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Cheren VS Bianca
CherenVSBianca Season3
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date November 6th, 2015
Written by MagicRock
Directed by MagicRock
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Cheren VS Bianca is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Cheren and Bianca from the Pokémon series.


Two rivals from one region will have the most amazing Pokémon battle! Who will win?


(*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*)

Cress: The Unova region. Home to many different kinds of Pokémon and trainers. But these two friendly rivals are who you meet first on your journey.

Talon: Cheren, the Gym Leader of Aspertia City.

Cress: And Bianca, Professor Juniper's assistant. For this battle, we will be having the combatants use their Pokémon to have a Pokémon battle to the death. Both combatants are not allowed to switch their Pokémon, unless they have an attack that lets them, but they are allowed to use any items they have with them.

Talon: He's Cress and I'm Talon...

Cress: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


(*Cues: Route 10 - Pokémon Black & White*)

Cress: Cheren is a boy from Nuvema Town who went on a journey, along with his friends, to become stonger. He is a powerful trainer with many Pokémon of different types and moves. Cheren is incredibly knowledgable about Pokémon and offers advice whenever his friends need it. Cheren represents the ideal of strength. He tries to become the champion of the Unova region.

Talon: But he is clueless as to why he has to be stronger, which is why after Team Plasma disbanded and Alder asked him why he must be stronger, he spent awhile figuring out why.

Cress: Before Team Plasma's disbandment, he fought alongside strong trainers like Alder and all of the Unova Gym Leaders.

Talon: Heck, he even defeated all of the Gym Leaders and entered the Pokemon League, where, surprise surprise, Team Plasma's leader, N, had defeated Alder, you know, the CHAMPION of Unova. He may not have defeated N but was strong enough to fend off some of their captains.

Cress: Two years later, he became the Gym Leader of Aspertia City specializing in Normal-Type Pokémon, showing how he has grown in the two years since Team Plasma disbanded. However in this fight, we are not using his Pokémon when he was a Gym Leader.

Talon: We will be using his more badass Pokémon from Black and White.


(Cues: Pokémon X/Y - Decisive Battle! Vs. Champion of Kalos - Original*)

Cress: Snivy is the first Pokémon Cheren chose when he started his journey, and it evolved all the way to Serperior, the Regal Pokémon.

Talon: Serperior is a Grass-Type Pokémon that is a bit bigger than you might think. It's 10'10" tall!

Cress: Being a Grass-Type, Serperior obviously knows Grass-Type moves. Leaf Blade is a powerful Physical attack and Leaf Storm is an even more powerful Special attack. However, when it uses Leaf Storm once, it's Special Attack will get weaker and weaker.

Talon: Dragon Tail is an attack that switches the opponent's Pokémon for a random Pokémon they have. And... well.. it's a Dragon-Type move.

Cress: But Dragon Tail is also a risk as the other Pokémon gets to attack first and it's accuracy is not the best.

Talon: I knew it was to good to be true.

Cress: Serperior can also power up by using Coil, a Poison-Type move that boosts it's Attack, Defense, and accuracy stats, which helps with it's low accuracy moves, such as Dragon Tail.

Talon: Thank god. Any attack that is Dragon-Type is cool.

Cress: What about Twister?

Talon: Cress, we promised each other NEVER to speak of that move.

Cress: I didn't promise anything! Anyway, Serperior is usually the last Pokémon Cheren uses as it is his ace. However, it isn't really much offensive or defensive. It's ability, Overgrow, powers up all of it's Grass-Type attacks if it is close to fainting.

Talon: It holds the Focus Sash, an item that lets it survive any attack no matter how powerful as long as it is at full health, which helps considering it's frail. It's weak to Poison, Flying, Fire, Bug, and Ice-Type moves. Damn that's a lot.

Cress: While it isn't extraordinarily powerful, it is super fast which helps it get off it's attacks before it goes down... Unless it uses Dragon Tail.

Talon: God damnit.


(*Cues: Battle! Gym Leader - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire*)

Cress: The second Pokémon Cheren caught on his journey was Purrloin, which then evolved into Liepard, the Cruel Pokémon.

Talon: Liepard is a Dark-Type Pokémon. Like Serperior, Liepard is a frail, yet fast attacker. Mess up in a battle and say goodnight to whoever it's facing. Also, being a Dark-Type makes it worse against Fighting and Bug-Type attacks.

Cress: It knows Fake Out, an attack that can only be used turn one. However it flinches the opponent no matter what.

Talon: So, free damage. It also gets Aerial Ace, a Flying-Type move that always hits.

Cress: Shadow Claw is a Ghost-Type attack that can sometimes deal a Critical Hit.

Talon: But it's most powerful move is Night Slash, though it might seem like a Dark-Type clone of Shadow Claw, this move noticeably does more damage so it is strong against a Pokémon that is neutral to all of it's moves.

Cress: Liepard is usually Cheren's first Pokémon sent out, but though it knows powerful moves, it is the frailest Pokémon on Cheren's team.

Talon: Yeah, it can usually get one-shot at the start of the battle. Which is why it's item, the Sitrus Berry, can sometimes be useless. Though if the item does get used, healing him, Liepard's Unburden ability will activate, making it faster. AS IF IT NEEDS MORE SPEED!

Cress: Serperior is actually faster than Liepard when it doesn't have Unburden activated. Serperior is also more defensive.


Cress: I don't know. Because it's his ace?

