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A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

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The Chosen Undead VS The Last Dragonborn
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date December 3, 2018
Written by Vrokorta
Directed by Brown Eevee
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Last Dragonborn VS Shrek Link vs Dovahkiin
The Chosen Undead VS The Last Dragonborn is a What-If? episode of Death Battle directed and written by Brown Eevee & Vrokorta.


The raging war between critically acclaimed, open-world fantasy RPGs is soon to have a winner! Will the Dragonborn give a shout of victory, or will the Chosen Undead give his opponent the gift of death?


Brown Eevee: The Chosen Undead...

Vrokorta: The Last Dragonborn...

Brown Eevee: A battle that was waged for years, now comes the time. He's Vrokorta and I'm Brown Eevee.

Vrokorta: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a...

Brown Eevee: DEATH BATTLE!!!


  • Since both combatants can have either gender, I'm going to specify that they'll both be male for this fight.


The Chosen Undead (Vrokorta)[]

(Cue Dark Souls OST - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder)

Vrokorta: The Chosen Undead was one of the undead branded by the Darksign, giving him the power to resurrect after death. However, all the undead branded with the Darksign were locked away in the Undead Asylum, to await the end of the world.

Brown Eevee: But this wasn't the end for the Undead, as Oscar, Knight of Astora, gave him the key to exit his cell, & begin his epic journey.

Vrokorta: The journey to ring the Bell's of Awakening, succeed Lord Gwyn, & prolong the Age of Fire.

(Stop Music)

Vrokorta: I would try to explain it a little better, but it's a lot to go over, so let's just get to the stats.

(Cue Dark Souls 3 - Epic Heroic Battle Music Mix, Dramatic Powerful Choir Vocals, Intense Fantasy Music)

Brown Eevee: The Chosen Undead specializes in weapon usage, wielding a number of variable weapons, from swords, to clubs, axes, to halberds, & more. He skillfully wields whatever he can get his hands on to dispatch a variety of foes.

Vrokorta: Speaking of close combat, the Chosen Undead isn't only good at offense, he's great at defense too. He can perform acrobatic flips & rolls to dodge attacks, use his shield to block, or parry incoming blows to catch the opponent off guard & attack while they're vulnerable.

Brown Eevee: When weapons aren't enough, the Undead has a slew of abilities to rely on. For starters, being an undead branded by the Darksign makes the Chosen Undead completely unkillable by normal means. No matter how many times you kill him, he'll just resurrect. Moving on to the more combat based abilities, the Undead has a large set of Sorceries, Miracles, & Pyromancies, all magical spells to assist the Undead in battle.

Vrokorta: Sorceries can be cast through the use of a catalyst. They're mostly used for shooting magic projectiles, empowering equipment, modifying the Chosen Undead, & even healing. Miracles can be cast through the use of a talisman. They're for healing, increasing stats, limiting enemies, manipulating lightning & sunlight, enhancing weaponry, & more. Pyromancies can be cast through the use of a Pyromancy Flame. They're mainly for fire & lava manipulation, but can also induce poison, corrode equipment, increase heat resistance, increase durability, increase attack power, & turn undead enemies into temporary allies. And that doesn't even cover equipment.

Brown Eevee: Besides all the weapons we mentioned earlier, the Undead also has sets of armor to raise stats & resistances, rings to increase stats & grant other bonuses, the Estus Flask to heal damage, Pine Resins to elementally augment weapons, he can even throw dung to poison opponents... wait what?

Vrokorta: The Undead can also absorb humanity to heal himself, & summon phantoms to aid him in battle. Moving on to feats, the Chosen Undead can defeat building sized enemies with strength anywhere from Small Building level, to City Block level. However, by the end of the game, the Chosen Undead is strong enough to defeat & succeed Lord Gwyn, who's strong enough to sustain the Sun.

Brown Eevee: He's also fast enough to react to lightning, which is said to be made of sunlight, & fight within a void. This puts the Chosen Undead's speed anywhere from Massively Hypersonic to Immeasurable.

Vrokorta: But like most other fighters, the Undead's not flawless. Certain items & magic are consumable, & can't be used again once they run out. Armor & weapons can wear down & break with excessive use if they're not repaired, & the Chosen Undead can't stack stat buffs.

Brown Eevee: That, kinda sucks.

Vrokorta: Yeah. Not only that, but certain spells come with drawbacks, like lowering resistance, depleting health, limiting the user, & more.

Brown Eevee: Geez, with so many weaknesses & setbacks, how'd the Undead ever succeed?

Vrokorta: Simple, he got gud.

The Chosen Undead does a celebratory pose after defeating the Gaping Dragon.

The Last Dragonborn[]

(Cue Skyrim Theme (Trap Remix))

Eevee: In the 4th Era of Skyrim at the southern border, a man was caught by the imperial legion attempting to flee the country of Skyrim, which was then under Thalmor's rule at the time, and was sent to Helgen for execution.

Vrokorta: During his execution, he was saved by a stroke of luck when the Nordic God of Destruction, Alduin (Dragontongue: Destroy Devour Master) attacked the city where the execution was taking place.

Eevee: He made his way out of Helgen and became The Last Dragonborn! During his adventures throughout Skyrim, he wears Dragonbone Armour to protect himself against even the toughest of weapons and even dragon shouts!

Vrokorta: He also wields many weapons such as swords, greatswords, battleaxes, daggers, crossbows, bows, warhammers, maces & shields. Even with all this, he's not invincible, he can still be killed by any human but even with these weaknesses, he still has a lot of weaponry.

Eevee: Because he is a Dragonborn, he has the power of the dragon language that can harness Dragon shouts of great power such as:

  • (Animal Allegiance) Raan Mir Tah (Animal Alleigance Pack): A Shout for help from the beasts of the wild, who come to fight in your defense.
  • (Aura Whisper) Laas Yah Nir (Life Seek Hunt): Your Voice is not a Shout, but a whisper, revealing the life forces of any and all.
  • (Battle Fury) Mid Vur Shaan (Loyal Valor Inspire): Your Thu'um enchants your nearby allies' weapons, allowing them to attack faster.
  • (Become Ethereal) Feim Zii Gron (Fade Spirit Bind): The Thu'um reaches out to the Void, changing your form to one that cannot harm, or be harmed.
  • (Bend Will) Gol Hah Dov (Earth Mind Dragon): Your voice bends the very stones to your will. As it gains power, animals, people, and even dragons must do your bidding.
  • (Call Dragon) Od Ah Viing (Snow Hunter Wing): Odahviing! Hear my Voice and come forth. I summon you in my time of need.
  • (Call of Valor) Hun Kal Zoor (Hero Champion Legend): The valiant of Sovngarde hear your Voice, and journey beyond space and time to lend aid.
  • (Clear Skies) Lok Vah Koor (Sky Spring Summer): Skyrim itself yields before the Thu'um, as you clear away fog and inclement weather.
  • (Cyclone) Ven Gar Nos (Wind Unleash Strike): Your Thu'um creates a whirling cyclone that sows chaos among your enemies.
  • (Disarm) Zun Haal Viik (Weapon Hand Defeat): Shout defies steel, as you rip the weapon from an opponent's grasp.
  • (Dismay) Faas Ru Maar (Fear Run Terror): And the weak shall fear the Thu'um, and flee in Terror.
  • (Dragon Aspect) Mul Qah Diiv (Strength Armor Wyrm): Once a day, take on the mighty aspect of a dragon, delivering colossal blows, with an armoured hide, and more powerful shouts.
  • (Dragonrend) Joor Zah Frul (Mortal Finite Temporary): Your Voice lashes out at a dragon's very soul, forcing the beast to land.
  • (Drain Vitality) Gaan Lah Haas (Stamina Magica Health): Coax both magical and mortal energies from your hapless opponent.
  • (Elemental Fury) Su Grah Dun (Air Battle Grace): The Thu'um imbues your arms with the speed of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes.
  • (Fire Breath) Yol Tor Shuul (Fire Inferno Sun): Inhale air, exhale flame, and behold the Thu'um as inferno.
  • (Frost Breath) Fo Krah Diin (Frost Cold Freeze): Your breath is winter, your Thu'um a blizzard.
  • (Ice Form) Iiz Slen Nus (Ice Flesh Statue): Your Thu'um freezes an opponent solid.
  • (Kyne's Peace) Kaan Drem Ov (Kyne Peace Trust): The Voice soothes wild beasts, who lose their desire to fight or flee.
  • (Marked for Death) Krii Lun Aus (Kill Leach Suffer): Speak, and let your Voice herald doom, as an opponent's armor and life-force are weakened.
  • (Soul Tear) Rii Vaaz Zol (Essence Tear Zombie): Your Thu'um cuts through flesh and shatters soul, commanding the will of the fallen.
  • (Slow Time) Tiid Klo Ul (Time Sand Eternity): Shout at time, and command it to obey, as the world around you stands still.
  • (Storm Call) Strun Bah Qo (Storm Wrath Lightning): Shout to the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of Skyrim's lightning.
  • (Summon Durnehviir) Dur Neh Viir (Curse Never Dying): Durnehviir! Hear my Voice and come forth from the Soul Cairn. I summon you in my time of need.
  • (Throw Voice) Zul Mey Gut (Voice Fool Far): Draconic Ventriloquism, The Thu'um is heard, but its source unknown, fooling those into seeking it out.
  • (Unrelenting Force) Fus Ro Dah (Force Balance Push): Your Voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone - who stands in your path.
  • (Whirlwind Sprint) Wuld Nah Kest (Whirlwind Fury Tempest): The Thu'um rushes forward, carrying you in its wake with the speed of a tempest.

