from all of his Shots and Boosts towards Cole, however The Conduit caught The Virus with his Telekinesis and slams him on the Ground, MacGrath then uses the Ionic Drain ability in Hopes of taking away Alex's Lifeforce, However The Redlight Virus walks through it like Nothing Happened and Uppercuts Cole so hard that it sends him flying in the Air.

Alex Mercer jumps towards Cole as he punches him towards another Skyscraper, then Alex appears right behind Cole and does a Scissor Kick that sends him higher, Alex then starts to Run up the Skyscraper at incredibly fast speeds and reaches towards Cole, he crossed his Arms and charges up another Powerful Attack. He then yells out and Unleashes a Barrage of Tendrils all over from his body and Impaled Cole through the Skyscraper as the remaining Tendrils crossed through the Manhattan.

As Cole MacGrath was getting impaled through, he charges up a Tornado in his palms and uses the Ionic Vortex, creating a Massive Tornado that gets rid of the Tendrils out of his way, Alex saw the Tornado coming towards him and ends up getting inside of it, Mercer was spinning inside of the Ionic Vortex as Cole flies towards Alex to use his Final Attack. But all the sudden Alex Mercer gets out of the Tornado in his Viral Form, his eyes are now completely Red as he's about to use his Final Attack.

Cole MacGrath: IONIC STORM!


Both shout their Powerful Attack as Alex unleashes a Massive Singular Tendril while Cole unleashes a Lightning Storm, both end up getting hit from the Final Attack, both of them are struggling through their attack as they try to finish each other, Alex Mercer let's out a Red Mist of Infection while Cole MacGrath increases the Strength of Ionic Storm, both of their Final Attack causes both to Fade Away as Cole gets consumed by the Tendrils while Alex's body gets vaporized as the screen goes White. Then we see a massive Explosion from their attack that completely Annihilates the City.

Manhattan is now no more, it's all completely Destroyed down to Ashes, then all the sudden, we see a First Person view of someone waking up from the ground...the Person looked at their hand and was seen wearing Fingerless gloves with Yellow Sleeves, they get up from the ground and slowly walk towards a broken pieces of mirror, they stare down as they see the figure of Cole MacGrath. However things weren't looking right for him as Tendrils grow from his back, the Camera shifts towards Cole's face, he opened his eyes and they were Red. His Structure contorts into a Black Hooded Individual that is Alex Mercer as he makes a Maniacal Grin before the screen fades to Black.



The Blacklight Virus was seen with Cole MacGrath's electricity flowing through his hands and then he walks into the mist.

Boomstick: That had me Completely Shocked, I felt like this one was gonna End in a Draw.

Wiz: This was a really close one, both Cole and Alex have plenty of advantages that could have worked for both of them.

Boomstick: Cole did went up against his future self Kessler and The Beast, the latter did bust a Moon, however Cole himself never shown any Moon Busting feats on his own and was going defensive against him for the most part, without the Moon feat, The Beast at bare minimum was shown to destroy a City.

Wiz: While Alex Mercer has went up against Elizabeth Greene, whose Shockwaves can range a whole City-Block, however it's theorically possible that Alex's Tendril Barrage could range at the Near end of Manhattan after he consumed the 9 Evolved, after all James Heller's Tendril's reached the Whole Manhattan after he consumed the 9 Evolved-Alex, thus making both around City Busting level.

Boomstick: Aside from that Cole is shown to be able to physically lift things like Vehicles and Steel Beams with ease, not to mention his Telekinetic abilities are Superior compared to that guy who turned a Bridge into a Golem. While Alex can lift Vehicles too, Mercer is capable of lifting a Military Tank with ONE HAND and tossing it away all the way into the Air, just showing how Strong Alex is from his Physical Strenght. However He would probably Struggle against his Telekinesis.

Wiz: Cole MacGrath is clearly Faster with his Lightning Speed attacks, while Alex Mercer is Physically Faster, as he can disappear from anyone's sight and keep up with Elizabeth, who killed Highly trained Soldiers within a static of a Camera, while this is impressive, it would take a while to get around Cole. However Cole's Electric Abilities have their limits as he does need to recharge from the Environment, this could give Alex the Advantage to destroy anything that Cole could recharge from, Effectively taking away the Speed Advantage from Cole.

Boomstick: Durability is a Pretty Difficult one, Cole survived the very Explosion that granted him his Powers, which was powerful enough to vaporize up to Six City-Blocks, though Cole survived the Explosion due to him being a Conduit, since the Ray Sphere grants Conduits any Superpowers and not Intended to Kill them, Alex Mercer on the other hand survived the Explosion that managed to blow up the Entirety of Manhattan Island!

Wiz: While Alex wasn't at the Center of the Bomb, it was enough to turn him into a Puddle and managed to regenerate from it. And if we bring up Alex's Electric Weakness, we did say it was all from Cross' Stun Baton, The Hydras that are apart of The Same Virus as Alex Mercer are capable of resisting it, so Alex is not completely Weak to Electricity.

Boomstick: Cole and Alex can take many hits from each other as much as they want, but a best way to put down your opponent is Outsmarting and Outhaxing them, MacGrath comes up with Strategy and handled against foes with Hundreds of years of Expeience, Alex on the other hand is also a lot more Experienced, he's literally a College Graguade-Scientist who has a composed Conciousness of Hundreds upon Thousands of Consumed people as he can even use their intellect.

Wiz: For the most part, Cole and Alex's other abilities could Counter each other, like Cole being able to witness Alex's disguises while Alex being Immune to Cole's Ice Abilities and Ionic Drain, due to Alex being resistant to Low Temperates and him simply being a Virus who has absorbed Thousands.

Boomstick: Alex may not be able to Consume Cole normally, but there is one thing Cole is not resistant to, the Infection.

Wiz: Alex's Hive Mind ability would let him Infect Cole and be able to Mind Control him, in which Cole hasn't shown any resistance to, this would allow Alex for an Easy Kill and take over his body. Again this was a really close one, but it's that Alex has the slight edge over Cole.

Boomstick: You could say that The Conduit would never see The Blacklight of the Day ever again.

Wiz: The Winner is Alex Mercer.

Next time on Death Battle

The Scene shows a Huge White and Pink Palace as The Blue Vixen was Walking Around, on the other side a Pink Feline was Approaching her, then the Scene shows The Blue Vixen Spinning around her Staff while The Pink Feline charges up her Psychic Powers.

Krystal VS Jenny


  • The Connection between Cole and Alex is that both were once Normal Individuals before they obtained Supernatural Powers, both also come from an Open World Video Game that was Released in 2009.
  • This Death Battle is done in Collaboration with Raiando and Eldritch Umbra.
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"Okay, this is going to be my very last one. Like, for real this time." - Nkstjoa

Cole MacGrath vs. Alex Mercer
Season Bonus, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date June 9, 2019
Written by Nkstjoa & Antonio valihora
Directed by Nkstjoa
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Cole MacGrath vs. Alex Mercer is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


InFamous VS Prototype! A decade-long debate between these superpowered open-world protagonists will finally be settled once and for all!


(*cues Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates at 36 seconds*)

Boomstick: I love me some open world games, but when I want to take a break from trying to FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, I especially dig the ones where you're a literal superhuman.

