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I want to be strong. I want to be feared. I want to be powerful.
~ Cinder's opening monologue, RWBY: Beginning of the End

This is not a tragedy. This was not an accident. This is what happens when you hand over your trust, your safety, your children, to men who claim to be our guardians, but are in reality nothing more than men. Our academies' headmasters wield more power than most armies, and one was audacious enough to control both. They cling to this power in the name of peace, and yet, what do we have here? One nation's attempt at a synthetic army mercilessly torn apart by another's star pupil. What need would Atlas have for a soldier disguised as an innocent little girl? I don't think the Grimm can tell the difference. And what, I ask you, is Ozpin teaching his students? First, a dismemberment, now this? Huntsmen and Huntresses should carry themselves with honor and mercy, yet I have witnessed neither. Perhaps Ozpin felt as though defeating Atlas in the tournament would help people forget his colossal failure to protect Vale when the Grimm invaded its streets. Or perhaps this was his message to the tyrannical dictator that has occupied an unsuspecting kingdom with armed forces. Honestly, I haven't the slightest clue as to who is right and who is wrong, but I know that the existence of peace is fragile, and the leaders of our kingdoms conduct their business with iron gloves. As someone who hails from Mistral, I can assure you the situation there is equally undesirable. Our kingdoms are at the brink of war, yet we, the citizens, are left in the dark. So, I ask you, when the first shots are fired, who do you think you can trust?
~ Cinder giving her speech to all who watched Pyrrha tear Penny apart

You know, Neo, someone once asked me if I believed in destiny. And I'm happy to say I still do.
~ Cinder musing about killing Pyrrha

Cinder Fall is one of the primary villains of Rooster Teeth's web series, RWBY.

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  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 10
  • Draws: 0

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Originally an orphan from Mistral, Cinder was adopted and brought to Atlas but was forced to become a slave at the Glass Unicorn hotel by her stepmother. There, she was constantly abused and tortured by her stepfamily. One night, Cinder stolea a sword from a Huntsman named Rhodes, who pitied her and decided to train her in secret to become a Huntress. Years later, when her stepsisters discovered her sword, Cinder mercilessly killde her entire stepfamily, and later Rhodes when he turned on her. The years of abuse took its toll on Cinder, molding her into a sadistic woman craving for power.

Cinder Fall has apparently been part of a small conspiracy led by Salem for some time. Recently, Cinder formed her own band consisting of herself, Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai.

Among the tasks undertaken by Cinder has been the recruitment of Adam Taurus, the leader of the Faunus revolutionary organization known as the White Fang. Sometime after that, Cinder and her team attacked the Fall Maiden, Amber, and Cinder was able to appropriate some of her powers for herself. After that, she engineered the collapse of the Vytal Festival Tournament and the subsequent fall of Beacon Academy.

It was at this time that Cinder killed Amber, the Fall Maiden, acquiring the rest of her powers, and fought and presumably killed Professor Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon Academy. She later fought and killed Pyrrha Nikos, a student at Beacon Academy, who was also a wide-recognized combat champion.

Her killing of Pyrrha Nikos, however, was witnessed by Ruby Rose, a huntress-in-training with silver eyes. Ruby unleashed some sort of energy attack, which apparently cost Cinder her left eye, her left arm and her voice, and left her with scars on the left side of her body.

Salem undertook Cinder’s rehabilitation, giving her a Grimm arm to replace the one that she lost to Ruby, and training her to fully utilize the powers she gained as the Fall Maiden. Cinder fought numerous powerful Grimm single-handedly and became a formidable fighter. Along the way, she regained the use of her voice.

Cinder harbored a burning grudge against Ruby for what she did to her at the Fall of Beacon, but she did not let that stand in the way of completing her missions for Salem. So, when she arrived at Haven Academy, she left her associates to fight Ruby, Ozpin and his associates and went with Raven Branwen and Vernal to the school’s vault to steal the Relic of Knowledge that was ensconced there.

Upon reaching the vault, she attacked Vernal in an attempt to steal the Spring Maiden's power for herself. However, she realized that Vernal held no such power in the first place, causing Raven to reveal herself as the true Spring Maiden. The two of them then fought in the vault, with Raven finally overcoming her, and knocking her into a deep crevasse, freezing her body and leaving her to die.

