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Like the Cheshire Cat, I'll disappear.
~ Jade Nguyen

Cheshire, real name Jade Nguyen, is a villainess in the DC Universe. She's a professional assassin that confronts various heroes in the DC Universe, which include Green Arrow, and the Teen Titans.

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Jade Nguyen is a highly-skilled assassin who is the daughter of Senator Robert Pullman and a Vietnamese mother, having spent most of her unhappy childhood in slavery. As a young adult, after killing her master, Jade was informally adopted by Sportsmaster who took her under his wing before being given membership into the League of Shadows.

Death Battle Info[]

Cheshire is a young woman with a slender, but fit build; she stands at 1.67m/5'6". She is a master-level martial artist and acrobat, being flexible and having above-average agility as seen when by dodging Arsenal's arrows or able to hold her own against a super-powered person in a fight. Her peak conditioning allows her to move at extraordinary speed when running on all fours. She displays impressive skills with long-range objects, tracking skills, and stealth. She is also fluent in English and various Asian languages.


Chesire's trademark in appearance is a white mask, resembling a cat's head with red stripes and a wide grin, her codename, and stealth skills (along with her mask's eyes and mouth being only visible things while cloaked) is a reference to the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland. Aside from protecting her face from identification and injury, the mask has a thermal scanner allowing Cheshire the means to track her prey. It has a built-in air filter so that she doesn't breathe in toxins[ or smoke.

  • Weapons
    • Sais: These are her primary weapons which she uses for close-ranged battles.
    • Collapsible twin swords
    • Crossbow: Used in her attempted assassination of "Dr. Serling Roquette".
    • Flash bomb
    • Kunai
    • R PG-7: A Russian made rocket launcher.
    • Shurikens: Coated with jellyfish poison.