Wiz: In 2009, these two super-powered sandbox games came out just two weeks apart, and for an entire decade, this debate between InFamous and Prototype's leading men has gone unanswered... until today.

Boomstick: Cole MacGrath, InFamous' ELECTRIFYING Prime Conduit.

Wiz: And Alex Mercer, the Prototype. For this match-up, we will sticking exclusively to both characters at their peak prior to their final battles.

Minus Beast Cole and Evolved

Boomstick: Meaning no Beast powers or Evolved cronies. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick...

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a... Death Battle.

Cole MacGrath[]

Cole MacGrath Preview

(*cues Hypothetical Rundown Music - Insert Fictional Artist*)

Wiz: Cole MacGrath was someone most would never notice: a simple bike courier making his living by delivering packages.

Boomstick: Aside from his best friends Zeke and Trish, he really didn't care for anything else. He even dropped out of college just to piss off his folks. *sniffles* Livin' the dream, Cole.

Cole Popup 1

Boomstick: Then one day in New Yor... *coughs* I mean Empire City, Cole got a call to drop off a box, but when he got there, he was offered extra cash to open the package and hold what was inside. Nothing out of the ordinary, just some shiny glowy Poké Ball the size of a basketball, then BOOM!, a couple city blocks were toast.

Wiz: If waking up in a crater wasn't bad enough for Cole, Empire City completely fell apart: a plague began to spread, forcing the government to place the whole city under quarantine.

Boomstick: Oh, and crime was so out of control that the city's entire police force was almost completely absent.

Wiz: But Cole didn't just survive the explosion: he was changed by it. He and his friends soon discovered he could interact with electricity without harm, absorbing and even utilizing it himself.

Boomstick: So he practiced, becoming adept enough to stop armed gang members from stealing air-dropped food... but a guy on the TV put up a video showing Cole with the quote unquote "bomb", turning the city's people against him. And then someone from the FBI told Cole that it wasn't a bomb at all, but a device called the Ray Sphere that gave people superpowers. Oh, and it was made by a super-secret society called the First Sons. Sufficed to say, Cole had a lot on his plate to deal with that day alone, but luckily, he was more than up to the task of fighting to find the answers.

Wiz: Cole was practically a master at parkour and with his newfound abilities, he could navigate both rooftops and the sewers with utter ease.

Boomstick: But now let's get to Cole's bread-and-butter: electricity. He has his basic bolts, ranging from single and multi-shots to rapid fire, blasts to push foes and objects back or even cause them to levitate, grenades that stick, multiply, chase after, and electrocute before detonation, and his hard-hitting rockets. My favorite's the Redirect Rocket, which at first moves all spirally, making it hard to hit things with, but if Cole fires bolts at something, it comes flying straight at them with all fury like... well... a rocket.

Wiz: He can also utilize an ability called Kinetic Pulse to lift objects above him, then launch them forward with kinetic energy for an explosion upon impact.

Boomstick: Anything from trash cans to cars, he can lift them. And he can even stand on top of the object he's lifting to lift himself up too.

Wiz: But Cole's powers aren't exclusively for long-range offense. He can ride power lines and rails to get around a city quickly, or use the tops of cars to be given a massive electrical jump upward.

Boomstick: And if that and climbing aren't getting him to the tops of buildings fast enough, he has the Lightning Tether. Think of it like Batman's grappling hook: he fires and it pulls him straight towards his destination. Oh, and hey, DC Comics made an InFamous comic. How about that?

Wiz: Another technique, the Lightning Hook, essentially does the opposite: pulling objects and even people to him, including those he can lift with Kinetic Pulse such as cars.

Boomstick: And he can project static electricity from his hands while in midair to slow down his descent and glide to a lower rooftop. But should his enemies be below him, Cole can charge up the Thunder Drop to unleash a shockwave upon impact with the ground.

Wiz: While taking aim, Cole can focus and slow his perception of time with Precision. And his Polarity Wall is a unique and defensive ability that can stop bullets.

Cole Popup 2

Boomstick: Not only that, but blocked shots turn into energy for Cole to use. And while this ability requires a transformer box... the electricity kind, not the Hasbro toy... the Tesla Missile can be remote-controlled by Cole into whatever he needs it to hit, be it another transformer or, y'know, enemies.

Wiz: All of Cole's abilities run on the electricity reserves in his system and overuse can drain him too quickly, leaving him unable to use any of them. Thankfully, Cole can always track sources of electricity and even enemies with Radar Pulse.

Boomstick: So... like sonar?

Wiz: Like sonar. He can also use something akin to a psychic vision on a deceased individual, seeing their last moments, and leaving a trail for him to track their killers.

Boomstick: Man, Cole would make a killing in the detective business! Well, when the fighting's all said and done, he heals injured civilians with Pulse Heal, straps foes to the ground with Arc Restraint, and on those days where he's thirsty for electricity and can't wait, he can just say "Screw it!" and absorb the electricity of a defeated enemy with Bio Leech.

Wiz: And in case Cole needs to get up close and personal, his seemingly normal punches and kicks are greatly enhanced with electricity.

Boomstick: If that doesn't cut it, he can charge up even more power for the Gigawatt Blades. But his sole melee weapon, and his favorite, is the Amp.

(*Wizard and Boomstick are shown with the latter holding the Amp and a log in front of him*)

Boomstick: Built by his best buddy Zeke, Cole can channel his electricity into this doohickey for even more powerful strikes. *points at self* But not this guy! Just watch!

(*He swings the Amp into the log, but instead of splitting it, he simply puts a small crack in it before dropping the amp due to his hands shaking from the impact.*)

Boomstick: Damn it! Guess I do need electricity powers after all!

Wiz: Indeed. Now then...

Boomstick: But wait...!

(*He takes out the Ray Sphere to Wizard's surprise.*)

Boomstick: Imma get me some super powers with this.

Wiz: ...except the Ray Sphere doesn't exactly give powers to just anyone. In the InFamous world, Conduits, or humans with special powers, often take time for their abilities to awaken.

Boomstick: Ah, like those Mutant X-Men people from Marvel Comics! So the Ray Sphere just gives them their powers early.

Wiz: Yes... at the cost of all non-Conduits nearby the user.

Boomstick: I can live with that. Now let's get us some powers!

(*He gets ready to squeeze the Ray Sphere.*)

Wiz: Just one problem with that: those without the Conduit gene can't hope to utilize the Ray Sphere's power themselves, just like the time Zeke attempted to gain powers for himself.

Boomstick: you're saying I don't have the Conduit gene?

Wiz: I checked and you don't... and neither do I.

(*Boomstick was saddened by this, but tried to play it off by putting a hand over Wizard's shoulder.*)

Boomstick: It's alright, Wiz. We'll get by.

Wiz: Cole's search for answers and eventual determination to save Empire City led him to a fateful battle with the First Son's leader Kessler, who happened to have electrical powers of his own.

Boomstick: Strap yourselves in, folks. See, Kessler doesn't just happen to have Cole's same power set: Kessler WAS Cole from an alternate future who chose not to use his powers to help others, resulting in a massive beast called "the Beast" annihilating everything. So Future Cole here traveled back in time and all the awful shit he did was to ensure that the Cole we all know was ready for it.

Wiz: ...while also unintentionally causing an incurable plague with the Ray Sphere called "the Plague".

Boomstick: And murdering his own future wife Trish. Good going there, Kessler.