(Cue Skyrim — Far Horizons [10 Hours])

Vrokorta: He also has 5 schools of magic which rely on offense and defense like Alteration, which can grant armor like Ebonyflesh or Dragonhide, which makes a very tough force field around his skin. Conjuration can conjure weapons, & creatures such as Seekers and Elemental Guardians. Illusion can calm or make an opponent fear the caster, as well as paralyzing enemies one by one. Restoration can heal even the harshest of wounds such as chest slashes, Face Slashes or just Body Damage.

Brown Eevee: Aren't you forgetting something Vrokorta? You know, the most BADASS school there!?

Vrokorta: Oh yeah, the Destruction School. It ca-

Brown Eevee: The Destruction School can enable spells like Cloaks of elements such as Fire Cloak, Frost Cloak, Lightning Cloak and Whirlwind Cloak which is basically like a Fus Ro Dah! He can cast very powerful spells such as Blizzard, which surrounds the caster in a frost force field, destroying almost anything around the caster. Fire Storm can kill almost anything that gets close to it which gives off over 30 tons of TNT and Lightning Storm is basically a Lightning Kamehameha which can kill literally anything in a matter of seconds.

Vrokorta: Why did you cut me off???

Brown Eevee: Because I can, and plus I do the destructive stuff!

(Cue Skyrim OST - Main Theme)

Vrokorta: Anyway... whilst the Dragonborn is on his adventures, he's done incredible things, from lifting 20,000 to 40,000 tons, to destroying a multiverse eating dragon!

  • Slayed Alduin the World Eater, several types of dragons, Paarthurnax, Miraak, 11 Dragon Priests, Bandit Chiefs and Nightstalker Vampires, The Ebony Warrior, Karstagg, Potema the Wolf Queen, Draugr Death Overlords, Seekers, Dwarven Centurion Masters, Forsworn Briarhearts, Professional Necromancers including Arch-Necromancers, Master Conjurers, Arch-Conjurers, Master Pyromancers, Arch-Pyromancers & Arch-Electromancers, Falmer Warmongers, Yngol's Shade, Halldir, Harkon, Mercer Frey, Champion of Boethiah, Rigel Strong-Arm, Ritual Master, Olaf One-Eye, The Sons of Gauldurson, Movarth Piquine, Curalmil, Kvenel the Tongue, Arch-Curate Vyrthur, Red Eagle, Warlord Gathrik, & Ancano.
  • Casted a 1,500 degree spell "Incinerate"
  • Travelled over 9,000,000 kilometers (Skyrim's Country Length) in 2 Days
  • Lifted over 20,000 to 40,000 Tonnes
  • Has discovered over 616 locations throughout Skyrim
  • Has walked the 7000 steps of The Throat of The World without a break!
  • Withstood Paralyzation from Netch Jelly
  • Can withstand the damage of The Greybeard's Shouts
  • Assassinated the Emperor
  • Escaped every Prison in Nirn
  • Built 3 houses and its decorations
  • Has cleared Skuldafn, Labyrinthian, Korvanjund, Volunruud, Saarthal, Ragnvald, and many more areas.
  • Resisted the Unrelenting Force from Draugr Death Overlords
  • Cleared every single Cave, Tomb, Dungeon & Catacomb
  • Has shrugged off Ballista Bolts
  • Can stand and wait for over 24 hours (can cause Leg and Muscle Pain in 2 hours)
  • Ended the war between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloak Rebellion.
  • Has fought Daedras, Vampires, Werewolves, Werebears and many more creatures without defeat.
  • Has earned the respect, and fear, of several Daedric Gods and Masters
  • Could dodge arrows point blank
  • Has walked up extremely steep mountains with or without a horse
  • Cured himself from extremely dangerous illnesses
  • Can slow down time immensely by zooming in with the bow/crossbow
  • Gained the rank of Champion from all 15 Daedric Princes and has possession of all 15 artifacts
  • Became a Master in Smithing, Alchemy and Enchanting
  • Has an extremely muscular 6-pack body
  • Can command powerful entities
  • Incredibly stealthy, even more so when enhancing his ability with magic, able to turn almost entirely invisible.

Brown Eevee: Well when he puts the dragon in The Last Dragonborn, he wasn't kidding!

[The Dragonborn uses Unrelenting Force towards a pile of swords as they fly forwards into the audience view]



Vrokorta: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this waged flame war once and for all!



The Demon Ruins

The Chosen Undead had been travelling through the Demon Ruins, & was about to fight the Demon Firesage. He stepped through the white light, then stopped & checked himself.

He'd forgotten something.

The Demon Firesage smacked the Undead aside, knocking him to the ground. He wasn't ready for the fight, he had to go back. Seeing his exit blocked by the massive beast, he pulled out a Homeward Bone that would warp him to a safe bonfire. However, as soon as he used it, the Firesage attacked again, interrupting the Undead's cast. However, the Homeward Bone was consumed heedless. The Chosen Undead was confused for a moment, then disappeared.

Mount Anthor

The Chosen Undead noticed he'd been transported to a bonfire, but he didn't recognize the area he was in. He got up, drew a sword & shield, & began to cautiously wander the area around him. He was on top of a mountain, a dangerous area no doubt, but really, what wasn't? He soon came upon a clearing littered with large corpses. These were... dragons. Whoever left all these must've been strong, & having a field day. He soon came upon the cause of this mess, a large, dark, armor clad warrior wielding a sword stained with blood. The warrior turned to face the Undead, revealing himself to be the Last Dragonborn. When the Dragonborn saw the Chosen Undead, he mistook him for an enemy, & readied himself for battle. The Undead, knowing a fight was incoming, prepared for battle.


By Vrokorta


(Cue: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim OST Dragonborn [Extended])

The Dragonborn immediately rushed at the Undead & slashed with his sword, but his opponent dodged to the right & stabbed the Dragonborn with his own sword. The Undead continued to attack, but the Dragonborn soon raised his shield to block & counter the Undead's onslaught, knocking him back.

Dragonborn: Yol Tor Shuul!

The Dragonborn shouted before breathing fire at the Undead. His opponent dodged again & swapped his sword for a crossbow & started shooting arrows. The Dragonborn raised his shield once again, blocking all the arrows as he rushed at the Undead, sword still drawn. The Undead withdrew his crossbow, pulled out a talisman, & cast a spell. Before the Dragonborn could reach his opponent, he was blasted backwards by an invisible force, landing on his back. The Undead then pulled out a catalyst, & summoned several balls of magic energy, each of which launched itself at his opponent. The Dragonborn managed to tank the hits & pull himself back up.

Dragonborn: Fus Ro Dah!

The Dragonborn gave another shout, creating a blast that launched the Undead off the mountain, alongside some of the dragon corpses. It would've been the end for the Undead, but he cast Fall Control, greatly reducing the damage from his fall. He got back up & looked at the mountain. It was a long way up. However, the Undead looked around & saw the dragon corpses, which gave him an idea.

The Dragonborn, having finished his quest, started making his way down the mountain, heading in the opposite direction the Undead was thrown. Soon, he heard the beating of wings.

Had he not defeated all the dragons?

He turned around to see 5 re-animated dragon corpses flying over him, the Undead sitting atop one. All 5 of them breathed ghastly black flames at the Dragonborn, who dodged backwards to avoid it. However, the flames began to melt the snow on the mountain, giving the Undead another idea. As the re-animation spell began to wear off, the Chosen Undead leapt from one of the dragons & slammed the ground with a war hammer as the dragons collapsed to the ground. The force from this caused the snow to loosen & run down the mountain.

The Undead had started an avalanche.

As the Dragonborn was forced to outrun the wave of destruction, the Undead slid on top of the avalanche, riding it like a wave as he shot arrows at the Dragonborn.

(Cue: Dark Souls OST - Taurus Demon - Extended)

Dragonborn: Wuld Nah Kest!

