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Cecil Harvey VS Siegfried Schtauffen
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Season 5
Overall Episode 56
Season Episode 4
Air date August 23rd, 2020
Written by Shadow7615
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Final Fantasy VS Soulcalibur! The darkness of one's heart is often one of their greatest hurdles. These two have known the darkness and embraced the light. But know only one knight will survive this fight!

Cecil Harvey vs. Siegfried Schtauffen is the 56th episode of DEATH BATTLE! by Shadow7615, featuring Cecil Harvey from the Final Fantasy video game series and Siegfried Schtauffen from the Soulcalibur video game series in a battle between honourable redemption-seeking knights.


Wiz: Darkness. This primordial power has forever been associated with corruption and bringing out the worst in people, even the noblest of souls have relented to its clutches.

Boomstick: But while some fell to the darkness, the strongest were able to overcome it, and put themselves on the road to redemption, accepting the light. And these two understand that better than most.


Wiz: Cecil Harvey, the Dark Knight turned Paladin of Final Fantasy.


Boomstick: And Siegfried Schtauffen, former host of Soul Edge turned wielder of Soul Calibur, He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: The Kingdom of Baron was a powerful monarchy, and one of the largest nations in the world. They had greater technological advancements and were among the first to develop airships. However, at its core, the Kingdom of Baron was ruled by a benevolent king, one who was kindhearted enough to adopt and raise orphans.

Boomstick: And one day, the King found a baby just laying around. He adopted the boy and named him Cecil. As Cecil grew up, he was trained as a Dark Knight, and by the time he was 20 years old, Cecil was one of the Kingdom's strongest knights, commanding impressive dark magic. He even got to lead an airship fleet called the Red Wings, given the rank of Captain.

Wiz: One fateful day, Cecil was ordered to raid the town Mysidia and steal the Water Crystal for the king, he obliged this request and like many Final Fantasy protagonists, collected treasures of the elements. But the battle was a massacre, Baron's military might was unsurpassed. Cecil began to feel remorseful for his actions and decided to confront the King about his actions. And that was when the wheels began to turn.

Boomstick: Thus, the Dark Knight Cecil was expelled from his command as a Captain of the Red Wings. Dick move dude. Not only was he replaced as Captain, but he'd been relegated to delivery boy and turns out he was delivering a bomb, and it torched an entire village of summoners, leaving only one survivor. Already feeling pretty bad for killing people willingly, now he'd spilled the blood of innocence, that was the last straw.

Popup: While Cecil's inventory is completely customizable for both of his jobs, by default he is equipped with a sword, shield, and his Dark Knight armour.

Wiz: Determined to right his misdeeds, Cecil travelled the land in hopes of becoming a Paladin, but even as a Dark Knight, Cecil is quite skilled. His primary weapons consist of Spears and Swords, the former being his rival's weapon of choice. While he is adept at both, being a Dark Knight also taught Cecil magic. Naturally, he uses Darkness itself, being able to cast projectiles, spheres of darkness with a strong gravitational pull, and even imbue his weapons with darkness.

Boomstick: But don't worry, not all his magic is dark! He can use a lot of classic ones like Cure, Teleport, Protect, and so on. But we wouldn't be talking about Cecil if we didn't talk about his better half. While adventuring with his friends, Cecil made it to Mount Ordeals, pretty daunting name. He battled one of the Four Elemental Archfiends and then underwent the trial that would transform him into a Paladin.

Wiz: Important to note that becoming a Paladin did not strip Cecil of his Dark Knight powers, so he became a walking embodiment of Yin-Yang. Instead of using Darkness, he uses Light. He can summon glyphs that launch projectiles of light. Throw them from his hand to set up his opponent for follow-up attacks. He can even channel light onto his weapon for a magically enhanced attack, or use it for a sword slash projectile called Luminous Shard.

Boomstick: Looks like even the spears and swords transformed too! That'll save time on having to carry two of everything in your inventory. But Cecil was able to acquire two powerful swords for both Dark Knight and Paladin! First up is the Deathbringer, which is gonna be the name of my next album. An ancient sword used a previous Dark Knight and even has a chance to instantly kill its victim.

Popup: Dissidia establishes Cecil can use Split Soul, which allows him to transform back and forth between Dark Knight and Paladin whenever he wants.

Wiz: Powerful Darkness begets Powerful Light, and in this case, Cecil wields the Mythgraven Blade, a holy weapon once wielded by his father. While going through his journey, Cecil learned about his parents, but also that he was only half-human. His father, Kluya was an extraterrestrial called a Lunarian. Beyond that, the man in Black Armor who led the Red Wings in Cecil's place was his older brother, Golbez.

Boomstick: "No Cecil, I am your brother!", the black armour and cape do remind me of Vader. And speaking of Golbez, the Lunarians are a magically powerful race, despite looking identical to humans. They ended up making a second Moon that orbited around our Earth, just like our real Moon.

Wiz: Cecil's celestial lineage was crucial to him becoming so powerful in both his magical skill and ability to use Light and Darkness in tandem. It's helped Cecil accomplish some impressive feats. He's defeated his rival Kain and worked with his party to defeat difficult bosses, The Four Elemental Archfiends, Golbez, Zemus, Zeromus and so on. He and his party even bested powerful summons like the Mist Dragon.

