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Bugs Bunny vs Bobobo


Bugs Bunny vs Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is an episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo from the titular series.


Looney Tunes vs Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo!, When two Unpredictable Reality Warpers Heroes,whose names start with B, being protagonists of comedic and satirical series being two of the most powerful Cartoon & Anime Fictional Characters, who Can be very neutral in their respective universes, to the point of even beating up and torturing their own allies, having an insane array of powers and abilities, the ability to break the fourth wall, use Toon Force, bend reality to their pleasure, and manipulate the plot itself ends up clashing, reality would end losing badly.... But the better question is, who of these would win and proclaim the title of the most unfailry OverPowered Character of existence?



Boomstick: Bugs Bunny, the Wacky God of Chaos Master of Toon Force from the Looney Tunes!


Wiz: And Bobobo, the Comedic Japanese Manga Powerful Character, master of the Nasal Hair combat!

Boomstick: Comedy is a genre of fiction that consists of discourses or works intended to be humorous or amusing by inducing laughter, especially in theatre, film, stand-up comedy, television, radio, books, or any other entertainment medium!

Wiz: And when we have the most comedic, unpredictable, and most unfairly overpowered characters from Cartoons & Anime having an insane array of powers and abilities, the ability to break the fourth wall, use Toon Force, bend reality to their pleasure, and manipulate the plot itself ends up clashing, reality would end losing badly.... Both of them are also neutral forces in their universes, to the point of harming their allies and achieving the title of being the most Overpowered Cartoon & Anime characters!

Boomstick: He is Wiz and I am Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armors and abilities to find out who would win.... A DEATH BATTLE!

Bugs Bunny AIN'T a Stinker in DEATH BATTLE![]

(Cue: Looney Tunes Power Metal)

Wiz: Bugs Bunny is an Animated Cartoon Character and Iconic Warner Bros. Mascot.

Boomstick: This Wabbit seems innoffensive but holy shit! He's done alot!

Wiz: Ya, he was protagonist throughout alot of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated short films.

Boomstick: He is an antrophomorfic gray and white Wabbit who is known for his Flippant, nonchallant personality who is known for acting really relaxed and passive doing pranks and tormenting everyone he finds.

Wiz: He is characterized by a Brooklyn Accent, his portrayal as a Trickster, and his Catchphrase.

  • BIO: 318?cb=20210923143302
  • Name: Bugs Bunny
  • Origin: Looney Tunes
  • Age: Over 50 years Old (Doesn't age as people still laughs at him)
  • Classification: "Wabbit"
  • What's Up, Doc?

Wiz: First than anything we will mention alot of Bugs Bunny's feats:

    • One of the greatest most well known cartoon characters of all time (Even gettin its own star on the Hollywood walk of frame)
    • Thwarted many foes including Elmer, Yosemite Sam, Wile E. Coyote, etc
    • Can build a city in seconds
    • Sawed Florida off of USA
    • Won a Baseball Team without an entire team himself
    • Saved the planet earth being blow up by Marvin lot of times and even once tricked Marvin into blow up Mars (its planet home instead)
    • Once went over 110 rounds in a boxin match with a large hulking opponent stronger than Bugs
    • Beat the Mon-Stars into a Basketball Game with Michael Jordan and the another Looney Tunes
    • Got back finally at Cecil Turtle, its rival after years of losing against him
    • Defeated Daffy Duck who becomed an animator gaining the control of the cartoon itself
    • Normally beats up Daffy and Taz and Daffy hurted Mr. Mxyzpltk and Taz threatened to him
    • Along with the Road Runner can troll Lobo
    • Alongside other Looney Tunes and LeBron James, defeated The Goon Squad in a Basketball Match
    • Wished and undid a Feat alters the story
    • Was sent by God to help Buster Bunny
    • Eats trix and helped Trix Rabbit

Boomstick: This dude has really alot of worthy feats!

Wiz: Bugs Bunny is really strong despise he might look as weak and innoffensive too, he casually moves the sun off his way, also compares to Marvin and Yosemite Sam whose fight made a Constellation making Bugs be around Multi-Solar System Stengt!

Boomstick: Bugs Bunny also beated the frick out of Daffy Duck once. Daffy is durable as fuck being able to tank a Machine can destroy the Universe and even affect the creator itself making Bugs Bunny around Universal Level+ easily

Wiz: Bugs also can do a Gun Black Fire plugging his finger in the barrel and even twists a Double Barrel Shot-Gun into a Bow with it's bare hands!

Boomstick: He has also fought Yosemite Sam shatters a mallet being swung down with a fist slams a Large Guitar in the ground doing a Shock-Wave and grabs a Robot Triceratops by the tail and swungs him down to Daffy Duck!