Talon: I'm done here...


(*Cues: Santalune Forest - Pokémon X & Y*)

Cress: The third Pokémon Cheren caught on his journey was Simipour, the Geyser Pokémon.

Talon: It's a Jamaican monkey basically.

Cress: Simipour is a Water-Type Pokémon who is-

Talon: ANOTHER frail yet fast Pokémon. You know what, I'm not surprised.

Cress: Um, yes. It knows Surf, a devastating Water-Type attack that floods the whole battlefield. It's held item, the Mystic Water, boosts this attacks power even greater than it already was.

Talon: It also gets Rock Slide, a Rock-Type move that piles the opponent in rocks. It also has a chance to flinch the opponent, and makes co-hosts cry.

Cress: A chance to flinch? More like flinches at the worst possible time.

Talon: You're just mad I always beat you.


Talon: Whatever. Brick Break is a powerful Fighting-Type attack that gets rid of the effects of Reflect and Light Screen.

Cress: It's final move is Payback, a Dark-Type attack that does double the damage if it goes last. That would be great if it wasn't so fast and frail.

Talon: It's ability, Gluttony, is totally useless. It makes it eat a berry earlier than it would normally. Except it carries the Mystic Water instead of a berry.

Cress: It is probably one of the most devastating Pokémon on Cheren's team, shooting off boosted Surfs to take down opposing Pokémon. Being a Water-Type, it is weak to Grass and Electric-Type attacks.

Talon: It doesn't even need to try to aim. It clearly has it's eyes closed the whole time. And they've never opened. Not once. And probably never will.

Cress: Thaaaaat's creepy.


(*Cues: Soaring in the Sky - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire*)

Cress: The fourth Pokémon Cheren caught on his journey was Pidove, who evolved all the way to Unfezant, the Proud Pokémon. It is a dual Flying and Normal-Type.

Talon: Unfezant is easily one of his most versatile Pokémon. It has U-turn, a Bug-Type attack that, when hit, returns itself back to it's trainer. You know, for bad match ups.

Cress: It can also attack using Quick Attack. An attack so fast it says "screw speed stats" and goes first.

Talon: Air Slash is-

Cress: Flying-Type Rock Slide that is also super strong, now let's move on.

Talon: Heheh, he's still mad.

Cress: It's final attack is Facade. While already being a strong attack, if it is Poisoned, Burned, or Paralyzed, it will double it's power. It's dual typing makes it weak to Rock, Electric, and Ice-Type attacks, and despite appearances, it is one of Cheren's most powerful Pokémon.

Talon: Cheren's Unfezant also likes to get Critical Hits. Using it's ability Super Luck, it's chance of getting Critical Hits is higher.

Cress: It even had a higher chance when it has it's Scope Lens, an item that boosts it's Critical Hit rate even more.

Talon: Wow, a Pokémon that can flinch all the time AND get crits? Looks like I'm picking up an Unfezant next time we battle, Cress.

Cress: Do you always have to use Pokémon with flinching moves?

Talon: Yes.


(*Cues: Wild Pokémon Battle! (Diamond / Pearl) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl*)

Cress: The fifth Pokémon Cheren caught on his journey is Gigalith, the Compressed Pokémon.

Talon: If you couldn't guess by it being a rock, Gigalith is a very defensive Pokémon. And it is no slouch in attacking either.

Cress: Gigalith knows Stone Edge, one of the most powerful Rock-Type moves. This attack also has a higher chance of getting critical hits. The downside being it's poor accuracy.

Talon: It's no Rock Slide, but it's still a fun attack to use. It also gets Earthquake, a Ground-Type attack that causes... well an earthquake.

Cress: Giga Impact is a Normal Type attack that is very powerful. However, it is so powerful that it can't attack the next turn.

Talon: It's last attack is Stealth Rock. A Rock-Type attack that sets out stones on the opponent's side of the field.

Cress: These stones damage any Pokemon that comes out. Gigalith is probably Cheren's most powerful Pokémon. Well, it would be if it wasn't for one thing.

Talon: IT'S SO SLOW! Most things can out speed this thing and attack it before it attacks. It does have the Defenses to last long in battle though.

Cress: It holds the Leftovers, an item that heals the Pokémon a bit after each turn.

Talon: It's just an apple that already has a few bites in it.

Cress: It's ability, Sturdy, can make it survive even longer. Sturdy is an ability version of Focus Sash. Combine this ability with Leftovers and it can be around for a long time.

Talon: What doesn't help it defensively is it's weaknesses.

Cress: Gigalith is weak to Fighting, Grass, Water, and Fighting-Type attacks. It doesn't help that it is slow enough to get hit first by it's weaknesses, but it's ability makes it so it can get at least one good attack off.

Talon: Gigalith is Cheren's second strongest Pokémon in Attack. But what's his first?


(*Cues: Battle! Wally - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire*)

Cress: The sixth and final Pokémon Cheren caught on his journey is Haxorus, the Axe Jaw Pokémon.

Talon: If "Axe Jaw" alone doesn't make you think this thing is awesome, you are delusional.

Cress: Haxorus is Cheren's trump card, boasting a huge attack stat that is only rivaled by Gigalith.

Talon: And it's a dragon. So that makes it more awesome.

Cress: Riiiight. Being the attack monster it is, all of it's attacks will leave a mark, like Outrage, a Dragon-Type attack that keeps going two or three times, then it gets confused.

Talon: I'd say it's worth it.