Boomstick: Remember how the King of Baron was a huge dick? Turns out he got killed ane one of the Elemental Archfiends was pretending to be him this whole time, that kinda backfired since Cecil and his party took them all down. Hell, he even defeated a dark version of himself. Although it was more of a symbolic victory, rather a battle fought victory. When the evil Lunarians unleashed their secret weapon to destroy humanity, Cecil and the party jumped right in there and put a stop to it.

Popup: In Dissidia, Cecil has defeated other Final Fantasy bosses, including Exdeath, who is among the most powerful bosses in the series.

Wiz: In this case, Cecil and his party defeated the Giant of Babil, which we can essentially describe as a machine so large it's also a dungeon. It was transported from the Moon to the Earth, where it unleashed a devastating attack. Since it was designed to destroy humanity, it was able to attack an entire continent, and it accomplished this with over 9.5 teratons of TNT.

Boomstick: If that's not enough, Cecil and his party reacted to its shockwaves that covered a diameter of over 174,000 meters in 2 seconds. That's just under Mach 128, which is Massively Hypersonic. And this was all while he was just in his 20s. After his journey of becoming a Paladin and stopping the evil Lunarians, Cecil became the King of Baron, and even when he was late in his 30s, he and the party were still up to fighting some tough opponents.

Wiz: Notably battling the Creator and Gilgamesh. The latter being a dimensional traveller, having fought characters across multiple Final Fantasy games, Cecil and his party battled him and kept up with Sub-Relativistic speeds. Then there's the Creator, a being from an ancient civilization, and commander of the True Moon, a spaceship built exactly like a Moon.

Boomstick: Oh my god! This is Star Wars! But while Cecil is awesome, he isn't without his downsides, while he has a good variety of spells, he's got a limited magic supply, so he has to be careful when using his spells. What's more, some of his magic has specific side effects.

Popup: Some of Cecil's magic requires the use of verbal commands, although this has never been a problem for Cecil.

Wiz: His Darkness isn't particularly useful on Undead enemies. Dark Knight and Paladin also have opposite trade-offs. Dark Knight is a stronger offensive form, but he's far less nimble than Paladin, and vice versa.

Boomstick: But really, that won't stop Cecil. Even when faced with evil people from the Moon, Cecil lead his party to victory and stopped them once and for all, heck, he even freed his brother Golbez from their manipulation, letting him live his life how he wanted. And then Cecil got married to his childhood lover, Rosa.

Wiz: His son, Ceodore Harvey was able to grow up under better circumstances than Cecil. Nevertheless, Cecil became a well respected King and used his status to set a good example, one that emulated the same kindness the old King of Baron displayed all those years ago. And it just so happened the old King of Baron turned out to be Odin.

Boomstick: Holy shit! He was adopted by Anthony Hopkins! Man, no wonder Cecil grew up to be a great King.

Cecil: It's because I have friends that I can fight! Both light and darkness give me the guidance I need. Thus—I can turn darkness into hallowed light!


Boomstick: This is the tale of two swords and their eternal conflict throughout history. It all began with an evil blade called Soul Edge, and its wicked host, Inferno. Whenever an unsuspecting victim picked up the sword, Inferno possessed them, turning them into his vessel. And while Inferno saw many hosts, there was only one that embodied what it sought.

Wiz: In the sixteenth century, a young man named Siegfried Schtauffen was a proud son. His father, Frederick, was a champion of the people fighting against the Holy Roman Empire. But when his father was away, Siegfried fell in with a group of thieves called the Schwarzwind, ultimately becoming their leader. He was determined to demonstrate his national pride by leading his band of thieves and attacked some supposedly rogue knights. And to Siegfried's horror, he murdered his father, whose battles left him unable to defend himself.

Boomstick: Ooh, That's rough, buddy. The fact he killed his dad was so difficult for Siegfried to believe, that he convinced himself someone else did it and that Soul Edge was the weapon they used. After a lengthy search, Siegfried found Soul Edge and claimed it for himself. Inferno played to Siegfried's desires, promising him if he gathered souls, Inferno would revive Frederick.

Wiz: Convinced by the malicious spirit's words, Siegfried slowly grew into the Azure Knight, Nightmare. He threatened all of Europe with the power he possessed, but Soul Edge was not at full power. He planned a worldwide crusade to recover the pieces of Soul Edge and rebuild the incredibly powerful weapon.

Popup: Siegfried temporarily freed himself from Soul Edge when Nightmare was defeated by Chai Xianghua. However, four years later, in 1590 AD, Siegfried once again became Nightmare.

Boomstick: But taking on a quest that big attracted a lot of attention, and soon, many big names came after Nightmare. Including those who wielded Soul Calibur, a holy weapon said to counter Soul Edge. Siegfried's will to free himself was so great that when Soul Calibur presented itself to Siegfried, he took the first opportunity.