Cole Popup 4

Wiz: His quest to be ready for the Beast led him to New Marais, where he came across the agent Kuo, who also had the Conduit gene.

Boomstick: Long story short, Kuo unlocked her ability to conjure ice, and then after finding a device that allowed the transfer of abilities between Conduits, she and Cole used it to try swapping powers with each other. Kuo didn't really get anything out of it, but Cole gained a cool new power set to call upon.

Wiz: Cole can create shards of ice to launch with his blasts, grenades and rockets that trap humans in ice on contact, a pillar for launching himself upward...

Boomstick ...and a shield of frost... the Frost Shield. But when outnumbered or facing a powerful foe, Cole can call upon these show-stoppers: the Ionic Vortex is basically an electrical tornado of death that sucks just about anything into it, while Ionic Freeze creates a trail of ice spikes that freeze enemies... and not civilians. That's handy.

Wiz: But by far his most powerful are his Lightning and Ionic Storm. Both involve Cole summoning a bolt of lightning from the sky with a force all but guaranteed to down nearly any enemy.

Boomstick: And the former of which Cole can steer himself. And if he needs even more power, he has Karmic Overload. While it costs karma to use, it gives Cole unlimited juice for a short time.

Wiz: On his journey to becoming a full-fledged superhero, Cole's performed some exceptional feats. He's taken on gangs like the Reapers and Dust Men, First Sons soldiers, various swamp monsters, and a mercenary army of Ice Conduits.

Boomstick: Oh, and he liberated two whole cities from their captors. No biggie, really.

Wiz: He's fought several high-tier Conduits, like the mentalist Alden Tate, who could throw a bus onto the top of a tall building and craft a giant body out of junk to pilot, and Joseph Bertrand, who could mutate normal humans into swamp monsters and transform himself into a massive fifty foot behemoth.

Boomstick: At his most powerful, Cole has managed to fire off a super-heated bolt that can punch a hole through the hull of an aircraft carrier, sank said carrier with Lightning Storm, and even damaged the Beast.

Cole Damages The Beast

Wiz: The Beast once had its body destroyed by a nuclear missile.

The Beast VS Nuke

Wiz: The missile's creator, Sebastian Wolfe, stated the weapon to have a payload of 51 kilotons. That's over two and a half times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

Boomstick: And Cole's a tough cookie too. He's been thrown through a wall, had a steel beam fall on him...

Cole Steel Beam

Boomstick: ...and was hit by eye beams from the Conduit David Warner that sent him flying. Wait a second... David Warner... *excited gasp*

Wiz: He's not one of the Warner Brothers!

Boomstick: Aww.

Cole Popup 3

Boomstick: Plus, Cole's gotten up after having a bomb go off in front of him...

Cole Blast Shard Bomb

Boomstick: ...which isn't all that surprising since he was in the middle of an explosion that destroyed 6 city blocks!

Wiz: But Cole does have several weaknesses: submerging himself in large bodies of water will electrocute him, and one deep enough could actually kill him.

Boomstick: Weakness #2:

Cole hears and sees metal gates close around him, trapping him.

Bertrand: It's nothing special, but it'll stop your lightning.

Boomstick: Cole has some trouble firing through fences, gates, and all manner of metal obstructions, which some of his foes have used to their advantage.

Wiz: Also, Cole is not invincible. His durability is entirely dependent on a constantly supply of electricity. Should he take damage, Cole will need to recharge from nearby electrical sources to keep up his healing factor.

Boomstick: He can heal from bullet wounds, sure, but he ain't Wolverine. And should Cole be completely drained, enough well-placed shots can put this Conduit down the same as any other man.

Wiz: But even for a hero with just a career of only a few months, Cole would go on accomplish the impossible: stopping the Beast and curing the entire world of the Plague once and for all... by sacrificing his own life.

Boomstick: *sniffles* That Cole MacGrath. He may have lasted only half as long, but he truly was twice as bright.

Cole: See, powers don't kill people. Oh no. *extends the Amp and charges it with electricity* It's the person behind the powers... that kill people.

Alex Mercer[]

Alex Mercer Preview

(*cues Hypothetical Rundown Music 2 - Insert Fictional Artist*)

Alex: They call me a killer. A monster. A terrorist. I'm all of these things.

Wiz: Alexander J. Mercer was a fairly withdrawn intellectual, trusting no one and without friends.

Boomstick: Probably because he had a bit of a crummy upbringing, being in foster care for years and having to be a parental figure to his younger sister Dana due to a lack of any good parental figures. But hey, Alex found his calling in science, so after earning his doctorate degree... for genetics, not poultry science like yours truly... he went to work at a research company called Gentek.

Wiz: Alex excelled in his new surroundings, his work on viruses and altering genes years ahead of his co-workers.

Boomstick: Yeah, speaking of viruses, his usual work load included a supposed cure for diseases that was actually meant to rewrite the DNA of living creatures. Y'know, fairly shady shit, but Alex was pretty much okay with all of it... that is until his fellow scientists began getting "mysteriously" killed.

Wiz: Gentek was under investigation and, fearing potential leaks, attempted to cover it up. He sent Dana a laptop containing information about his work, then fled Gentek for his life. But his body would end up at Penn Station, which became Ground Zero for a massive biological event: the spread of the Blacklight Virus.

Boomstick: Alex Mercer was dead... but then he found himself in a morgue with a splash of amnesia and freaky superpowers to boot. Pretty convenient since Manhattan soon went under quarantine and became a total war zone. Not only were people starting to turn into monsters, but the government black ops group Blackwatch's solution to stopping the virus' spread was to basically murder whoever they pleased, whether they were infected or not.

Wiz: The virus completely changed Alex: his entire physical being, including his own clothes, had become biomass, the building blocks that make up all living creatures, which he can alter at will.

(*Wizard and Boomstick watch clips of Alex Mercer*)

Boomstick: Ah, but now he's stuck wearing that jacket and hoodie forever... which is what I would've said if he couldn't take on the appearance of others! So what, does he just look at them and then pull a Mystique or T-1000?

Wiz: No... actually, he...

(*Boomstick sees several clips of Mercer absorbing individuals*)

Boomstick: He's eating them! And then he's going to eat me!

(*A fly lands on Boomstick's head as the camera zooms in on his face.*)

Boomstick: OH MY GODDDDDD!!!

Wiz: And that's only the half of it: with every person he consumes, Alex takes on all their memories. Imagine: an entire lifetime suddenly brought into your consciousness.

Boomstick: Complete with tons of really awkward memories he doesn't want to talk about, I'm sure. He probably has a separate file for them.

Mercer Popup 1

Wiz: More importantly, Mercer obtains the memories of his target's training, giving him the skillsets of potentially hundreds of combatants. Everything from close-quarters and marksmanship to combat tactics and knowledge.

Boomstick: Give Alex an automatic weapon, grenade, or rocket launcher and he'll put that to good use. Same goes with whatever tanks or helicopters he decides to commandeer.

Wiz: But Alex didn't accomplish everything with just firearms and vehicles: he learned to weaponize himself, transforming his own arms into a variety of instruments of death.

Boomstick: He can turn his hands into four-fingered claws, which can slice through flesh and bone with ease. Not only can he cut up close with it, but he can even have them travel underground and impale from a distance.

