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Cloud vs Sora is a What-If? Death Battle adopted by Friendlysociopath featuring Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and Sora from Kingdom Hearts.


THE RIVALRY WILL FINALLY END! Which RPG is better? Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts?


Whiz: Today on Deathbattle we have a special treat for everyone.

Boomstick: We don't even have a proper intro we're so excited- it's Cloud vs Sora!

Whiz: These two warriors share many ties to one another- I can't wait to dive into this to see who would come out the better!

Boomstick: Remember kids, Sora defeating Cloud in Kingdom Hearts doesn't prove anything. That's not the real Cloud from FF7- how could he be? Aeris is running around alive! Also- didn't Cloud have a wing? I'm pretty sure he had a wing.

Whiz: That doesn't mean Sora can't win- we're going by the feats each character has demonstrated to figure out once and for all which one should defeat the other.

Boomstick: He's Whiz and I'm Boomstick.

Whiz: And we're going to seriously enjoy looking over their weapons, armors, and abilities to determine who would win this Deathbattle.


Boomstick: Wait- didn't we have this guy on here before?

Whiz: Cloud Strife is a returning Deathbattle contestant; although we've done a bit more research to help flesh him out more.

Boomstick: He's still got that giant Buster Blade right? I love that sword.

Whiz: Actually no, this time around we're using Cloud with the fan-named, Fusion Swords. It's a set of swords that Cloud can combine as needed, each one making his weapon heavier and stronger than the last. The entire ensemble actually surpasses the Buster Blade in size.

Boomstick: Wait wait wait- are you telling me Cloud decided the Buster Blade wasn't big enough? Geez, the compensation jokes write themselves!

Whiz: Unlike the Buster Blade, the Fusion Sword does not have materia slots. That was a design choice so they could hint that Cloud would lose his materia in Advent Children- though he has since recovered it.

Boomstick: Just the shockwaves of the sword passing have split straight through concrete and steel- what a weapon.

Whiz: To generate such shockwaves, Cloud would have to swing with phenomenal levels of strength and speed. With only one arm he can output as much as 430 Megapascals of pressure, just imagine how much power he outputs with both of his arms together!

Boomstick: So how fast is our 1st spikey-haired hero?

Whiz: While we knew Cloud was easily capable of stopping bullets, we didn't expect him to be faster than the bullets themselves. Cloud is able to move his entire body faster than a bullet from a semiautomatic rifle can travel, meaning he can move at nearly hypersonic speeds during combat.

Boomstick: So you said the Fusion Sword doesn't have materia slots- does that mean Cloud won't have his legendary materia? It's not like he uses them much anyways.

Whiz: Considering he was attempting to reclaim his materia in Advent Children, and Yuffie herself was bringing materia for Cloud to use, it would seem Cloud can still use them in some shape or form.

Boomstick: But he's still a melee fighter right? He doesn't use materia often?

Whiz: Not exactly, Cloud has actually stated that in regard to the entire party- he is the one with the most experience in using dangerous materia.

Boomstick: If that's true, Cloud can bring a ton of extra firepower and magic to the table to help even the odds in case he's physically outclassed. Too bad he can't bring his dead girlfriend back though.

Whiz: Anyways, it has actually been suggested Cloud may possess a small amount of telekinetic abilities- though it's an odd thing. He can apparently defy physics to hang into the air without falling and can always ensure his blades go where he wants when he ejects them from his sword- he even uses one as a boomerang!

Boomstick: I just- does that make sense? How's that happen?

Whiz: He does have the same powers as Sephiroth since they both draw power from Mako energy and Jenova cells- so it would add up. It's not like it really changes his stats anyways, it was just an interesting idea.

Zack: "Cloud, you know what I told you?"

Cloud: "That's right, I am your living legacy."


Boomstick: Sora is a relatively normal little boy until darkness attacks his island, causing his best friend to run away and his girlfriend to fall into a sort of coma.

Whiz: Sora sets off to rescue Kairi and Riku, accompanied by Disney mascots Donald and Goofy.

Boomstick: Whipped from the tender age of 14, boy, that sucks.

Whiz: Sora goes on a series of adventures, increasing his strength and speed as well as learning potent magic spells in his quest to save his friends.

Boomstick: So how strong is the little guy?