Wiz: And with his freedom came Siegfried's chance to right his misdeeds. When he acquired Soul Calibur, it changed its form to Siegfried's preferred fighting style, Zweihänder. Using two-handed longswords. But Soul Calibur was more than just a simple sword. It has a multitude of powers, being able to heal Siegfried if he's hurt.

Boomstick: Soul Calibur is also capable of some more interesting abilities. He can summon Ice to attack his opponents. Even making makeshift prisons out of Ice to trap his foes. His armour itself is also enhanced by Ice, giving him extra protection on the battlefield. And oh boy, when Siegfried uses Soul Calibur without holding back, it's quite breathtaking.

Wiz: When Siegfried and Nightmare first clashed in the Lost Catherdal, their clash was so great, the entire structure was obliterated. What's more, thanks to wielding Soul Calibur, Siegfried has demonstrated he can avoid having his soul stolen by Nightmare and his infamous Soul Wave technique.

Popup: The spirit of Siegfried's father appears to protect him, as it's shown when Siegfried is in extreme danger, Frederick's spirit will summon lightning bolts from the sky.

Boomstick: Soul Calibur has also demonstrated it can channel lightning and fire during Siegfried's attacks, a reminder of where Soul Calibur came from. Turns out Soul Calibur is actually a piece of Soul Edge that was forged into a completely new blade. But while it has all these powers, Siegfried doesn't overuse them, only really using them in really important battles, like against Nightmare.

Wiz: To be frank, Soul Calibur adjusted itself to be a Zweihänder, which Siegfried was most comfortable using, so most of the time, Siegfried uses Soul Calibur's length and weight to attack foes like he would any other sword. But that doesn't mean he won't tap into his power.

Boomstick: If Siegfried's decided it's time for you to die, he can unleash his Soul Conviction, a powerful finishing move that creates crystals in the wake of the final blow, wiping out his opponent. He even turns Soul Calibur into a blade of light, which just looks awesome.

Wiz: Having gone from victim of Soul Edge to champion of Soul Calibur, Siegfried has seen the power of both fearsome blades. And along the way, he's made plenty of remarkable achievements, in both a combative sense and for his personal goals.

Popup: Soul Calibur was created by Hero-King Algol, who created it to be equal in power to Soul Edge.

Boomstick: Siegfried has battled Nightmare on multiple occasions, although he never truly killed Nightmare, he made it count. And let me tell you, defeating Nightmare isn't easy, especially considering the immense power Nightmare possesses. Remember, Siegfried constantly battled Soul Edge and Inferno mentally to try and free himself, and sure enough, he outlasted them long enough to win his freedom.

Wiz: And Inferno is a powerful entity. Inferno unleashed a powerful pillar of light, this beam was so great, it parted the clouds. Accomplishing this would require over 392 megatons of TNT. Since Soul Calibur is created equal to Soul Edge, combined with Siegfried's victories against Nightmare, Soul Calibur should be able to replicate a feat of this much power.

Boomstick: Remember, parting clouds in real life isn't an easy feat. They're not the clouds of cotton candy I was once lead to believe. But back on the ground, recall that Siegfried and Nightmare fought each other so hard in the Old Cathedral that it was obliterated by their battle, so at the very least, Siegfried's packing way more heat than most swordsman.

Wiz: And by being stronger than most, Siegfried would be comparable to Ivy Valentine, who kicked away a point-blank bullet fired by her father, Cervantes de León, accomplishing this would require Supersonic speeds. Pretty impressive stuff. And although Siegfried is quite powerful himself, Soul Calibur is a potent weapon. With just a single stabbing thrust from Siegfried, Soul Calibur was able to generate enough Ice that it reached the top of the Tower of Remembrance, a structure with unknown, but impressive heights.

Popup: Siegfried did retain Soul Calibur even after Nightmare's defeat, however, by the 17th century, Soul Calibur was relinquished from Siegfried by the spirit within the blade, Elysium.

Boomstick: While Siegfried is a, very literally, shining example of a swordsman, he's not an unstoppable force. He has all the same weaknesses as ordinary men. And let's not forget that Siegfried started all this because he couldn't believe he'd killed his old man.

Wiz: While Siegfried may have once been driven by power and tried to convince himself of false truths, wielding Soul Calibur did ultimately set him on the right path. He returned home, finally believing himself redeemed. He reformed the Schwarzwind into a group of mercenaries and made himself life-long allies, namely, Hildegard von Krone.

Boomstick: When the next host of Soul Calibur was discovered, Siegfried learned from the absence of prior Soul Calibur wielders and helped the next generation in their fight against Soul Edge. Finally bringing an end to the story, at least in this timeline!

Wiz: While Siegfried's story has begun anew in the New Timeline, Siegfried and his convictions have left a great mark on history, one that will not soon be forgotten.

Siegfried: I cannot lose. I cannot allow myself to lose! Prepare to taste the wrath of my sword!


Cecil Siegfried Set

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, and we've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Many look above in search of answers, some more metaphorically, but others, quite literally. The world accommodates both of these possibilities, however, at times, one of these took precedent over the other. In this particular case, it was real. From nowhere, and without warning, a giant structure was erected amidst rock and lava. It pierced above the clouds and its peak resided even higher. It could not be seen by ordinary people, only the strongest of them all could ascend the Tower of Remembrance and reach the top, where is said that the peak will be where destiny tells.