Cress: Not when it keeps hitting itself in its confusion.

Talon: Like how I always use Confuse Ray on you?

Cress: I REALLY hate paraflinches...

Talon: Haxorus also gets Rock Slide. Cress, you know that move right?

Cress: I hate you.

Talon: I'll take that as a yes. It has X-Scissor, a Bug-Type attack with tremendous power.

Cress: Haxorus's final move is Surf, as I said before, Surf is a Water-Type attack that floods the whole battlefield. However, what is confusing is why Cheren would give it to Haxourus.

Talon: It's a Special Attacking move when Haxorus focuses on it's huge Attack stat. So the reason he taught it that is a real mystery.

Cress: Haxorus's holds the Dragon Gem, a special item that boosts the attack power of it's Dragon-Type moves, but only once.

Talon: Basically the first thing to get hit with an Outrage goes down without a fight.

Cress: It's ability, Rivalry, makes it's attacks do more damage if it is facing another Pokémon of the same gender. Cheren's Haxorus is male so it will be stronger against male Pokémon.

Talon: But if it faces a female Pokémon, it's attack power actually decreases. Despite it's raw power, it isn't particularly slow. Being a Dragon-Type, it is weak to Ice and Dragon-Type moves.

(*Cues: Pokémon MD 3: Gates to Infinity - Decisive Battle! Vs. The Bittercold - Remix*)

Cress: Cheren can hold his own against many opponents even beating the Elite Four.

Talon: And his team shows that strength. Together, him and his Pokémon are one of the strongest in Unova.

Cress: Cheren's team of Pokémon are very versatile. Almost every move on his Pokémon is a unique type so he has a lot of coverage.

Talon: And he really knows how to strategize during battle. Cheren is a deadly opponent for anyone to face.

Cheren: I think I understand better now. Being able to do something for Pokémon—for somebody at a time like this—is strength… I’m sure of it. And my strength is something that is given to me by Pokémon. OK, let’s hurry!


(*Cues: Battle! Rival - Pokémon Black & White*)

Cress: Bianca is girl from Nuvema Town who-

Talon: Basically the same backstory as Cheren.

Cress: Riiiight. Except she just wanted to travel for fun and to explore new places. She's a bit clumsy though.

Talon: Yeah, she crashes into Ash every time they meet up, and she does it so often that you have to wonder if it's really an accident. She also has daddy issues.

Cress: Her father wouldn't let her go on her journey because he cared about her to much. But Bianca disobeyed her father to travel the Unova region... Until she got to Nimbasa City where he tried to take her home by force.

Talon: Luckily, the Nimbasa City Gym Leader, Elesa, talked some sense into Bianca's dad that he has to let Bianca do what she wants to do in life. *sniff*

Cress: Are you... crying?

Talon: It's just so sad that he has to let her go.

Cress: Whatever. Bianca represents those who pursue truth. She had to face the truth that she cannot become stronger like everyone else.

Talon: Well, we are going to see if that's the truth by going over her Pokémon.


(*Cues: Battle! Gym Leader - Pokémon X & Y*)

Cress: Tepig is the first Pokémon Bianca chose when she started her journey, and it evolved all the way to Emboar, the Mega... Fire Pig Pokémon?

Talon: Forget what I said about Haxorus's classification! The Mega Pig Fire Pokémon is the most badass classification ever! It's sad though that it's the third Fire and Fighting-Type starter Pokémon in a row. Thank you, Delphox.

Cress: Emboar gets Return, a Normal-Type attack that is more powerful the stronger the bond the Pokémon is with it's trainer. She did a pretty good job raising her Emboar because it does incredible damage.

Talon: It also gets Flare Blitz, it's most powerful attack. But it is a bit too powerful as it hurts itself after the attack. Plus it is a pretty cool name.

Cress: You think everything is cool.

Talon: Nuh uh. Return doesn't sound cool at all.

Cress: *sigh* Wild Charge is an Electric-Type attack that, like Flare Blitz, is so powerful that it hurts itself.

Talon: And it has a very coo- I mean uh, it's last move is Brick Break, a Fighting-Type move that gets rid of the effects of Reflect and Light Screen.

Cress: Emboar is a bulky Pokémon, but it's no slouch in power. However, it has one major flaw.

Talon: It's a very slow Pokémon. Probably the slowest on Bianca's team.

Cress: Actually there is one that is slower, but we will get to that later. It's ability, Blaze, makes it's Fire-Type attacks more powerful when it's close to fainting, and being a Fire and Fighting-Type, Emboar is weak to Psychic, Flying, Water, and Ground-Type moves.

Talon: So many weaknesses yet they decided to make three Fire-Type starters the same type.

Cress: At least it's bulkier than the other two. Emboar is her ace, and she usually sends it out last.

Talon: And it is hard to take this bulky Pokémon down. No wonder it's called the Mega Pig Fire Pokémon!


(*Cues: Route 11 - Winter - Pokémon Black & White*)

Cress: The second Pokémon Bianca caught on her journey was Lillipup, which evolved all the way to Stoutland, the Big-Hearted Pokémon.

Talon: Aw, Lillipup looks so adorable. Then it grows up with a freaking mustache!

Cress: Stoutland is a pure Normal-Type Pokémon, so it is only weak to Fighting-Type moves.

Talon: It knows Return, get used to seeing this move, Bianca put it on ALL of her Pokémon. This time it actually works out since Stoutland is also a Normal-Type.

