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There's a difference between walking a road and rolling a tank over it! I am trying to teach these kids to be willing to use their powers to fight for what's right -- not just think that because of their powers they have the right to fight!
~ Cable

Cable is a time-traveling mutant superhero from Marvel Comics, commonly appearing as an ally of the X-Men, and more commonly Deadpool. He previously fought Booster Gold in the 126th episode of Death Battle, Cable VS Booster Gold.

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Nathan Christopher Charles Summers was born to Scott and Madelyne Pryor-Summers, as a weapon for Mr. Sinister to use against Apocalypse, and has been fighting in wars most of his life. A powerful mutant telepath and telekinetic, Nathan was so powerful that his powers manifested at a young age. After his mother died trying to sacrifice him, Nathan was infected by Apocalypse with the Techno-Organic Virus, which was set to kill him until his father sent him into the future for treatment.

After being raised as the Askani'son, the one destined to kill Apocalypse, in the Clan Askani religion, Nathan became a hardened warrior and brilliant tactician. After founding the Clan Chosen and losing the war, Nathan began to travel through time. Nathan eventually returned some fifteen years older than his father, calling himself Cable. With immense powers often on the fritz, Cable sought to better the future of mankind, for he had seen the result of not doing so first-hand. After years of trying to eliminate threats, Cable eventually began a pacifist mentality and created the island Providence.

After the birth of the messiah child, Cable faked his death and rescued her, taking her deep into the future, from the rogue X-Man, Bishop. He returning with an eighteen-year-old Hope Summers.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Full name: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
  • Height: 6'8" | 203cm
  • Weight: 350 lbs | 159 kg
  • Age: Crusty
  • Aliases: Askani'son, Soldier X, The Traveler, Nathan Dayspring, Savior of the World
  • Omega-level Mutant
  • Infected by the Techno-Organic Virus
  • Smells like Old Spice and Gunpowder


  • Techno-Organic Physiology
    • Enhanced strength, speed, durability
    • Cybernetic eye & arm
    • Size alteration
    • Self-repairing
  • Telepathy
    • Mind control
    • Illusions
    • Psionic weapons
  • Telekinesis
    • Force fields
    • Matter manipulation
  • Time Travel
  • Bodyslide
    • (Teleportation via space-time skipping)


  • Ionized the Earth's atmosphere
  • Lifted an island with telekinesis
  • Rewrote DNA to remove the TO virus
  • Capable of moving planets & extinguishing stars
  • Fought Silver Surfer in hand-in-hand
  • Nearly killed the Avengers by himself
  • Once absorbed & vomited up Deadpool
  • Defeated Apocalypse, Stryfe, X-Man, X-Men

Death Battle Info (Fanon)

  • Real Name: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliations: formerly Avengers Unity Division, X-Force (founder and leader), Cyclops's X-Force, X-Men, Secret Avengers, the Underground (founder and leader), the Twelve, New Mutants (leader), Six Pack (founder and leader), Clan Chosen (co-founder and leader), Clan Askani, Clan Rebellion, Inferno Babies
  • Occupation: Adventurer; formerly leader and combat instructor of X-Force, President of Rumekistan, leader of Providence, freedom fighter, Unite States government agent, mercenary
  • Education: Extensive Askani training, educated on late 37th-early 39th-century education, law diploma
  • Height: 6'8"
  • Weight: 350 lbs (159 kg)


Current Powers

  • Telepathy
    • Telepathic Illusion
    • Telepathic Cloak
    • Mind Link
    • Telepathic Camouflage
    • Mind Control
    • Mind Trap
    • Mind Possession
    • Mind Alteration
    • Induce Amnesia
    • Precognition
    • Psionic Shield
    • Psionic Blasts
    • Astral Projection
    • Mental Detection
  • Telekinesis
    • Intuitive Aptitude
    • Matter Alteration
      • Inorganic Disintegration
    • Psionic Spikes
    • Size Alteration
    • Telekinetic Healing
    • Forcefields
    • Concussive Blasts
    • Tactile Telekinesis
    • Flight
    • Teleportation
      • Remote Teleportation
  • Time Travel
  • Techno-Organic Physiology
    • Superhuman Endurance
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Dexterity
    • Cybernetic Eye
    • Cybernetic Arm
    • Cybernetic Restoration

Former Powers

  • Regenerative Healing Factor derived from Deadpool
  • Cyberpathy
  • Volga Effect


  • Master Combatant
  • Gifted Intelligence



  • Belle A.I.
  • M-Pox Counter Serum
  • formerly Dominus Objective (gave him access to the infonet)
  • formerly Cone of Silence (Prototype forcefield generator)


  • High-powered plasma rifle
  • Explosives
  • A pair of knives
  • Psimitar

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