Whiz: Well that's a funny question, remember Disney Hercules?

Boomstick: The base-legend for a macho man with muscles who can do anything? Hell yes I do!

Whiz: Well, Sora is strong enough that he can block hits from Hercules, Herc even admits he wasn't holding back. This is the same Hercules who throws those mountain-sized Titans off into space.

Boomstick: Mother of God- that key packs a punch.

Whiz: Sora eventually succeeds in saving Kairi, but Riku sacrifices himself to save the universe and Kingdom Hearts.

Boomstick: Well, points for trying Sora; at least he got the girl back.

Whiz: Well... not exactly. Sora is separated from Kairi shortly after saving her. After the events of KH1- Sora's memory and heart are fractured by Namine. She later turns to the side of good and puts Sora into a slumber so she can fix what she broke.

Boomstick: Stupid girls and their mind games- what do they want?!

Whiz: Sora eventually recovers his powers and sets off on yet another adventure; learning new abilities as he goes and gaining access to Drive Forms.

Boomstick: Wait a sec- I know that trick- Sora can't use those without his friends!

Whiz: Actually he can, when he first activates Valor form for example- Goofy stands right there admiring the clothing. And if Sora is in a form in between fights, he will retain the clothing during cutscenes. He has several forms to choose from, some grant him better speed, strength, abilities, or magic.

Boomstick: Speaking of which, what sort of magic does Sora have? Fireballs, lightning bolts, icicles?

Whiz: All of that and more, Sora can create a field of energy that can absorb and reflect enemy attacks. Not only that, he has some small degree of control over gravity and time as well- making him a potent enemy even for people who can outspeed him.

Boomstick: How fast would you have to be to outspeed him?

Whiz: A matter of some debate, he certainly has reflexes to dodge lightning since many of his enemies use it, but his actual combat speed is harder to determine; at times we see that he can move quickly enough to cause the world to stop moving around him- which is pretty fast. He's also able to seemingly teleport due to his raw speed- at one point he plays tennis with bullets!


Sora is diving through his the worlds and falls into the Dark Margin. He looks around as a wave of green light reveals Cloud lying on the beach. Sora runs up to him as Cloud starts to stand.

Sora: "Cloud!"

As Sora reaches him, Cloud swings at him with the Fusion Sword, Sora hops backwards.

Sora: "You're not the Cloud I know!"

Cloud climbs to his feet.

Cloud: "Stay back!"

Sora summons the Keyblade and points it at Cloud.

Sora: "I'm not failing again!"

Cloud bares the Fusion Sword.

Cloud: "This place... it isn't real- stand back or die!"


Cloud and Sora take up ready positions as the waves softly echo in the background.


The two lunge forwards, beginning the battle.

They strike at one another, locking blades and releasing a shockwave of power from the clash.


Sora heaves and shoves Cloud back, breaking the lock.

Cloud slides backwards along the sand, as he slows down and finally stop he barely has time to look up before Sora is upon him.

Cloud quickly lashes out with the Fusion Blade, forcing Sora to abandon the attack and leap over Cloud to avoid the weapon.


Sora lands and the two close on one another again- a flurry of blows being exchanged as the battle rages across the beach: the only sounds to be heard are the crashing of the waves and the clatter of combat.


Sora leaps backwards to gain distance and throws his Keyblade at Cloud.

Cloud knocks the weapon aside and charges Sora.

Sora calls the Keyblade back to his hand and knocks the surprised Cloud airborne, jumping up to follow him.

Cloud regains his bearings in time to meet the incoming Sora, the two each dealing a massive blow that creates a ball of light.

When the ball clears, both combatants have separated and glow with magical energy.

Sora raises his Keyblade towards the sky, "Thunder!"

A bolt of lightning strikes near Cloud, who evades it and unleashes his own magic, "Burn!"

A fireball streaks towards Sora, who leaps over it and responds with another spell, "Freeze!"

Cloud jumps over the blast of ice and closes on Sora until the two are point-blank next to one another as they cast their next spell.

Cloud/Sora: "STOP!"

Both hang in the air for a moment before a question mark appears above their heads.

The confusion is resolved as both swing at the other again, separating and jumping onto the dark trees.

They turn to one another and cast another spell eaach- both remain unharmed.

Sora: "Guess our magic doesn't work!"

