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Captain Rainbow, real name Nick, is the main protagonist of the Nintendo video game for the Wii, Captain Rainbow. This game was released exclusively in Japan, in 2008, and so far has not be released anywhere else.

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For a while now, Nick has starred in a popular television series, and was quite content. But, when the ratings began to decline, he became desperate. He heard about an island called Minmin, where it was said that wishes would come true. When he arrived on the island, he was surprised to find it populated with an assortment of Nintendo characters.

Nick discovered that he could now transform into a superhero named Captain Rainbow, and that to have his wishes granted, he had to perform good deeds for the inhabitants of Minmin. So, Nick is now going across Minmin, making friends with the inhabitants, fighting villains, and collecting “Kirarin” crystals.

Death Battle Info


Nick is a somewhat small and nerdy-looking young man with fair skin, spiky brown hair, and thick glasses.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman speed – He can run very fast.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Belt – This magical device allows Nick to transform into Captain Rainbow. Should he lose the belt, he will immediately turn back into Nick.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Water – Captain Rainbow’s main weakness is water. When he touches it, he reverts to just plain Nick...who can’t swim.