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Captain Citrus Here! I drink 100% Florida Orange Juice every day to help me power up. It’s packed with the Amazing 5 – Great Taste, Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate, and No Added Sugar! The amazing nutrients help me make good choices.
~ Captain Citrus

Captain Citrus, real name John Polk, is the main protagonist in a series of comics made by Marvel Comics for the Florida Department of Citrus.

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John Polk was a typical young man in Central Florida, growing up on his parent's orange farm, and dreaming of becoming a famous football player. One day, a pair of "solar pods" dropped into the grove, and when John touhed them, they gave him the power of the Sun, channeled through the verdent orange grove that he loves so well.

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John Polk is a tall and strong young man, with black hair and brown eyes. When he transforms into Captain Citrus, his hair becomes green, and his physique become super-heroic. His supersuit has an orange center, with yellow sides, green highlights, orange gloves and yellow boots. His mask is orange, and sports yellow-tinted goggles.

Powers and Abilities

Though Captain Citrus uses the energy of the Sun, his real power comes from within, so separating him from sunlight will not affect him.

  • Solar Blasts - Captain Citrus can shoot blasts of solar energy from his hands.
  • Solid Light Objects:
    • Shield - He can make a sun light solid, and he makes a shield for his protection from enemy attacks.
    • Spear - Also, he often creates a solid sunlight spear for fighting.
    • Shields - Once he created solid light shields across air vents that were being used in an attempt to poison members of the United Nations.
  • Absorb Energy - The Captain can absorb energy, including electricity, though it's not at this time known if he can use that energy directly.
  • Healing - If in contact with the Florida soil, the solar pods will draw energy from land, healing him up, and allowing him to rejoin the fight.
  • Flight - He can fly, surrounded by a nimbus of solar energy.

Weapons and Equipment

Captain Citrus carries no weapons beyond those that he makes out of solid light.

Feats and Strengths

  • Captain Citrus single-handedly defeated (Marvel Comic's) supervillain, Blizzard, and assisted the Avengers in defeating an army of synthetic android Humanoids led by the Leader, and Kang the Conqueror.
  • During that encounter, Captain Citrus was entirely encased in ice by Blizzard. Blizzard said that the ice was “strong enough to hold a rhino,” but Captain Citrus was able to shatter the block with the power of his solar pods.