Standing on a rocky, but straight to the tower's entrance, a man encased in black armour gazed upon the great heights the Tower of Remembrance inspired. The heat was more tolerable from this height, but peering over the side would be a heated reminder of the danger below. Nevertheless, the knight was undeterred. Reaching to their side, the knight grabbed the handle of their weapon and pulled it out, resting the blade down by his side as he began walking toward the entrance of the Tower of Remembrance

As the knight pushed open the two doors, he realized the bottom floor was empty. There wasn't anyone present. But the tower certainly looked like it was from another time. The knight noticed the stairs close by, approaching them shortly thereafter. Floor by floor, the knight traversed the Tower of Remembrance, and as each floor passed, he began to notice the light shining through the stained-glass windows was changing slightly, he knew some time had begun to pass since he started climbing the tower, it had already begun to feel like hours.

Opening the doors to another floor, the knight noticed this particular floor was darker than most, there wasn't any light coming through the stained-glass windows, instead, it was murky, grey and made the room feel more suspect than the others. Despite that, the room was identical to every other floor he'd been through so far. Trusting himself that he'd be safe, the Dark Knight continued climbing up the tower, knowing the top was an inevitability. Due to the thickness of the clouds, the dimmer lit floors persisted for a while longer, that is until, finally, the Dark Knight once again saw light pour in.

It only took a couple of moments for the Dark Knight to realize that he had ascended high enough that he was above the clouds, it gave him an idea of how high up he was, but also left him unable to estimate how far from the top he was, it was a crossroads, one not ignored so easily. But the Dark Knight persevered regardless, with light restored, navigating the tower was much easier, while he'd felt his stamina beginning to recede, he knew it was best if he took it easy, he wasn't in any rush.

Further ascending the tower, it had certainly lived up to its name, one that Cecil Harvey would not soon forget. As he pushed himself more and more to arrive at the peak, he thought of his friends, and how they were doing. He had last heard from his rival before parting ways with the rest of his friends. The thought of them resided in his head for the rest of the journey, hoping that when this was all over, he might see them again.

It was not long after that Cecil finally began to feel the fresh air, it was a lot cleaner than the atmosphere down at the bottom of the Tower. As he navigated the last floor, he saw the opening to the peak already cleared for him. He stepped out and onto the peak of the Tower of Remembrance. Cecil looked around, and saw the clear blue sky and the sun, he looked down and saw the clouds that laid beneath him and the tower.

The accomplishment was met with a curious phenomenon, Cecil turned and saw a large crystal-like object standing on the other side of the peak. It appeared to be on its own, but it emanated an incredible light as if his presence revealed the existence of the object. He looked at the weapon carefully, it was tall, and looked like a sword, but if it were forged from lengthy crystals. At its centre was a shining blue sphere. This was Soul Calibur, one of the soul swords. As the Dark Knight approached the weapon, it began to glow with a blinding light.

Raising his arm to shield his eyes, the Dark Knight took a couple of steps back to ensure his safety. And just a couple of moments later, the sword's light stopped, returning to normal. When Cecil looked to the sword's location, a man now stood alongside the sword. He wore the armour matching the look of Soul Calibur. He grabbed the handle of his weapon and held it by his side.

"You there. I see you are a cut above the rest, who are you?" the armoured man asked. This man was the rightful wielder of Soul Calibur, Siegfried Schtauffen. After suffering at the hands of fate, he finally obtained the power to atone for his sins he'd longed to be rid of. "I am Cecil, King of Baron", he responded.

"A King? But what business does a King have here?" Siegfried pondered. "I have come here in pursuit of allies, and I have been told you are a knight of great power" Cecil explained as Siegfried knew he was a powerful individual, but that not all of his accolades were through his earnest accomplishments. He felt the need to warn Cecil of the dangers that could come, "If you wish to seek my help, I must know the extent of your strength" Siegfried warned.

"Do not worry, Holy Knight, a knight is made by that which he protects" Cecil continued. He grabbed hold of his sword and held it high, showing Siegfried he was indeed a fighter. "I will face you as a fellow knight" Cecil declared, as he prepared himself to battle. "Whether it be against my friends, or kings of foreign lands, I cannot lose!" Siegfried claimed, as he grasped Soul Calibur and assumed his fighting stance.


(Cue Bardock's Theme - Dragon Ball FighterZ)

Making the first move, Siegfried charged ahead, using both hands, he swung Soul Calibur overhead. Seeing the massive blade approaching him, Cecil raised his sword horizontally, intercepting the swing from Soul Calibur. The two had only just begun to realize the other was skilled with the sword. Siegfried lifted his weapon away, seeing that he must try a different approach, Cecil recognized an opportunity to attack had come his way. With a quick motion, Cecil thrust his sword at Siegfried, as he did, dark energy coated the sword as slashed horizontally, but unsuccessful in striking a hit on Siegfried.

