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C’mon! Try and beat me!
~ Bowser Jr. in Mario Super Sluggers

You shouldn't be allowed to use tools like that!
~ Shadow Mario to Mario

Bowser Jr. is the son of Bowser and a secondary antagonist from the Super Mario series. He previously fought Turbo Mecha Sonic in an episode of One Minute Melee.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 13
  • Losses: 8
  • Draws: 0

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Not much is known about Bowser Jr.'s early life or origin. What is known is that he's Bowser's biological son, & a member of his army. He's attempted to help his father defeat Mario, capture Peach, & take over the kingdom countless times, all to no avail.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Full Name: Bowser Junior
  • Age: Unknown, resembles how his father looked when he was a baby/toddler
  • Weight: Unknown (likely over 100 lbs.)
  • Height: 4'4" (compared to Mario who is 5'1")
  • The only true son of Bowser
  • Skilled with a variety of gadgets and sports

Natural Abilities[]

  • Can shoot fireballs from his mouth.
    • He can also breathe brief streams of fire, although he is nowhere near as skilled at this as his father.
    • Some fireballs home in on enemies
    • Arguably can phase through walls
    • He can also shoot fireballs that bounce across the ground like Mario's fireballs
    • They've shown the ability to set the ground ablaze upon making contact with it
  • Can do a Sonic Roar to temporarily shrink opponents
    • Can emit roars that can duplicate a soccer ball
  • Impressive speed and jumping ability, being able to move at very fast speeds and jump 13 feet in to the air
  • Capable of Flutter Jumping to slightly hover in Mario Hoops 3-on-3
  • Acrobatics
    • Has repeatedly performed flips of all kinds, can perform a headstand with a single arm, is incredibly agile and nimble and can compete in the Olympics (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)
  • He has a spiky shell that he can curl up and spin around in
    • In the Sports titles, he was even shown to hover for a bit when spinning in his shell
  • Heavy enough to stun opponents after performing a 'Bowser Bomb' butt-stomp.
  • Said to have inherited his father's strength
    • Supported by Bowser Jr.'s Journey where he fought his father for weeks without end, with each side getting around an equal amounts of wins and losses
  • Faster than Bowser
  • In quite a few games, Jr. will perform motions and gestures with his hands and body and the Clown Car or other machines follow after his actions perfectly, which might suggest some limited technopathy or advanced control of them
  • In Mario Tennis Aces, Jr. could manipulate time
    • Should be noted this is debatable, as some interpret it as merely perception manipulation, although the official site pegged it as a time manipulation ability
    • He also could project/manipulate energy as well
  • Can create afterimages with his shell spin as well as when needing to travel to return a tennis ball
  • He could tank being crushed flat by the stomp of Papercraft Peach and assume his 3D form shortly after being crushed
  • In Mario Super Sluggers, Bowser Jr. petrified Daisy into stone.
  • He could also turn a baseball into a Bullet Bill in the Baseball games, which could be a form of transmutation he could potentially apply toward any projectile within reason
  • His Paper self had the ability to Paperize.
    • Stops time
    • Grants Reality Warping
    • BFR and possible sealing
    • Possibly Higher-Dimensional Existence and Manipulation via scaling to Huey's ability being very similar
    • Any object he takes out of the environment will leave a void of it's general shape behind that can't be interacted with at all, as something that should exist there now doesn't, and given Mario can effect people like Luigi via this ability, it's likely this ability can be applied directly onto others
  • Healing Magic: Junior can heal a considerable amount of HP for him and any teammates around as well as increase his defenses
    • His Paper self could heal naturally
  • Menace: Jr. inflicts an enemy or multiple enemies with paralysis.
  • Support: Bowser Jr. blinds/obscures enemy's visions.
  • Junior Smash: Cuts an opponent's current HP in half
    • Could be seen as durability negation, but one can also attribute this toward game mechanics as well.
  • Deny: Negates specific actions from an opponent (Ex. Enemy special attacks)
  • Status Barrier: Negates all status effects
  • Supercharge: Hugely increases his power
  • Rally: Raises the likelihood that he and his allies use Special Skills more often (likely Willpower Manipulation)
  • Can emit a flaming aura which allows him to charge through multiple opponents to reach their captain as well as hit a bomb far higher and faster than normal
  • A very fast learner, as he was able to pick up on the battle mechanics in Jr.'s Journey almost immediately and despite have little experience in fighting on foot, was able to best a few of the Koopalings and gather the ingredients for the Skeletone Formula:D after fighting hordes of enemies almost entirely on his own; also stated he got way stronger in the epilogue, a direct statement that his development was accelerated
    • Also evidenced by him being able to push past his limits in a fight with Roy, beating him and then collapsing, being unable to be heales by Kamek's magic, and then getting up a few moments later in a hurry to fight more, with Kamek still worried about him so his magic still clearly wasn't the cause of Jr. being able to fight again
    • Also shown by his boss fights that show him reacting quicker and performing more attacks in more frequent intervals
  • Is able to read profiles on his opponents, even ones he's never encountered before like the Shroobs and plan a battle strategy accordingly
  • Could hear Roy's thoughts in Jr.'s Journey, possibly showing limited telepathy
  • His paper self could sniff out particular kinds of stickers
  • Able to hack in Mario + Rabbids
  • Skilled mechanic/engineer, being able to craft his mechs from scratch as well as fix up a busted Clown Car into his personalized Junior Clown Car within seconds
  • Can pilot many vehicles and mechs and operate machinery with ease
  • Resistant to being frozen
  • Can deal with being near a black hole or surviving in space with no problems
  • While somewhat inconsistent, he can survive being in burning hot liquids
  • Resistant to transmutation
  • Has really good pain tolerance and stamina
  • Should have Longevity considering his father