Wiz: What Alex's Hammerfists lack in speed, they make up for with powerful strikes.

Boomstick: With them, he can slam down on his elbow hard enough to smash armored vehicles, and can even toss himself forward fist-first like a torpedo of pain.

Wiz: His barbed Whipfist easily grants Alex the most range of all his other transformations, complete with a spear-like point.

Boomstick: For those moments where he wants to do his Scorpion impression. Or he can pull himself towards larger foes or helicopters. And that's when he's not swinging it around him like a chain blade of death. And speaking of blades... THE Blade is perhaps his deadliest close range weapon for mano-a-mano, especially against larger enemies and vehicles.

Mercer Popup 2

Wiz: The virus also increased his strength and speed dramatically. He can lift cars with ease and run so fast that it takes military helicopters to keep up with him.

Boomstick: Not to mention his agility. He can leap stories and long distances in a single jump, and can climb the sides of buildings... or he can just give gravity the middle finger and just RUN UP THEM!!! Where have I seen that before?

(*Clips of similar actions from Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype are shown side-by-side*)

Boomstick: Oh yeah... the same people that made Prototype also made a Hulk game.

Wiz: Alex can glide, dash forward, and even recover from being thrown back while in midair.

Boomstick: And if you don't see him, you're definitely in trouble because Alex can sure as hell see you. His Infected and Thermal visions can see through smoke and even some obstacles.

Wiz: Mercer's quest for answers didn't end in the way he had hoped.

Mercer Popup 4

Boomstick: Turns out when Alex fled Gentek, he took a vial containing a virus he was working on with him as insurance to keep him alive, but when he was cornered by armed soldiers at Penn Station and, knowing he was dead meat, he threw it to the ground. So the mastermind behind the outbreak... was himself.

Wiz: And he's even speculated that the Alex Mercer we know is not actually Alex Mercer. That the virus took over the deceased Mercer's body and simply possesses his memories.

Boomstick: ...huh. Well I'm just gonna keep calling him Alex Mercer, then. While this couldn't protect Mercer from the truth, the Shield covers him from the front, stopping a variety of attacks from even getting to him. Not only does it do all this without hindering his speed one bit, he can ram through crowds and obstacles with it. CHARGING STAR!!!

Wiz: But enough damage or attacks from more powerful weapons or enemies can shatter it, requiring it to fully regenerate before being used again. This isn't the case with his Armored form.

Boomstick: The Armor covers Alex's entire body, greatly reducing damage all-around. Sure, he loses a bit of speed and agility when using it, but who cares when you can turn into a walking tank?

Wiz: And should Mercer require even more strength, Musclemass greatly increases the power of melee strikes and thrown objects.

Boomstick: 'roided Mercer's punches can turn a human into paste and objects thrown hit harder and actually travel faster. Even landing from jumps are powered up to create shockwaves. And did I mention he can use Force Push?

Alex Mercer Palm Slam

Boomstick: Because he kinda can.

Wiz: But Alex's deadliest attacks by far are his Devastators. Tendril Barrage can impale foes all around Alex, as does Groundspike Graveyard from below.

Boomstick: Kinda like a beefier version of the ground spike technique his claws have. But then there's Critical Pain, which locks onto and crushes a single target for maximum punishment. Critical Pain... that name would be great for a wrestling move.

Wiz: With all these abilities, Alex Mercer would more than prevail against Blackwatch and the Infected. He's defeated beasts like the Hunters, Hydras, and Elizabeth Greene, who was basically the mother of the virus.

Boomstick: He also fought Robert Cross, a Blackwatch specialist who was trained to fight people like Mercer, and these freakishly massive Super Soldiers. Look at the size of those guys!

Wiz: These Super Soldiers were injected with a variant of the virus, granting them improved muscle growth and healing factors. And if that wasn't enough, bulletproof plating was molded to their soft muscle tissue.

Boomstick: That's some Weapon X shit right there! And these guys could go toe-to-toe with Alex.

Wiz: He's smashed through a two-foot thick steel door, destroyed military bases, and broke into the Hive when not even Blackwatch alone was capable of doing so.

Boomstick: And Alex is ridiculously tough. He went into his apartment, only to have it blow up in his face, fell to the streets below, and just kept going. He can be inside of an exploding tank or helicopter, and just continue fighting almost like nothing happened.

Wiz: Mercer hardly even flinches from bullets, and has been stabbed repeatedly with a combat knife seemingly without any pain from it.

Boomstick: Even having his throat sliced hardly seemed to do a thing to him.

Alex Mercer Knife Slice

Boomstick: And getting impaled by a massive ground spike? Just take a few and walk it off.

Alex Mercer Groundspike Survival

Boomstick: And then there was that time Mercer got caught in a nuclear explosion.

Wiz: Blackwatch's final solution for stopping the infection was to nuke all of Manhattan. Destroying the entire island city would require over 68 kilotons of TNT.

Boomstick: One of the Infected called the Supreme Hunter theorized he could have survived the impending explosion if he consumed Alex first. Well after killing him, Mercer flew the bomb away from the city, but couldn't escape the detonation, reducing him to a puddle. But eh, his biomass just ate a crow and he grew his whole body back.

Alex Mercer Regenerates Body

Wiz: He may have saved Manhattan that day, but Mercer's thoughts on humanity soured as time went on. He became convinced that the infection he stopped was the key to saving humanity: by having them all joined as one hive mind.

Boomstick: But since he didn't have any Pym Particles, he went back to Penn Station a year later and single-handedly started a new outbreak from the same Ground Zero as the first.

Alex Mercer Unleashes Virus

Boomstick: He infected several individuals with his gifts by hand, turning them into Evolved, and used them to infiltrate Blackwatch and Gentek themselves to further his goal. Nothing could stop him...

Wiz: Until he came across the soldier James Heller, who intrigued Alex enough to infect him... and who would become his undoing.

Boomstick: Heller evolved at a far more rapid rate than Alex anticipated and went right to work taking down Mercer's operation. By the time Alex realized what Heller was doing and tried to stop him, Heller couldn't even be consumed by him thanks to the virus combined with his unique genes. Even after consuming eight of his own Evolved followers to power himself up, Alex just couldn't beat him.

Wiz: Mercer is incredibly durable, but consistent damage to his biomass will require him to consume others to heal. And prolonged combat with someone his equal, like Heller, can leave him unable to repair his body.

Mercer Popup 3

Boomstick: Tougher targets can't be consumed right away, requiring Alex to soften them up first, and even he isn't immune to his own technique, which led to Heller consuming him when all was said and done. But Alex wasn't actually that torn up about it: he even welcomed Heller to the top of the food chain.

Wiz: Anti-hero or villain, man or virus, Alex Mercer is nothing short of terrifying. Those who would stand in his way will become a part of him.

Alex: What have I become? Something less than human. But also something more.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, and we've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!

A sign read:

Blackwatch Empire City Division

The outside of this military facility was completely trashed and the pavement around it was littered in blood, bullet casings, and rifles. Police sirens rang in the distance.

Shock and Consume

(*cues Death Battle: Shock and Consume - Insert Fictional Artist*)

Cole MacGrath, donning his former bike courier attire with the Amp in his backpack, landed across the street. He saw all the damage from the carnage, but not a single body...