Cinder survived her battle with Raven, and is presently trying to earn her way back into Salem’s good graces by achieving something useful. She has been following Ruby, Professor Ozpin, and the Relic of Knowledge, and has joined forces with Neopolitan to get revenge against Ruby.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]


Cinder stands 5’11” tall, and has long, thick black hair and yellow-orange eyes. Before her collision with Ruby Rose, Cinder’s preferred outfit was a dark-red, off-the-shoulders, v-neck mini dress with gold designs, worn over black shorts. She accessorized this outfit with a black choker, gold hoop earrings, a black hip bag, black high-heeled shoes and a jewelled anklet on her right ankle.

After her collision with Ruby Rose, her face shows considerable scarring on the left upper-quadrant, and she keeps her hair combed over her left eye, covering a black eyepatch that hides her missing eye. Her new outfit is a longer dark-red dress with dark gold designs, but only her right shoulder is now left uncovered. She accessorizes this outfit with an earring in her right ear.

It is revealed that under her left sleeve, her arm has been replaced by that of a Grimm, with the ability to extend to absurd lengths and absorb power (specifically Maiden's power).


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Aura
  • Grimm Arm: Ability to extend and absorb (Maiden's) power. Can also regenerate if severed.

Fall Maiden[]

  • Elemental Manipulation: Ability to manipulate the elements and nature (Weather/Fire/Ice) to a tremendous extent without dust.
  • Flight
  • Magic effects
  • Limited Constructs: Can summon swords in her hands at will

Weapons and Equipment[]

  • Glass Dust: Used with considerable skill by Cinder, enabling her to form her weapons and projectiles out of thin air.
  • Bow and Arrows: Made of glass, the bow splits down the middle to form dual blades, while the arrows have the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct themselves in mid-air, flying through obstacles without slowing.

Feats and Strengths[]

  • With the help of Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai, she killed the Fall Maiden, Amber, (from behind) and absorbed half of her Fall Maiden power.
  • Fought equally with Glynda Goodwitch in the early series (while had 50% of the power of the Fall Maiden).
  • Disintegrated a Beringel in one strike.
  • Infiltrated the Beacon Communications Tower.
  • Hacked into the global broadcasting system.
  • Presumably killed Professor Ozpin.
  • Killed Pyrrha Nikos.
  • Survived Ruby's Silver Eyes in Fall Maiden (But was heavily injured by it).
  • Almost killed (an already defeated) Weiss by impaling her (Until Jaune's aid)
  • Somehow passed as an exchange student in her 20's.
  • Fought evenly and held her own against Spring Maiden Raven.
  • Killed Vernal
  • Survived falling from the Haven vault while frozen.
  • Infiltrated the Kingdom of Atlas alongside Neopolitian
  • Managed to destroy Winter Schnee's aura and nearly kill her while also getting attacked by Penny Polendina.
  • Fought Penny to steal her Maiden powers.
  • Killed her stepfamily and Rhodes.
  • Mortally wounded Penny
  • Defeated Team RWBY and stole the Staff of Creation

Flaws and Weaknesses[]

  • Dangerously overconfident and sadistic when facing unworthy opponents.
  • Despite her confident demeanor, Cinder's monumental temper surfaces, showing her immense shock and outrage.
    • Jaune managed to nick the edge of Cinder's mask during the battle at Haven Academy
    • Overestimated by Ruby and Raven.
  • She tends to fight without much strategy (Her arrogance and aggressiveness often leds to this as she keeps getting outsmarted by the Spring Maiden Raven)
  • Despite her maiden powers, her durability and speed are no more than normal.
  • Severe superiority complex and egomania often leads her to underestimate her opponents, going as far as to bask in her victories before finishing her enemies off. and leaves her unprepared for when plans go awry.
  • Her plans don't always go as expected or can be predictable to clever foes.
    • Raven used Vernal as a decoy that she is the Spring Maiden to keep the power silent before Cinder tries to set them up and takes it for herself.
  • Lost her left eye and lack of depth perception (As of Vol. 4).
  • Grimm arm cannot harness aura, meaning it is vulnerable to attacks and it can still feel pain unlike the rest of her body.
  • Silver Eyes' power is shown to be a "crippling weakness" to all the Maiden's powers. V4, E1).
  • Ultimately defeated by Raven Branwen.
  • Failed to steal the power of the Winter Maiden.

Known Associates[]