Chucky vs mr kat by omnicidalclown1992-dbob88a
The Child's Play franchise vs. Kid vs Kat. Horror vs. Disney XD. Will Chucky put Kat in his "body count", or will the Katnipian anialate the psychotic killer doll?


Wiz: The horror genre has been around for a long time. And today's Death Battle is something a lot of fans asked for. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Chucky, the psychotic killer doll, taking on, Kat, the Katnipian!

Boomstick: Hey wait a minute! Isn't that the crazy Katnipian from last time's Death Battle?!

Wiz: Correct, Boomstick. Kat's last battle with Mr. Cat in Smileyland had put him out of commission for quite some time. But now he's back in action!

Boomstick: Like Goku did when he tried to defeat Superman?!

Wiz: That's right. Now he takes on Charles Lee Ray, alias, "Chucky, the killer doll".

Boomstick: Oh hell yeah! Last time Chucky faced Flippy!

Wiz: Can Kat survive Chucky's rampage? We will see here, on Death Battle.


Wiz: The Child's Play movies were scary enough, but when it comes to Chucky's utter insanity, there's no stopping this crazed killer.

Boomstick: With Voodoo on his side, and a face only a homeless drunk would love, Chucky is one crazy son of a bitch!

Wiz: Chucky is packed with knives, a staple gun, voodoo spells, and all sorts of deadly tricks up his sleeves.

Boomstick: He is a master at playing his victims into his traps and is extremely cunning. And turn anything into a murdering weapon.

Glen/Glenda: But violence is bad...

Chucky: No, not violence. "Violins". Violins are bad. That screeching music is gonna ruin the god damn country!

Wiz: Chucky sometimes lets his anger and stubborness get the better of him, but sometimes he never lets his guard down. Even in a fight with Tiffany.

Boomstick: Talk about being stubborn as a mule!

Chucky: Don't fuck with the Chuck!


Wiz: We already showed you guys Kat's powers and abilities last time, but we guess we can show you one last time.

Boomstick: Oh, just get on with it, Wiz! I'm craving this fight for years!

Wiz: Alright, Boomstick, you give me no choice. Like last time on Death Battle, Kat has brilliant machinary, strength, X-ray vision, acid spit, and has stretchy skin.

Boomstick: And that's not all, he has claws that can cut through anything! Ouch, that's really sharp for a little squirt!

Wiz: He has a collar that can communicate with other Katnipians, and has flying-robot bodyguards to aid him.

Boomstick: But will it be enough to help Kat defeat Chucky?!

Wiz: We don't know for sure, but we'll see sooner or later.

Kat: Meow!


Location: Bootsville.

Kat chases Coop in the backyard while Millie plays with her new toy, which turns out to be Chucky.

Coop: Dennis, Kat attack! I ask for reinforcements!

Kat: Hiss!

Millie: Wow, Chucky, your more fun than Mr. Kat! How about another game of dress-up?!

Chucky: (Thoughts) This is fucking bullshit!!

Dennis: I came as soon as Kat got a hold of ya!

Coop: Thanks Dennis!

Coop and Dennis see Millie with Chucky, then gets wide eyed.

Coop: Millie...? Is that the killer doll dad saw on the news...?

Millie: He ain't no killer doll Coop, he's just a little cranky, that's all!

Chucky: (Thoughts) I'm MORE than "Cranky" bitch!

Chucky sees Kat wonder off into Downtown Bootsville with a glare.

Chucky: (Thoughts) With this fucker in the way, there's no way I'm getting in Coop's body! Shit! Looks like me and purple people eater's gonna go Mono-E-Mono!

Location: Downtown Bootsville.

Kat plans to drop a serum into the sewer; making the water that flows to the ocean into milk. Till Chucky shoots the serum with a gun; causing the serum to go all over Kat's face.

Chucky: Kat, Kat, Kat, you've been a bad monkey.

Kat: Meow! [Translation: Fool! You ruined my plan!]

Chucky: I wanted that boy in my possession, and I'm not going to let you spoil everything!