  • Can throw Green shells, Bob-ombs, Hammer Bro Hammers, & Bowser Shells
  • Has a squeaky hammer called the Eekhammer (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Hammer
    • Can emit a large shockwave that hits multiple enemies at once
  • His Paintbrush can whack people, lob many small projectiles of paint/goop, the same goop that can burn, electrify, cover vision, create portals which fragment/turn people into particles/paint balls should they try to enter as well as can give someone a live feed of the place on the other side, create enemies and bosses, pollute/intoxicate things, drain Mario's life, seal items like blue coins and buildings inside of his scribblings in the form of Juice Generators, Paired Graffiti, and common goop, summon Piranha Plants, create a veil of darkness over an island which cause fruits and vegetation to "look unappetizing", is implied to be able to cause death, can terraform the environment, make others sluggish and slip around, and can cut off technological connections to other places
    • He'll also use it to tickle foes, distracting them long enough for him to steal an item from them (Dream Team)
    • In the Sports titles, he was capable of using his Paintbrush as a makeshift racket to deflect projectiles as well as could create fake duplicates of a ball with his paint.
    • Can throw multiple projectiles from it at once
    • It's also worth mentioning that he states his "wishes come true" when he paints with the Paintbrush.
  • A mask that turns him into Shadow Mario
    • It's possible that this gives Bowser Jr. Power Mimicry for being able to perfectly copy Mario's form and abilities. At the very least, it grants Jr. Mario's iconic acrobatics.
  • Tennis racket
    • Can deflect physical and non-physical projectiles.
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Boomerang
  • Blue Shells which freeze people on contact
  • Starman/Super Star
    • Statistics Amplification
    • Can instantly kill ghosts/souls
    • High resistance to most of Bowser's artillery and army's abilities
  • Red Shells
  • Bananas
  • Chain Chomp
  • Orbs
    • Grant increased magical capabilities
  • Shine Sprites
  • Power Stars
  • Grand Stars


  • Tank
  • Plane
  • Hover Board
  • Submarine equipped with Bullet Bill launchers
  • Bullet Blaster: A small, fast, lightweight race car
  • Mecha-Bowser: A giant, robotic Bowser that breathes fire & shoots Bullet Bills
  • Megaleg: A giant, 3-legged robot that shoots Bullet Bills
  • Airship: A large, wooden airship that shoots cannonballs, fireballs, & Bullet Bills
    • Also owns a fleet of Airships which can shoot projectiles that crystallize anything upon contact
  • Air Flagship: A giant, wooden airship equipped with a giant mechanical hand, cannons, Mechakoopas, Targeting Teds, Mecha Cheeps, & rocket engines that can burn foes
  • Megahammer: A giant, flying robot equipped with hammer hands, & bullet bill launchers. Can create electrical shock waves to damage enemies
    • Is completely fine with being directly on top of a black hole
    • Can still function despite having it's pieces scattered about and even lodged in the ground
  • Boomsday Machine: A stone tower equipped with fire bars, electric cannons, & vacuums. Can reveal giant tank treads that grant it greater mobility & the ability to crush foes under tread
  • Mecha Jr.: A Rabbid-looking mech with a cow-shaped mallet, bombs, & jet boosters. Immune to "Bounce" (Mario + Rabbids)

