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Bowser VS Knuckles

Nintendo vs Sega! Hotheaded and easy to anger with incredible strength, the retro rivals to Mario and Sonic face off to determine who's tougher


Cue Invader - Jim Johnson

Scythe: Power. It's the one thing everyone wants, be it to a conqueror distant lands or guardian great treasures.

Soul: And beat the shit out of some gaming icons! Bowser, the King of the Koopas!

Bowser Intro

Scythe: And Knuckles, Guardian of the Master Emerald.

Knuckles Intro

Scythe: For this battle, we are primarily focusing on the original game continuities. We will not be taking into account Sonic Boom, the Archie Sonic comics, or the Paper Mario series, as they are all radically different iterations of the characters not worth mentioning here.

Soul: Basically nothing too out of character for either of them. He's Scythe and I'm Soul!

Scythe: And it's our job to analyize their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!


Bowser badass

Bowser, King of the Koopas

Cue Super Mario Bros 3 - King Bowser (SSBU)

Scythe: Born heir to the Koopa Kingdon, King Bowser Koopa grew up one of the Seven Star Children destined to possess great power.

Soul: And that is probably why he, upon ascending to the Koopa throne, he decided to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, turn it's inhabitants into brick, and kidnapped their monarch Princess Peach.

Scythe: He had everything...until two pesky Plumbers came along and ruined everything.

Bowser: Background[]

  • Full Name: King Bowser Koopa
  • Age: Unknown (At least 29)
  • Species: Koopa
  • Height: 8'7"/261.6 cm
  • Weight: N/A
  • King of the Koopas
  • One of the Seven Star Children

Scythe: Thus began a long, excruciating line of revenge schemes as Bowser and the Mario Brothers would spend years battling it out for the fate of the Mushroom Kingdom. And he has the literal strength to do it.

Soul: oh-ho ya! This guys is ridiculously strong! He's tough enough to lift and throw entire castles, and is even though enough to take being crushed under it! And he was completely fine! All thanks to the turtle shell on his back.

Scythe: But Bowser's nigh unbreakable shell isn't just for the defense, it's also a surprisingly versatile weapon. He can impale foes with the spikes on his back, even shoot them out, or tuck into his shell and spin around like some kind of bayblade of doom.

Soul: Hehe, awesome.

Bowser: Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super strength
  • Super durability
  • Koopa Shell
  • Pryokinesis
    • Fire Stream
    • Fire Balls
  • Magic
    • Shapeshifting
    • Teleportation
    • Size growth
  • Weapons
    • Hammers
    • Spiked Balls
    • Long metal claws
  • Clown Car
    • Flight
    • Contains multiple weapons and projectiles.
      • Bowling balls
      • MechaKoopas
      • Bob-ombs

Scythe: Aside from his physical prowess, Bowser also posses the ability to breath fire, in large flaming streams or individual balls of fire. He's also surprisingly adept at magic, using it to shapeshift, teleport, and even increase his own size to enormous levels.

Soul: That's right, he's a king and a magician! What can't he do?

Scythe: Defeat Mario-

Soul: Hush you. Bowser's also no strangers to utilizing tools when the situation so calls for it. He's used throwing hammers, giant spikey balls, and even wolverine styled metal claws to of all things.

Scythe: And, sprite being able to teleport, Bowser also posses his own personal vehicle, the Koopa Clown Car. It can fly, protect Bowser from harm, and posses numerous weapons like Bowling Balls, MechaKoopas, and Bob-oms. Overall, Bowser is a surprisingly versatile fighter.

Soul: And while Bowser has used a few power-ups in his time, like the Cat Bell, Double Cherry, and Grand Star, those are pretty non-standard and won't factor into this fight as a result.

Bowser: Feats and Faults[]

  • +Fought & threw his own castle
  • +Stronger then Donkey Kong
  • +Survived the surface of a star
  • +Withstood a black hole
  • +Bathes in lava-like it's nothing
  • +Surprisingly crafty
  • +Smart enough to know when he does need to work with Mario
  • +Actually has defeated Mario a few times
  • -Painfully slow
  • -Tends to be portrayed as stupider then he actually is
  • -A clutz
  • -Extremely clocky
  • -Combat strategy tends to just be "overpower with brute force"
  • -My best friend is a Bowser main in Smash and I can never beat him

Scythe: Bowser is incredibly powerful, and he has the feats to back it up. He's lifted and thrown entire castles, survived being thrown into lava like it was nothing, and has crafted surprisingly well thought out schemes in defeated Mario.

