• Segakid451 2.0

    Sonic VS Sword Art Online. Speed. A trait that these two combatants share, only one can prove that they've mastered it in a DEATH BATTLE!

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  • Walker21232123

    My TN

    March 30, 2020 by Walker21232123

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  • Segakid451 2.0

    I'm back!

    March 30, 2020 by Segakid451 2.0

    Hey, Segakid451 here. I've decided to return to the wiki 'cos I got rather bored without it. Just an update saying that I've matured a lot over the past year away. I've been decided to come back now that I'm more ready to be active here, and I'm hoping I can leave the stupid things I've said in the past behind me.

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  • Commander Ghost

    Slade (Teen Titans) VS Shredder (2012) is a What-If? DEATH BATTLE featuring Slade from the Television Series Teen Titans and the Return of the Shredder from the Television Series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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  • RoadRollerDio


    Nothing but pure darkness.

    This was the void left after the clash between Commander Ghost and Big the cat 10, something that not even the multiverse, no, the omniverse could handle.

    Life had been recreated once more, and one of these creations of the second Big Bang was a god known as... The Killer.

    To determine who lived and who died in his multiverse, The Killer brought forth between two and twelve combatants every day, and watched them fight to the death. Of course, even he had to abide by the DBF rules, but it was all for a good reason.

    Today he was bringing forward four godly beings, each having something to do with Vectors. The tales of these four and their powers had spread throughout the land, and had intrigued the mad god int…

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  • The Golden Moustache

    Mephiles vs Dimentio is a What If? DEATH BATTLE! made by The Golden Moustache,it has Mephiles the Dark from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise going against Dimentio from the Paper Mario franchise.

    Golden: Heroes are always there to save the day,the bad guys then go to jail,or to another place where they'll come back again and cause more trouble...

    Freddy: Just to get their butt kicked again,but what if the villains actually managed to kill the heroes?

    Golden: Mephiles the Dark,the Killer of Sonic and Shadow's Shadow,and also the dark half of Solaris.

    Freddy: And Dimentio,the clown themed reality warper,he's Golden and i'm Freddy the frog,and it's our job to analyze their weapons,armour,and skills to find out who would win in a DEATH BATTLE!

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  • Cenus9548

    Alright so I might as well get this out i will be changing different platforms since for the past few months I've been using my phone so I'll switch to my computer now with the username of sharkboy 305 since I've been using that way more and is better

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  • Ragnafan33Productions

    Match sale

    March 27, 2020 by Ragnafan33Productions

    Oh hi, I'm gonna do this as a match sale, and I'm gonna sell matches to see if anyone wants these.

    Connection: People that became Universal gods.

    Who do I think wins: In a very close fight, I say Sailor Moon takes it. She's faster, and can just Nuke Shulk's concept, and has pretty much the same AP as Shulk. She'd probably just nuke the concept of the Manado.

    Connection: Uh, overpowered characters?

    Who I think wins: Probably Superman. I only adopted it to prevent it from being deleted tbh.

    That's about it, and I know it was short, but that's all I had.

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    this research is taking too long so we are just gonna guess who wins i am sorry

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  • Cyberman18

    More Ideas Requests

    March 26, 2020 by Cyberman18

    Hey, Guys. It's me, Cyberman18, again. I have more Death Battle ideas that I would like to share with you:

    • The Soldier (Team Fortress 2) vs. Warthog (Twisted Metal).
    • Optimus Prime vs. Mega Man X.
    • Original Sinister Six Battle Royale.
    • Poison Ivy vs. Palmon.
    • Liu Kang vs. Metal Man.
    • Falco Lombardi vs. Starscream.
    • Hammerhead (One Punch Man) vs. Hammerhead (Marvel Comics).
    • Electro vs. Livewire.
    • Heavy vs. Hound (Transformers).
    • Patrick Star vs. King Hippo.
    • Sagat vs. Mr. Sandman.

    Let me know which Idea you think is best and which Ideas you would like me to make!

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