Cress: It also get's Ice Fang, an Ice-Type attack that can freeze or flinch the opponent.

Talon: And we all know how strong freeze is.

Cress: Or not so strong, remember you can break out first turn if you are lucky.

Talon: Damnit.

Cress: Surf is a Water-Type move that floods the battlefield.

Talon: That's the third time we mentioned that move. And speaking of moves we have already explained. It's last move is Wild Charge, an Electric-Type attack so powerful that it hurts itself.

Cress: Stoutland is usually the first Pokémon Bianca sends out in a battle, and with it's variety of moves, I can see why. It is a fast, bulky, and strong Pokémon. Finally, Stoutland's ability is Intimidate. This makes the opponent's attack get cut in half.

Talon: I too would be scared of that magnificent mustache.

Cress: It really is beautiful.


(*Cues: Route 18 - Pokémon X & Y*)

Cress: The third Pokémon Bianca caught on her journey was Simisage, the Thorn Monkey Pokémon.

Talon: What's with Bianca's Pokémon having the coolest classifications ever?

Cress: Luck? Anyway, like Simipour, Simisage is a fast but frail attacker.

Talon: Except Grass-Type.

Cress: Correct. Simisage knows Return. You should know what that does by now.

Talon: It also has Energy Ball, a powerful Special Attacking Grass-Type move that can lower the Special Defense of the opponent.

Cress: Brick Break is a Fighting-Type move that allows it to get rid of the effects of Light Screen and Reflect.

Talon: And then we have Rock Slide, my friend but Cress's foe.

Cress: I should run a team with all flinching moves.

Talon: You know it's not going to work because you use it, right?

Cress: I really hate you.

Talon: I know. Being a Grass Type, Simisage is weak to Poison, Fire, Bug, and Ice-Type attacks. And like Simipour, it has the useless ability of Gluttony, which makes it eat berries earlier.

Cress: Maybe if I use Thunder Wave I can beat you.

Talon: Then I'll use Ground-Types.

Cress: God damnit.


(*Cues: Route 113 - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire*)

Cress: The fourth Pokémon Bianca caught on her journey was Munna, who evolved to Musharna, the Drowsing Pokémon.

Talon: And suddenly the classifications aren't cool anymore. And is that a sleeping anteater?

Cress: Actually, it is based off a baku, tapir-like creatures that eat dreams.

Talon: Oh, ok.

Cress: It also resembles a fetus when it's curled up.

Talon: WHAT!?

Cress: Musharna is a Psychic-Type Pokémon with impressive bulk and Special Attack. It knows Return. Enough said.

Talon: Dream Eater is a Psychic-Type attack that only works when the opponent is asleep, but it heals itself.

Cress: Luckily, it also knows Yawn. This allows Musharna to put the opposing Pokemon to sleep, but only after awhile.

Talon: And in case the opponent isn't asleep, it can always use Psychic, a powerful attack that can lower the Special Defense of the opponent.

Cress: Being a Psychic-Type, it is weak to Dark, Ghost, and Bug-Type attacks.

Talon: And it is the slowest Pokémon Bianca has. Even slower than Emboar.

Cress: But it is also one of her deadliest Pokémon. It's ability, Forewarn, has Musharna tell it's trainer what the opposing Pokémon's most powerful move is... somehow.

Talon: Though I fail to understand why she put Return on a Special Attacker.

Cress: They just care about each other a lot?

Talon: Oh that's bullshit!


(*Cues: Route 26 - Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver*)

Cress: The fifth Pokémon Bianca caught on her journey was Mienshao, the Martial Arts Pokémon.

Talon: How many types of martial arts does it know?

Cress: All of them.

Talon: Mienshao is another case of being fast and frail. It knows Return and I have nothing else to say about that move.

Cress: It also has Drain Punch, a Fighting-Type move that absorbs the energy of the opposing Pokémon, healing Mienshao. So that helps with it's frailty.

Talon: Except it can go down in one hit most of the time.

Cress: Fake Out allows free damage basically. It makes the opponent flinch every time, but it can only be used the first turn Mienshao is out.

Talon: It's final attack is U-turn. This Bug-Type attack lets Mienshao attack it's opponent, and then retreat back to it's trainer.

Cress: It's ability is Inner Focus. This allows it to never flinch to attacks. Being a Fighting-Type, Mienshao is weak to Psychic and Flying-Type moves.

Talon: I fail to understand why you never thought to use a Pokémon with Inner Focus against me.

Cress: Are you kidding me!? How have I not!? Especially since I'm smarter than you!

Talon: Not in Pokémon battles, Cress.


(*Cues: Route 15 - Pokémon X & Y*)

Cress: The final Pokémon Bianca caught on her journey is Chandelure, the Luring Pokémon.

Talon: That classification sounds like it's a pedophile.

Cress: Oh it's not.

Talon: Oh thank God!

Cress: It lures people toward it so it can consume their soul.

Talon: Oh dear God!

Cress: Chandelure is a Ghost and Fire-Type, so it is weak to Dark, Water, Rock, Ghost, and Ground-Type Pokemon.

Talon: It sure is weak against a lot of types.

Cress: It sure is, but it is also Bianca's most powerful Pokémon. It's Special Attack is off the charts! And it knows just the moves for it's high Special Attack.

Talon: It knows Overheat, a Fire-Type attack so powerful that it lowers it's Special Attack each time it is used.

