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Nothing can stop me now!
~ Bubsy

Bubsy the Bobcat is the main Protagonist from the same title video game series.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 5
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Alias: Bubster
  • Species: Bobcat
  • Height: 3'6"
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Has a pet armadillo named Arnold


  • Strength
    • Can make large enemies fall apart with enough successful/consecutive hits
    • Can jump rather high and jump on enemies' heads to take them out
    • Able to stun a charging Woolly Mammoth with his jump attacks
    • Can form a large dust cloud around him, allowing him to bounce off other enemies
    • Can bust large stones and damage the metal exterior of spaceships with his "Pounce" attack
    • Is able to destroy enemies with thick robotic hides by repeatedly dive-bombing them
  • Speed
    • Is estimated to be 25.5 miles per hour
    • Is very quick, agile, and acrobatic
    • Can dodge bullets from turrets from multiple directions at once
    • Can dodge lasers being shot out by futuristic space pigs
    • Can dodge energy beams from the Woolie's UFO's
  • Durability
    • Has sometimes demonstrated Toon Force
    • Was flung and fell a great distance and height, surviving that
    • Got crushed/stomped by his niece after she became a giant
    • Survived the Virgil Reality Helmet exploding on his head
    • Survived being electrocuted and getting hit with a lightning bolt
    • Often died by one hit in the games
    • Often survives long falls but got his body springed like an accordion
    • Can breath on other planets/in space without a space suit
  • Intelligence
    • Once erected a fully functional rocket from all the parts he found in seconds
    • Will take advantage if his opponent is stupid
    • Isn't afraid to try to trick people to lower their guard
    • Is aware that he's a video game character and of the player
    • Took over the instruction manual, unhappy with how it was presented
    • Also aware of the game designers, often praising them for their work on designing levels for his games


  • Gliding
  • Pounce
    • Allows Bubsy to jump into the air and "pounce" himself forward on foes
    • Is strong enough to bust large cracked boulders into pieces with ease
    • Can be used to damage flying saucer ships and make them break down
    • Can be used to jump over/bypass enemies and defeat them if landed on their head
  • Claws
    • Bubsy can use his retractable claws to latch onto and climb/stick certain walls
    • Can likely be used to slash enemies


  • Shadow T-Shirt
    • Makes Bubsy temporarily invisible, allowing him to sneak undefected
  • Invincibility T-Shirt
    • Bubsy becomes invincible, however; he can still be killed by falling in water of falling onto spikes
  • Force Field T-Shirt (Woolies Strike Back)
    • Gives Bubsy a blue force field around that allows him to take an extra hit
  • Nerf Ballzooka
    • Based off a real life toy of the same (Product Placement)
  • Smart Bomb
    • Obliterates all enemies on the screen into marbles in a white flash
  • Portable Hole
    • Used for when Bubsy is in different time periods and allows him to escape back into the present
  • Diving Suit
    • Allows Bubsy to survive underwater
  • Flying Machines
    • Has two variations: A spaceship and an airplane
    • Has a Nerf Ballzooka mounted on them
  • Air Bubble
    • Unlike Diving Suit, Bubsy's speed doesn't suffer and he can move around at full speed
  • TV Remote
    • Used to mess around with the TV settings when idle in Bubsy 3D, serves no useful purpose in combat
  • Atoms
    • Can be thrown in order to blow up enemies and walls
  • Lightning Shield
    • Hovers around Bubsy and kills anything that touches him
  • Scuba Gear (Bubsy 3D)
    • Allows Bubsy to swim underwater
  • Jetpack (Woolies Strike Back)
    • Is used to fly around at great speeds and escaping as seen in the ending
  • Virgil Reality Helmet (Bubsy TV Pilot)
    • A modified virtual reality helmet that can bring the user's imagination to life
  • Exploding Corn Dog (Bubsy TV Pilot)
    • An old stale corn dog with a lit fuse at the end of it; Bubsy can trick people into eating it, making them explode


  • Defeated the Woolies few times
  • Managed to get his "Golden Fleece" back from the Woolies
  • Traveled through time to retrieve inventions and famous events and defeated Oinker P. Hamm who stolen them
  • Ventured through fairy tales to rescue Mother Goose himself
  • Collected all parts of a rocket and escaped from the Woolies
  • Saved both his niece and nephew as well as the "Virgil Reality Helmet" from Allie Cassandra and her minions Sid & Buzz
  • Got a pilot for his own cartoon
  • Is the subject of one of the best Jontron videos
  • Was able to survive the vacuum of Space
  • Was able to survive floating on Orange lava 
  • had ripped his reality just to complain about Stephen King not writing his Manuel 
  • Survived a Fall from above the atmosphere 


  • While not a complete idiot, doesn't often think things through
  • Incredibly weak with sharp/pointy things
  • His speed tends to hurt him more than help as he can't control it
  • Can't swim without Air Bubble, Scuba Gear or Diving Suit
  • Most power-ups/weapons are temporarily and limited