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Blossom: We're the Powerpuff Girls.
Buttercup: We fight crime.
Blossom: That's what we do.
Bubbles: Duh.

~ The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey See, Doggie Do/Mommy Fearest

Blossom is the main protagonist from the Cartoon Network television series, The Powerpuff Girls.

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Battles Royale

With the Powerpuff Girls

Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents

With Bubbles and Buttercup


Death Battle Info


  • Age: 5
  • Height: Unknown
  • Occupation: The Superhero of Townsville



  • Destroyed a planet busting meteor shower with ease
  • Once Mojo Jojo turned his observatory atop the volcano into a floating weapons platform. Blossom grabbed it and after swinging it a few times to build momentum, tosses it into space
  • Blossom hit a skyscraper and the higher section of the building falls, so she has to grab it and put it back in place
  • Fights monsters all the time


  • Can tank hits from The Rowdyruff Boys who are as strong as if not stronger than the girls
  • Don't seem to be particularly vulnerable to any kind of brute force attacks
  • Bulletproof
  • Townsville volcano and diving through the lava all the way down to Earth's molten planetary core
    • taking direct hits from giant monsters and the like
  • Can tank a nuke
  • Dipped in acid and Blossom comments "What do you know? Acid can't hurt us!"

Speed and Reflexes

  • Easily FTL+
  • Traveled so fast they went back in time
  • Flew to the nearest asteroid belt in a few seconds
  • Runs so fast, can create earthquakes
  • Delivered all of Santa's presents in part of a night
  • Dodged Lasers
  • Casually reacts to thing being thrown at her

Advanced Intelligence and Knowledge

  • Expert leadership skills
  • Apt planning skills
  • Master strategist
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Quick thinking


Eye Lasers/Heat Rays

  • Fire the lasers with enough accuracy to remove the bread crust from a pile of sandwiches without causing any damage to the sandwiches
  • Buttercup once used her eyebeams to vaporize the falling cage of the class pet without harming the hamster inside
  • Vaporized of most of an asteroid after a combined eyeblast of several seconds
  • Heat vision vaporized an entire lake in less than two minutes. (Though the exact size of the lake is unknown to us, it is worth remembering that in order to vaporize a 10x10x10 meters cube of water you need over half a kiloton of energy. All things considered, this feat puts the energy output of the PPGs heat vision in the level of low-yield nuclear weapons, at the very least.)

Power Punches

  • In a few instances individuals empowered with Chemical X have generated energy auras around their fists in order to increases the damage caused by her physical attacks

Hand Blasts

  • Though not used as often as heat vision, the PPGs have also often shown the ability to fire energy beams from their hands, but the hand beams lack the high end feats of the heat vision rays

Lightning Bolts

  • Isn't that pretty shocking right

Ice Breath

  • Is able to freeze a big ass meteor

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Microscopic vision
  • Intuitive aptitude
  • Danger Sense
  • Cloning
  • Fire Aura
  • Water Morphing
  • Self-Shrinking
  • Electric Forcefield
  • Thunder Clap
  • Fire-Eating


  • Destroyed a planet busting meteors
  • Saved the world on many occasions
  • Townsville's heroes
  • One of the strongest superheroes in their universe
  • The smartest out of the three Powerpuff Girls
  • Have taken down the likes of Him, Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess, and The Rowdyruff Boys
  • FTL+
  • Can breath in outer space
  • Saved Santa's presents from not being delivered on time


  • All of the Powerpuff Girls have shown a complete weaknesses to fly-paper
  • While can endure extreme temperatures, such as lava. But they are still vulnerable to extreme exposure of sunlight, which affects them similar to how ordinary people are affected. They can handle much greater exposure than regular humans though.
  • Blossom is afraid of not being there enough for everyone, not showing good enough leadership qualities, failing in class, etc. This can make her self confidence quite vulnerable at times.
  • Antidote X
  • Neat freak
  • Seasons 5-6
  • Can have trouble adapting to new changes in the fight
  • Usually relies on teamwork