Soul: Like framing Mario for crimes to get him locked in prision of just kidnapping Peaches castle itself instead of just the Princess. But furthermore, he's survived being thrown into the surface of a STAR, and even a black hole!

Scythe: His strength is nothing to scoff at either. He's stronger then Donkey Kong, and he was powerful enough to punch the moon out of orbit. Now, the moon of the Mario World is smaller then that of our own, but the moon itself is about 2775 feet in diameter and weighs 9.9 quadrillion tons. Knocking out of orbit means DK punched it with a strike of over 3000 megatons of force.

Soul: Holy shit, and Bowser is in that ballpark!? Jeez, with all that power, you'd think he'd never loose!

Scythe: You would, but don't be mistaken. Despite all his power, Bowser tends to rely mostly on brute strength over an actual strategy in battle. Even when he does, he just ends up falling in his own traps. He's cocky, somewhat clumsy, and definitely defeatable. Still, despite his downsides, Bowser is tenacious. One day, The Koopa King shall emerge victorious over his Plumber foe, conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, and prove he was the greatest of the Star Children all along.


Super Mario Odyssey Opening Cutscene (Intro)

Bowser segment end (0:50-1:10)



Knuckles the Echidna, Guardian of the Master Emerald

Cue Sonic Mania Adventures - Theme of Knuckles

Soul: High atop the clouds of the world of Mobius lies a lush, floating place known as Angel Island, which holds a gem of infinite Power, The Master Emerald.

Scythe: The only inhabitant of the island being the sole survivor of the Echidna race, Knuckles grew up with one task, and one task only: Guard the Master Emerald, to his very death.

Soul: That was, until a giant Death Star Knockoff poileted by Doctor Eggman crashed onto his doorstep.

Knuckles: Background[]

  • Name: Knuckles the Echidna
  • Height: 3'7"
  • Weight: 88 lbs. | 40kg
  • Age: 16
  • Species: Echidna
  • Guardian of the Master Emerald
  • Doesn't Chuckle

Scythe: Realizing what possessing the Master Emerald could do for him, Eggman told Knuckles that Sonic the Hedgehog was after the Master Emerald instead. Knuckles set off to stop Sonic...only to later realize Eggman had tricked him.

Soul: Teaming up with Sonic to get the Master Emerald back, Knuckles and Sonic began a...rocky friendship, but over time have become partners the other can count on in a pinch. Speaking of rocky, have you heard that Knuckles is fuckin' strong?

Knuckles: Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super strength, speed, and durability
  • Digging, Gliding & Climbing
  • Spin Dash
  • Martial Arts
  • Thunder Arrow
  • Maximum Heat Attack
  • Hammer Punch
  • Volcanic Dunk
  • Drill Claw
  • Spiral Upper
  • Super Knuckles
    • Light Speed Flight
    • Massive Power Boost
    • Nearly invulnerable
    • Should match Super Sonic
    • Chaos Energy Pulses
    • Can be pushed further to Hyper Knuckles

Scythe: Knuckles is widely considered one of the strongest character's in the Sonic universe, and for good reason. He possess Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Durability. He's fast enough to keep pace with Sonic, who can move over 200 times the speed of sound, and thanks to his rock hard spiked knuckles, he can freely climb along surfaces and dig through the ground like nothing.

Soul: He can also, somehow, glide through the air. No reason, no explanation, he just can. Why? Because he's Knuckles. I guess that's the same reason he also knows the Spin Dash prior to meeting Sonic and Tails, when Tails invented it.

Scythe: Knuckles can throw punches fast enough to ignite the hydrogen in the air and create explosions, and even seems to posses some minor Chaos Energy manipulation. He can create bolts of lightning with the Thunder Arrow, and superpower himself with the Maximum Heat Attack.

Souk: Ya know, that weird kaio-ken looking move from Sonic Adventure that 90% of people only remmeber because of Nazo Unleashed? Ya, that one.

Hyper Knuckles

Super Knuckles, as he appears in Sonic 3 and Sonic Mania

Scythe: However, Knuckles can also draw of energy from the Chaos Emeralds, or even the Master Emerald itself, to transform into Super Knuckles.