Seeing Cecil's attack narrowly miss him, Siegfried realized the attack used dark power, but that it did not feel evil, it instead felt controlled, and nothing like Soul Edge. But he wasted no time and once again rushed toward his opponent, striking in a similar thrust motion. Anticipating the attack, Cecil dodged to the side, evading the crystalline blade. But Siegfried had deduced his foe would evade, and quickly hatched a follow-up attack. "No escape!" Siegfried shouted. By swinging his sword horizontally in a clockwise direction, Soul Calibur swung around and struck Cecil in the back.

Using his superb strength, Siegfried lifts his sword, and Cecil on it, with one hand, and performed an overhead swing that launched Cecil into the ground. Now holding his weapon with two hands again, Siegfried knows it's time to keep up the fight. Cecil figured out he'd likely be attacked while on the ground, so he rolled along the ground until he was able to push himself up without being attacked. He knew it would be best to fight more strategically than to just meet Siegfried head-on.

It was clear to Cecil that Siegfried performed much better when facing off in close-range combat. He knew the best solution to this but needed to employ it effectively. Cecil performed a forward thrust with his sword, as he did, four orbs of darkness appeared, which moved in the direction Cecil thrust the sword, all four of them swirled in unison. Siegfried immediately swung Soul Calibur, looking to cut the projectiles, but he was unable to strike any of them. And suddenly, he began to feel gravity itself shift. He was pulled forward, he wasn't sure what to do, but he immediately stabbed Soul Calibur into the ground, hoping it would slow him down.

"Dark Wave!" shouted Cecil, as the Dark Knight grasped his sword with two hands. He slashed horizontally, forming a curved dark projectile that met Siegfried in the middle. He wasn't able to shield himself from the attack, as Soul Calibur was already firmly planted in the ground. With enough force to knock Siegfried back a couple of meters, disarming him in the process. The four orbs of darkness dissipated and gravity returned to normal. Cecil approached the downed Siegfried, who was about to get up when he noticed the sword aimed right at his throat "You are a strong knight, but you do not need to prove anything more" Cecil explained. Siegfried knew he could lose if he was the one to give in, and he couldn't accept it.

A strong kick from Siegfried disarmed Cecil of his sword. Now that both were disarmed, they scrambled to reclaim their weapons. Cecil sprinted over to the other side of the peak and grabbed his sword. Meanwhile, Siegfried got back on his toes and pulled Soul Calibur from the ground, holding it with two hands. "You are well-versed in the language of war" Siegfried commented. Seeing an impressive power the Dark Knight possessed, although it reminded him of the Azure Knight, the power was not corrupting or making him any less honourable. "But I will not lose. I have much that I must atone for, my fight does not end here" Siegfried proclaimed as he once again readied himself for combat.

The Dark Knight Cecil understood, he knew what he was talking about. And that the resolve demonstrated here reminded him of his past, and that the Cecil he was back then isn't the Cecil he is today. He sprinted toward Siegfried and swung his sword, carving a dark slash projectile in Siegfried's direction. But it was quickly suppressed as Siegfried swung Soul Calibur, cutting down the dark projectile. The former Azure Knight acted quickly, and swung Soul Calibur in Cecil's direction, looking to prevent the Dark Knight's approach. But the attacks were telegraphed and could be anticipated.

Evading the sword swings of Soul Calibur, Cecil looked to attack again from a distance. But Siegfried quickly caught onto Cecil's plan, and bolted toward him as quickly as possible, "Burn!" Cecil shouted as he plunged his weapon into the ground, causing bursts of dark flames to erupt out of the ground one after the other, Siegfried had to abandon attacking Cecil to avoid being struck. He tossed himself to the side, thinking he'd be safe, but the dark flames continued to chase him, and finally, one of them successfully struck Siegfried, damaging his armour and almost forcing him off the ground. He knew this was the work of magic, and that it was quite powerful. Siegfried used his vertical ascent to make his descent far more potent.

He held a firm grip on Soul Calibur's handle, as he descended upon the tower's peak. Cecil saw the massive sword coming straight for him, knowing the danger it presented, Cecil sprinted adjacent to Soul Calibur, putting him in the clear. Though as Siegfried landed, he quickly transferred himself into a follow-up attack. Without warning, Soul Calibur seemed to ignite with flames, and almost immediately after, Siegfried twirled his wrist to help him perform an upward vertical slash which struck Cecil in the back, knocking him close to the tower's edge.

Although the flames were not on Cecil's armour, he certainly felt the intense heat on his back. Picking himself up off the ground, he looked over the side of the tower's peak and noticed the clouds below, it was astonishing to think how high up he was. But he couldn't gaze for too long, Siegfried had approached him, but the armour made a quite approach impossible. Cecil ran out of the way, back toward the centre. Siegfried pursued him and unleashed another swing of Soul Calibur, this time, it was too close for Cecil to avoid, and so he raised his sword, trying to hold back the impressive might of such a powerful weapon.

To fare better against Siegfried's close-range might, Cecil reaches behind him and grabs his spear. Now with both sword and spear in his respective hands, he uses both of them to guard against Soul Calibur. Siegfried noticed this new weapon and physically pushed himself harder, trying to break through Cecil's dual weapon defence. But as he tired, he quickly noticed he wasn't gaining any ground at all, instead, it was Cecil gaining the upper hand, the Dark Knight started pushing back, and even harder.