Junior Clown Car[]

  • Arguably Jr.'s most iconic piece of equipment, a smaller version of his father's Koopa Clown Car
  • Can be summoned with a Nintendo DS-esque device or even just through a convenient puff of smoke when he needs it
  • Can drop Mechakoopas (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Has a submarine mode, flight mode, & car mode
  • Can fly in space
  • Has spike balls, hammers, bowling balls, wrenches, (Dream Team) as well as Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms stashed inside of it for healing
  • Has cannonballs, drills, saw blades, a fork, a tongue (Yes you read that right,) jet boosters, & wrecking balls (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Can shoot fireballs from its mouth
  • Has extendable boxing glove arms to punch people
  • Has a transparent dome that can cover Bowser Jr. that is strong enough to resist Mario's Ground Pounds, fireballs, and ice projectiles as well
  • Is very durable, as it has tanked explosions from a falling rocket with no damage at all
  • Can rapidly spin while descending or accelerating forward as a means of knocking into foes.
    • The descent is strong enough to harm Giant Bowser
  • Can carry Bowser & the Koopalings with some issue
  • Can attach itself to a larger Clown Car with long arms & hammers
  • Can fall into lava with seemingly no repercussions
  • Can let out a long mechanical arm and claw similar to the one used in New Super Mario Bros. U.

Shadow Mario[]

  • Bowser Jr. can obtain this form anytime by putting his Shadow Mario mask on
  • This form gives him speed rivaling Mario's, even when he's holding Peach
  • Can perform all of Mario's jumping abilities that he used in Super Mario Sunshine (Spin jumping, triple jumping, wall jumping, etc.)
  • In this form, he's able to teleport.
  • His body can also separate into many small particles and form together to make a ball that can phase through things.
    • He can assume his physical form again from this ball.
  • Possible Elemental Intangibility
  • Inorganic Physiology
  • Shadow Mario, despite being affected by F.L.U.D.D.'s nozzles, can actually swim in water just fine.
  • Shadow Mario can levitate/fly.
  • He can also seemingly manipulate water, as the Mecha Bowser cutscene shows the water below him rippling and ungulating before the floor opens up beneath the water for the mecha to appear as well as heavy implications that he was involved with the Plaza's flooding, with locals stating how the water receded "in a flash" after you pursue Shadow Mario inside of Corona Mountain.
  • Shadow Mario could extend his tongue out really far, which is likely something he could apply to the rest of his body as well.
  • He can shapeshift, as shown when he transitions from Mario's physique to his own turtle physiology.
  • His body appears to be made of water or some other liquid, especially given official art shows how transparent his body is
  • Can appear as a shadow on TV and he had no body in a broadcast's live footage in the background when he wins a trophy in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour
  • He could create burning goop beneath his very feet as he ran in Pianta Village's Shadow Mario mission.
    • He also can create the brown sludge from Bianco Hills and the Pianta Statue underneath of him, and it seemingly can be done with a thought or is practically instantaneous magic since we don't see him actually physically paint these down.
  • Despite several others falling victim to negative ailments when subjected to his graffiti/goop, Shadow Mario is completely fine just standing on it or even being completely encapsulated by it, as shown when he is on top of the Pianta Statue which previously had been submerged completely in his goop.
  • It's possible that Shadow Mario might be the one responsible for the Secret levels, some of which contain vast expanses of space full of stars.
    • Evidence can be found through the fact that the Dirty Lake was caused by gunk spilling out of the level's entrance, there's black goop surrounding the Ricco Harbor Tower, a Boo statue of which the Boos in that game were his creations led to one as well as needing a Yoshi which were also creations of his to magically enter one, he always knows when and what level you're entering and intercepts you mid-teleport, the fact that many childish things exist in these levels (colorful cubes and platforms, building blocks, scribblings of clouds, trains on train tracks, and airplanes flying about at the top of which almost all of these reappear in some form in Bowser Jr. Playroom in Super Sluggers), as well as the fact that his influence reached these levels, such as his creations spawning there from drawings and his Juice Generators directly blocking off access to a secret level that needed a creation of his—Yoshi—to bypass
    • Moreover, Locals directly claim they see Shadow Mario enter the places where the Secret levels are found, and one local even states he tried to enter but only fell into some goop
      • However, despite this, it IS still unconfirmed and up to interpretation
  • Shadow Mario could have ESP and/or Clairvoyance for being able to know exactly when and where Mario enters various portals throughout the Island and intercepting him

