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Laharl vs cell by mariovssonicfan-d8g5g9s


Wiz: laharl the big ego Pint sized overlord.

Boomstick: and cell the perfect specimen. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick...

Wiz: And our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: now who is Overlord laharl well i am glad you asked Be prepared to be introduced to one of the most powerful video game characters that has ever been created.

Boomstick: now i know what you are thinking "yeah right i mean look at him he looks like a 13 year old".

Wiz: that may be true but he is actually 1316 years old and is the overlord of his netherworld.

Boomstick: which is this universes version of the devil.

wiz: 3 years ago he become the overlord and took on high class demons and is currently the strongest demon in his nether world. For weapons he has a lightsaber like sword tons of weapon skilles he can use his cape to fly and grab stuff.

Boomstick: i wish i had that cape just like with he mans sword i would never have to leave the couch again.

wiz:he has out sped the dragon overlord babalon and traveled around a galaxy in a few day or so taken a beating from the strongest overlord alive zetta and shrugged it off after. he is strong enought to BURN EARTH AWAY and outclasses dark death evil man in strength and durability.

Boomstick: now lets get to his magic and weapon skilles he knows low class fire magic Tones of sword and Fist skilles one of which has HIM PUNCHING A BLACK HOLE THAT THEN EXPLODES HOW IS THAT FRIKEN POSSABLE. he can also channel his magic into his sword or fist to double is striking strenght with his sword or create a shield with his fist. His Signature moves are blazing knuckle where he punches his opponent with a fire infused fist Overlords wrath a move where he fire single bursts of magic as well meteor impact Ex a move where he summons Meteor thats more then 200 Feat tall and has more then 200 feat in diameter and finally OVERLORDS DIMENSION a move where he teleports him and his opponent To a pocket dimension which he summons a rain of meteors which he then punches with a Fire infused fist and then finally Swords come out of nowhere stab the opponent in the meteor AND THEN THE METEOR EXPLODES THAT IS FRIKEN OVERKILL!

Wiz: but he is not with out his flaws he can be very easly munipulated has a weakness for kind words like love and kindness and busty females.

Boomstick: i wonder why that is.

wiz: no one knows. Say what you want about laharl he truly is one of the strongets characters out there.

(laharls fames laughter)


Wiz: cell a monstrous creation of doctor gero that came back from the future to absorb androids 17 and 18 to Become perfect he succeeded in this goal and became perfect.

Boomstick: yeah IN this form he looks like a pale skin guy in bug armor he has every move that goku knows like the kamehameha solar flare kio-ken and its implied he has the dragon fist by the logic he has every move goku knows and you know goku knows the dragon fist well you get it cell easly took down vegeta trunks and even GOKU FRIKEN GOKU well before his training in the after life and his ssj 2 transformation.

Wiz: anyways cell has enought power to destroy a solar system in super perfect form travels at light speed can match Ssj 2 gohan in power and it took every single z warrior Plus vegeta to kill him and even then it was only becuse he got destracted. He is just as skilled in combat as goku He is truly a perfect life form well he would be if he didn't have the overconfidence of vegeta letting his opponent get to much higher power then him.

Cell: You fool! Don't you realize yet you're up against the perfect weapon?!


(cell games ruined arena just after Goku sacrificed him self and cell shots trunks and Vegeta's outrage and Gohan but the blast cell shot knocked Gohan out.)

Cell: Is there anybody worthy of fighting me? I guess I really am the strongest in the universe.

???: Hey

All the z fighters and cell turned to see a 13 year old looking boy with blue hair 2 hair antennae wearing a long red cape red pants and fingerless gloves he had red eyes and was not wearing a shirt.

Laharl: Who are you to claim your the strongest in the universe?

Cell: Me. I am Cell, the perfect being created from the cells of the fighters on planet earth.

Laharl began laughing.

Laharl: If your creator was really smart, he would have collect cells from me THE STRONGEST OVERLORD EVER.

Cell dropped into a combat stance.

Cell: Hm, overlord huh? Well lets see if you can even compare to me little boy.

Laharl got angry at this he drew his lightsaber like sword from his cape which was storing it.

Laharl: "I'll put you in the ground!

Cell: You've got some guts. I'll enjoy fighting you.