Wiz: Bugs also trolled Lobo once, Lobo is Powerful enough Hal Jordan said it'd take full concentration to him. Can beat up Superman and manhandle him. Claims he could snap Aquaman's neck. Easily harms Martial Manhunter. Killed Gawd and Dave, who both made the universe. Fought Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Ragman, etc. with no injuries and he Upscales Daffy Duck and Taz being able to harm both who can Harm and Threaten Mr. Mxyzptlk, A 5th-Dimensional being who transcends time across all infinite universes of the multiverse, being one with all infinite versions of himself. Compared to him, 3-D beings are spatially flat. Bugs also Scales to Coyote and Road Runner who outran a Version of Flash is FTL.

Boomstick: Bugs is also VERY Fast too!, Hell he can run over 100 miles per hour, burrows around the world at high speeds, runs out and dodges Point Black Gun Fire, outrans a Laser, can snatch things under noses of opponents, can swiftly sneak behind opponents without making a second, has quick yet graceful movements and dodges and Deflects Marvin's laser fire can go from mars to earth in a second doing himself easily FTL-MFTL+!

Wiz: He also can Time Travel Burrowing making himself Immeasurable in Speed!

Boomstick: Bugs Bunny is really durable, he can tank practically most of everything, can survive explosions can destroy the moon, multiple things makes him hard to kill, he can survive getting shot and blew up, can survive from even being fucking erased, like in 3 occassions, Bugs tanked being erased in a comic don't even bothering of it calling it a cartoon cliche and returns the next comic, in New Looney Tunes returned the next episode after getting erased by Daffy Duck, and in Space Jam 2 he erased the Goon Squad and tanked this, he even stated he is a Toon so he can't die in his world, and He also survives flattened like a pancake and once got blow up by several laser gun at once that blew up a small section of a forest and instantly burnt trees down into ashes! He also has gotten its face ripped off revealin its skull underneath and just fine shortly afterwards And because how Looney is is inmune to superhero angst and was once flung from Marvin's ship to distant planet and was fine and went 110 rounds in a boxin match against a hulking large opponent stronger than Bugs without signs of fatigue or damage near the end and got thrown in a boilling pot of water and treat it more like a hot club relaxing and Bugs has tanked blows of Other Looney Tunes like constantly that's likely what the show is about who are around Multi-Solar-System to Universe Level+ meaning Bugs has Universal+ Durability with a Low Godly regeneration hard to kill!

Wiz: Bugs also questionably resists be Transmutated, Existence Erasure as he tanks this alot of times, Time Stop as he once stopped time and stills moving there, Voids as he can move inside White Voids, and Death Manipulation as Has touched the Grim Rabbit and his carrot-scythe without any problem, despite the fact that he killed flowers just by walking near them and his mere presence caused groceries to decay. He also wored off quickly from Elmer's Mind Control tanks Emphatic Manipulation by a plethora of Reasons, and he has tanked heat from being close to the sun.

Boomstick: Bugs has a Extremely High Stamina since Bugs Rarely gets truly exhausted. Built an entire city in a matter of seconds without breaking a sweat. Stayed up all night with his eyes forced open in the New Looney Tunes episode "Bugs Bunny?" And wasn't tired afterwards. Gets chased for prolonged periods of time by the likes of Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian on a daily basis, and is never shown to tire. He is around Extraordinary Genius Intelligence because Invented a time machine in seconds, a carrot powered car, the carrot peeler, his own robots ,some of which are bulletproofand he can hack them if stolen and reprogrammed Marvin's robots. Very good at using his surroundings and tricking, has tricked Elmer since they were babies. Has outsmarted the government, secret agents, scientists, Nazis, army soldiers, gangsters, ninjas and the Grim Rabbit. Seems to be a good fighter and very acrobatic. He's a skilled marksman and a master swordsman. Possibly has minor knowledge on The Force. Has taken multiple professions over the years like a teacher, a director, a detective, an actor, a musician, a ruler, a scientist, a superhero, a high ranking member of the army, an astronaut, etc. One time he managed to arrest a master of disguise, who could instantly change his appearance and even take the form of animals smaller than himself. He is an amazing actor, master of disguise, escape artist and multilingual, can speak German, Russian, Hawaiian and French. He can read Egyptian hieroglyphics and flag symbols. Knows basic magictricks and optical illusions. Always keeps calm even when facing extreme danger and is good at provoking and manipulating his opponents. He can imitate any animal noise to trick people. Dude he even has readed his Own Script!

Wiz: Bugs' Powers tho... They're likely the most craziest part inside him.

Boomstick: Ya, with his Toon Force constantly breaks the laws of phsyics and is a Master at it! This allows him to use HammerSpace to practically took anything he wants from seemingly nowhere, end the cartoon itself with the classic line That's All Folks!, can take control of the cartoon and be god-like can stretch his arms to reach stuff out his grasp, can be turned into a Pancake, turned to Ashes and be erased, doesn't age as people still laughs at him, can jump to TVs, Pictures, Etc, having immersion he's showned in Back in Action and Tiny Toons, can invade others' dreams where his Toon Force is amped further and take total control, sawed off Florida of USA, has a incredible luck with his Rabit Feet can cause misfortune to others, can lift and throw Holes, his body can still move despise his Head erased by the Animator, can make people sleep by glaring at them mind haxxing them, can mind control people by plugging a console in their heads, can snap others off his mind control. can use Lightning Bolts assuming the role of a Jove, can cut through the Movie Film Tape and move inside a white void with scissors if he's going to met a Bad End, he can grant and undo a wish that alters the story, can paint stuff in rocks and go in them like if it was a Reality opponents can't go to as seen in Space Jam 2 and alot of episodes of the Road Runner and the Coyote, and travels to alternate futures takin others with him such as realities where they never existed.