Soul: As Super Knuckles, he gains a massive boost to his speed and strength. He can fly at speeds exceeding the speed of light, match strength with Super Sonic, and is nearly invulnerable.

Scythe: But as with all Super states in the series, Knuckles cannot maintain his forever and will revert back to normal after a few minutes.

Knuckles: Feats and Faults[]

  • +Punched the Chaos Emeralds out of Super Sonic
  • +Regularly matches Sonic physically
  • +Survived being near Infinite's star
  • +Actually rather crafty
  • +Runs so fast that he crumbles the ground beneath him
  • +Can hit the ground hard enough to trigger tremors and eruptions
  • +Super Mecha Sonic King Boom Boo, Chaos, Rouge the Bat, Heavy King, Zavok
  • -Definitely not a strategist
  • -Prefers close combat; few long-ranged abilities
  • -Cocky
  • -Often gullible
  • -Super Form in limited

Soul: Knuckles is strong enough to create Earthquakes and brief Eruptions, match heavy hitters like Zavok, the Heavy King, Chaos, Super Mecha Sonic, and even Sonic himself. He's matched Sonic's speed, survived almost being crushed by a star, and has proven to be more crafty then given credit.

Scythe: Specifically scaling to Sonic, who also survived the same star produced by Infinite, Sonic has also survived a Pseudo-Singularity that should be about on par with Infinite's Star, and Knuckles should as such scale to this.

Soul: He's ballsy enough to take on Shadow, and most impressively of all, Knuckles one uppercutted Super Sonic so hard, he KNOCKED the Chaos Emeralds out of him. Damn, if that isn't impressive, I dunno what it?

Scythe: Of course, Knuckles isn't a flawless fighter. He's proven gullible when it comes to the Master Emerald's safety, he isn't that much of a strategist, and lacks many long range abilities. Still, flaws aside, the Master Emerald's guardian will stop at nothing to ensure the protection of his great Treasure. Let all those intent on stealing the Master Emerald feel the wrath of Knuckles the Echidna.


-Sega Dreamcast- Sonic Adventure 2- Hero Story - All Cutscenes

Knuckles Segment Close (3:35 - 3:50)


Bowser VS Knuckles CAS

Scythe: Alright the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

Soul: It's time for a DEAHT BATTLE!

Bowser's Castle - Throne Room

Bowser laughs as he sits upon the Koopa throne, looking down at what's being presented to him, The Master Emerald. Standing up, Bowser walks down to closer inspect the gem, placing a hand on it as he does.

Bowser: So, it does posses near limitless power. Well, soon that power will belong to me!-

Suddenly, the throne room doors go flying open, several Koopas and Goomba's going flying alongside them. Bowser sets the Master Emerald aside and turns to face his homewrecker, Knuckles the Echidna.

Knuckles: Alright chump, give me back the Master Emerald, before my fists shake hands with your face!

Bowser: (He briefly laughs at Knuckles) If you want it, we're welcome to try and take it. But you won't be leaving alive.

Bowser VS Knuckles FIGHT!

Cue Brandon Yates - Blood on Broken Glass

Knuckles leaps forwards, drawing his fist back as he closes the distance between himself and Bowser. Bowser pulled his own fist back and threw it forwards, his and Knuckles's punches clashing and sending a shock-wave from the collision. Knuckles lands, then dodges a second punch before landing an uppercut on Bowser to stumble the Koopa King backwards.

Sliding back, Bowser's mouth flares with fire as he spits fireballs out, Knuckles ducking and dodging to avoid them before sticking his hands into the ground and ripping a chunk of the ground out before throwing it at Bowser.

Bowser however, just punched it into oblivion before charging at Knuckles, slamming into him and headbutting the Echidna before punching him a few times, the hurling him into a wall. Knuckles let out a grunt before he smirked and knelt down, charging up a spin-dash.

Zipping forwards, Bowser threw a few punches, but struggled to hit the speeding Knuckles before the Echdina leaped out and swung around, throwing a punch that caused a literal explosion and sent Bowser flying into his throne. Knuckles lunged at him again, but Bowser curled into the shell, and Knuckles's attack just did nothing to the outer shell. Punching it a few times, Knukcles suddenly leaned back to avoid getting a spike to the face. Bowser's shell suddenly started spinning and hurled Knuckles off before zipping at him.