After a few seconds, Cecil broke through Siegfried's offence and used both his spear and sword to form a pair of dark magic projectile attacks, both struck Siegfried in succession, bringing him to his knees. He maintained his grip on Soul Calibur, refusing to let go of his awesome weapon. But Cecil had more up his sleeve, using his dark magic, he summons a larger orb of darkness. This particular orb was called the Gravity Ball, and Cecil placed it above Siegfried. Immediately, Siegfried could feel gravity weighing him, and his already heavy armour down. As the sphere approach him, Siegfried found it difficult to even knee in place. In a desperate plea, Siegfried swung Soul Calibur, striking the Gravity Ball. He wrestled with the dark magic for a short time.

Although the struggle was fiercely fought, Siegfried struggled to keep Cecil's Gravity Ball at bay. He could feel the immense gravitational forces press against him and his weapon. It felt like he would collapse out of sheer might alone. At that moment, Siegfried seemed to awaken something within him. "Get ready!" Siegfried shouted as he started fighting back even harder, mustering strength he didn't appear to have before.

With that impressive strength, he managed to push back the Gravity Ball for a very short time. Which he put to good use, as he held Soul Calibur skyward with two hands. The crystalline sword began to glow with light itself. "Prepare to die!" Siegfried added, more aggressive than before. As Soul Calibur radiated a shining light that made even the heavens blush, Siegfried swung his blade of light and severed the Gravity Ball in two, negating the gravitational strain he had experienced.

Having witnessed his dark magic be quelled, Cecil watched on in awe, realizing this power of light was much stronger than anything he'd ever seen before. Knowing something from above could likely he challenged, Cecil decided to attack from below. As Cecil once again thrust his sword into the ground, summoning bursts of dark flames to attack Siegfried, Cecil's attack slowly homed in on its target. But Siegfried had seen this before, and he knew it could be stopped, just as he did with the Gravity Ball. Siegfried raised Soul Calibur and immediately stabbed it into the ground with tremendous force.

As the sword struck, more ice began forming around the immediate area where he struck, but at a sudden, astonishing rate, the ice spread across the entirety of the tower's peak, it soon coated the entire top half of the structure in ice, some of it had even reach spread far enough to reach the bottom. Cecil had tried to get out of the way, but the ice captured his right leg, leaving him unable to move.

"You fought hard, Knight King. But with this, it ends" Siegfried looked at the vulnerable Cecil, knowing he could not escape. He held Soul Calibur firmly, and with a momentum boosted vertical slash, Cecil was launched from one side of the tower's peak to the other, the ice had partially shattered from the immense force behind his swing, which allowed Cecil's leg the freedom. The Dark Knight fell, leaving his weapons just meters from him. He felt the icy cold floor Siegfried had created, and realized his helmet had been broke, and now part of his face was revealed.

Despite the immense power behind the attack, it was not enough to defeat Cecil, but Siegfried had already thought him defeated, and began to walk away. But his ears caught the sound of movement on ice, he turned to see Cecil, damaged, but standing. He immediately noticed the broken piece of Cecil's helmet and looked at the Dark Knight, seeing his eye and a small part of his face. Although Cecil could do so, he did not attempt to retrieve his weapons, they instead rested on the ground. Siegfried was astounded by Cecil's seemingly indomitable will.

"I thought my victory destined, but now realize I must fight for it" Siegfried commented. He walked across the very ice had created, approaching Cecil. "Show me... your true strength!" Siegfried demanded. No one could survive something like that and just get back up, there was something more to this knight, and he'd find out one way or another. Cecil walked over and grabbed his weapons resting atop the frozen surface.

As he held the two weapons in his hand, Siegfried readied himself for combat, but to his surprise, Cecil put both of them away. He was confused and wondered what Cecil was doing. But fortunately, he was not surrendering. Cecil had instead swapped out his two weapons for a singular. He held the Mythgraven Blade in his hands. And with it, he held it high, as bright radiant light surrounded everything on the tower's peak.

(Cue Lament of Innocence ~Leon's Theme~ - Castlevania: Lament of Innocence)

As the light died down, and things became easier to see again, Siegfried looked to see Cecil was no longer adorned in dark body armour, instead, his attire had changed from one of darkness to one of light. Cecil now wore white body armour that covered all except his head. Cecil's white hair flowed freely in the wind as he held his weapon at the ready. "I am ready, Knight. I shall face you with my light" Cecil words were the signal for the two to once again battle. Siegfried charged toward Cecil, Soul Calibur at the ready, he was prepared to fight without holding back, Cecil instead of running, immediately took advantage of his light magic.

Cecil's hand glowed with light magic, "Cleansing light!" he shouted as he tosses the light projectile toward Siegfried. The attack moved so quickly that Siegfried couldn't react to it in time, Cecil quickly jumped off the ground, using his magic to travel forward and strike Siegfried with his sword. Since the light projectile had launched Siegfried airborne, he was unable to counter the attack in any conceivable away. Cecil turned around and attacked Siegfried once again as if he was flying.