The Dragonborn's shout increased his speed, & he began to outrun the avalanche. Frustrated, the Undead lit a fire in his hand, & began throwing fireballs at his opponent. The Dragonborn avoided the fireballs until they reached the bottom of the mountain, ending the avalanche. The Undead leapt from his position & stabbed at the Dragonborn with an electrified spear, piercing him right in the shoulder. The Dragonborn cried out, but retaliated.

Dragonborn: Yol Tor Shuul!

The Dragonborn unleashed another breath of fire on the Undead, forcing him to back off. The Dragonborn drew his sword & began to attack. The Undead blocked with his shield, but the blows were too strong, & his shield broke. The Dragonborn unleashed another slash that sent the Undead flying into the pile of snow resulting from the avalanche. The Undead cast a healing spell to recover from his wounds, but the Dragonborn continued strong.

Dragonborn: Strun Ba Qo!

A powerful storm began to form, & lightning struck the ground around both combatants. The Undead got up to see the lightning, & got a little worried. However, he had an idea. As a bolt of lightning came down at him, he grabbed it with both hands, reshaped it, & threw it at the Dragonborn. Electricity surged through the Dragonborn's body, but he held his ground.

Dragonborn: Su Grah Dun! Krii Lun Aus!

The Undead started to feel himself & his armor grow weak as the Dragonborn rushed at him with newfound speed. The Dragonborn threw attack after attack at amazing speed, quickly breaking the Undead's already weakened armor. At the last moment, the Undead pulled out a small blade & parried the Dragonborn's attack, causing his opponent to falter at the cost of his weapon. The Undead wasted no time, his hand lit on fire again, & he blasted the Dragonborn with a flaming explosion, knocking him onto his back. The Undead followed up by repeatedly throwing fireballs, some of which exploded into pools of magma. The Dragonborn screamed in severe pain, but he managed to throw a single arrow at the currently unarmored Undead. The arrow planted itself in the Undead's shoulder, causing him to bleed profusely & stop throwing fireballs. The Dragonborn painfully pulled himself to his feet. His armor was partially melted, & his body was severely burned. He turned his attention to the Undead & gave another shout.

Dragonborn: Gaan Lah Haas!

The Dragonborn began pulling energy from the Undead, draining his magic & vitality to heal himself. The Undead noticed this & cast a few spells. The first created a poisonous fog around the Dragonborn, the second released an acidic fog that wore down his armor & weapons. In the brief moments that the Dragonborn was distracted by this, the Undead re-equipped himself & cast a spell that made his weapon invisible. As both mists cleared, the Undead rushed at the Dragonborn & slammed him with a giant war hammer that shattered his armor. As the Dragonborn hit the ground, he wondered what just hit him. He dismissed the thought, re-equipped himself, & rushed back at the Undead wielding the Wabbajack. He cast a spell from the staff, but the Undead blocked it & stabbed the Dragonborn. However, the attack didn't pierce his armor. The Dragonborn drew a sword & slashed the Undead in the torso, but his armor didn't pierce either. The Dragonborn switched his sword for a war hammer, & raised it to smash the Undead. The Undead dodged backwards just in time, & was starting to get fed up with the Dragonborn's antics. He was done going easy on this guy. The Undead stood with his legs spread out, & his arms at his sides. He started to glow, fire lit in his hands, & the surrounding area was singed with flames. However, this rise in power garnered the attention of someone nearby.

(Cue: Skyrim Dragon Fight Theme 1h)

A large dragon landed near the two fighters, its visage all too familiar.

It was Alduin.

Alduin: Ahh, warriors. I was in the mod for one of those, & now I have two to satiate my endless hunger.

Alduin lunged at the two, the Dragonborn readied a shout, & the Undead pulled out another Homeward Bone. The Undead wondered if that was even a good idea as the combined force of all three forces caused all three of them to appear somewhere else.

Undead Burg

The Undead & the Dragonborn landed on an abandoned building in an abandoned town full of undead. The two pulled themselves up & looked around. The Undead remembered this place, but the Dragonborn was confused. However, neither could worry about that, as Alduin was flying over them, unleashing a breath of fire that quickly set the town on fire. However, the various undead were fearless, & began to attack Alduin with arrows & small bombs. Alduin turned his attention to the army of undead & unleashed his flames on them. The Chosen Undead thought he might be able to find a way out since he now knew where he was, but the Dragonborn grabbed him by the back of the head, turned him around, & punched him in the face, sending him flying through stone structures, landing on a staircase. The Undead got up & drank an Estus Flask to heal himself as he saw the Dragonborn coming after him. However, the Undead had another idea. He ran up the stairs & the Dragonborn continued to chase him. Alduin finished off the undead soldiers & chased his warrior snacks. The Undead ran through a door that led to a bridge & rushed across, his enemies still chasing. The Undead quickly ran through the door on the other side of the bridge as a giant red minotaur demon came down in front the Dragonborn.

Dragonborn: Fus Ro Dah!

The Dragonborn blasted the Taurus Demon into the wall of the room the Undead had ran through, & ran between its legs to catch up to his real opponent. Alduin came across the Taurus Demon, & ATE HIM WHOLE (Don't ask how) before resuming his chase. The Undead came through a door & looked both ways. He ran to the right & came across an ally, Solaire of Astora. The Undead tried to get his help, when the Dragonborn came down at him. Solaire quickly ran up & parried the Dragonborn's attack with his sword. Then Alduin showed up behind them & breathed fire. All three combatants ran out of the fire's range, but stopped when they saw the Hellkite Dragon sitting in the direction they were about to go. This wasn't a problem for the Dragonborn.

Dragonborn: Gol Hah Dov!

The Hellkite Dragon found itself unable to control itself as it flew from its perch & tackled Alduin. The two dragons fought an aerial battle as the Undead & Solaire ganged up on the Dragonborn. Together, they fought him back against a cliff, & were about to send him over. However, the two dragons crashed into the three warriors, & they all came crashing down. However, the Dragonborn & the Undead disappeared again.

Snow Veil Sanctum

The two combatants were falling at an angle. Luckily, the Undead was able to cast Fall Control during this. They fell into an odd stone dome, crashing through a door inside, & rolling down some stairs. The Undead got up first, but the Dragonborn was up quickly after. They drew their weapons & began to clash through the halls, making a lot of noise. This noise got the attention of several Draugr, undead soldiers. Soon enough, the two combatants found themselves surrounded, but the Undead knew what to do. He cast Undead Rapport, which turned the Draugr into his allies. He ran past them as they all ganged up on the Dragonborn, & he shot poison arrows at him. The Dragonborn grew frustrated as he gave another shout.

Dragonborn: Strun Ba Qo!

The Dragonborn summoned another storm, but this storm formed inside, & filled the whole dungeon. Lightning began to strike, quickly killing the Draugr. The Chosen Undead grabbed a lightning bolt, shaped it into & spear, & leapt at the Dragonborn. At the same time, the Dragonborn pulled out a spear & leapt at the Undead. Before they collided, they disappeared again.

Darkroot Garden

The two fighters appeared right in the middle of a dark forest when their attacks collided, creating a huge explosion that leveled the entire area, killing all enemies, including Sif & the Moonlight Butterfly. Both fighters now stood in a crater, & stared each other down. This didn't last long, as the space around them was beginning to falter, & rifts through dimensions were beginning to tear. From one of these rifts came Alduin, who looked quite pleased.

Alduin: I've found no mere warriors. Finding you has granted me knowledge I knew not existed. I will consume you, this world, the next, & the next, FOR ETERNITY! Alduin lunged at the combatants & knocked them through a rift.

Blue Palace

The combatants & Alduin appeared in the air, & crashed into a large blue palace, completely leveling it thanks to Alduin's strength & girth. In its place appeared another rift that the three went through.


The three ended up in a sewer area... well it would be a sewer area if Alduin didn't completely destroy it upon entry. Slimes, rats, & basilisks were crushed to death as everything fell apart. Alduin emerged from the rubble & looked for the combatants, when another being appeared before him.

The Gaping Dragon.

The dragon roared an intimidating roar, but Alduin flew at it & began to violently attack it, completely unfazed by his intimidating look. The Chosen Undead pulled himself out of the rubble, only to be smacked aside by the Dragonborn, who was wielding a large piece of rubble as a weapon.

Dragonborn: Ven Gar Nos!