Cress: It also knows Shadow Ball, a Ghost-Type attack that has a chance of lowering the opponent's Special Defense.

Talon: And it also gets Psychic, a powerful Psychic-Type move that can lower the Special Defense of the opponent.

Cress: And it's last move is-

Talon: Fucking Return. Every single Pokémon of Bianca's has Return.

Cress: Like I said before, they could care about each other a lot?

Talon: And like what I said before, that is bullshit!

Cress: Um, anyway, it's ability is Flash Fire, not only does this make it immune to Fire-Type attacks, but it also powers up it's Fire attacks. But Chandelure's biggest flaw is that it's defenses aren't the best and it is slow.

(*Cues: Route 209 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl*)

Talon: Bianca may think she is weak, but her Pokémon probably think otherwise. I mean, she has some pretty powerful Pokémon and some pretty powerful moves.

Cress: She probably just thinks she is weaker than her friends. She is clumsy, but she did become Professor Juniper's assistant meaning she probably knows a bit more about Pokémon than she did when she was younger.

Talon: Well, lets make her fight one of her childhood friends.

Bianca is seen running really fast without looking ahead.

Bianca: Out of my way! Out of my way! Out of my way! Out of my waaaaaay!

Bianca knocks Ash Ketchum into a nearby fountain and falls on her back.

Bianca: Owww! That really hurts!


Cress: Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate, once and for all!


CVSB Combatants Set-0


Nimbasa Town


(*Cues: Pokémon Center - Super Smash Bros. Brawl*)

It had been a long tournament, but the finals were about to happen. One would win a year supply of vitamins for their Pokemon. The announcer of the tournament sits down and speaks into his microphone.

Announcer: The Nimbasa Town Club Battle finals will be underway!

The crowd roars in excitement.

In the left corner, is a young man with black hair and glasses. He has strands of hair sticking up, but this doesn't seem to bother him. The young man has a blue jacket on along with black jeans and blue shoes. His eyes are pure black. He looked over across the battlefield and saw his opponent. He started to hold his Pokeball very tightly. He knew this was going to be a both difficult and fun battle. Cheren was ready for battle.

Cheren: So I'm battling her in the finals. This will be a battle to remember. I just hope she isn't so nervous while battling.

In the right corner was the opposite of calm. There was a young lady with a blonde hair and a green hat. She was wearing a long white dress with orange socks and green shoes. She had bright green eyes. The young lady was searching for her Poké Ball inside her green bag. It was clear that she was super nervous. She found her Poké Ball and looked at her opponent. She was even more nervous after taking a look at him. The young lady's name was Bianca.

Bianca: Oh, great! First I'm worried about being in the finals for the first time and now I find out I'm battling Cheren! This is just not my day.

The announcer spoke into his microphone again.

Announcer: In the left corner, from Nuvema Town is Cheren!

The crowd gets even louder.

Announcer: And in the right corner, also from Nuvema Town, is Bianca!

The crowd is roaring as loud as they can be!

Announcer: This will be a 6 on 6 battle and trainers are not allowed to switch Pokémon. Are you ready!

Cheren walks up to his side of the battlefield and clenches his Poké Ball even harder. It is clear that he is nervous too, but not as nervous as his opponent. Bianca starts walking up to her side of the battlefield, but trips and falls flat on her face. The crowd laughs at her while she is trying to get back up. She gets to her side of the battlefield and is sweating bullets.

Cheren: Hey!

Bianca hears Cheren from across the battlefield and turns in his direction.

Bianca: What is it?

Cheren: I know you are nervous about being in the finals. I am too, but don't let that nervousness prevent you from battling, or else you'll lose.

Bianca knew that Cheren was right.

Bianca: Right!

Cheren: Lets make this a Pokémon battle to remember!

Announcer: Are the trainers ready!

Both Cheren and Bianca nod.

Announcer: Then let the battle begin!

The two trainers get ready to throw their Poké Balls.

Cheren: I choose you, Liepard!

Bianca: Go Stoutland!

The Cruel Pokémon and the Big-Hearted Pokémon had entered the field. A cat VS a dog. Who would win? The two trainers stared into each others eyes before the first attack.

Friends before, opponents today!


(*Cues: Battle! Champion - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire*)

Bianca: Stoutland, use Ice Fang!

Stoutland ran straight up to Liepard to try to try to bite it, but Cheren was prepared for the first attack.

Cheren: Liepard, quick use Fake Out!

Liepard ran straight into Stoutland and hit it with it's paws, causing Stoutland to be temporarily dazed by the attack.

Bianca: What!

Cheren: Now repeatedly use Night Slash!

Liepard started slashing at Stoutland multiple times with it's dark infused attack until Stoutland managed to dodge one of the slashes, catching Liepard off guard.

Bianca: Attack using Return, Stoutland!

Stoutland tackled straight into Liepard, wounding it tremendously.

Bianca: Now use Ice Fang!

Stoutland ran right in front of of the knocked down Liepard. Liepard looked up see Stoutland bite it with enough force to cause it to faint. the judge looks over to the fallen Liepard.

Judge: Liepard is unable to battle, Stoutland is the winner!

Bianca: Aw yeah!

Cheren returns Liepard to it's Pokéball.

Cheren: You did good out there Liepard, take a good rest. Don't get so cocky Bianca, the battle has only begun! Go Gigalith!

A giant rock being had been summoned in the air, landing with an enormous "Thud!" This was Gigalith, the Compressed Pokémon.