Knuckles dodged to the side, but the shell bounced off the wall and came back at him. Knuckles smirked and wound up a punch, hitting Bowser's shell hard enough to send it out the nearby window...but unfortunately, Bowser hit the Master Emerald and it went flying out as well.

Knuckles: No! The Master Emerald!

Cue Sonic Adventure - Fight for My Own Way

Running forwards, Knuckles leaped out and entered a glide as he chased after the falling Master Emerald when a cannonball nearly hit him. Looking over, Knuckles saw Bowser fly up in the Koopa Clown Car.

Bowser: You aren't getting away that easily!

Knuckles: Alright. Let's see what you got!

Gliding past, Knuckles smirked as he began dropping down, going into free fall and catching the Master Emerald before clinging onto the side of the castle. Turning, Knuckles leaped back into the air to avoid Bowser throwing a hammer at him, landing on the King's face and jumping off it.

Knuckles: Try and keep up!

Browser growled and threw a hammer forwards, bonking Knuckles on the back of the head and causing him to drop the Master Emerald into the Koopa Kings hands. Knuckles growls and dives forwards, punching Bowser out of the Koopa Clown Car and resting the Master Emerald inside it before gliding after Bowser.

Bowser spun in the air and gabbed Knuckles, slamming him into the side of the castle as they plummeted down, Knuckles shoved Bowser back and preformed the drill claw to dive down and push Bower through the ground and down into the depths into the castle, a room filled with lava and dozens of platforms. Knuckles landed on his feet and looked around.

Cue Brandon Yates - Olympus Mons

Knuckles: This is some fight...

Bowser: Are you finished fool!? You cannot defeat me, the King of the Koopas!

Lunging at Knuckles, Bowser swiped at him as he equipped his soccer claws, Knuckles stumbling back to avoid getting hit before throwing a punch that was blocked, then taking a few slashes before Bowser threw him away. Knuckles spun into a glide and flew forwards, hitting Bowser on the head before leaping off him, Bowser shooting his back spikes out to force Knuckles downwards.

Knuckles leaped ahead, but Bowser teleported behind Knuckles and slashed him across the back, Knuckles turning and punching Bowser in the stomach straight through the metal claws. Reaching forwards, Bowser suddenly picked Knuckles up and throwing him straight at the lava, and the Echidna grabs grabs onto the side of a platform just barely above the lava.

Knuckles: Tsk...close shave.

Leaping up, Knuckles dodges a punch from Bowser and slams his fist into Bowser's face, dodging another few punches before using a spin-dash to rapidly hit Bowser's chest, then send him flying into the lava.

But Bowser just leaps back out, growing in size as he punches the ground, Knuckles running to dodge it and leaping to a new platform. Bowser roars and shoots a few fireballs and Knuckles continues to run and dodge, the koopa king leaping into the air and coming down, slamming his fist onto the ground and smashing Knuckles into it...

Knuckles however, begins pushing back and lifts Bowser's arm up, slipping out of his grasp before raising his hand.

Knuckles: Thunder Arrow!

The lightning bolt struck Bowser, but didn't prove effective as Bowser breathed a torrent of flames down where Knuckles was. Bowser laughed at the scorch marks on the ground...only to stumble and falls over as Knuckles hit the ground behind him to create a tremor and send Bowser off his feat. Walking over, Knuckles grabbed Bowser's tail and lifted the Koopa King off the ground and began spinning around, picking up speed.

Knuckles: So long Bowser!

Before hurling him off into the lava. Knuckles watched Bowser sink and chuckled, given his apparent victory...before Bowser rose from the lava supersized, tall enough to where Knuckles was barely the size of his hand. Knuckles dodged a few punches before getting smacked into the wall. Clinging onto the wall, Knuckles looked up as the Koopa Clown Car floated down, Knuckles flew over to it and landed on the Master Emerald. Drawing power from it, Knuckles powered up and transformed into his super state.

Bowser: Do you think turning PINK will help you!?

Knuckles: I am Knuckles, Guardian of the Master Emerald. And I won't loose!

Cue Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Final Boss Theme

Powering up, Super Knuckles flew forwards and clashed punches with Bowser, the shockwave causing lava to go flying and the entire castle to shake. Knuckles zipped ahead and landed a few quick but powerful punches on the gigantic Bowser before getting slammed down into the lava by the giant fist.