The Dragonborn created a cyclone that lifted the Undead into the air, as well as a ton of rubble, which hit the Undead repeatedly. The cyclone soon threw the Undead out, directly at Alduin. The Undead collided with dragon's back, & the Dragonborn made a huge leap as he was about to smash the Undead with a war hammer. The Undead rolled out of the way as the Dragonborn's hammer hit Alduin instead. Alduin was distracted by this for a brief moment, which the Gaping Dragon used to try & pull Alduin into its gaping maw. The Undead's roll, combined with the Gaping Dragon's pull, caused him to lose his footing, & he now dangled from Alduin's horn, right above the Gaping Dragon's mouth. The Dragonborn walked up to the Chosen Undead, & pulled out the Wabbajack. The Undead started to weigh his options, & made a decision. Right as the Dragonborn cast a spell from the Wabbajack, the Undead swung from Alduin's horn & out of the way. The Wabbajack sent out a ball of electricity that hit the inside of the Gaping Dragon's mouth instead. The attack did major damage & caused the dragon to falter. Alduin pulled himself from its grip, & smacked him away with his tail, knocking the Gaping Dragon unconscious. The Undead hit the ground hard, & the Dragonborn jumped down on top of him, & started throwing several punches. The Undead blocked with his arms, but his armor was wearing down. With one last hit, the Undead's armor broke, & the Dragonborn pulled the Wabbajack back out. Before he could cast it, a rift opened under both of them, & they fell in.

Windhelm Marketplace

Both fighters landed in a market, much to the surprise of bystanders. Continuing his attack, the Dragonborn used the Wabbajack on the Undead. When the spell hit, it changed the Undead's armor. Odd. Before the Dragonborn could make another move, the Undead threw a fiery explosive in his face, making him stumble back. The Undead drank another Estus Flask, then cast Tranquil Walk of Peace. Suddenly, the Dragonborn felt slower & heavier, & the Undead took advantage of this. He started to throw spears of electricity at the Dragonborn, electrifying him over & over again. The Dragonborn used the Wabbajack again to see if it'd do anything useful, but it summoned an enemy Dremora.

Dragonborn: Okay, no more Wabbajack. Fus Ro Dah!

The Dragonborn blasted the Dremora away before turning back to the Undead.

Dragonborn: Mul Qah Diiv!

The Dragonborn gave a shout that increased his power before rushing at the Undead. The Undead also cast several spells to increase his stats before rushing at his opponent. Their weapons clashed once, & the whole market was destroyed by a blast of excess energy. They clashed again, & more destruction ensued. They continued to clash, & the entire surrounding area was reduced to barren land. Eventually, both their magic had worn off, & the Undead was feeling particularly weak. The Dragonborn was about to finish him off, but another rift opened, & they were tossed through time & space as both their worlds began to merge.

(Stop Music)

Throat of the First Flame

Both combatants found themselves in a familiar yet different area. They were atop a snowy mountain, inside a ruined building, with a bonfire inside. Also within this building, was Alduin.

Alduin: Finally, you've returned. Now I can finish what I started!

Alduin lunged at the two, but a rift opened & he disappeared into it. No time to worry about that. Both combatants turned to each other, then the Undead looked at the bonfire. He was interrupted last time, but this time, he would show no mercy.

(Cue: MOONFLOW - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (Extended) - Dark Souls)

The Undead stood with his legs spread out, & his arms at his sides. He started to glow, fire lit in his hands, & the surrounding area was singed with flames. Then, the whole building was bathed in fire. The Dragonborn held up his shield to block the flames until they died down. The Dragonborn lowered his shield & saw the Chosen Undead slowly approaching him, glowing with pure sunlight as two swords of light formed in each of his hands. The Dragonborn shot arrows at the Undead, but he deflected them with his swords. The Dragonborn conjured & threw a fireball at him, but he just seemed to absorb it. The Dragonborn fired a stream of lightning at the Undead, but he deflected it with his hand. The Chosen Undead was a few feet from the Dragonborn when he pulled back & lunged forward with one of his swords. The Dragonborn held up his shield, but the blade cut right through it, his armor, & his shoulder. He followed up with another stab that pierced through his chest. The Dragonborn coughed up blood before he was kicked into a wall by the Chosen Undead. The Undead raised his hand to the sky, & conjured lightning down on the Dragonborn, striking him repeatedly. The Dragonborn lay limp, burnt, & bloody. The Chosen Undead looked down at him. "This is the power of a god" is what his face said (heedless of the helmet). He walked up to the Dragonborn, swords drawn, ready to finish his opponent. He raised both swords, & brought them down.

(Stop Music)


The Undead's swords stopped as they met the Dragonborn's. HE WAS STILL WILLING TO FIGHT!

(Cue: CRONOS - Epic Powerful Orchestral Music Mix | BEST OF EPIC MUSIC - Position Music)

The Dragonborn threw the Chosen Undead off himself, & stood back up.

Dragonborn: Fo Krah Diin!

The Dragonborn summoned a blizzard that combated the Chosen Undead's flames. The Chosen Undead was taken aback, but stood his ground. He sent waves of flame, light, & electricity at the Dragonborn, but he dodged them all & struck the Chosen Undead, knocking him back. The Chosen Undead couldn't believe that the Dragonborn was actually competing with his own full power, but he wouldn't allow himself to lose. Summoning up all his power, the entire building was blasted open as a wave of fire came down from the Sun & empowered the Chosen Undead, a wave of flame at his beck & call. The Chosen Undead ran at the Dragonborn, the wave of flames trailing behind him, as his opponent retaliated with one last shout.


The Dragonborn screamed at the top of his lungs, unleashing his most powerful attack yet to combat the Chosen Undead's godly powers. The two hits collided, & they were evenly matched, no side having the upper hand. The Chosen Undead drew more power from the Sun, the Dragonborn shouted harder. They each gave it their all to overpower the opponent. However, the Chosen Undead found himself slowly being overpowered.

This couldn't be happening the Chosen Undead thought.

He tried drawing more power from the sun, tried raising his stats, tried changing his equipment, but it did no good, the Dragonborn was pushing him back. The Chosen Undead desperately tried to gain the upper hand, but he was steadily being pushed back.

WHY!? He wondered. How could this normal man fight a god? Then something in the Dragonborn showed through, something the Undead didn't realize was there all along.

Chosen Undead: This is no mere man.

And with that, an explosion of energy occurred, & the Chosen Undead was blasted miles away, where he collided with a mountain, that shattered into millions of pieces upon impact. The Chosen Undead reached his hand out for a moment, then fell limp. The Undead had died.


The Dragonborn finally stopped screaming, & started to catch his breath. He walked over to the bonfire, & sat down next to it. He felt all his wounds heal, & a new power run through his body. He looked at his hands, which now glowed with fire.

He'd become the new Lord of Cinder.


Vrokorta: Okay, I know some of you are going to disagree with this, and if you do, that's fine. We did our research, & this was the outcome we decided on. At the very least, do take a look at our explanation as to why the Dragonborn wins.

Brown Eevee: While the Undead was certainly powerful in his own right, the feats of the Dragonborn simply put him on a higher level. The Chosen Undead was stronger than a guy who could sustain the Sun, but the Dragonborn defeated a dragon that could eat collections of universes. This puts the Dragonborn on a 4-Dimensional scale, while the Chosen Undead is only 3-Dimensional.

Vrokorta: And that wasn't his only advantage. The Dragonborn had fewer weaknesses, alongside a larger & more unpredictable arsenal, giving him a significant leg up over the Undead. And for those of you who might be thinking, "The Chosen Undead's lightning is super effective against dragons", or "The Dragonborn's lightning is super effective against the undead". Both of these points hold true, in their respective universes. The Dragonborn isn't the same as the Everlasting dragons, he doesn't have stone scales that can be pierced with lightning. The Chosen Undead isn't the same as the undead of Skyrim, especially seeing as he can manipulate lightning himself.

Brown Eevee: Even though the Chosen Undead would continue to resurrect, & theoretically fight the Dragonborn forever, he'd still never be strong enough to put him down. Not only that, but it's possible that the Chosen Undead would become a Hollow during this time, meaning that he'd become a mindless zombie drone similar to what's fought throughout the game. Becoming a Hollow is more or less equivalent to being turned into an animal, which is kind of like a BFR, or some form of incapacitation, so it would count as the Dragonborn's win if it happened.

Vrokorta: I guess the Chosen Undead was chosen to be dead. Will you do the honors Eevee?

Brown Eevee: The winner is, the Last Dragonborn!


Next Time[]


From atop of a mountain, The Last Dragonborn was looking at Geralt of Rivia's shattered skull before long..An Elve in a Green tunic arrived on the scene!



