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Charlie Nash (SFV)

Charlie Nash in Street Fighter V

Your sins and atrocities will now be judged... and punished!
~ Charlie to M. Bison

Charlie Nash is a character from the Street Fighter series of video games. He is Guile's superior officer and friend.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

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A First Lieutentant in the US Marine Corps, Charlie Nash is fighter against injustice, working alongside his colleague, Guile, to make sure justice is served. He is the one who taught Guile his fighting style, and has worked alongside him for various assignments. Even though the general consensus says that Charlie died at M. Bison's hands, rumours still drift that he may still be out there, somewhere...

Death Battle Info[]


  • Height: 6'1" / 186cm
  • Weight: 185lbs / 84 kg
  • Position: US Marine Corps
  • Guile's superior officer and close friend
  • Taught Guile his fighting style
  • Fighting style: US Air force MAC

Special Moves[]

Sonic Boom[]

  • Performed with one arm in a clothsline hook maneuveur
  • Faster than Guile's
  • Decent damage and stun
  • Poor recovery time

Flash Kick/Flash Shell[]

  • Front-flipping kick with another kick
  • Forward somersault

Super Moves[]

Sonic Break[]

  • One Sonic Boom followed by multiple others
  • Up to four extra Sonic Booms
  • Based on Charlie's mastery of the Sonic Boom

Double Flash[]

  • Two Flash Kicks w/ transitional kick
  • Second Flash Kick hits heavier

Crossfire Blitz[]

  • String of attacks executed at high speed


  • Trained Guile
  • Mastered the art of the Sonic Boom
  • Won the Pan American Martial Arts Tournament
  • Helped Guile to destroy the Psycho Drive
  • Attempted to stop M. Bison's plans


  • Possibly died for nothing at M. Bison's hands
  • Sometimes acts reckless
  • Got shot by his own back-up helicopter
  • Sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him