...except one lying crushed beneath a jeep. There was nothing Cole could do for this masked soldier, but he would at least find out what happened. Putting his hand to the man's head, Cole caught a glimpse of the soldier's last moments:

A whole platoon firing at once at one single target, all their shots landing, but to no effect. This soldier saw his fellow units cut to ribbons one-by-one with blades of some kind, then their bodies absorbed into this enemy. He ran towards a rocket launcher, retrieved it and turned to fire, but by the time he did, the jeep went flying right at him.

From there, Cole saw an orange echo of the assailant, a hooded figure, running into the building. He walked towards what was left of its entrance...


One of the masked soldiers exited, pointing a rifle right at Cole.

Soldier: This is a restricted area!

Cole humored him, putting his hands up. What the soldier didn't know was that Cole was scanning him:

MacGrath saw that the man wasn't human at all: in fact, upon scanning him, he had the same orange outline as the hooded man.

The soldier could tell by Cole's grin that his cover was blown and immediately jumped high into the air, attempting to escape. Cole was initially shaken by the impact of the jump, which left cracks in the ground, but then recomposed and took aim. From his right hand fired a lightning hook, which stuck to his target's leg. With a two-handed pull, Cole forced him hard to the ground.

As the man slowly got back to his feet, a dark red substance seemed to emanate from his uniform, then spread across his entire body. From there, the man revealed his true form: that of Alex Mercer.

Cole: Nice hood. Very inconspicuous.

Alex: What do you want with me?

Cole: See pal, this city's already had more than its fair share of murdering psychopaths.

He showed Alex the blue electricity flowing across his arms and fingertips.

Cole: And I'm not about to let you roam free.

Alex: This matter is beyond you.

Mercer extended an arm, showing its shape changing, as well as his hand and fingers.

Alex: And so am I.

Both of MacGrath's hands made fists, coursing with electricity.

Cole: Whatever Conduit you are... whatever powers you've got...!

He pointed right at Mercer.

Cole: I'm bringing you down! Here and now.

Mercer put both his hands into his jacket's pockets, then sighed.

Alex: I gave you a chance...

Just then, Cole saw Mercer running right towards him at high speed. He rolled to the side, just barely getting out of his way, only to see Mercer coming right back for him. He went for a side-step, then found the back of his jacket's neck gripped. With what to Alex was a casual toss, he threw Cole towards a wall.

MacGrath used his static thrusters to slow himself down, then used his feet to bounce off of it as Alex ran for another strike. It missed, but tore a hole right through it as Cole fired bolts at him. Mercer moved side-to-side as Cole switched between multiple bolt types in succession, including a triple shot. By the time Cole had a clear shot, Alex punched him square on the jaw.

After Cole was sent rolling to the ground, Mercer retrieved the rifle he held earlier and took aim right at Cole's head from a distance. The memories gave him the aim of an expert marksman as the grouping of all the shots was perfect... for the lying Cole's Polarity Wall blocking them. MacGrath made it back onto his feet and ran to Mercer who decided to use the rifle's grenade launcher attachment. Cole saw the grenade coming for him and, instead of blocking with the shield, used his other hand to fire a push-like blast, knocking it forward. By the time Mercer had cocked the rifle for another shot, he saw the grenade coming right for him.

The explosion put Mercer right on his back as Cole took out his Amp from his backpack. Mercer returned to his feet and with Cole in front of him, readied his hand for a punch while its shape began to change...

...but something seemed to stun him and he gritted his teeth in irritation: he was standing in a puddle and one of Cole's feet touched it, causing electricity to run across it.

Cole: Doesn't agree with you, does it?

Even in his state, Mercer finally went through with the hit, but Cole ducked before swinging the Amp into Alex's side. He rose with three more hits, each forcing Mercer to take a step back, before leaping upward, jumping off Alex, throwing something behind him, and swinging the Amp into his face, knocking him straight down. As Mercer made it onto his knees...

...something was zapping him again: the electrocution grenade. His opponent seemingly trapped in place and unable to pull himself upward, Cole stepped back and began to raise his arms. Mercer didn't know what Cole was about to do, but something told him he wanted to get out of the way. He raised his head and arms, seeing something was brewing in the sky above him and, in defiance of the attack...

Cole: Too easy.

Mercer's fists transformed into the Hammerfists, then both struck the ground so hard they created a small earthquake.

Cole: Whoa!

He was knocked off his feet as Mercer immediately stood in front of him, a gut punch of epic proportions rocketing him into a car.

Cole was practically embedded into the car, slowly pulling himself out of the mess.

Alex: You think you're in control?

He could feel Mercer's movement, which were much heavier than earlier. His mind ran as he looked at his surroundings until he saw a power line close by.

Alex: You have no idea what I'm capable of.

He fired off his lightning tether, pulling him out of the path of Mercer practically launching himself in his direction. The intended attack sent Alex straight through the car and the wall behind it, and by the time he emerged, Cole was already riding on power lines and gaining speed.

Just by extending his fingers by the line, Cole began to pull in electricity, healing him from the injury prior. He heard small pieces of debris falling from behind him and turned his head.

Alex: There's no use running!

He saw Mercer running after him on the side of a building.

Cole: Show off.

Without turning around completely, Cole rotated just enough to fire an electrical rocket from his hand while still traveling at the same speed. Mercer immediately leapt to the other side, continuing his run from another building. Cole turned once more and fired another rocket, only to see Mercer avoid it just as easily.

Alex entertained Cole long enough and lunged, heading for Cole with a diving kick. In that instant, Cole focuses, time around Mercer and himself slowing down as he took aim. A powerful bolt to Mercer's head caused a near-miss as Mercer crashed to the streets below.

Seeing Cole getting away, he put his hand beneath a car in front of him and flung it with great force. The car tore through power lines, even as it began to break apart. Cole ducked to avoid a bumper, then saw the remains of the car cutting down the power lines in front of him.

He lost his footing and landed on his shoulder, attempting a controlled roll. Upon making it to his feet, he saw Mercer coming right at him with a shield-like construct in front of him.

Cole: Oh come on...

Alex rammed into him, the two going through the display window of a building. From outside, the sounds of electricity and several breaking objects could be heard. Finally, Cole was knocked through another display window, rolling until he stopped himself.

Mercer exited, then leapt into the air, aiming his shield for a crashing descent. Cole rolled backward, avoiding it, then threw another grenade. Mercer saw this and moved his shield in such a fashion to knock it away from him. Cole fired bolts, all of which the shield was stopping so far, and grinned since he knew something Mercer didn't...

...the grenade Alex thought he knocked away was stuck to his shield. The sticky grenade finally detonated, taking a chunk off the shield and briefly catching Mercer's attention.

As Cole aimed his hand for any number of attacks, a barbed wire-like weapon wrapped itself around his arm. The end of it, housing a spear point, nearly struck Cole's face when he managed to catch it with his other hand. He caught a glance of Mercer behind his shield and saw the Whipfist was his other arm transformed.

Cole: You're an interesting Conduit, all right.

He pulled MacGrath towards him, then close-lined his opponent with his shield. As Cole lied on his back, he saw Alex about to bring the shield down on his neck.

Alex: I am no Conduit.

Before he could go through with the decapitation, he saw Cole putting out a hand. Alex was flung into the air, then seemed to be floating in place, like being held on strings. In his confusion, he failed to see that Cole was using a magnetic field to keep him afloat.