  • Vrokorta: I thought the moment when the Undead was dangling above the Gaping Dragon's mouth was really intense & "crossovery". I mean, he's holding onto Alduin's horn, hanging above the Gaping Dragon's mouth, & nearly at the mercy of the Dragonborn.
  • Vrokorta scrapped several scenes throughout this fight.
    • Vrokorta wanted to have a scene where Solaire was motivated to fight Alduin because the dragon would eat the Sun, but couldn't find a way to include it without breaking the pace of the fight. Also, it wouldn't amount to much in the end.
    • Vrokorta planned a scene where both combatants would summon help to fight each other (Odahviing, Solaire, etc.), but Vrokorta didn't find a good place to fit it in.
    • He also would've liked to have a scene where the Chosen Undead used his ability to control the undead to combat the Dragonborn's ability to control dragons, but yet again, he couldn't find a good place to fit it.
    • Another scrapped scene was going to have Alduin cut in half by one of the random rifts but, you guessed it, he didn't find a good place to include it to his satisfaction.

Dragonborn vs Chosen Undead is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features the Last Dragonborn from the Elder Scrolls series, and the Chosen Undead from the Dark Souls series.

Dragonborn vs Chosen Undead
Season TBD
Season Episode TBD
Air date TDB
Written by SoMaShadow
Episode guide


Skyrim vs Dark Souls!



Chosen Undead[]



Original Track[]


Chosen Undead VS Last Dragonborn is Innonimate's 2nd What-If? episode of Death Battle, featuring the Chosen Undead from the Dark Souls series and the Last Dragonborn from the Elder Scrolls series in a battle between dark fantasy soul-slaying RPG legends.

Chosen Undead VS Last Dragonborn
Chosen Undead VS Dragonborn
Written by Innonimate
Episode guide
Kiana Kaslana vs. Noel Vermillion


Legendary fantasy world protagonists of many faces take the spotlight in this DEATH BATTLE!


Wiz: The Chosen Undead, Lordran's everlasting Hollow champion of Dark Souls.

Boomstick: And the Dragonborn, Skyrim's draco-vanquishing Nordic savior.

Wiz: Few gaming adventures are unforgettable as those where we can experience the fantastic adventure that we follow on our terms...

Boomstick: Or get into the action-packed hell of beating overwhelming odds! But which of these dark fantasy legends will triumph in a one-on-one deathmatch?

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a DEATH BATTLE!

Chosen Undead[]

Wiz: In the world's beginning, there was nothing but gloomy fogs. Lands of gray crags formed, and ruthless everlasting Dragons ruled over everything.

Boomstick: Sounds like depression.

Wiz: Yes indeed, Boomstick. Newfound life seemed hopeless, but eventually a spark came to light flame, forming for mankind the powerful Souls of Lords and allowing four prominently incandescent figures to fight back, driving the Dragons to near extinction.

Boomstick: With help from granddraggy traitor Seath the Scaleless! Oh-ho how the tables turn. Without their reptilian authoritarian overlords, mankind began an Age of Fire using their First Flame to give light to the world, even establishing the kingdom country of Lordran!

Wiz: Unfortunately like all fires do, the First Flame started dying as time went on. In desperation, many tried to find a way to keep it alight with... drastic consequences, all to prevent an Age of Darkness.

Boomstick: Man, a never-ending cycle of sacrifice to keep one flame going? Yup, depression personified for sure. Oh, and to make matters worse, some humies were cursed to resurrect as zombies after death.

Wiz: These are Hollows, doomed to face death over and over until they lose their minds. And one such zombie is an individual locked away in an undead asylum, the Chosen Undead.

    • Real Name: Unknown
    • Race/Species: Hollow/Human
    • Savior of the Age of Fire
    • Presumed descendant of the Furtive Pygmy
    • Times Died: Yes
    • Likes: Souls, Solaire, and more souls
    • Dislikes: Dying, darkness, mimics

Boomstick: It's not their real name. It's a title given to them via a prophecy they'd ring some bells, obtain the Lordvessel, link the First Flame... it's a long story.

Wiz: To fulfill this prophecy, the Chosen Undead would be rescued from their prison by a believer in Oscar of Astora. After escaping and taking the already-dying knight's gear, they'd make their way to Lordran and commence their soon-to-be perilous journey.

Boomstick: Which required them to get good and learn to use a large multitude of equipment. And they were bound to eventually succeed with the help of their useful-not-useful curse, the Darksign.

Wiz: Being the signature brand of an accursed undead, a Darksign brings its bearer back to life every time they die at the cost of their humanity, turning them Hollow in the process. While these losses are major, this makes any and all attempts to truly kill a Darksign user for naught since their soul and body can replenish as a deathless zombie.

Boomstick: They even have the uncanny ability to absorb the souls of whatever they kill and empower themselves, and having travelled throughout the country of Lordran for their quest to save the Age of Fire, they've absorbed plenty of them.

Wiz: Which they've used to bolster their combat capabilities, such as greater strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith, all of which lets the Chosen Undead be capable of wielding almost any tool or weapon they find.

    • Armor
      • Elite Knight Armor Set
      • Crest Shield
    • Weapons
      • Astora Straight Sword
      • Bow
        • Poison Arrows
        • Fire Arrows
        • Dark Arrows
        • Moonlight Arrows
    • Estus Flash
      • Restores health
    • Humanities
      • Restores humanity and health
    • Repairbox
    • Firebombs
    • Throwing Knives
    • Elemental Resins
    • Darksign
      • Reborn after death, costs souls and sanity

Boomstick: Swords, bows and arrows, spears, battleaxes, you name it! And despite wearing ludicrously heavy knight armor that has issues with lightning attacks, they are quick on their feet and can avoid even the deadliest of blows in battle, all thanks to their special technique: the roll!

Wiz: Yeeaah... surprisingly a technique fast enough to let them dodge their Kryptonite of lightning from Titanite Demons, over 200 times the speed of sound.

Boomstick: Being able to dodge anything that fast has helped them against plenty of foes. Knights, giants, and even freakin' dragons! Unfortunately not fast enough against the most evil creature of all fiction: Mimics.

Wiz: With the use of a shield, the Chosen Undead can also bat away an enemy's attack with a parry to leave them wide open for a critical blow.

Boomstick: Or pull a cheap trick and sprint around to stab you in the back. Man, I am sick of how this move is always abused online.

    • Soul absorption
    • Catalysts
      • Pyromancy Flame
      • Sorcerer's Staff
      • Miracle Talisman
    • Pyromancies
      • Fire elemental spells
      • Flash Sweat
      • Iron Flesh
      • Power Within
    • Sorceries
      • Magic elemental spells
      • Remedy
      • Strong Magic Shield
      • Aural Decoy
    • Miracles
      • Healing incantations
      • Lightning elemental spells
      • Dark elemental spells
      • Karmic Justice

Wiz: But if up-close fighting isn't the Undead's style at the time, they've also got many, many special spells in the forms of sorceries, pyromancies, and miracles.

Boomstick: Useful for going on the offensive with magic in the form of Chaos flames, lightning, crystal sorceries, or some support spells for self-benefit.

Wiz: Like Karmic Justice, which causes a dark magic explosion where they stand upon taking five hits. There's also healing and recovery, turning nearly invisible, Power Within to boost damage, et cetera. However, the Chosen Undead's spell arsenal is limited via their Attunement, and requires a catalyst such as a staff or talisman to use the spells.

Boomstick: But who cares when you really only need one to ten spells to finish the job? Even if they take a hit, the Chosen Undead's armor is tough enough to endure physical trauma, elemental attacks, and even the powerful pillar-busting charges from a creepypasta stomach-toothed vagina dragon.

Wiz: With such a large, impressive arsenal and the ability to just resurrect after dying, it's truly hard to find any form of way to put the Chosen Undead down for good.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: But impressive tenacity alongside just refusing to die permanently doesn't make them perfect since they go Hollow after death, which costs them their sanity and a portion of their experience.

Wiz: Fortunately, Hollows can gain their humanity back when they use a Humanity sprite. Not only does it regain the Chosen Undead's... humanity, it also heals and puts them back in fighting shape. Kind of like a healing potion.

Boomstick: Speaking of healing potions, nothing helps patch you up quite like a sip of the good ol' refreshing OJ that is the Estus Flask!

Instead of his usual beer can, Boomstick pulls out an Estus Flask.

Wiz: An Undead's best friend. Of course.

Wiz pulls out his own flask and after clanging flasks with Boomstick, both drink from their bottles, the magical effects overlapping the hosts. Cut back to TV source footage.

    • Absorbed countless souls
    • Casually shrugs off death after resurrection
    • Dodged a Titanite Demon's lightning attacks
    • Mastered the use of many weapons and spells
    • Survived the Gaping Dragon's pillar smashing charges
    • Linked the First Flame and saved the Age of Fire
    • Defeated Ornstein, Smough, Kalameet, Artorias, Gwyn

Boomstick: The Chosen Undead's defeated the abyssal one-armed badass Artorias, gank spanked the asses off Ornstein & Smough, and killed the everlasting Black Dragon Kalameet! The bringer of calamity that Lordran's capital city of Anor Londo feared provoking the wrath of.

