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Gentlemen, M’lady, you will always remember this as the day you almost caught... Captain... Jack... Sparrow.
~ Captain Jack’s most famous quote

You may kill me but you may never insult me! Who am I?...I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!
~ Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Captain Jack Sparrow is the main character from the Disney movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean.

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With his Crew[]

Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 4
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Age: Mid 40s
  • Height: 5'9"
  • On and off Captain of the Black Pearl
  • Alias: Smith or Smithy if you like
  • Bounty: 10,001 guineas or 200 pounds
  • Likes William Shakespeare's work
  • Loves rum, performing piracy, being free... And being referred to as Captain


  • Self-Taught Sword combat.
  • Expert Marksman
  • Cunning leader and skilled improviser.
  • Masterful trickster
  • Very capable escape artist
  • Relatively capable athlete


  • Hanger Cutlass
    • Rusty and a bit worn out
    • Slightly longer then other cutlasses to keep his opponents at a distance
  • Flintlock pistol
    • Was given to him by Barbossa after he marooned him
    • Had one shot which he saved specifically for Barbossa
    • Continued using it from then on
  • Jack Sparrow's Compass
    • Was a gift from voodoo mystic Tia Dalma (later retconned to be a memento from the Wicked Wench's previous captain)
    • Has supernatural qualities
    • Can locate the direction of one's most desire
    • Has led Jack to find the Treasure of Cortez, the Dead Man's Chest, and the Fountain of Youth
    • Is seen as useless to the unknowing person since it doesn't point north

The Black Pearl[]

  • Jack Sparrow's Ship
  • Formerly the "Wicked Wench" before Davy Jones rose it out of the depths
  • Length: 165 feet
  • Number of Cannons: 32
  • Classified as nigh-uncatchable
  • Was sunken twice, and trapped in a bottle
  • Jack commonly loses The Pearl.
    • Lost it to Captain Barbossa, twice.


  • Mr. Gibbs: Right-Hand, and most loyal member.
  • Captain Barbossa: Treacherous Right-Hand
  • Will Turner (Sometimes/Formerly; Current captain of the Flying Dutchman)
  • Elizabeth Swann (Sometimes/Formerly; Currently raising her and Will's Son)
  • Tia Dalma (Formerly; Became the sea goddess Calypso)
  • Cotton
    • Cotton's Parrot
  • Marty
  • James Norrington (Temporarily)
  • Bootstrap Bill Turner (Formerly; Currently is a crew member of the Flying Dutchman)
  • Ragetti and Pintel
  • Jack the Monkey
    • Barbossa's Pet
    • Undead and immortal
    • Loves to annoy Jack (And anyone who isn't Barbossa)


  • Was able to hold his own against Will Turner, Norrington, Barbossa, Davy Jones, and Angelica in swordplay
  • Shot the hanging barrels of gunpowder with a musket despite it be obstructed by the Kraken's tentacles
  • Escaped Davy Jones' locker
  • Accurately shot the Dead Men's Chest out of Davy Jones' hand despite swinging from a rope in the middle of a maelstrom
  • Is so unpredictable that people can't tell if he's mad or a complete genius
  • Technically won the three-way duel between William Turner and James Norrington by obtaining the key to the Dead Man's Chest
  • Was marooned on a deserted island by Barbossa with nothing, but a flintlock pistol along with some hidden alcohol for ten years and still managed to escape
  • Was the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean
  • The last Pirate Lord of the Brethren Court
  • Broke Mr. Gibbs out of court while posing as a judge.
  • Was able to hit a fleeing crew member of the Flying Dutchmen with nothing, but a coconut
  • Found the Fountain of Youth
  • Tricked Edward "Blackbeard" Teach into drinking a chalice without the mermaid's tear
  • He briefly became the Chief of Cannibals who believed him to be a god
  • Survived being sent down a waterfall
  • Orchestrated the events leading up to the climax of "World's End"
  • Outmaneuvered Salazar's ship without directly engaging him, leading the latter to the Devil's Triangle
  • Survived several encounters with Captain Salazar, and his ghostly crew, multiple times.
  • Accidently fell from the top of a cliff, and crashed through six wooden bridges, well over 100ft...... and survived with little to no injuries, and next to nothing to break his fall.


  • Confirmed to be the worst Swordsman in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe
  • Selfish
  • Mostly self-taught
  • Depending on the person, he's labeled as the "Worst" pirate they have ever heard of
  • Sense of morality can get the better of him
  • Questionable sanity
  • Is a bit of a coward and fears death
  • Many people don't believe his stories since he always likes making outrageous tales to strengthen his reputation
  • Has made a lot of enemies
  • It's unknown if he plans everything from the start, or just makes it up as he goes along.
  • Has yet to achieve immortality.
    • Has had multiple moments where he could've acquired immortality.
  • Has been captured several times despite being an expert escape artist
  • While known to be very lucky, Jack's luck has been known to wear out on several occasions.
  • Has officially been killed at one point in his life