The Paladin attacked once again, this time striking upwards and elevating himself above Siegfried, who looked directly upward only to see the next attack was about to hit him. Cecil's sword illuminated with white light as he rapidly descended toward the ground, striking Siegfried a fourth time. Cecil touched down with grace, while Siegfried hit the ground hard. The two had only just resumed fighting, and yet one of them was back on the ground.

Admittedly surprised by what he'd witnessed, Siegfried climbed back to his feet, almost regretting he had asked to see Cecil's true strength. But so long as he held Soul Calibur, power was on his side too. Enough power to contend with the Paladin. The two stood eye to eye, and with what speeds he could muster, Siegfried raced toward Cecil. Another powerful swing from Soul Calibur, and this time, Cecil raised the Mytygraven Blade and intercepted the swing, and the two remained at a stalemate for a short time. "I must admit, you have proven yourself a Knight, King." Siegfried exchanged that pleasantry with Cecil, knowing the battle was still going.

"And you have demonstrated your impressive willpower, I have not faced an opponent like you before" Cecil returned the favour, but after that, the two broke off the clash. Following this, Cecil jumped as his sword yet again glowed with white light "Illuminate!" Cecil exclaimed as he slashed horizontally, creating a massive curved projectile of light, one of his most powerful techniques, Luminous Shard. Siegfried knew he needed to do something. And so he, called upon one of his more powerful moves, he prepared to swing Soul Calibur, but as he did, lightning began to surge along the blade's surface.

Determined to prove he was still in this fight, Siegfried swing Soul Calibur, the lightning clashed with the light and with little effort, Soul Calibur parted the Luminous Shard in two, and each half dissipated behind him. To finish his attack, Siegfried stabbed the ice with Soul Calibur and the lightning broke apart some of the ice, the jolt was enough to launch of the ice into the air. Cecil watched this unfold and readied another technique. "Moon transfix you!" Cecil spoke aloud as he appeared to summon an object. But before he could act on any of it, a piece of ice struck Cecil.

While the armor was quite large looking, Siegfried was still physically agile, enough so that he was able to kick a piece of ice toward Cecil. The Paladin touched down on the ground. Siegfried quickly seized the opportunity to attack Cecil while he was vulnerable. He almost got a free attack in, but Cecil was able to raise the Mythgraven Blade just in time to protect himself. Siegfried seemed to have gained the upper hand.

But just then, the two of them heard a curious sound, as though energy had launched from somewhere. Siegfried unexpectedly felt four projectiles strike him in the back, which staggered him, and his offence was now weak. Cecil's Searchlight technique had paid off. And now things were ripe for a decisive counterattack in this battle. Cecil first batted away Soul Calibur with his blade, opening Siegfried up for attack.

As his Mythgraven blade begins to glow with light, Cecil, with a brief running start, jumps forward "Beneath the light..." As he approaches Siegfried, he strikes him with his blade and begins an ascending arc. As the two ascend, Cecil momentarily releases Siegfried from his attack, only for Cecil to position himself above Siegfried. "...comes judgment!" Cecil slams down with his sword, striking Siegfried and knocking him to the ground again.

He laid there, now struggling to maintain himself in this fight. Cecil knew this was the perfect time to strike, as he swiftly approached Siegfried, suddenly thunder began to rumble in the sky above. But Cecil remembered that he was above the clouds, there wasn't any way thunder could strike. But all of a sudden, a thunderbolt violently struck, hitting Cecil directly. Siegfried had an epiphany. These were the bolts of his father, protecting him from above.

"Father... I promise I will not fail you" Siegfried thought to himself, as he found the strength he needed to pull himself up. As he did, Soul Calibur seemed to glow with an intense feeling of cold surrounding the area. The sky itself was quickly covered in an overcast sky, and things felt completely different, on a whole other atmosphere. Cecil looked back over at Siegfried and noticed his eyes now glowed a pure white. He knew something big was coming, and transformed back into a Dark Knight, exchanging his blade back for his sword and spear.

With a pulsating blue aura, Siegfried blitzed toward Cecil, who noticed the speed at which he moved had increased unexpectedly. Instead of joining his opponent in rushing toward each other, Cecil braced for impact as Siegfried swung the ferocious soul sword, Cecil blocked to the best of his ability, but Soul Calibur broke both the spear and sword, destroying both of Cecil's weapons in one go. Siegfried, as if acting purely on his instincts, went for a stabbing thrust toward Cecil.

Realizing his choices, Cecil decided to do the one thing he had not thought of. To avoid Soul Calibur, Cecil voluntarily jumped from the side of the tower's peak, Siegfried's attack missed, but it didn't seem to faze him what had just happened. He turned around, thinking victory had been claimed, but then he saw a light appear in front of him, using Teleport, Cecil put himself back on top of the tower. He reached to his back and pulled out the Deathbringer.

Once more, Siegfried attacked Cecil, but this time, Cecil's weapons were more powerful. Deathbringer and Soul Calibur clashed, and the two were seemingly equal in power. But the power of their wielders was a different story. With a heavy blow, Cecil pushed Siegfried back, making him vulnerable. Using one of his powerful Dark Magic attacks, Cecil performs Shadow Bringer. He slashes diagonally, striking Siegfried, and quickly follows up with a jabbing thrust that strikes Siegfried as well, knocking him into the air.