Cell made the first move punching Laharl repeatedly before ending with a round house kick sending Laharl flying "tch not bad" Laharl said as he quickly flew towards cell using his sword to cut cell's arm off "heh try fighting with just one arm" Laharl said "no thanks" cell said and with a grunt of effort cells arm suddenly regenerated "what" Laharl said in surprise "Heh i can regenerate from any wound you inflict on me" Laharl quickly Flew backwards gathering energy before flying forwards at incredible speeds an large explosin happened when in the direction he flew Cell  was caught off guard and got caught up in the explosion but also got stabbed by Laharl in the process "heh" cell let out a small chuckle. Laharl looked at his foe as Cell pulled Laharls sword out and threw it off in another direction Laharl went off after it but he heard something "kio-ken times twenty" "kio-what". Laharl said just before Cell punched him in the face before unleashing a flurry of kicks and punches each landing since laharl was still in shock from the first punch Before Laharl caught cells last punch "tch so meny rookie punches".

 laharl said as a purple aura surounded him "this is a real punch" he Punched cell then kicked him in the air slightly and then uppercutted Cell sending Cell flying before Cell caught him self Cell put his hands to his side slightly done with this runt who even his strongest hits were not phasing. "SOLAR KAME" "whats he doing" laharl asked him self as he saw the blue energy cell was building up he smiled to him self and he begin charging magic into his right hand creating a circle of magic that was one of his ace moves Overlords wrath "HAME this is if if this hits earth you can say good bye to it ACTUALY THIS ATTACK WILL DESTROY THE ENTER SOLAR SYSTEM" Cell yelled. "Like i care just release your attack already" yelled laharl "FINE THEN SAY GOOD-BYE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" cell yelled releasing his attack. "OVERLORDS WRATH" laharl yelled as he released his attack the blast of magic and the beam met in the middle in almost a struggle of sorts cell was pushing as hard as he could but he could not get the magic blast to move an inch and it was acutally gaining ground. "NO I WILL NOT LOSE KIO-KEN TIMES 20" the solar kamehameha was still being pushed back by the blast of energy. cell had no choice but to stop focusing energy into the solar kamehameha and to dodge the incoming magical blast. cell noticed he did see laharl in the area he was before he looked around and saw Laharl flying towards his sword "OH NO YOU DONT". Cell yelled Flying and using instant transmission aiming to get to Laharls sword before Laharl did to destroy it. Unfortunately for Cell laharl was faster then he predicted and got to his sword first just as cell got there. Laharl suddenly rushed forward as soon as he got his sword and slashed Cell across the chest then he charged magic into his sword and jumped up in the air then he sent the wave of magic that looked like a wave of wind was sent flying towards Cell who could not dodge it since the attack was moving so fast it hit him dead on and exploded or so Laharl thought. Laharl let out his signature laugh. thinking it all was done except he heard a familiar voice yell "Don't get too cocky" laharl didn't see cell use instant transmission to teleport around him and while charging a kamehameha he released said attack and it hit laharl dead on sending him flying thought several mountains thought Cell knew it would not have been enough to hurt laharl since it didn't have a lot of power behind it. Cell then went chasing after laharl who finally stopped himself using his cape. "Alright i am done" laharl said charging forward his blade at the ready; He suddenly moved faster for a quick second and slashed Cell across the chest once Cell was in range he then slashed and then released a flurry of slashes cutting cell up before using his overlords wrath to blast cell into pieces. He saw that cell still regenerated from the attacks "tch why wont you die" Cell laughed. Laharl was getting more and more ticked "That's it I WILL INCINERATE YOU" Laharl yelled charging up his blazing knuckle "bring it on" Cell said charging up his dragon fist both rushed at each other until they each got close enough and released there attacks "dragon fist" cell yelled releasing the attack! "BLAZING KNUCKLE" laharl also yelled the two attacks meeting followed by an explosion!

"impossible" cell said holding onto a huge chunk of him missing. reeling back from the heat and power of that last attack as reality around them seemingly changed. "ILL ENGRAVE MY NAME INTO YOUR BODY" laharl said as he flew up a sun like object appearing behind him that caused meteors to rain down. 1 had hit cell who was still reeling from the attack. But it didn't hurt him Laharl Charged up another blazing knuckle before dropping down using his momentum from the drop and the force of his attack to hit the meteor "BLAST AWAY" laharl yelled! as swords seemingly appeared out of the meteor Impaling cell before the meteor exploded the heat and sheer force of the attack destroying cell so not even an cell Remained. 