Bianca: Stoutland use Surf!

And with that comand, the Big-Hearted Pokémon created a gigantic wave of water heading straight towards Gigalith, and it was a direct hit.

Bianca: Yes!

Cheren didn't seemed worried at all.

Cheren: Like I said before, don't get cocky Bianca!

Gigalith jumped straight out of the water it was sinked into before with another loud "Thud!"

Bianca: What!

Cheren: Now Gigalith, use Stealth Rock!

Gigalith created a multitude of rocks and shot them all around the arena.

Cheren: Now use Stone Edge!

Gigalith created even more rocks, but this time they weren't to put down the arena, this time they were headed straight for Stoutland.

Bianca: Dodge it!

Stoutland dodged many of the rocks but was hit by a few stray ones. It was limping but still ready to fight.

Bianca: Stoutland use Wild Charge!

Stoutland charged itself with electricity before running straight into Gigalith, causing a huge explosion to occur. The end result was surprising, Stoutland was on the ground.

Judge: Stoutland is unable to battle, Gigalith is the winner!

Bianca sadly returned Stoutland to it's Pokéball.

Bianca: Ugh! I totally forgot Wild Charge hurts my Pokémon too. Well, lets go Chandelure!

Bianca threw her Pokéball and what came out was a chandelier with multiple bluish flames. It was the Luring Pokémon, Chandelure. When Chandelure came out though, the Stealth Rocks had activated a hit directly into Chandelure causing big damage. Gigalith ate a bit of it's Leftovers before it fought Chandelure.

Cheren: Why send out a Fire-Type against my Rock-Type Gigalith? No matter, Gigalith, use Stone Edge again!

(*Cues: Battle! Champion (Diamond / Pearl) - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U*)

The Compressed Pokémon summoned yet more rocks and shot them all at Chandelure.

Bianca: I thought you might do that. Use Psychic!

Cheren: Wait, what!

Chandelure's eyes changed color as it focused it's power to control the rocks heading right towards it. It used this control to start firing the Stone Edge rocks right back at Gigalith.

Bianca: That's not all!

Gigalith suddenly had a blue aura around it and started levitating, it started getting rammed into a wall into the ground until finally it was sent flying in the air.

Bianca: Now finish it off with Shadow Ball!

Chandelure conjured a ball of ghostly energy and shot it right at the falling Gigalith, causing a huge explosion. The explosion cleared and Gigalith was on the floor, fainted.

Judge: Gigalith is unable to battle, Chandelure is the winner!

Cheren: Gigalith, return! (She sure tricked me, I'll give her that) Go, Simipour!

A blue monkey appeared on the battlefield. It had a geyser-like hair and it seemed to have it's eyes closed. It was Simipour, the Geyser Pokémon.

Cheren: Use Surf Simipour!

Simipour created a huge wave of water and sent it right towards Chandelure.

Bianca: Use Psychic!

Chandelure's eyes began to glow again as the wave of water started to turn and head towards Simipour. Cheren did not seem worried in the slightest.

Cheren: Simipour, Payback!

Simipour's hands started to glow a dark aura as it headed straight into the Surf, taking damage, and ran straight up to Chandelure.

Cheren: Now!

Bianca: Wait! No!

Simipour's hands had an even greater aura than before. Simipour started attack Chandelure mercilessly with it's Payback, finishing it off by sending it flying towards a wall. Chandelure was out.

Judge: Chandelure is unable to battle, Simipour is the winner!

Bianca returned Chandelure to it's Pokéball.

Bianca: (That was a smart thing for Cheren to do, but I've got something up my sleeve!) I choose you, Simisage!

A Pokémon that looked like Simipour appeared on the battlefield, except this Pokémon was green and had many leaves. This was the Thorn Monkey Pokémon, Simisage. Simisage got hit by the Stealth Rcoks sticking out of the ground, like Chandelure.

Bianca: Use Rock Slide, Simisage!

Simisage suddenly called upon rocks from above and they all landed directly upon Simipour, causing ti to flinch.

Bianca: Now use Energy Ball!

Simisage summoned three balls of green energy and shot them all at Simipour who just recovered from the Rock Slide.

Cheren: Dodge it!

Simipour managed to dodge the first one but got hit by the later two, but was still up for a fight.

Cheren: Use Payback!

Simipour's hands gained a dark aura again and it ran right up to Simisage.

Bianca: Use Payback too, Simisage!

Suddenly, Simisage's hands had a dark aura around it similar to Simipour and both element monkeys jumped in the air, trading blow to blow until finally Simipour hit Simisage, making it land on the ground, creating a crater. Simisage was down for the count.

Judge: Simisage is unable to battle, Simipour is the winner!

Bianca returned Simisage.

Bianca: But... how?

Simipour landed on the ground and suddenly it fell over, fainted.

Cheren: What!?

Judge: It also seems Simipour is unable to battle, double knockout!

With that surprising end, the trainers get out their next Pokémon.

(*Cues: Battle! Zinnia - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire*)

Cheren: Go Unfezant!

Bianca: I choose you, Mienshao!

A bird Pokémon and a Pokémon with really long fur at the end of it's arms were sent out, Unfezant, the Proud Pokémon and Mienshao, the Martial Arts Pokémon. Mienshao got hit by the Stealth Rocks but they barely fazed it.

Cheren: Use Air Slash, Unfezant!

