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Chibi-Robo is the main protagonist in the video game series of the same name. He is a small robot that is designed to clean objects, but can be offensive if given the right tools.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

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  • Losses: 2
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Chibi Robos are small robots designed by Citrasoft for a variety of means of helping others with tasks such as cleaning.They are a successor to the Giga-Robo, which were also made by Citrasoft for similar purposes to Chibi Robo.

Death Battle Information[]

  • Name: Chibi-Robo.
  • Height: 3.94 inches.
  • Species: Robot.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Multiple models of him exists.
  • Games: Chibi-Robo, Chibi-Robo Park Patrol, Chibi-Robo Happy Richie Ōsōji!, Chibi-Robo Photo Finder, Chibi-Robo Zip Lash (this games blows)

Powers and Abilities[]

Zip lash:[]

  • Upon gaining the Zip-Lash Chip,Chibi-Robo is able to charge and launch his wire plug with a powerful force.
  • Picks up items and damages foes greatly.


Wire plug:[]

  • Seems to be Chibi-Robo's main weapon and is attached behind him.
  • Can plug it in to outlets to recharge himself or get powerups.
  • Can throw it at his enemies to damage them.
  • Mostly works like a whip.

Chibi blaster:[]

  • An arm cannon attached to Chibi-Robo.
  • Can shoot enemies with it.
  • Thanks to the Charge Chip,Chibi-Robo can charge and shoot much more powerful shots.
  • Think of it like the Mega Buster from Mega Man.

Chibi lenses:[]

  • Chibi-Robo can use these to find scattered objects.

Elemental outlets:[]


  • A toothbrush of Space Hunter Drake Redcrest.
  • Mostly used for cleaning,though it could probably be used as a slamming weapon.


  • A pump like object that can store and release liquids.

Chibi copter:[]

  • Attached to Chibi-Robo.
  • Can use it to briefly glide and to slow his falls.


  • A mug of Space Hunter Drake Redcrest.
  • Can use it to protect himself from projectiles.

Chibi radar:[]

  • Attached to him just like the Chibi Copter.
  • Can use it to find hidden Chibi Doors and even call aliens.

Spare battery:[]

  • Kept on him.
  • If he runs out of battery power,it activates automatically and brings him back with a small amount.

Emergency jetpack:[]

  • Also kept on him.
  • If he falls into a pit,it saves him with a boost.


  • Can pull things towards Chibi-Robo.

Storage space:[]

  • Is inside of Chibi-Robo.
  • Most of his arsenal is kept in there.
  • Can store and take things out through the top of his heads.
  • Though it's really big,what he can store has limits.


  • A spoon of Sunshine the teddy bear.
  • Is used as a shovel and could likely be used as a slamming weapon.

Ghost suit:[]

  • ...It's a ghost costume.
  • It's used for scaring people.

Frog suit:[]

  • Given to him by Frieda.
  • Allows him to communicate with frogs and other animals like birds.

Miner outfit:[]

Comes with a mining helmet to light things up.

Toy Plane:[]

  • A mini plane Chibi Robo can fly.
  • Can launch projectiles from it.


  • Plant clippers used in Park Patrol.
  • Launch them selves to cut down flowers.
  • Can likely make for a good pinching weapon from afar.

Rebound chip:[]

  • A chip found in Zip-Lash!
  • His Zip Lash attacks and wire plug attacks now bounce off walls.

Giant Chibi-Robo:[]

  • Gained upon assembling all 5 capsules and powering it up with the Chibi-House.
  • As the name implies,it's a really large look alike mecha of Chibi-Robo designed for combat(mostly against big enemies).
  • Controlled by Chibi-Robo himself.
  • Can throw charged punches which are really powerful.


  • Saved a family from a divorce.
  • A bite from a Lego T. rex breaks its teeth.
  • A strong lifter,has lifted large objects ranging from metal blocks,a pirate ship toy,soda cans,mugs,ect.
  • Defeated Queen Spydor,Miasimo,Don De Niro and Mega Gyros.
  • Got first place in the Chibi-Rankings.
  • Saved a park that lost all of its flowers by regrowing them.
  • Resisted the pull of Queen Spydor.
  • Has taken down ghosts,robots,Spydors and Smoglings.
  • Rescued 2 dehydrated frogs.
  • Recovered many scattered snacks.
  • Saved the earth from getting polluted.
  • Collected many forms of “Nostaljunk” to help a museum grow.
  • An incredibly stronger lifter,being able to push and lift many objects that are bigger than him like a toy pirate ship and large junk heaps.
  • Got Jenny and her family out of poverty.
  • Can harm ghosts.
  • Can spin his Wire plug with enough speed to hover a little.
  • Breaks metal and glass blocks.
  • Navigated 3 aliens to Giga-Robos location.
  • With his Zip Lash,parted a pool of lava.
  • Helped out many toys such as Mort(Who destroys flowers with a simple touch).

Weaknesses and Faults:[]

  • Runs on a limited power supply, doing actions consumes his power and has to be recharged.
  • Not much of a fighter.
  • Can only wear one costume at a time.
  • Spare Battery and Emergency Jetpack go away once used.
  • Is mute.
  • Sometimes, needs the assistance of Telly.
  • Elemental outlets need to be found and their effects don’t last forever.