Wiz: He also can erase the Goon Squad and go to the Real World, and he can take control of the Cartoon and draw and erase and redraw anything inside the cartoon he wants controlling the plot being like a God, and he can manipulate the plot writing stuff in a computer too, he is also Immortal and lacks a Soul resisting Soul Manipulation via this, since he gave his Soul to the Grim Reaper remaining alive, Grim tried to kill Bugs but failed and is implied to give problem to the Devil himself too!

Boomstick: Bugs can fly by spinning his ears, can manipulate his body, stretch his limbs and grow extra arms, can read minds, and translate thoughts of other normal animals, can trap Daffy and Elmer into a horror movie, can speak with the audience, casually go to the real world, is aware he's a fictional character breaking the 4th wall and can turn the cartoon in a videogame trapping people in it!

Wiz: He also can use Mirrors to deflect attacks like rays, hypnosis, magic, and size rays, deflected an arrow and bullets with tubes, and reflects a laser could vaporize Daffy Duck and Earth with a reflector, and he can Time Travel with a Time Machine or burrowing!

Boomstick: Bugs also has two forms, Monster Bugs while drinking the hyde juice, a Hulk-Like Form, who is agressive and has claws like Wolverine, beated up a Robot twice his size, tanks attacks of those robots and can create green shock-waves stomping the ground and can return back to normal drinking the Hyde Juice.

Wiz: And Super Rabbit, a form he can temporally access with the Super Carrots which is a Superman Rip-Off, with this Super Form he defeated Validus, a Pre-Crisis Villain stomped the Legion of Superheroes and fought Superman who has a Plenty of Multi+ feats aswell. scales to Stupor Duck who can travel back in time, he has powers like Heat Vision, Super Breath, Solar Energy Absorption, BFR with the Phantom Zone Projector, and Size Manipulation with the Size Ray. However as stated before the form has a Time limit. This means Super Bugs is possibly Multi+ and immeasurable speed.

Boomstick: He also has a ton of weaknesses, not much of a fighter more relying in smarts and tricks instead brute force, frequently is overpowered forcing him to avoid physic combat, has lost to Cecil Turtle, a Gremlin, even Elmer from all people, MOST of his opponents has been complete idiots, can sometimes be too confident and cocky, leaving him wide open, if gets too frustrated can lose his focus and easily tricked, if someone takes the control of the cartoon and becomes the animator, he can be in trouble, this depending he defeated Daffy Duck with the Old Animator Mode, but Daffy screwed him with a Animation Tablet, can be driven insane or be scared by threats or enemies he cannot handle, not all of his strategies are perfect, Toon Acid can kill him, can be lured and distracted by attractive rabbits or attractive women even if they're obviously robots but he can resist their charms once he figures out they're a threat, Super Carrots has a time limit for his Super Rabbit form, ears can pop out of disguises and give him away unless he's wearing a mask can completely cover his own head, despise his resistance he also can be susceptible to Hypnosis, Hypnotism or Mind Control, despise his Toon Force, can still feel pain be knocked out or even die, can't resist Carrots and be baited by them and can eat ones with Drugs, Poison, tranquilizers, etc, it's speculated he can die from longterm decapitation but this is Contradicted by Bugs tanking stuff FAR worst, and Daffy dying beheaded in a comic but we really didn't see how he died and he came back next episode anyways, and the spam of Big Chungus Memes.

Wiz: Despise of this, we shouldn't mess with this God of Chaos with a Immense skill to break the Fourth Wall!

Ehhh... What's up, Doc?

Bobobo Is Nonsensical in DEATH BATTLE![]

(Cue: Wild Challenger Theme)

Yes it does! Two-thousand pounds per square inch!


Bugs VS Bobobo

Credits to Greenbit's Server from Discord

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let's finish this debate once and for all!


Death Battle[]



  • The connections between Bugs Bunny VS Bobobo are:
  • Both are Unfairly Powerful Unpredictable Reality Warpers Heroes, whose names start with B, being protagonists of comedic and satirical series being two of the most powerful Cartoon & Anime Fictional Characters, who Can be very neutral in their respective universes, to the point of even beating up and torturing their own allies, having an insane array of powers and abilities, the ability to break the fourth wall, use Toon Force, bend reality to their pleasure, and manipulate the plot itself
  • The fight should be hand-drawn
  • The CAC should be "Turning the Nonsense"