Wiz: It's entirely possible that Kalameet could actually destroy the entire country of Lordran if he wanted to. And if matching that level of power is not enough, at the end of their journey, the Chosen Undead has even took down Gwyn.

Boomstick: You know, the Lord of Cinder that kept the First Flame lit?

Wiz: For context, the First Flame is essentially what gives the world all of its light. Basically lighting up the star that is our Sun to do so. When options to fuel the dying flame were low, Gwyn sacrificed his own body and Lord soul to the First Flame to keep it spanning for another millennium.

Boomstick: This would have to imply that Gwyn's Lord soul is powerful enough to light up the freaking Sun for all of that time! And the Chosen Undead could handle attacks from this guy and just shrugged them off no problem!

Wiz: And after defeating Gwyn, the Chosen Undead succeeded him and linked the First Flame themselves...

Boomstick: Sacrificing their own body and souls to the flames, and ascending to become a Lord of Cinder themselves.

Wiz: Thus fulfilling their prophecy and allowing prosperous millennia of fire to continue without darkness... well, until the First Flame began dying again. And a third time.

Boomstick: It seems when you're cursed with endless maddening immortality like a Hollow as persistent as the Chosen Undead, you learn what it means to never give up on the road to success.

Last Dragonborn[]

Wiz: On the fantastical world of Nirn lies the continent of Tamriel, known for its diverse geography of tropical rainforests, ashy volcanic lands, and much, much more. But one such tundra on its northern shores would find itself caught in not only political, but world-ending turmoil. This is the land of Skyrim.

Boomstick: Yeah, the Fourth Era has been quite an age of oppression for the cold country. War against the elves and all that crap. And a certain someone from southern Cyrodil came home when things went from bad to worse.

    • Aliases: Dovahkiin, Quahnarrin, Ysmir Stormcrown
    • Race/Species: Nord
    • Trained by the Greybeards
    • Champion of numerous Daedric Princes
    • Favorite Words: Fus, Ro, Dah
    • Likes: Cheese wheels, travelling, shouting
    • Dislikes: Thalmor, Draugr, Nazeem

Wiz: This simple everyman Nord, one of Skyrim's home residents, crossed the border to come back home for... vague reasons, but was caught up in a warring conflict between the Imperial Legion and the rebelling Stormcloaks.

Boomstick: Mistaken as a rebel and unwittingly captured, he was taken to the town of Helgen to get executed. Which was a really harsh welcome, but then a freaking dragon saved the day and his life!

Wiz: Well, they look more like wyverns, given the winged front limbs, but that's irrelevant.

Boomstick: Wyverns, dragons, yadda yadda, who cares? They're both winged lizards that everyone in the world loves, Wiz!

Wiz: Yeah, they're pretty awesome, unless they burn everything in sight to a crisp with fire breath, like what happened to Helgen. Anyway, having escaped and in an effort to warn the country of this dragon crisis and prepare defenses, the Nord escaped for a life-changing adventure and made way to the city of Whiterun.

Boomstick: And get this, the Jarl asked for his help in killing a dragon around the area, and when he did so, he discovered a secret: he's a dragon-slaying hero of legendary power! Man, this guy's got Nathan Drake levels of luck on his side! First a dragon saves him from certain death, then he finds that out!

Wiz: Quite the big day indeed. It turns out the Nord was actually a legendary hero known as a Dragonborn, a dragon-blooded human who can kill a dragon permanently by devouring its soul and speak in the dragon language.

Boomstick: First off, that sounds familiar. Secondly, these big boy drakes speak their own languages? I wanna shake the hands of whoever at Bethesda made up the entire thing.

Wiz: He's not the very first. There have been many Dragonborns in history, but as far as we're concerned, this Dovahkiin, or Last Dragonborn is the most notable of them all.

Boomstick: Yeah, being a video game protagonist can do that to you. And if it wasn't obvious enough, we're gonna be saying "dragon" a lot in this episode, so I wouldn't recommend drinking contests or anything like that.

Wiz: Like their old dragonic foes, Dragonborns can utilize the Thu'um, or Way of the Voice, to Shout out special forms of magic.

Boomstick: All they gotta do is just say the magic words and shit happens! Wait a minute, does this make every Dovahkiin a secret fantasy version of Black Bolt?

    • Dragon soul absorption
      • Learns and masters Words of Power easily
    • Notable Shouts/Thu'ums
      • Aura Whisper
      • Become Ethereal
      • Bend Will
      • Call Dragon
      • Cyclone
      • Disarm
      • Dragon Aspect
      • Elemental Fury
      • Fire Breath
      • Frost Breath
      • Ice Form
      • Marked for Death
      • Soul Tear
      • Slow Time
      • Storm Call
      • Summon Durnehviir
      • Throw Voice
      • Unrelenting Force
      • Whirlwind Sprint

Wiz: The Dragonborn has learned numerous shouts of varying effects, such as slowing down time, turning ethereal, basically a state where one cannot harm or be harmed, dashing forward with the wind, summoning a cyclone that throws around anything it traps, manipulate the weather to call in a massive horizon-spanning storm within moments...

Boomstick: Or whisper to detect living and undead beings around him. Not really shouting, but hey, it works... somehow. But no other Shout compares to the great, the almighty, Fus Ro Dah, the Unrelenting Force!

The Last Dragonborn is seen performing the Unrelenting Force on a Dragon.

Boomstick: Hehe, that trailer always gives me the chills with the music that plays after.

Wiz: Arguably the most recognizable Thu'um there is, the Unrelenting Force unleashes a shockwave so powerful it can throw opponents as large as giants backwards like a ragdoll. Even the first word is strong enough to stagger dragons and prevent them from using their iconic breath.

    • Nord Abilities
      • Innate frost resistance
      • Battlecry
        • Instills fear into enemies
    • Weapons
      • Steel Sword
      • Steel Dagger
      • Crossbow
        • Steel bolts
        • Dwarven bolts
        • Elemental explosive bolts
    • Armor
      • Iron Helmet
      • Studded Armor
      • Iron Gauntlets
      • Iron Boots
      • Banded Iron Shield
    • Health Potions
    • Magicka Potions
    • Stamina Potions
    • Poisons
    • Slow Poisons
    • Paralyze Poisons
    • Soul Gems

Boomstick: But when yelling isn't enough to finish the job, the Dovahkiin's got plenty of gear for combat, like his trusty steel sword, banded iron shield, and a Dawnguard crossbow with various forms of bolts. Some of which explode on contact with elemental damage!

Wiz: Armored with lightweight yet durable iron and studded armor, he's handled plenty of weaponry himself and even some poisons. And facing the dragons means he's also handled magic breath attacks himself, such as fire or frost.

We cut to Wiz, Boomstick, and DUMMI.

Boomstick: Good thing for him because the Nords living in the cold for so long gave them inherent resistances to frost attacks, making them less than likely to be slowed down in combat by the freezing cold.

Wiz: And since Nords past are so... mead-thirsty for combat, they can roar out a deadly Battle Cry that'll make almost anyone flee in terror.

DUMMI: Perfect for showing anyone their place. Like Boomstick.

Boomstick: (surprised) Wait, what?

In an attempt to demonstrate, DUMMI lets out a loud Battle Cry and appears to scare away Boomstick to his laughter, though it's quick to stop when Boomstick re-appears laughing.

Boomstick: Hahahahahaha, you sound too silly to be scary!

DUMMI: Sigh. Pain.

He headbutts the TV in frustration, smashing it and pausing the music to the hosts' surprise and leaves in disappointment.

Boomstick: (to Wiz) So wait, is the replacement plan on me this time for him breaking it?

Wiz can only shrug. Cut back to TV source footage.

Wiz: Regardless how useful his abilities are, it is important to note that despite his power, the Dragonborn is still just a human. If he isn't cautious, enough damage can put him down like anyone else.

    • Destruction School
      • Fire spells
      • Lightning spells
      • Frost spells
    • Restoration School
      • Healing spells
      • Ward barriers
      • Turn Undead
    • Conjuration School
      • Summon spells
      • Soul Trap
    • Alteration School
      • Magic armor spells
      • Detect Life/Dead
      • Paralyze
      • Telekinesis
    • Illusion School
      • Invisibility
      • Calm
      • Fury
      • Fear

Boomstick: "Cautious" is a good enough reason to learn some arcane arts from various magic schools. Like Restoration to heal wounds and block spells with wards, the reality-bending Alteration to form magic armor, use telekinesis and paralyze enemies, or Illusion to manipulate minds and turn invisible.

Wiz: With Conjuration, he can summon monsters to aid him in battle and form ethereal weapons as a backup. Just in case he happens to be disarmed of one of his own.