Unfezant shot out sharp pieces of air right at Mienshao.

Bianca: Use Fake Out!

Mienshao started running up to Unfezant, rolling under and flipping over the Air Slashes as they come, except one, but that didn't make Mienshao flinch at all. Mienshao got right up in front of Unfezant and use it's Fake Out on it, temporarily dazing it.

Bianca: Now use Drain Punch!

Mienshao's fists glowed as it started to repeatedly punch Unfezant. The punches also seemed to be healing Mienshao. Cheren knew he needed to end this punishment.

Cheren: Dodge and use Quick Attack!

Unfezant started dodging all of the Drain Punches and used Quick Attack to get behind Mienshao.

Bianca: What!?

Cheren: Now use Air Slash!

Unfezant started shooting out multiple Air Slashes and they were all direct hits. Mienshao fell from the air to the ground knocked out.

Bianca then returned Mienshao.

Bianca: (Drat! I guess I can't trick Cheren again with me having a type disadvantage.) Go, Musharna!

A pink anteater looking thing that seemed asleep appeared on the battlefield. It was Musharna, the Drowsing Pokémon. Like before, the Stealth Rocks came out of the ground and attacked Musharna.

Cheren: Use Quick Attack, Unfezant!

Unfezant started charging towards Musharna.

Bianca: Counter with Psychic!

Musharna started using it's psychic power to telekinetically grab Unfezant and slammed it against a wall and to the ground.

Cheren: Ugh! Use U-Turn!

Unfezant recovered quickly from the Psychic and got up and charged towards Musharna with it's U-Turn. It was a direct hit, and Unfezant went back to it's trainer.

Bianca: Huh!?

Cheren: Go, Haxorus!

Cheren threw his Pokéball and sent out a green dragon with sharp blades near it's jaw. This was the Axe Jaw Pokémon, Haxorus.

Cheren: Haxorus, use Outrage!

Haxorus's eyes started glowing red with a red aura to match. It started running up to Musharna to start it's vicious attack.

Bianca: Musharna, use Yawn!

Musharna suddenly started yawning, creating a bubble and shot it at the enraged Haxorus coming it's direction. It was a direct hit. However, Haxorus was still charging at it. It activated it's Dragon Gem and went up to the Drowsing Pokémon, rapidly kicking, punching, and biting Musharna until it's red aura and eyes returned to normal. Musharna had fainted from the attack.

Judge: Musharna is unable to battle, Haxourus is the winner!

Bianca: (It's three against one now, but I can do this! Haxorus got hit by Yawn and Unfezant is weakened.) Well, here goes nothing! Go, Emboar!

Bianca threw out her last Pokéball of the battle. A boar-like animal was standing on the battlefield now. It had flames around it's whole neck. The Mega Fire Pig Pokémon was Bianca's last hope. Emboar took the Stealth Rocks like a champ too! Suddenly though, Haxorus started going on the ground, it wasn't fainted and it was in peak physical condition. Haxorus was sleeping!

(*Cues: Battle! Gym Leader - Final Pokémon - Black 2 & White 2*)

Cheren: What!? No!

Bianca was clearly happy at this perfect timing.

Bianca: Aw yes! Emboar! Quick and use Brick Break!

Emboar's fists started glowing as it ran up to Haxorus and started to repeatedly chop at it, finishing it by chopping Haxorus into a wall, causing it to faint.

Judge: Haxorus is unable to battle, Emboar is the winner!

Cheren returned Haxorus to it's Pokéball.

Cheren: (Well THAT was unexpected! Good thing I have the type advantage with Unfezant!) I choose you, Unfezant!

Unfezant reappeared onto the battlefield. It obviously looked like it was injured.

Cheren: Air Slash!

Unfezant created sharp wind projectiles and shot them all at Emboar.

Cheren: Now Quick Attack!

Unfezant started charging right behind it's Air Slashes.

Bianca: Dodge it!

Emboar started dodging the Air Slashes but got hit by Unfezant's Quick Attack, catching it off guard, this caused one Air Slash to hit it in it's back. Unfezant was coming in for another Quick Attack.

Bianca: Gah! Use Brick Break!

Right when Unfezant was charging with it's Quick Attack, Emboar's fist started glowing. Unfezant was closing in on Emboar and when it got close... It got whacked into a wall with Brick Break! It was enough force for the wall to get big cracks. Unsurprisingly, Unfezant was down.

Judge: Unfezant is unable to battle, Emboar is the winner!

Cheren returned Unfezant and took out his final Pokéball and looked at it, holding it tightly.

Cheren: It's all or nothing! Go, Serperior!

Cheren threw his Pokéball and what came out was a long green snake. It had a white head and looked like it was royalty. Cheren's final Pokémon was Serperior, the Regal Pokémon.

Bianca: Brick Break!

Cheren: Leaf Blade!

Emboar's fists and Serperior's tail started glowing as they started clashing attack with attack. Neither Pokémon was going to end their attack onslaughts until...

Cheren: Use Dragon Tail!

Serperior's tail glowing a purplish color and started heading for Emboar.

Bianca: Dodge it!

Serperior swinged it's tail at Emboar but it quickly dodged it, surprising Cheren.

Cheren: How!?

Serperior slammed it's tail onto the ground, causing it to fall and temporarily fazing it.

Bianca: Emboar! Finish this with Flare Blitz!

