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Captain Hook: And now, Smee, to take care of master Peter Pan.
Mr. Smee: But, Captain, wouldn't it be more humane-like to slit his throat?
Captain Hook: Aye, that it would, Mr. Smee. But I have given me word not to lay a finger, or a hook, on Peter Pan. And Captain Hook never breaks a promise.

~ Captain Hook about to lower a bomb into Peter Pan's hideout.

Captain James Bartholomew Hook is a Disney villain, and the main antagonist of the 1953 animated feature Peter Pan, as well as it's 2002 sequel Return to Neverland.

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  • Managed to wrestle his way out of the stomach of a crocodile
  • Survived having his hand severed by Peter Pan
  • Discovered the location of Peter Pans hideout by manipulating Tinker Bell
  • Completely destroyed Peter Pans hideout with an explosion
  • Goaded Peter Pan into fighting him without using his flight ability
  • Stood toe to toe with Peter Pan in combat and even managed to disarm him