However, Knuckles just shoved Bowser off and flew up, Spin-Dashing into his gut before upercutting the giant Koopa, then comboing it into the drill claw to slam him down. Bowser roared and punched Knuckles, slamming him around a few times before throwing him into the ceiling.

The Pink Echidna flew down, flying through a steam of fire breath before getting caught between Bowser clapping, Knuckles grunted before releasing a green pulse of Chaos Energy to free himself, then hitting Bowser in the head.

Bowser responded by slamming his giant head into Knuckles, using his size to his advantage as he threw more punches that Knuckles moved to avoid around before punching Bowser backwards. Bowser slid back and roared as he wound up for one final punch, and Knuckles powered up as a red aura surrounded him.

Super Knuckles: Let's see what you got! Super Maximum Heat Attack!

Knuckles flew forwards and straight at Bowser's fist, the King of the Koopa's throwing his punch straight at Knuckles...

Only for Knuckles to fly straight through the arm. Bowser screamed in agony as Knuckles threw the Maximum Heat Attack straight into Bowser's gut, causing the Koopa to spit blood and fall over. Knuckles then flew up before flying back down and hitting Bowser with his Volcanic Eruption Punch, causing a gigantic explosion of lava straight in his face followed with a loud scream.

Pause Music

All is quiet for a moment as the Koopa Clown Car lands on a platform, the Master Emerald still inside it. A hand suddenly grabbed onto the edge of the Knuckles climbed back up, having reverted to his base form. He turned around to see Bowser's fleshless skull his the platform behind him, and he chuckled and pushed the Koopa Clown Car off into the lava.

Cue Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - Mission Clear

Knuckles: Ha! Not as strong as you thought you where!

Bowser VS Knuckles KO


Cue Sonic Adventure - Unknown from M.E. (Instrumental)

Soul: Woah woah woah, torches and pitchforks down everyone! Please, before you start plotting our murder, please hear us out!

Scythe: Bowser is incredibly powerful in many ways, certainly enough to make this fight extremely close. His intelligence matched Knuckles, as both could be rather crafty, but mostly rely on brute strength.

Soul: Bowser was more experienced then Knuckles and had a better long range arsenal, but Knuckles was overall more skilled and had better close range abilities. Bowser was definitely more durable, given he survived a star and black hole while Knuckles only barely survived bearing near one and scaling to Sonic, a pseudo-Black Hole. Close, but definitely a point for Bowser.

Scythe: Knuckles did hold the speed advantage, given his ability to match the Mach 200 Sonic, though Bowser could still react to him given Bowser scales to Mario, who could react to similar speeds. Once again, close, but a point for Knuckles. But most surprisingly, Knuckles's strength surpassed Bowser's.

Soul: Know I know what your thinking, "How the hell does Knuckles have the strength to beat Bowser, who could hit with 300 Megatons of TNT". Well, remember how Knuckles punched Classic Sonic out of his Super Form? The same nigh invincible Super form that could survive Planet Level explosions with about...50 Quintillion Megatons of TNT. Way more then the Donkey Kong Moon Punch.

Scythe: And this isn't some outlier either. Modern Sonic was able to beat Perfect Chaos and Ultimate Emerl, both of which had the power of all 7 Chaos Emeralds and where said to be strong enough to destroy the planet, in his base form. And Knuckles is definitely physically stronger then Sonic.

Soul: Not to mention, the current Super Knuckles is on par with Modern Super Sonic, given the draw from the same power source and even fought Metal Overlord together. And Modern Super Sonic has reached Solar System busting levels of power. Ya, combined with his lightspeed movements and near invulnerability, Super Knuckles was definitely strong enough to kill Bowser.

Scythe: And while Bowser's magic is impressive, he's always needed outside help to resurrect and become Dry Bowser and cannot do so naturally. Plus, Knuckles was strong enough to just obliterate Dry Bowser anyways. And that isn't even getting into Hyper Knuckles, who's galaxy levels in power.

Soul: Ya, Bowser was tough and had the ability to hold Knuckles off for a while, but he couldn't beat the Echidna's strength, speed, close range skill, and overwhelming power. Bowser was just Emerolling straight to his doom.

Knuckles Wins

Scythe: The winner is Knuckles the Echidna.

Next Time[]

Next time oooon Death Battle!

"But no one hurt me quite like you. You didn't leave scars, you just left me alone."

"That day, if our positions were switched... Would our fates be different? Would I have your life, and you mine?"

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