Emboar started charging up with fire all around it until it was covered from head to toe with flames. It then started charging towards Serperior. Serperior became unfazed but it was to late as it took a head-on Flare Blitz, causing a huge explosion covering almost the whole battlefield. Emboar jumped out of the smoke from the explosion.

Bianca: We did it!

Cheren: Not so fast!

(*Cues: Pokémon X/Y - Legendary Showdown! Vs. Zygarde*)

The smoke blasted away from where Serperior once was. What was revealed was Serperior with it's eyes glowing green with it's body glowing that exact color. It had activated it's ability Overgrow!

Bianca: How!?

Cheren: Lets do this Serperior! Use Coil!

Serperior began coiling it's body to start charging up power.

Cheren: Now Leaf Blade!

Serperior's tail started glowing an even brighter green than before and it started charging towards the Mega Fire Pig Pokémon.

Bianca: Counter with Brick Break!

Emboar's fists glowed as Serperior was coming in it's direction.

Cheren: Dodge it!

Serperior kept heading towards Emboar. Emboar swung it's fist directly at Serperior but Serperior began rolling along it's arm, avoiding all damage, and went behind Emboar, even surprising the Mega Fire Pig Pokémon.

Bianca: What!?

Cheren: Now!

Serperior started slashing Emboar multiple times from behind and kept comboing it until it launched it into the air with a vertical Leaf Blade.

Cheren: Leaf Storm!

Serperior concentrated it's energy into firing a barrage of leaves swirling into the sky, hitting Emboar, making it go even higher in the air.

Cheren: Jump and finish it with Leaf Blade!

Serperior jumped all the way up to the height Emboar was going to be from getting blasted, and striked it's Leaf Blade downwards hitting at the exact time Emboar got to the Regal Pokémon's height. The Leaf Blade launched Emboar directly into the ground, causing a gigantic crater to form. Emboar was finished.

Bianca: No way!

Judge: Emboar is unable to battle, Serperior is the winner! And the match goes to Cheren from Nuvema Town!

(*Cues: Route 10 (Black / White) Super Smash Bros. for Wii U*)

Cheren looked overjoyed, and the crowd was roaring.

Cheren: I won! Yes!

Bianca was a bit sad that she lost and was almost crying. She returned Emboar to it's Pokéball.

Bianca: You did your best. Take a good rest.

Cheren saw Bianca was almost crying a yelled over the battlefield to her after he returned Serperior to it's Pokéball.

Cheren: Hey!

Bianca turned to Cheren's direction.

Bianca: Y-yes?

Cheren: You did amazing out there! I haven't had a battle that fun in forever!

Bianca was touched by this and stopped crying.

Bianca: Wow! Thanks Cheren! You weren't half bad either!

Bianca started running on the battlefield to go towards Cheren to give him a hug. However, Cheren noticed something was wrong.

(*Cues: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: I Don't Want to Say Goodbye - Remix*)

Cheren: Bianca! Get off the battlefield now!

Bianca stopped right in the middle of the battlefield.

Bianca: Why?

The Stealth Rocks on the battlefield started shaking and rising from the ground.

Cheren: Just go!

The crowd was silent while this was going on. Bianca turned around and saw giant sharp rocks coming right at her. She let out one final scream before getting stabbed to death by the large rocks. Blood was flung everywhere from Bianca's side of the field to the people in the crowd up front. Blood even flew onto Cheren's face.

Cheren: Bianca! No...

The whole crowd gasps at this surprise death. Cheren landed on his knees and put his hands on the ground.


Cheren is seen crying on his side of the field as Bianca's corpse is lying in the battlefield with rocks stabbed through it.


(*Cues: Victory! Champion - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire*)

Talon: *sniff* That was so sad.

Cress: Bianca may have had a slight type advantage, but her Pokémon pale in comparison to Cheren's.

Talon: His Pokémon are all slightly higher leveled and actually had held items on them. It also doesn't help Bianca that she has Return on every single one of her Pokémon, while Cheren has many more moves and options.

Cress: This allowed Cheren to use Stealth Rocks to damage Bianca's Pokémon when a new one came out or Coil to power up. Cheren's real trump card though was Haxorus. With Haxorus's immense strength, it could deal a lot of damage using only one attack, sometimes even one shotting some of Bianca's Pokémon like Simisage or Mienshao.

Talon: Plus, Cheren has many faster Pokémon. I may have made fun of this earlier, but with so much speed on his side, this let Cheren do fast amounts of damage, usually dealing off super effective hits.

Cress: Finally, Cheren has also been studying Pokémon for much longer than Bianca has, letting Cheren know exactly how to deal with Bianca's type advantage.

Talon: Cheren sure rocked Bianca!

Cress: The winner is Cheren.




  • + More Experienced
  • + Had Held Items on Pokémon
  • + Stealth Rocks do Damage on Switch In
  • + Higher Leveled Pokémon
  • + More Knowledgeable on Pokémon
  • + Faster and Stronger Pokémon
  • + Had More Variety of Attack Types
  • + Air Slash AND Rock Slide Flinches
  • - Some Pokémon are Glass Cannons
  • - Slight Type Disadvantage


  • + Slight Type Advantage
  • + Bulkier Pokémon
  • + Yawn is a Convenient Disruptor
  • + Rock Slide Flinches
  • - Slower and Weaker Pokémon
  • - Lower Leveled Pokémon
  • - Less Knowledgeable on Pokémon
  • - Less Experienced
  • - Having Return on Every Pokémon Doesn't Help