Cole: Catch ya later!

With two palms pushing forward, Alex was launched backward, covered in kinetic energy.

He was knocked through a wall, the biomass making up his jacket appearing partially tattered. As he began to recover, he saw a horde of electric missiles coming right for him.

Mercer was blown through another wall and into the path of a tanker truck. His impact into the cab's front caused it to tip over, rolling on its side.

The truck's driver, having exited through the shattered windshield, saw Mercer crouched over and approached him.

Driver: Are you okay?

Mercer turned, chunks of his face missing and holes in his chest area.

Cole, just arriving, gasped at what he inadvertently caused.

Cole: No, no, no...

By the time he turned to see where Mercer was, he saw the truck driver being absorbed into him, and all Alex's wounds healing.

Cole: You...!

He only caught a glimpse in the vision, but seeing the consumption first-hand, and on a civilian, infuriated him.

Cole: You monster!

Alex saw Cole taking aim, then turned to the tanker behind him. He knew it was Cole's intended target, but made no attempt to avoid it.


A massive explosion went off, one that even caused Cole to shield his face. He looked at the flaming wreckage, seeing only the remains of the tanker...

Alex: Yes...

Mercer slowly walked through the flames, donned in an armor of some kind from top to bottom.

Alex: I am a monster...

His right hand was the Whipfist once again while his left arm was a four-fingered claw.

Alex: And nothing will protect you from me.

Cole: Spare me the crap!

He fired bolts away at Mercer, who only walked forward. In his armor, Cole's bolts didn't seem to phase Alex at this point. Now in range, Mercer swung his Whipfist, Cole ducking and rolling swings from it. One seemed to be too fast for Cole, who used a blast to knock it backward. He had an opportunity to fire a rocket...

...and Cole did not care for the sound of him being out of juice.

Cole: ...damn it.

Quickly, he scanned, finding a transformer box nearby. He ran for it as Mercer continued his slow approach. Just then, Alex slammed his clawed hand into the ground. Cole didn't understand it at first until he scanned again, sensing something from underground.

He rolled to the side immediately, but saw that whatever was underground kept going forward towards the transformer box. Just then, a massive spike came from the ground, tearing apart the entire thing. But Cole saw electricity surging across the spike and Mercer appearing stunned for a moment as he destroyed it.

Alex: Where is your power now?

But Cole saw a display window filled with TVs, each showing 2D animated battles. He absorbed electricity from all of them, feeling refreshed.

Cole: There's plenty to go around.

With a roar, Mercer lunged, avoiding a fired rocket by Cole. MacGrath suddenly shot up into the air on a pillar of ice to Alex's surprise, then threw a grenade of ice at his back. Mercer was forced to his knees for a moment as Cole then landed on him with Thunder Drop. Afterward, Cole created ice shards from thin air, then blasted them at Alex with some knocking him back and others going into him.

Cole: Had enough there, killer?

Mercer crouched over, and from what Cole could tell by scanning him, something inside him was about to be unleashed.

Alex: I haven't even begun.

Dozens of tendrils fired off from Mercer's body and Cole had to think fast. With Precision, he was able to slow time around him, avoiding most of them, but one was just too quick for him, impaling his shoulder. Time returned to normal soon after as Mercer pulled Cole towards him, then held him by the top of his head with his clawed hand.

Alex: You stood in my way...

His Whipfist hand stabbed into Cole's back.

Alex: now you will join me.

Cole tried firing bolts at him, but Alex knew it would not hurt him.

Alex: One body. One mind. Just as humanity should be.

Cole: Oh, God...

After MacGrath's remark, the rocket from before slammed into Mercer's back, forcing him to let go of Cole.

Cole: Maniacs like you are a dime a dozen!

Mercer went for a swing with his claw, but Cole ducked and, having formed the Gigawatt Blades, swung at his right foot. Even in his armored state, it cut his foot right off. The swing missed due to the sudden wound, and before Alex could try to readjust, Cole slashed at his hand, cutting that off as well.

Cole: And you're leaving my city!

Alex's remaining hand transformed into a Hammerfist and stopped Cole's intended decapitation, resulting in only a glancing cut of the weapon. Just then, Alex twisted his arm to swing the fist down onto him, so Cole blocked with both Gigawatt blades. The impact from one Hammerfist alone still grounded him, but Cole quickly fired off a blast...

...but Mercer saw the technique coming and his Hammerfist became a claw, stabbing into the ground. What Cole intended to sent him off his feet only pushed him back a few inches. But Cole soon realized what was going on beneath him and leapt to the side, barely avoiding the spike coming out of the ground. But as he landed, he was met by a massive blade.

Alex: It's no use.

Cole blocked again with the Gigawatt blades, but this blade tore through them, managing a small slash to his chest. He took out the Amp with one hand, then reached out for a street light with the other. He siphoned some electricity, but couldn't help feeling like he should've been absorbing it more quickly.

Cole: Come on, come on...!

Just then, Mercer closed the distance and took another swing, Cole barely getting out of the way in time and the post being cut down with ease. MacGrath noticed Alex was back in his jacketed form, which explained why he was that much faster.

Cole made the first swing, clashing with the blade, and his other hand going for another blast. Alex swerved his body to the side to avoid it, then swung at Cole's legs. MacGrath managed to hop onto the blade and put the Amp up against Alex's neck, the electricity zapping him. He swung himself with the Amp around Mercer, then went for a maneuver to launch Alex off his feet.

Instead, Mercer stood on his feet and Cole and the Amp landed in front of him.

Cole: You gotta be kidding me...

Now Alex was on the offensive, swinging at Cole's Amp as MacGrath tried to cover himself, and after a few swings...

...the blade cut into one of the Amp's bars. Cole was shocked, but kept swinging away, only to find the blade continued to do damage to his melee weapon.

Alex: I told you: nothing will protect you.

One swing of the blade took off the entire bar.

Alex: Not your weapon!

That swing turned the Amp into little more than a handle at this point. Cole attempted a lunge with two Gigawatt blades, but was met by a slash to his back.

Alex: Not your powers!

Cole fired a grenade, which split into several before landing, but Alex simply ran around them. As Cole charged up his hands for a more powerful ice technique, it struck him too late that Mercer may have been too quick for him with a claw slash about to make contact...

Cole: Crap!

...but just in the nick of time, ice spikes emerged before him and Mercer found himself trapped in ice, his clawed hand frozen in place. MacGrath drew visible breath due to the temperature of the trail of ice resulting from Ionic Freeze and had to take a moment to recover from its usage.

Cole: Phew.

Then not only did he suddenly hear cracks in the ice...


...but Mercer emerged from it with his armored state, shattering it completely while swinging with a clawed hand at MacGrath's chest. Cole backed up, but was met by another slash, then a two-handed one. After rolling, Cole saw how dire his situation was and tried firing a lightning tether to escape, but the Whipfist grabbed him by his leg, then yanked him back down. Mercer swung and slammed Cole repeatedly before launching Cole with all his strength towards a building. Cole braced for impact with his shield.

From outside this building, a small cloud of debris exploded out from a middle floor. Cole emerged falling, landing hard onto the streets below overlooking the water. Cole still had the claw marks fresh in his chest from before, as well as dust from the building he was just tossed through covering his jacket. He barely made it to his feet, using a parked car to help him up. He knew it wouldn't be long before Alex found him, so he tried charging from the vehicle next to him...

