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Hmpf. Everybody wants to get in on the insect act these days.
~ Daniel Garrett, the original Blue Beetle

Yeah -- but only in the J.L.I. do you get to travel the world, fight vampires, and have giant grey lunatics throw buildings on you!
~ Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle

I got magic armor... dunno how it works. Got a magic rock inside my body... can't get it out... Went into outer space n' helped them... but now the superheroes hate me, gonna kill me... I'm the Blue Beetle.
~ Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is the legacy name of three superheroes from DC Comics. The three people who have born the name of Blue Beetle are Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and Jaime Reyes.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

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The Reach are an ancient race of cosmic marauders who built bio-armor that act on a hive mind. When defeated by Green Lantern Corp ages ago and forced into a truce, the Reach secretly deployed Infiltrator unit across the universe. One such unit came to Earth around the time of Pharaohs, damaged yet revered as the sacred Scarab. First found by Dan Garret, who gave it to his student Ted Kord for safe keeping. But the Scarab ends up in an unused lot in El Paso, Texas. The Scarab was discovered by a teenager and Batman fan named Jaime Reyes, later activating itself to form a symbiosis with Reyes. But as the damaged Scarab was no longer part of the hivemind, it developed a mind of its own and allowed Jaime to retain control of his body. This enables Jaime to become the superhero Blue Beetle.

Death Battle Info[]

Blue Beetle's arsenal revolve around the Scarab, which grants the user a number of powers dependent on his imagination: These usually include constructing certain objects through nanotechnology, transform parts of the armor into different forms like plasma cannons, maces, or drills, and sprout wings and rocket boosters for flight. The suit is built with a variety of sensor systems, detecting a number of people or detecting if someone is lying, hologram projectors, translation system, and able to interface with any technology of Reach origin. The suit also grants the wearer enhanced strength and durability to apparently resist a bomb blast strong enough to blow up a mountain.


  • An Artificial Intelligence created by the Reach as a living weapon to bond with an inhabitant of a world making them a hero and then use them as a tool of conquest
  • Became independent when exposed to ancient earth magic in Egypt
  • Adopted its serial number; Khaji Da as its name
  • Offers Jaime resistance from telepaths
  • Can act on its own accord if Jamie is incapacitated
  • Can hack into any computer and disable security cameras
  • Can produce Tachyons which disrupts time travel

Standard Abilities[]

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Healing Factor
  • Flight
  • Environmental Protection
  • Energy Absorption
    • Feeds on Livewire's energy
    • Can absorb the energy of a planet destroying weapon
  • Armor Reconfiguration
  • Sensor Array
  • Translation
  • Waste Disposal
  • Can temporarily stop Jamie's heart

Offensive Tech[]

  • Extendable claws
  • Can create melee weapons from both hands
    • Bladed weapons
    • Spiked Mace
    • Drills
  • Plasma Cannons
  • Can produce nukes
  • Cryo-blaster
  • Neural scramblers
  • Beetle Drones
  • Different armor settings, including Speed and Strength modes
  • Large Hardon Collider
  • Strong Force Disruptor
  • Implicate Order Annihilation field
  • Can create weapons that are powerful enough to destroy a planet

Defensive Tech[]

  • Can project bubble shields over himself and others around him
  • Can create forcefields, not even the Flash can vibrate through
  • Wing Shields
  • Able to create countermeasures against any opponent
    • Can produce Kryptonite radiation


  • Member of the Teen Titans
  • Was mentored by Batman
  • Stopped a flying truck with one hand
  • Is able to match Starro who is powered by five Sinestro Corp Rings
  • Survived a fall from orbit
  • Is able to attack intangible opponents 
  • Infected and destroyed OMAC Prime, who had previously absorbed the powers of most of the Justice League including Wonder Women and Captain Atom
  • Scarab knows how to permanently kill The Bottom Feeder, a being who is cursed by the Presence to never die 
  • Defeats Doctor Polaris by negating his magnetic powers 
  • While under control of the Reach he was able to imprison the entire Young Justice Taskforce sent to the War World with the exception of Arsenal
  • Tanked hits from Lobo
  • Despite being weak against magic was able to disrupt a spell cast by Eclipso, the literal Wrath of God
    • Was able to endure hours worth of torture in just a second and a half after disrupting the cast
  • Is so fast that it looks like he is in three places at the same time
  • The Scarab calculated that it could survive an explosion that destroyed Mount Justice
  • Is able to harm Typhoon, a being composed of wind
  • Dodges a Tachyon blast
  • Was the only one that could hold his own against Black Beetle even in a weakened state
  • Defeats Parasite, who is able to absorb his opponent's powers
  • Heals from an energy weapon Max Lord designed specifically to harm the Scarab
  • Destroyed Red Volcano
  • Defeats and cures Blood Beetle


  • Being a teenager, Jamie is relatively inexperienced 
  • Unable to interface with any technology originating from Apokolips or New Genesis.
  • Can be deactivated by magic
  • Sometimes the Scarab has a hard time distinguishing allies from foes and will try and kill them against Jamies' intentions
  • Ironically the Scarab is completely fine with wanting to kill humans but doesn't want to harm nature
  • May look like he's insane when he's arguing with the Scarab because it can only be heard by Jaime
  • Has trouble controlling the Scarab if it believes it's in danger
  • If the Scarab is removed from Jamie's body then he will die
  • Unable to harm the Spectre