Boomstick: But my personal favorite school has gotta be Destruction magic! He can shoot fireballs, ice spears, lightning bolts, and even set runes on the ground to act as explosive traps.

Wiz: The use of his magic however requires Magicka, mana which can at least regenerate on its own. If it's low, he won't be able to use his many countless spells.

Boomstick: But all of his capabilities allow the Dragonborn deal with his fair share of enemies across Skyrim on his own, like taking on dungeons full of bandits, draugrs, and even ghoooosts~! That obviously includes the dragons themselves and their worshipping Dragon Priests. Speaking of which, when he killed his first dragon, some old geezers called Greybeards would call him up to get an internship with them!

Wiz: Under the Greybeards' tutelage, the Dragonborn earned more wisdom with the Thu'um, and after a chance encounter with some members of the Dragonborn-protecting Blades, he would learn of his destiny to defeat Alduin.

Boomstick: Y'know, that black dragon who saved him from his execution? Unfortunately, the Dragonborn had to fight against him due to the usual hero-villain status quo which is really, really dumb. Would have made friends with him first chance I got as thanks for saving me from death.

Wiz: Don't worry, the Dovahkiin still made allies with quite a few Dragons, like the Greybeards' leader Paarthurnax, Odahviing, and a literal undead dragon named Durnehviir, who taught him Soul Tear.

Boomstick: A shout that rips your soul from your anus, similarly to the Soul Trap spell! If you die with ether effect on you and the Nord so happens to have a Soul Gem on hand, your soul's getting a one-way ticket inside the gem! Forever leaving you in its inner plane of existence~!

Wiz: And being a Dragonborn he's rather difficult to faze, especially against other Thu'um users. Since the Way of the Voice draws power from the Dragon language, it makes sense to compare the Dragonborn to other users of the Voice to gauge his limits.

Boomstick: Like his four master Greybeards! Remember how they called him up for an internship? Well, they did so by shouting his name so loud, they shook the entire world of Nirn! What kinda stuff are these Thu'umers' throats made of? Ebony?

Wiz: The exact size of the planet Nirn is a bit vague, but we can just assume it to be the same size of that of our own Earth, which is about 20,000 kilometers wide.

Boomstick: Using our best assumptions from the Mercalli and Richter scales of quaking energy, we can assume this is likely a rank V earthquake! Jesus Christ! How does the planet not collapse under that much seismic pressure?

Wiz: Which would take an average energy of around 13 petatons of TNT. That's enough power to level an entire continent, and the Dragonborn was able to withstand their voices himself in their greeting ritual.

    • Absorbed countless Dragon Souls
    • Mastered over twenty forms of Shouts
    • Walked High Hrothgar's 7,000 steps without breaks
    • Looted many different ruins
    • Withstood the Greybeards' greeting ritual
    • Saved the universal fabric of Nirn
    • Defeated Odahviing, Lord Harkon, Miraak, Alduin

Boomstick: Eventually, the Dovahkiin slayed so many dragons he adapted to their flying speed, to the point of being able to shoot them as they fly with crossbow bolts! And they're fast enough to cross the entirety of Skyrim within minutes! He's even quick enough to even manage to evade lightning bolts, at least for a little bit.

Wiz: With so much equipment and power at his fingertips, it was only a matter of time before the Nord fulfilled his destiny and defeat Alduin.

Boomstick: Who is a dragonic being literally unbound by time itself and capable of devouring anything, including entire timelines to destroy the very laws of reality in the process, and threaten the entire universe! What... the... hell?!!

Wiz: But the Last Dragonborn didn't stop with him. He would also come face to face with Miraak in the realm of Apocrypha, the five millennium year-old proclaimed First Dragonborn, and would learn a new variety of shouts to stop his return to Tamriel.

Boomstick: Like forcefully bending animals, people, and even dragons to his will! Now he's a dragonrider, but what's a true rider without the Dragon Aspect shout? Sure, it can only be used once a day, but it surrounds his body in ethereal dragon bone armor to increase his defenses alongside his striking and shouting power. And if he's half-dead, an Ancient Dragonborn will be summoned to assist him in battle!

Wiz: Though not expecting of his destiny as a world-savior, the Dovahkiin learned fate is no fickle mistress, and although it isn't what he sought to be, he took up the heroic call to save not just Skyrim, but the entirety of Nirn.

Boomstick: With his Tale of Tongues leaving him as a legend in the history books, it's surely one that won't be forgotten anytime soon. So have no fear, when the world's in danger, the man born of dragons will shake even the greatest of Skyrim's enemies to the grave with a simple sentence.


In some snowy mountains of an orange auroric sky, the Chosen Undead clad in Elite Knight armor wanders up the mountain wild, trying to make way through a blizzard, only to hear a loud dragonic cry from nearby. Looking towards the noise, they see the Last Dragonborn, leaping off the head of a now dying dragon with his steel sword and banded iron shield in hand. As he absorbs the dragon's soul, the exhausted Dragonborn drinks a stamina potion. The act of soul absorption instills curiosity into the zombie champion, until the dragonslayer sees the knight.

After a brief staredown, the Dovahkiin is typically uninterested with who he encountered and turns to walk away, only to see an arrow zoom by in front of his face. The Chosen Undead, assuming that the dragonslayer has a powerful soul for the taking, quickly puts away his short bow and pulls out his Crest Shield and Astora Straight Sword. The Qahnaarin, forced to defend himself, turns toward them and shouts...

Last Dragonborn: Wuld!

... zooming him across the snowy ground with Whirlwind Sprint as the Nord clashes blades with the unbraced Chosen Undead, both of whom get into an intense clashing of blade and shield with each other, with the Dragonborn dominating the one-on-one. Getting pushed back and forced to roll away from a power swing, the Chosen Undead sheathes his sword and gestures to the Dragonborn by pointing forward to him and then downward, telling him that he's going down. Undettered, the Dragonborn roars out a Battle Cry at his unwavering foe and charges ahead.

His sword however is blocked by the Undead's Crest Shield, who then counters by using pyromancy in their right hand to attack with Black Flame, burning the Dragonborn through his shield before kicking it with his left foot to throw him off and lash at him with a magic fire whip.

Now at a distance, the Dragonborn recovers in time to block the fire whip and sheathes his sword to retaliate with magic lightning bolts, but the Undead rolls through the first unharmed and performs a backstep maneuver to dodge the second bolt to charge at the Dovahkiin with a rushing slash attack. However, the Dragonborn shouts another word...

Last Dragonborn: Fus!

With his opponent briefly staggered from Unrelenting Force, the Dragonborn pulls out his crossbow and shoots an explosive charged bolt of lightning at his target, who is unable to recover in time to block with their Crest Shield. After the lightning explosion dies down to reveal a still and laying Chosen Undead, the Dragonborn believes he's won the battle. He turns away but hears a zombie-like grunt behind him before suffering a stab in the back. The dragonslayer notices with surprise to see the undead champion covered in a cinderous aura and back to life.

The Undead kicks him off the blade and uses a Humanity to restore their Hollow state and heal themself. Though an undeterred Dragonborn is forced to clash blades again with no time to heal, he still lands several strikes. However, the Hollow finds an opening within the Dragonborn's attack patterns and parries away his last attack to land a powerful thrust attack in the hip.

Despite being critically stabbed again, the Dragonborn headbutts the Hollow four times while impaled, the last of which forces the Undead to stumble back a distance with his sword. As the Dovahkiin holds his bloodied wound, he watches as the zombie fighter pulls out a sorcerer staff in their left hand with fire appearing in their right. They then throw a Great Chaos Fireball alongside lashing with a fire whip at him, forcing the Dragonborn to block the blindingly large amount of flames with his shield.

Avoiding the lava below him, the Quahnaarin then hears a magic sound and sees that his opponent has vanished. Elsewhere behind a pillar, the barely visible Chosen Undead drinks from their Estus Flask, healing themself before going back on the move. Having healed himself with Fast Healing, the Dragonborn then hears a silly laugh from the Undead's Aural Decoy to his right. Unable to find his opponent, the Dragonborn whispers one word.

Last Dragonborn: (whispering) Laas...

With his vision enhanced, the Dovahkiin looks around and sees a red humanoid aura charging at him with an overheaded two-handed swing of their blade. Prepared for the sneak attack, the Dragonborn power bashes his barely visible target with his shield before stabbing them in the chest and dealing a spinning slash attack to the face, killing the Chosen Undead yet again.

The Last Dragonborn backs off and looks on at the corpse, only to be frustrated to see the Hollow resurrected yet again and standing on their feet, who pulls out a bow intent on shooting at him. Alduin's nemesis blocks the projectiles headed for his chest with his shield, but his unguarded knee takes an arrow, reducing his mobility and giving the Undead time to use their Power Within spell. Enraged, the Dragonborn finally relents to his trump card.