...but he still struggled just to absorb electricity from it.

Cole: Why is this happening to me?

Alex: The virus.

Before Cole could turn and attack, Mercer, in his jacketed form once more, lifted Cole by both of his arms.

Alex: The same virus that will unite this city.

Cole: Sick... bastard...

Alex: If you won't accept my gift...

He began to pull both of Cole's arms, intending to rip him in two.

Alex: will die from it.

With what little electricity Cole had left, he used Precision and turned both hands toward Alex's head. If he missed this one, he was as good as dead.

Cole: No...

Both sides of Mercer's face were struck by two far more powerful bolts than before. These bolts seriously singed both sides, burning everything from his ears towards his eyes. Now free, Cole suddenly surged with a blue aura of electricity: Karmic Overload.

Cole: Not while I draw breath!

One powered-up bolt fired at Mercer's knee, nearly taking half his leg off and forcing him down, then MacGrath fired off a barrage. Alex tried to call upon his newly-regenerated shield only for each bolt to tear a hole right through it to Mercer himself.

Cole: I'm going to save this city...!

As he was struck back by each one, part of his body searing, he reactivated his armor and was left with no other option than to try to protect himself.

Cole: ...from the likes of you!

Once the lengthy barrage ended, the blue aura left Cole and he saw clouds of dust in front of him. He had his hands on his knees, breathing heavily: he put his everything into that.

But then he heard chuckling. Labored and pained, but chuckling all the same.

Cole walked through the dust slowly, seeing that Mercer still stood...

...or stood as best as he could, having no legs to stand on. Both his arms were missing as well with only bones sticking out. Alex's armored form was heavily seared, several holes straight through his body as his armored face cracked at the seems. It gave way, revealing his right eye, then revealing another, and soon his entire face save for his mouth was visible.

Even in the state he was in, coughing up blood, he chuckled.

Cole: Something funny?

He looked Cole in the eyes, something red beginning to ooze from his chest.

Alex Mercer: Life and death no longer bind me.

Cole could tell Mercer wasn't looking to give himself up, and with everything Cole had seen so far, he also suspected Mercer, even having been reduced to having no limbs, wasn't done yet.

He wasn't taking any chances. He stayed where he was, not about to approach him, and raised his hands once more uninterrupted. Mercer saw lightning brewing from above him and was in no position to move or to stop it.

But as a massive lightning bolt came down from the clouds, a ring of red mist exited Mercer's body.

Cole: Die!

Mercer could feel himself being melted, torn apart, by the lightning's sheer heat and power. It almost looked as if his biomass inside the armor began to melt away first, soon followed by the armor shattering.

But Cole saw himself surrounded by red and breathing it in. He kept up the lightning attack, making sure nothing was left of Mercer, but the mist was getting to him. A cough, followed by a rougher one...

...until Cole finally lost his footing and fell onto his hands coughing, stopping the attack. He covered this cough with his hand, seeing blood in it.

Cole: What did he do to me?

He looked down at the crater the lightning created, and saw only a small red puddle remaining.

Cole: ...still alive?

MacGrath took aim with both hands, surging with electricity...

...and nothing fired.

Cole: No, not now!

Again, he tried to fire, but nothing changed.

Cole: This can't be happening!

He felt pain in his side and grasped it, his eyes looking down at the puddle...

...and tendrils emerging from it. By the time he saw this, Cole felt himself being pulled down as if his shoes were tied together. He landed chest-first in the puddle and tried to get up, but saw it wrapping itself around his body. A red cocoon formed, encompassing his entire lower body and spreading over the rest of him.

MacGrath reached out with his hand, still trying to fire electricity from it, but as it was pulled back by the tendrils...

Cole: No... way...

A Blackwatch gunship flew in, shining a spotlight on the crater.

Pilot: Located Zeus... with a civilian.

He put his hand on the fire controls.

Pilot: Preparing to fir...

A lightning bolt nearly struck the chopper, forcing it to swerve.

Pilot: Shit!

From across the water, several bolts of lightning could be seen striking other parts of the city.

Pilot: Got a thunder storm here!

He got the gunship back into position, locking onto the red mass in the crater.

A massive bolt of lightning struck the crater.

Pilot: The hell's going on here?!

When the lightning bolt dissipated, Cole stood, looking up at the chopper.

Pilot: Firing now!

A missile fired from the gunship coming right for Cole, but instead of trying to get away from it, he leapt towards it. He managed to land on the missile before leaping off, the explosive hitting the crater as intended.

The pilot didn't know what was happening.

Pilot: Who... what is this guy?!

Cole: Say goodnight.

He landed, bringing his hands down and summoning another bolt of lightning, striking the chopper's tail rotor.

Cole watched as the gunship span out of control before crashing in the water, then looked back at the crater he was just in. Empty and completely barren with no trace of red in sight. MacGrath turned back towards the water and the other side of the city, seeing the lightning storm still continuing. The battle over, Cole put both his hands behind his neck...

...and lifted a grey hood over his head. His courier jacket, which looked clean and without any cuts, began transforming into a black-grey jacket with a white buttoned shirt. Cole grinned as his face shifted into that of Alex Mercer's.



(*cues Death Battle: Shock and Consume (Instrumental) - Insert Fictional Artist*)

Boomstick: You know, I never got why Zeus was Alex's code name... but it kinda makes sense now.

Wiz: Both combatants faced their toughest and most unpredictable opponents by far in what was by no means a one-sided match-up.

Results Popup 1

Boomstick: Mercer's primarily fought military forces and the Infected, so Cole firing electricity and ice at him was completely new to him. And while Cole's seen some weird and freaky Conduits, he's never seen anything on Alex's level. But even then, they shared several feats like fighting armed forces, creatures far stronger than normal humans, and taking down 50 foot monsters.

Wiz: So to determine the victor, we first had to look at their defined limitations. For starters, neither Cole nor Mercer's shields were going to be able to block each other's biggest hits, as both have succumbed to large enough impacts and even rockets.

Results Popup 2

Boomstick: And just to get these big ones out of the way, no, Cole and Mercer weren't going to be busting moons, and neither have light speed or even lightning speed. "But wait! If Kessler could move and attack as fast as lightning, shouldn't Cole be able to as well?"

Wiz: Firstly, Kessler's teleports were always from a short distance in one direction, and nowhere nearly as instantaneous as lightning would be. Secondly, even assuming Kessler's blasts fired at the same speed as real-life lightning, it takes Kessler one whole second just to charge up his shot, giving Cole more than enough time to see the attack coming before it actually fired.

Kessler Blast Charging

Boomstick: Like avoiding a gunshot without actually moving at the speed of a bullet because you saw the shooter getting ready first. It's the reason Cole uses cover and parkour to make himself a harder target to hit: he doesn't casually dodge bullets. If he did, Cole would be a completely different character.

Wiz: With that out of the way, now let's see how the two fared physically, starting with their speed. If we assume Cole's running speed to be 28 miles per hour, on par with the fastest Olympic runner in the world Usain Bolt, Mercer has shown he could easily go over 100.

Boomstick: And that's without rails or wires for Cole to ride on, which definitely make him faster, but aren't always available to him.

Wiz: As for parkour speed, Cole has managed to tail helicopters, but could never quite match their speed while Alex has often exceeded them, putting his speed at 160 miles per hour at minimum.