Kat: Hiss! [Translation: Coop is mine! You can't have him!]

Kat lunges at Chucky, who dodged Kat's pounce and shoots at Kat's rib cage.

Kat: ROOW! [Translastion: AAAH!]

Chucky: (Cackles) Your done for, faggot!

Kat: MEOW! [Translastion: Your insane!!]


Chucky fires his gun at Kat, who dodges bullets and runs around Chucky to dropkick him to the ground.

Chucky: Coop is mine forever!

Chucky continues to shoot at Kat.

Kat Meow! [Translation: Stop hiding behind your little toys and fight like a man!]

Chucky runs out of ammo and switches to a knife.

Chucky: You can't run from me I'm faster!

Kat: Mrow! [Trasnlation: Well let me make your attacks more challenging!]

Kat crawls into the sewer with Chucky gaining chase.

Location: The Sewers.

Chucky attempts to hunt down Kat in pitch black darkness till Kat tackles from behind; causing Chucky to go off balance.

Chucky: Dammit!! I'm getting sick and god damn tired off all you bastards and bitches!!!

Chucky swings franticly at Kat with the knife, but Kat just dodges and finally slices Chucky's face with his claws.

Kat: Meow! [Translation: I will never give up Coop to a "Robert the Doll knockoff"!]

Chucky just looks at Kat with burning anger.

Chucky: ... You. Are so. Fucking. Dead...

Chucky began to charge at Kat in full speed, and tackles him to the murky water. Chucky tries to drown Kat in the water, but the two are being pulled by a current.

Location: Bootsville Beach.

Kat and Chucky wash up on the shore and begin to battle again. Kat and Chucky trade blows till Chucky slices Kat's arm off with one wet cut. Katnipian blood spirts everywhere on the sands.


Chucky: (Loud cackle)

Kat attempts to scratch Chucky with his left claw, but Chucky just punches Kat in the face and pins his left arm down.

Chucky: No more smoke and mirrors, asshole! It's time to cut the fucking cord!

Kat knocks Chucky off by tail-whipping his face and Kat shoves him to a Life-Guard stand.

Kat: Hiss [Translation: STOP IT! It's over!]

Chucky headbutts Kat's head and tries to gut Kat, but Kat just makes it harder for the killer doll.

Chucky: Time to DIE!

Kat: Meow! [Translation: Be my guest!]

Kat knocks Chucky back, but as Kat attempts to pounce on Chucky, Chucky dodges and grabs a Voodoo doll of Kat and lifts him up and throws him around.

Chucky: (Laughs maniacally)

Kat: Mrow!! [Translation: Wha?! What sorcery is this?!]

Chucky continues to toss Kat around, till Kat uses his collar to snatch the doll from Chucky's hand and pounces on Chucky.

Chucky: NO! Impossible! I had you begging for mercy!

Kat: Meow! [Translation: You don't deserve mercy...]

Kat slashes and bites into Chucky till he dies from his wounds.


Kat takes a selfie of Chucky's severed head.

Boomstick: Hey! Kat just send me a selfie with- Oh shit!!

Wiz: Even though Chucky was more of a skilled fighter than Kat, it was Kat's determination and alien powers that got the upper hand.

Boomstick: Of course Kat would win, Kat has been able to construct rockets, lasers, communicators and even a teleportation device out of nothing but ordinary household appliances. It appears that some Kats have the ability to use levitation rays, though it is unknown if Kat has this ability or not.

Wiz: Kat has sharp teeth, rays, can shoot lasers from his claw-tips, a vacuum-mouth, acid spit, turn his front arms/legs into a chain saw, melt himself to form a puddle-like substance for fitting through tight spaces, and has a purr that is so strong it causes an earthquake. He can also stretch out his skin and glide through the air, just like a flying squirrel. And Chucky does not, he only has his weapons and the powers of Voodoo to fend himself and give himself some time to think of a strategy to defeat Kat, but found it all in vain.

Boomstick: It looks like the "Kat's" out of the bag!

Wiz: And the winner is... Kat!

Fight song: Batman: Under the Red Hood: Final Confrontation