Last Dragonborn: Mul... Qah... DIIV!

Now surrounded in ethereal dragon bone armor and due to his half-death state, an Ancient Dragonborn is summoned to aid him, who forces away the Undead Hollow as the Last Dragonborn takes time to remove his arrow and drink a healing potion. Casting Karmic Justice and now forced on the defense, the Chosen Undead fights off both Dragonborns and rolls through numerous attacks. After taking three hits, they are then impaled by the Ancient Dragonborn's blade for a fourth hit, and the Ancient Dragonborn, staring them down, shouts point blank...

Ancient Dragonborn: Fo Krah Diin!

... blasting a large amount of Frost Breath on them just as the Last Dragonborn rushes in for an attack. This fifth attack triggers Karmic Justice, causing a dark explosion where the Chosen Undead was, killing the Ancient Dragonborn and knocking away the Last Dragonborn to the mountain's sloped cliff, with his banded iron shield falling down the mountain.

The Chosen Undead takes another sip of their Estus Flask, and the unrelenting dragonslayer shoots at them with firebolts, but the zombie just rolls through unharmed and gets close enough to his target to use Vow of Silence with a talisman from his right hand, leaving the Dragonborn unable to use his magic.

As the Hollow charges him down for another attempt, the Greybeards' student is forced to swing his blade at the Undead's own sword in an attempt to reflect the blow. The boosts from Dragon Aspect and Power Within however made the swings so powerful they shattered both blades instead. The two stand briefly and comedically look at each other and their hilts in surprise with the moment, but the currently Hollow Undead breaks the moment by slashing the Dragonborn's cheek with his broken sword.

The Quahnariin tosses aside his hilt and grabs the Undead's right wrist as they go for a stab, sacking them with a straight right punch to the face and then on the cheek with their own fist before lifting them by the neck and groin. Turning towards the cliff, the Dragonborn slams the Hollow and they start to flailingly roll down the mountain, only to regain their posture and slide down, with the dragonslayer following suite.

As they proceed to slide down, the Dragonborn adjusts his momentum before facing the Undead in ranged combat with his crossbow against the Undead's short bow. After both avoid the projectiles and soon run out of ammunition, the Dragonborn tosses aside his crossbow and daringly begins running down the mountain to catch up to his opponent and charges up fire in both of his hands, shooting a powerful rune in front of the Undead's feet. The explosion of which knocks the Hollow off the mountain slope and flinging mid-air.

The Dovahkiin sprints further down before leaping towards his target. The mid-air Hollow recovers and prepares to block with their shield as the Dovahkiin approaches. Instead of trying to go for a powerful punch on the zombie however, the Nord lands on and jumps off their shield straight up before looking down at the Undead and shouting...

Last Dragonborn: Fus... RO DAAHHH!!!!!

The power of the Nord's Dragon Aspect amplifies the shockwave, making it powerful enough to knock away the Lord of Cinder's Crest Shield and land full force on their back on a steep cliffside. With no time to get up, the Undead can only watch as their dragonslayer foe switches to Conjuration magic as they fall, casting Soul Trap on them. Alduin's bane then conjures an ethereal Daedric Battleaxe and upon landing, strikes the Hollow's neck with the axe blade to decapitate them, their head of which rolls down the mountain.

Due to the effects of Soul Trap, the Hollow's branded soul emerges from their headless body, which can only give out one haunting and echoing scream as their soul is forcibly pulled into the Soul Gem the dragonslayer is now holding out, now glowing with a cinderous aura. The Dovahkiin then watches as his opponent's body fades away for good.

The victorious Nord, now knowing the fight is truly over, sighs and sits down, planting his battleaxe in the ground, which fades away alongside his Dragon Aspect armor. He stares at the blizzard blowing through the orange sky holding his newly-filled gem in his right hand, a roaring dragon flying by in the distance as the screen cuts to black.



Boomstick: Whelp, they died. Everyday inconvenience, except for now being stuck in a new plane of existence.

    • Chosen Undead
      • + Darksign prevents permanent physical death
      • = Similar arsenals and magic counters...
      • - ...though had a more limited kit overall
      • - Theoretically more reckless as a Hollow
      • - Had no counters for the Way of the Voice
    • Last Dragonborn
      • + Far superior power output
      • + Shouts grant versatility and battle control
      • + More life experience surviving difficult battles
      • = Similar arsenals and magic counters
      • - Racial Nord abilities were meaningleses

Wiz: The Chosen Undead certainly put up an interesting bout. Their slight edge in speed through dodging lightning more reliably and wearing the more durable armor meant they could keep up with the Dragonborn in fair combat.

Boomstick: But the power gap should come as no surprise. The Chosen Undead could take down the country-threatening Kalameet, but highly-practiced Thu'um users like the Greybeards could shake an entire planet, who the Dragonborn withstood the voices of!

Wiz: And while the Chosen Undead was able to match the power of Gwyn's soul, which is powerful enough to light up a star for a millenium, the observation of that feat is debatable, as Gwyn could not use his full potential as a Hollow in their fight.

Boomstick: Even if it was considered, the Dragonborn's defeated Alduin, whose time-eating powers could threaten and reset the universal fabric of reality! Leagues beyond powering up a simple star like the Sun, which is one of many in a single universe!

Wiz: Still, none of this truly mattered against the Undead's Darksign, which would bring them back to life after death. With time, the Chosen Undead could perservere and eventually wear the Dragonborn down for a killing blow. The biggest question we needed to answer was if the Dragonborn had a counter to the resurrection brand. To figure this out, we needed to tackle the biggest obstacle.

Boomstick: Their arsenal variety! Now it's difficult to know what items both would canonically use, which is intentional given the RPG nature of both their franchises, but it's obvious that their unique abilities of Shouts and Darksign were within those arsenals.

Wiz: To save time, let's give both soulslayers the benefit of the doubt and assume they had access to every possible piece of equipment for their arsenal, canon or otherwise.

Boomstick: All that in mind, the large customary sets of weapons and spells both could utilize is insane and left them on nearly even ground. They had a counter for almost whatever the other could throw at them!

Wiz: However, the Chosen Undead had notably more restrictions on their kit, as they could only carry and use up to ten spells while journeying and require a catalyst to use those spells, whereas the Dragonborn has no such limitation.

Boomstick: Right, the Last Dragonborn meanwhile is able to learn any and every spell possible and use them whenever regardless of how talented he was in the field so long as he had Magicka, which replenishes on its own compared to the Undead's limited magic charges, so he always had a counter ready no matter what limited combo of spells the Undead's got.

Wiz: That's not even including the Dragonborn's numerous Thu'ums from the Way of the Voice, all of which had varying effects that could counter most of the Undead's arsenal, which they had a lack of counter thereof.

Boomstick: The Chosen Undead's never faced an ability like the Voice, and given that there's over twenty Shouts in total, there's no way they could be prepared for all of them.

Wiz: Also, take a moment to consider the effects of the Darksign. While it is great for bouncing back from death in a fight, it's not entirely a beneficial factor. Every death with the brand will leech away the user's humanity alongside their sanity and skill.

Boomstick: And who knows how many times the Chosen Undead died on their journey. All of those constant deaths would be an inevitable fate the Hollows would accept as part of their life-death cycle, and as we know, Hollows don't rely on strategy or power as much as a living, sane person.

Wiz: Both have been in battles against beings that have lived for millenia, but unlike the Undead's possible numerous deaths, the Dragonborn lived to tell the tale all within his single lifespan.

Boomstick: Yeah, the Undead can restore their skill by removing Hollowfication with a Humanity sprite, but limited supplies like those wouldn't last against someone as powerful as a Dragonborn. And although the Darksign restores the body after death, it's never stated to grant any defense to your soul getting stuck elsewhere.

Wiz: A lack of defense which the Dragonborn could easily exploit with an empty soul gem using either his Soul Tear shout or Soul Trap spell. With their soul being trapped in a different area where their branded body wasn't, this meant the Chosen Undead's Darksign would be left unable to resurrect them.

Boomstick: With that little win-con, the Dragonborn barely had what was needed to put an end to the Undead's limitless resurrections in a really close battle. And with his superior gap in power, I doubt the Undead would take him down any sooner than that.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Wiz: The Chosen Undead's sheer undying tenacity proved a brutal obstacle, but the Dragonborn's Way of the Voice, overwhelming dragonic prowess, and soul-trapping capabilities were the keys to his victory against the Lord of Cinder.

Boomstick: You could say the Chosen Undead was born to drag-on through hollow madness.

Wiz: The winner is the Last Dragonborn.