• The Golden Moustache


    January 22, 2020 by The Golden Moustache

    Rottingbody is a villain of Golden Moustache,he was created by one of the remains of Hypnoticus after he was deleted from existence.


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  • CowHeadGod

    totally didn't steal this idea for Nercomercer 

    Hey, Y'all, It's been a long time since I was fully active, This year I'd decided to revamp my quality and quantity of my fights. So this year I'll be trying (emphasis on trying) to make 1 fight even month which means this year I'd be able to release twelve high-quality battles. Also this year I'm doing the same to my One-shot series (where I make a fight under 24 hours/in one edit) but instead of releasing a fight every month I'll follow a bi-monthly schedule starting from March.  Some Characters that are gonna be included this season:

    •  Noob Saibot
    • Saitama
    • The Knight (Hollow Knight)
    • Mega Man
    • John Wick
    • Flowey
    • Henry Stickmin
    • etc.

    ~~ I hope you enjoy my upcoming fights

    Anyways here's a hint of what's to co…

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  • The Golden Moustache

    Infinite Darkness.

    There have been many Sonic villains in the franchise,but these two,are quite mysterious,cruel,and sadistic,but who will win if we were to put them against each other? The Killer of Sonic,or The User of the Phantom Ruby?

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  • Morning Star TM

    Feat happens here:

    To know how much energy is used, i will use the full image of the arena. Just ignore the other lines ans the blue one, since this one will be the most important one:

    According to another calculation from Vs Battles Wiki, the silver ring that has the blue pixel line is 30.817 m in diameter.

    30.817/241 = 0.13 m/px.

    Arena = 1228 px = 159.64 m.

    Radius of arena = 79.82 m.

    Energy output of the earthquake = (earthquake energy on planet)* (4*pi*(radius of arena)^2 / pi*(radius of planet)^2) = (earthquake energy on planet)* (4*pi*(79.82)^2 / pi*(6371000)^2) = (earthquake energy on planet)* (80095.5/1.3e14) = (earthquake energy on planet) * 6.161192307692e-10

    When Yang created that earthquake, it caused a vol…

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  • Morning Star TM

    Feat in this thread:

    In the thread above, Ruby's lifting strength was calculated at this rate, but what those in Vs Battles Wiki forgot to do was to calculate the Kinetic Energy from it.

    So, i will do it here.

    Mass = 229265.791612 kg.

    Speed Ruby moved = 7349.59253 m/s (Via scaling to Weiss, who can move at these speeds:

    K.E = 6192070000000 Joules = 1.48 Kilotons of TNT (Small Town Level)

    This is pretty consistent with other feats. Not to mention that the later volumes have upgraded RWBY verse into City Level via scaling to Half-Maiden Cinder afterwards in other volumes.

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  • Killer-Crimson12

    Jago VS Garnet

    After a week of hard work, I finally completed this! I hope you all enjoy it, because I sure did when making it! 

    (Also I'm probably gonna be taking a quick break before working on Brandon VS Dominator)

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  • Necromercer

    2020 Fight Schedule

    January 21, 2020 by Necromercer

    No, it can't be. A fight schedule for 2020 that get's announced on the 20th of January? It's a conspiracy!

    Hey, Nero here! In all seriousness, I'm releasing all of the fights for this year. Please leave any roots and bets in the comments, and remember the order of these fights is not final. that being said, this one WILL be the first fight of the year.

    All right, yeah, it's an OC vs OC match up. But I've been meaning to get this thing done for quite sometime, and it's finally gonna get done. Anyway, the basic synopsis for this one? Heroic Human monster hybrid OCs.

    Yeah, I just can't stray all that far from Capcom, can I? Anyway, this Is a Fight between two of the most powerful beings to digital world has to offer.

    Vampire vs Vampire Hunter. Bo…

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  • Walker21232123

    Note: this match up, is Just a joke, don't hate on vsbattle wiki or Antvasima.

    Wiz: he is born on death battle fanon wiki.

    Broomstick: what is fanon?

    Wiz: fanon is a fan made thing get made

    Broomstick: sound like a good place to puns

    Wiz: he was a chat mod, but in time he become Head Bureaucrat

    Broomstick: he got a pet frog called froggy

    Wiz: Froggy can destroy Houses.

    Broomstick: as chat mod, he can chat banned users

    Wiz: he got a ban gun

    Broomstick: it chould ban 5 user in 5 minture

    Wiz: he fought many foes like Hackers, Sockpuppets, and sonic.EXE.

    Broomstick: big can't not beat sonic.EXE in his base form.

    Wiz: but in his Super Sayian form, he kill sonic. EXE

    Broomstick: in Super Sayian form, he can fly, go into dream, a get a 100000 power boster.


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  • RatedMforMario

    |-|Mazinger Z=

    Mazinger Z, piloted by Koji Kabuto, is the titular main protagonist of the series of the same name. It and it's pilot will appear in the sixteenth episode of RM!DB and Season 4 Premiere, Mazinger Z VS RX-78-2 Gundam where they will fight against the RX-78-2 Gundam and it's pilot Amuro Ray.
    • Mazinger Z is the second Shueisha character in RM!DB after Bardock, with the next four being Seras Victoria, Jotaro Kujo, Jean Pierre Polnareff, and Joseph Joestar.

    The RX-78-2 Gundam, piloted by Amuro Ray, is the titular main protagonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. It and it's pilot will appear in the sixteenth episode and Season 4 Premiere, Mazinger Z VS RX-78-2 Gundam where they will fight against Mazinger Z and it's pilot, Koji Kabuto.
    • Gun…

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  • RatedMforMario


    Dave Lizewski, AKA Kick-Ass, is the titular main protagonist of the series of the same name. He will appear in the eleventh episode and Season 3 Premiere of RM!DB, where he will fight against Scott Pilgrim from the series of the same name.
    • Kick-Ass is the first Image Comics character in RM!DB, with the next one being Spawn.
    • He is the second comic book character that isn't from Marvel nor DC, after Scott Pilgrim, with the next one being Spawn.
    • He is the third combatant to fight against a returning one, after Link and Daredevil, with the next two being Adam Strange and Jibanyan.

    Bardock is an antagonist from the Dragon Ball series. He will appear in the twelfth episode of RM!DB, where he will fight against Darth Vader from the Star Wars ser…

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