Wonder Bowser Jr.[]

  • Obtains through absorbing Wonder power
  • Gives him the power similar to that of Wonder Flowers, which can warp the area around them. This includes:
    • Increasing and decreasing the size of both himself and others
    • Changing the floor into either ice or a sticky substance that slows people down
    • Creating clones of himself
    • Causing an entire room to be filled with darkness
    • Giving sentience to inanimate objects


  • Has access to Goombas, Koopas, Mechakoopas, Broozers, Chargin' Chucks, & other basic minions as a part of his army
  • Has the ability to create almost all of the enemies and bosses encountered in Super Mario Sunshine with his paintbrush (explaining why they aren't very consistent with their designs in other games)
    • Notable enemies include Piranha Plants (spit goop), Electro-Koopas (shoot electric shells), Piranhabons (Spherical Piranha Plant heads covered in goop that roll downhill), Strollin' Stus (can ram opponents), Boos (can turn invisible and fly), and Pokeys (attack by falling forward)
    • Notable bosses include Petey Piranha (fly, shoot tweesters, puke goop), Gooper Blooper (attacks with tentacles), and Wiggler (charges like a bullet train)

Other Things[]

  • Fairly stealthy
    • Has deployed strategies which involved distracting foes as he makes his attack quite a few times
    • A quote from Fortune Street shows that he gathers intel/recon on enemy's defenses
  • Highly intelligent
    • Is apparently a doctor along with having a proficient knowledge and dexterity with technology, machinery, architecture, and even magic.
    • While arrogant and stubborn, he's shown the capacity to recognize a severe situation and intends to fix it however he can.
      • Very notable examples include distracting Mario with a decoy whilst he was accompanying Peach, owning up to his own faults and mistakes, taking the F.L.U.D.D. away from Mario in levels where he needed it most, framing and setting Mario up, and realizing the importance of a book because the Mario Bros. were after it and trying to warn Bowser as well as knew it could send their Paper versions back into the book.
  • Can detect coins buried underground
  • Hyperactive
  • Superb Resilience
    • Best exemplified by the fact that he's fought multiple times in practically every mainline appearance, and while temporarily defeated in every encounter, he just gets back up again and makes a getaway to prepare another form of attack shortly after
  • Technically responsible for the Yoshi's that appear during the events of Sunshine, who can eat passively intangible ghosts and spirits made out of literal wind, which fully stops them from coming back


  • Recognized by Bowser so much that he has earned his own airship and Kart Level based on him
  • Learned to drive his Junior Clown Car and use all of the gadgets it comes with at his young age
  • Survived a fall that knocked Bowser unconscious
  • Survived his Boomsday machine's explosion
  • Can take on both Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad (Bucken-Berry), and Yellow Toad (Ala-Gold) at once
  • Conquered the Baseball Kingdom
  • Survived energy blasts from the Zeekeeper
  • Survived being crushed by 6 clones of Mario and Luigi that got shot out of a cannon (Dream Team)
  • Polluted all of Isle Delfino
  • Strong enough to drag Bowser along the ground
  • Countered attacks from Dry Bowser
  • Lifted a ~15 meter long Dragoneel, which should weigh around 27,000 lbs (12,000 kg)
  • Threw a giant cannonball that weighed roughly 370,000 kg
  • Bathed in toxic sludge


  • The paint from his paintbrush can be washed away with simple water
  • Frequently has many of his attacks exploited or used against him in battle
  • His Junior Clown Car can actually be used against him if an opponent commandeers the vehicle
  • Still a child
  • Reckless
  • Stubborn
  • Arrogant
  • The effects of his Wonder form goes away after losing said transformation


  • Generally, Super Smash Bros., Fortune Street, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and Mario + Rabbids are not necessarily considered as legitimate as some other Mario games due to heavy crossover elements and their conflicting natures with the main Mario world. It is up to the writer if these are included or not.
    • Additionally, his battle in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team was merely a dream conjured up by Luigi's subconscious for the Battle Ring. While the bosses in the Battle Ring are true-to-life in most respects, Jr.'s is notable for not being based on any known real world battle and instead being more of a "bonus" boss fight. Anything he displays during his fight that exclusive to his appearance in this game may not be entirely accurate to what the actual Jr. can do.



  • His mother has never been confirmed, even Jr. doesn't know. Initially he thought Peach was his mother, before quickly realizing how unlikely that was.