Boomstick: Moving on to strength, Cole's best feats in that department are lifting three to four ton cars with Kinetic Pulse. But in InFamous 2's user generated mission creator, the player can interact with a Militia semi truck, including lifting it with Kinetic Pulse. Obviously, if the developers didn't want Cole to be able to lift it, the game wouldn't let the player do that, so it's fair game to assume Cole is capable of it. That would put his maximum strength at just under 10 tons.

Wiz: Alex once flipped an M1 Abrams tank, which weighs 60 tons at bare minimum... and that's not accounting for additional weaponry and gear.

Alex Mercer Tank Toss

Boomstick: And he didn't just lift it: he casually flipped it with one hand. And if he could do that half-assed, I wouldn't want to be tossed by him when he's putting his everything into it. And now the big one: durability.

Results Popup 3

Wiz: Durability is a bit tricky for both combatants: Cole has survived bullet wounds and an RPG...

Cole RPG

Wiz: ...but surviving the 6 block explosion caused by the Ray Sphere isn't quite what it seems to be..

Boomstick: For one, context helps a lot here: the Ray Sphere was designed to give powers to its user, not to murder them. So you can't really look at it as someone trying to kill Cole with an explosion.

Wiz: Kessler had the Ray Sphere tested thoroughly to ensure Cole's survival. In their final battle, Kessler even admitted he was worried Cole wouldn't wake up when he used it.

Kessler Worried

Boomstick: And Cole's not the only one to survive a Ray Sphere going off: Bertrand used it as well, and the Conduit Nix was in the crowd he sacrificed. Not saying every Conduit has the same durability, but the Ray Sphere is literally designed to work for them.

Wiz: But let's give the benefit of the doubt and take the entire explosion as Cole's highest durability feat. Then that would mean Cole survived a force just under one kiloton of TNT.

Boomstick: As for Alex's, that's easy: taking a nuke designed to wipe out Manhattan island. In the credits of Prototype, the explosive yield was estimated to be at 75 kilotons, five times the power of the Hiroshima Bomb.

Wiz: But even if the 75 kiloton calculation was misinformed, it would take 68 kilotons minimum to accomplish Blackwatch's task. Even a fraction of this is still far greater than any durability feat Cole has shown.

Boomstick: I'd also point out that it's even greater than the 51 kilotons needed to blow up the Beast, buuut there is one catch: Alex wasn't at the center of it.

Alex Mercer VS Nuke

Boomstick: That still puts his durability over Cole's, of course, but it does mean that Mercer took substantially less from that nuke than one would assume.

Wiz: Turning what would seem to be a lopsided match-up into one theoretically winnable for Cole: his maximum destructive capacity being able to match or exceed Mercer's durability.

Boomstick: And Cole's no stranger to fighting foes who outclass him in several stats. Plus, Precision's time slow gave him the ability to cope with the speed difference, so perhaps that with enough Beast-damaging bolts could allow MacGrath to reduce Mercer to mush, then nothing at all. Problem with that was Mercer didn't need to attack with the power of a nuke to kill Cole.

Wiz: Cole certainly has a knack for surviving tremendous blunt force, but that's not to say Mercer couldn't simply knock Cole unconscious by matching or exceeding the force of the falling steel beam.

Boomstick: Then there's the claws and blade. Yes, Cole could heal from a stabbing wound, but being cut apart? Not so much. No amount of electricity'll reattach pieces of him. But there's still tons of questions to go over, starting with the most asked: "If Cross' stun baton could, well, stun Alex, shouldn't Cole be able to do the same thing with his electrical attacks?"

Wiz: Cole's bolts and most of his other attacks are of a brief duration, compared to the baton, which could be held continuously. Even then, as the Hydras Alex created could resist such shocks, it stands to reason Alex has gained at least an improved resistance to them.

Boomstick: So electricity's not Mercer's Kryptonite, but it also isn't completely harmless either. So any attack that landed would be felt, but it would take higher caliber electric attacks to seriously damage him. And even then, his biomass could certainly regenerate from that. As for Cole's ice, Alex's biomass has dealt with low temperatures before and Mercer could break out of ice Cole traps him in.

Results Popup 4

Boomstick: Next: "If Cole once recharged from a lightning storm, why couldn't he just do that against Mercer for unlimited power?"

Wiz: Cole summoning the individual bolts of lightning to absorb power from them was impressive, but changing the weather to that of a lightning storm is not something Cole can actually do.

Boomstick: Let's be totally clear: if at any time a storm brewed in a battle between the two, Cole would win, no questions asked. But he couldn't force a lightning storm to happen, only calling upon individual bolts at the cost of his own power.

Wiz: And that leads to one of the three biggest factors in determining this fight, starting with Cole having enough electricity on hand.

Boomstick: We weren't going to put the two in a field in the middle of nowhere, so in a city area, yeah, Cole would have plenty to call upon. The only problem was Mercer.

Wiz: Alex was certainly intelligent enough to figure out Cole's reliance on absorbing electricity, and with that knowledge, he could destroy sources of electricity or simply keep Cole from getting to them.

Boomstick: Which he could definitely do with factor #2: Mercer had the far better mobility options. Cole had to rely on powers to climb buildings faster, but for Mercer, it was second nature. If Alex decided to, say, consume a bystander, he could get away from Cole, whereas if MacGrath tried to retreat to recharge, there wasn't much he could do about Mercer aside from standing his ground.

Wiz: Precision could help with the agility and speed gap, but Precision also runs on Cole's reserves. That and his healing factor were paramount to keeping Cole in the fight, and once his reserves went empty, Cole was finished.

Boomstick: Leading into this last factor that made the biggest difference: Mercer's Blacklight virus. Cole could deal with Alex's strength, speed, transformations, and weaponry, but he really had no defense against that.

Results Popup 5

Wiz: He could certainly resist being consumed, and it'd likely take time for Mercer to turn him into a full-on Infected, but the Blacklight virus literally altering Cole's DNA was all but guaranteed to interfere with his abilities.

Boomstick: If having Sasha's black tar in his system could mess with Cole's reserves, a living virus could certainly wreck havoc over the course of a prolonged battle. And all Mercer had to do was get in a deep-enough cut or even just cover the area in the airborne virus. *sighs* It's a tough break. I mean it took prolonged battle with James Heller, a prototype that surpassed him, to bring Mercer down for good, and unfortunately, Cole just wasn't there.

Wiz: Cole is a great character and could win this bout in several scenarios, but Mercer's stats, arsenal, and Blacklight virus ultimately gave him the majority.

Boomstick: MacGrath gave it his very best here, but the odds were simply too biomassive. *sniffles*

Wiz: Boomstick, that pun was terrible even by your low standards.

Boomstick: I know, Wiz. *sniffles* That's why I'm tearing up.

Wiz: The winner is Alex Mercer.


  • Research on Alex Mercer was assisted by Antonio valihora.
  • The Cole Precision calculation was assisted by Friendlysociopath.

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Cole MacGrath vs Alex Mercer is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features Cole MacGrath from the InFamous video game series, and Alex Mercer from the Prototype video game series.

Cole MacGrath vs Alex Mercer
Season TBD
Season Episode TBD
Air date TDB
Written by SoMaShadow
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InFamous vs Prototype!


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