Wiz: Welp here come's the torches and pitch forks

Boomstick: BUT let's break this down into math


Wiz: Now while Cell is no slouch in speed and He Is debatedly Faster than light but he's definitely relativistic+ (50%-99% of light speed so he's somewhere in there). But lets high ball Now a few  people have gotten Frieza saga Goku at one-half light speed now  say Goku is 100 times faster by the cell saga and is 200 times faster him in SSJ 1 so 0.5 light speed x 100 x 200 x 20 (Cause Kaioken) = 400,000 times light speed.

Boomstick: and his attack speed should be Faster Light since he was planning on destroying the solar system and  doubt he would wait a year for the solar system to be destroyed ... or even if he was gonna blow up the sun I doubt he would wait there for 8 minutes for his  to reach the sun SO lets high ball and say his attack would reach the sun in 1 second after leaving earth No actually 10 milliseconds after leaving earth Which would put Cells attack speed at 49 900 times Faster light and With the kio ken x 20 Over 998,000 thousand times faster light.

Wiz: Laharl is definitely Massively faster than That

In fact he can dodge a laser that reaches the edge of the galaxy in 1 frame and keep up with people who can fly out of the galaxy in roughly 11 frames (1 frame = .04 seconds btw and i'm not getting this from nowhere how do i get it I counted frames on youtube videos) So the  width is 100,000 light years as the galaxy is  implied to be exactly like our own So


Dark death  laser reaches beyond the galaxy so far you could say its  is the same as the galaxy But Since We're nice So nice We'll lowball it to just 50000 light years

50,000 light years / 0.04 seconds = 1.18256605 × 10^22 m / s OR in other terms Over 39 TRILLION TIMES FASTER THEN LIGHT.

Boomstick: But what good is reaction speed if you Don't have the  speed to back it up Well stupidly high reactions but still

Now again  lowballing by just using the scalable distance of the galaxy they flew out of (Ie a galaxy the milky way) so it is more  likely higher Since they fly far enough they can  another galaxy But in the move galactic Comet in the 5th installment of they fly out of the galaxy in 11 frames each frame being .04th a second so 11 x .04 = .44 seconds meaning

50,000 light years / 0.44 seconds = 1.07506005 × 10^21 m / s or  3.5 trillion times Faster light


Wiz: Now While Cell Can debatably destroy a Solar system Laharl can definitely destroy Multiple stars And Here's the thing when Laharl destroyed every star in the sky (every star in site) and Etna said that Most demons can obliterate stars  meaning destroying stars would be a casual thing for an overlord and Dark death can destroy entire galaxies This opponent  Laharl was able to beat and is superior to so Laharl has far more power then Cell has


Wiz: Cell can tank just as much as he can Dish out so that would mean he could take a minimum of 5.709 FOE And a maximum (even though he would be nowhere near here) Of 9 Kilofoe

Boomstick: thought Laharl can tank a galaxy buster and the Minimum amount of Energy needed to overcome our galaxy's GBE is 10 GIGAfoe.


Wiz: Now Cell stopped a huge meteor in the anime now lets assume the mass is 10000000 tons the average speed of a meteor is 160000 so the force of a meteor he stopped is 1 Trillion now lets assume his strength is 100 times more with both hands and 100 times more at full strength So his strength  and using a scene from the anime is 16 Quadrillion with the  ken times 20 its 320 quadrillion Tones

Boomstick: However the math for laharl is easy Just read Here for a feat Laharl should scale to ( )

now 174 yottaton's would be 174 SEPTILLION TON's.

Not to mention laharl can pull the moon down in 4 second's

that is Fast.

Wiz: to put in perspective how fast that would be it would be 214969500 miles per hour or 32% Light speed The weight of the moon x the speed laharl pulls it = 1.74112895 × 1028 short tons or in otherword's 17 OCTILLION TON'S.

So Laharl dominates on power  speed and Strenght.

Boomstick: Look's like cell Had the Perfect Defete

Wiz: The winner is Overlord laharl


this is the first death battle writen by Dbfan and critic