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The cheetah vs cheetarah


Wiz: cats while they are known to be common household pets these two are known to fight cheetarah fastest

member of the thundercats

Boomstick: and the cheetah enemy of wonder woman he's wiz i'm boomstick

Wiz: and it's our job to analyze their armor weapons and skills to see who would win a death battle


WIz: during the war of thundara several cats were sent to earth to fend them off

Boomstick: but we already talked about lion o we are talking about the hot one

WIz: right cheetarah is the fastest member of the thundercats and runs as fast as she goes

Boomstick: she also wields a kendo staff i wonder what else she does with that

Wiz: Boomstick you little.. anyway cheetarah's speed is limited though as how far she runs and she will often

tire out as seen in the story arc of the final thundercats episode

Boomstick: she is still hot though

cheetrah: i will protect my home as if it were my own

The cheetah[]

Wiz: there are many wonder woman villains but none are quite like the cheetah

Boomstick: aww yeah the cheetah!

Wiz: the cheetah was born to experimenting due to her experiments running out she experimented on her self

and welll...

Boomstick: she turned into a anthropomorphic cheetah

Wiz: the cheetah has several abilities such as great reflexes acrobatics and slashing claws

Boomstick: though she always loses to wonder woman

Wiz: she often fails mutlitple times though there is always someone willing to take the chance to become the


Boomstick: holy crap that is awesome!

Wiz: yes the cheetah is somewhat of a wildcat

The cheetah: how purrr fectly planned


Wiz: alright the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: it's time for a death battle!

*we open in thundara the cheetah is seen stealing all the thundercats prize posessions*

cheetarah: put those down!

cheetah: or what?

cheetarah: i will be forced to use extreme force

cheetah: oh another cat i may not enjoy slaying you but oh well

*they both get into poses*


*the cheetah lunges as cheetarah but she is able to throw her off into a wall the cheetah then tries to pounce

back but cheetarah then runs fast towards her and punches her rapidly*

cheetah; your fast bet i am faster

*the cheetah then claws at cheetarah scratching her a bit*

cheetrah: that's it! *she hits her with her kendo staff and so on*

cheetah: try to catch me *the cheetah runs with cheetarah running after her the cheetah then notices

cheetarah tiring out*

the cheetah: heh not so fast now huh? *the cheetah then slashes more at cheetarah killing her*

the cheetah: well i will jsut be off then



Boomstick: oh no not cheetrah wait the cheetah won so i guess it's a win win

Wiz: while cheetarah may seem faster remember that her speed is limited the cheetah is more faster

Boomstick: yeah the cheetah is known for having more speed the her plus even if the cheetah always lost to

you know who the cheetah if pretty smart looks like cheetarah has been put down

wiz: the winner is the cheetah

Next time[]

Boomstick: next time on death battle

*this plays*

Stinkoman comes to death battle!