"This will seal it! The moon leads me!" As Cecil utters these words, he transforms into a Paladin once again, exchanging Deathbringer for the Mythgraven Blade. He glides toward Siegfried attacking with the light imbued blade. After this strike, he ascends above Siegfried and transforms back into a Dark Knight, and throws Deathbringer at Siegfried, striking him it falls to the ground. "Light and darkness cast aloft!" Cecil uses Teleport to recall Deathbring back to his hands.

He continues by using darkness to throw several quick projectiles at Siegfried, trapping him where he is. Finally, Cecil transforms into a Paladin one last time, as he glides toward Siegfried. Using the Mythgraven Blade, he strikes vertically, and then horizontally, forming a cross of light on Siegfried. The force of this move disarmed Siegfried of Soul Calibur, and he fell to the ground disarmed of his esteemed weapon.

The white eyes Siegfried had returned to normal, and immediately he realizes his circumstances. He laid on the ground, completely defenceless. As he climbed up, he looked for Soul Calibur, and looked over at Cecil, realizing he now held the soul sword. Siegfried watched as the weapon transformed to fit Cecil's preferred sword. Without warning, Cecil swiftly approached Siegfried, impaling him with the newly formed Cecil style of Soul Calibur, and the Mythgraven Blade.

Without Soul Calibur, Siegfried was gone. He dropped to his knees as the implements took their toll on him. Not wanting to drag out the pain any longer, Cecil retrieved both his weapons from Siegfried's body, Cecil sat there in silence, knowing the end of one's life may have just brought Siegfried peace at last.



(Cue Red Wings - Final Fantasy IV)

Boomstick: Now that was a fantastical fight on a whole other calibre.

Wiz: This matchup certainly played to the combatants' strengths, as both of them had advantages. Siegfried was older and had plenty more experience than Cecil. Conversely, Cecil had better feats which ultimately led to his victory. Although it might seem black and white, it wasn't a one-sided showdown in Cecil's favour.

Boomstick: Yeah, Siegfried had much better training thanks to his old man, an accomplished swordfighter in his own right. Plus it helped that both of the Soul swords changed to fit Siegfried's preferred style. What's more, Siegfried did a lot of fighting by himself, Cecil often had his party alongside him. So Siegfried was more comfortable in a one-on-one fight. But Cecil's versatility and extraterrestrial genes made up for it.

Popup: While the New Timeline Siegfried is capable of using Soul Edge techniques like Soul Wave without needing the sword, this is not congruent with the Original Timeline Siegfried and his capabilities.

Wiz: Cecil's ability to use both Dark Knight and Paladin let him easily combat Siegfried. But the battle was at times back and forth. Siegfried dominated at close range thanks to the immense power of Soul Calibur. But, from a distance, Cecil had the advantage with plenty of long-ranged attacks.

Boomstick: But let's compare the feats. Siegfried with Soul Calibur was able to defeat Nightmare, right? Well, Inferno, the spirit within the blade, unleashed a cloud parting beam worth 392 megatons, pretty cool. But Cecil and his party defeated the Giant of Babil, and that thing had the power to attack with 9.5 teratons.

Wiz: Speed was a similar story, Cecil performed Mach 128 speeds reacting to the shockwaves caused by the Giant of Babil. Which completely outperforms Siegfried, who scaled to Ivy's Supersonic bullet feat. Fortunately, the protective lightning bolts from Siegfried's father were able to keep up, but it couldn't prevent Cecil from eventually defeating Siegfried.

Popup: Hypothetically, if Siegfried wielded Soul Embrace, the combination of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, he could match Cecil's versatility as a Dark Knight and Paladin. But the sword no longer exists, and it is incredibly unlikely Siegfried would ever consider wielding Soul Edge again.

Boomstick: Yeah, and keep in mind, that Cecil has even greater speed feats by battling Gilgamesh, who moved at Sub-Relativistic speeds. Cecil had everything he needed to overpower Siegfried once he figured out the best way to approach the fight.

Wiz: Siegfried certainly proved himself a worthy opponent, and his more considerable experience made him at home on the battlefield, but he was unable to contend with Cecil's superior strength, speed, durability and more versatile powers.

Boomstick: Looks like this was Siegfried's final battle, but at the very least, he was an excellent soul model to others.

Winner - Cecil Harvey

Wiz: The winner is Cecil Harvey.

Original Track[]

An Original Track for this episode would be titled "Walk into the Light".

The title refers to the combatants' arduous journeys to attain redemption with holy/light abilities.


  • The connections between Cecil and Siegfried are that they knights who committed evil acts under a higher power (King of Baron and Inferno, respectively). They were infamous as an armoured enforcer of evil (Dark Knight Cecil and Azure Knight Nightmare, respectively). But they were successful in breaking free of evils that weighed them down and came into the acquisition of a holy/light abilities (Paladin and Soul Calibur, respectively) that allowed them to right the wrongs they’d committed. After having gained these powers, they defeated manifestations of their dark/evil past selves.
    • Additionally, both are major characters in the fourth instalment of their respective series.