Sora lunges at Cloud, who begins another spell.

Cloud: "Don't count on it."

Cloud casts a spell on himself, causing him to suddenly increase in speed and vanish before Sora reaches him.

Sora: "What?!"

Cloud reappears behind Sora and strikes, knocking him back to the ground.

Sora recovers in time to see Cloud diving straight towards him.

Sora: "Defend!"

A dome of light covers Sora, stopping Cloud's attack and knocking him away in a burst of light.


Cloud channels his power into a Limit Break, firing a beam of energy along the ground at Sora.

Sora quickly dodges the blast and lunges at Cloud, transforming into his Drive Form to gain an extra Keyblade.


Cloud is driven back by a flurry of blows before expelling a part of the Fusion Blade to match Sora.

The two escalate in bladeplay- both dual-wielding and hammering at one another full force.


Sora eventually slams both Keyblades into the ground, causing an explosion of light to hurl Cloud into the air with a cry of pain.

Sora jumps up to finish Cloud as Cloud attempts to use magic again.

Sora: "You saw that doesn't work on me!"

Sora strikes Cloud several times, finishing with a double-blow that knocks Cloud into the ground and leaves a crater.

Sora is amazed to see Cloud stand up without injury.

Sora: "What?!"

Cloud suddenly glows with power.

Cloud: "It wasn't for you!"

Cloud suddenly leaps into the air as his Fusion Sword separates into several parts- activating Omnislash Version 6 to cut at Sora.

Sora blocks one blow, then another, and another, but the final blows breaks through his guard and Cloud cuts cleanly through Sora, knocking him to the ground as his Drive Form fades in a flash of light.


Sora wakes up, startled, as his friends are standing around him. Kairi looks concerned.

Kairi: "Sora, are you okay?!"

Sora: "Ye- yeah- just a bad dream I guess."

Everyone leaves Sora alone. As he climbs to his feat he suddenly gasps and holds his chest, lifting his shirt reveals a scar that hadn't been there before.


Boomstick: Wait- Sora lost? The hell?

Whiz: Sora and Cloud might as well have been cut from the same mold, both share near identical feats at times.

Sora can knock around massive creatures, as can Cloud.

Cloud can carve through massive pieces of building, as can Sora.

Both have feats where the various objects around them nearly stop moving as they move at fantastic speed.

Boomstick: So they were physically equal?

Whiz: Not quite, after some research it was determined that Cloud actually had slightly superior overall speed feats when counting his limit breaks, but Sora had better strength feats. After that it quickly went downhill for Sora though.

Boomstick: While Cloud may not have been an actual SOLDIER, there's no denying he had a significant experience advantage against Sora, with nearly 10 years of combat experience compared to Sora's lesser time of only 3 or 4 years- particularly since a large chunk of that was Sora sleeping- how come I don't get fans when I sleep?

Whiz: In terms of agility Cloud has proved more agile and quick-thinking than Sora, even flowmotion didn't fully bring Sora up to the standards Cloud was showing towards the end of Advent Children; though it did shorten the gap immensely. Cloud also has superior durability feats since Sora... barely has any. Cloud has taken terminal velocity drops with no issue and has managed to survive impalement on multiple occasions. By contrast Sora has relatively few feats of tanking hits of any kind.

Boomstick: But the biggest kicker to it all was the magic.

Whiz: As they share a very similar magic system, Cloud and Sora both have a lot of counters to the various spells and abilities one another bring to the table. Time Slows, Polymorph attempts, Status Effects, both are immune to near anything they could throw at one another.

Boomstick: I'm sensing a 'but' coming.

Whiz: "But" Cloud brought a few advantages over Sora in terms of magic, while Sora can keep his magic up indefinitely while in Drive Form, the form itself and his magic are extremely limited in how much he can keep using them. While Cloud also has a limit on his magic, he can use spells for a considerably longer amount of time before running out compared to Sora.

Booomstick: Cloud also has spells to make him a better fighter, like Haste or Shield, something Sora doesn't have a lot of counters to.

Whiz: While the two are very close in physical stats, especially if you consider the WEAPONS, when it comes to magic- Sora's senior holds all of the cards.

Boomstick: Don't even reference that game again, in any way possible, we don't speak of that.

Whiz: Looks like the winner is Cloud Strife.