• MaverickHunterSilver

    Death Battle Blog: Season 1, Episode 1: You've seen some of them race, now watch most of them kill each other. The famous supercars of the many eras of Batman come together in an all out battle to determine which is the best Bat vehicle, but only one is truly the greatest.

    Aqua: The Batmobile. A essential to Batman ever since day one, this car has seen many interpretations over the years.

    Octo: But while you've seen a no research race between a few of them, how about a researched battle between most of them? The 1966 Batmobile, Adam West's trusty all round vehicle.

    Aqua: The Burton Batmobile, Michael Keaton's legendary aerodynamic machine.

    Octo: The DCAU Batmobile, the enhanced animated version of the 80's vehicle.

    Aqua: The Batmobile Beyond, T…

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  • Cartoonfan12345

    William Afton VS Alfred Drevis is a What-If Death Battle written by Cartoonfan12345 as an experimental Death Battle, pitting William Afton from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise against Alfred Drevis from the game Mad Father.

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  • MaverickHunterSilver

    So, seeing as part of the reason why I didn't get on with finishing fights was because I was getting really bored of researching and writing the same way over and over again. So, to give myself more creative freedom and to keep things fresh, I have decided to give myself separate shows for my Death Battles.

    • Presenters: Tangle the Lemur and Jewel the Beetle

    Description: Your typical Death Battle show. Everything is done like it would be on the show itself, but to my liking (longer fights, longer analysis, non-Wiz and Boomstick presenters etc.) These episodes take longer to write than the other shows, so to fill the gap in the actual series' development we have...

    • Presenters: Aqua and Octo

    Description: Death Battle Blasts are very similar to Dea…

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  • MaverickHunterSilver

    Just showing that all fights in my old category (I've linked to the category below) are up for adoption. However, I have some rules...

    • If you want to adopt an episode, I'd like it if you could ask first, because there are some fights that I still most likely have interest in, such as Archie Sonic vs Medaka Kurokami for example.
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  • Cyberman18

    What do you think of this idea? Sonic the Hedgehog vs Jeremy Clarkson

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  • Zanybrainy2000

    The Peacekeeper, also known as the Player, is the main protagonist of the Roblox game Arcane Adventures - one of three videogames in Vetexgames' Arcane Trilogy.

    |-|Spoiler-free= WARNING: The following tab will reveal the numbers of wins and losses for the following character. Read at your own risk. |-|Spoiler= Battle Record

    • Wins: 0
    • Losses: 0
    • Draws: 0

    The Peacekeeper was originally an average peasant living around the year 1051 without the innate ability to use magic powers. However, at the same time, Durza and Theos were at conflict with one another due to Durza's attempts to attack Theos' home village, Oberon. Theos had become powerful to the extent where he could defeat Durza - even to the point where he not only singlehandedly defeated his undead…

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  • The Golden Moustache

    The Wario Apparition is a well known meme from conspiracy theories that every copy of Mario 64 is personalized.

    It is said the Wario Apparition is made by the subconscious desires / wishes to see Wario in Super Mario 64.

    What it does varies player to player,but it usually is reported to chase the player down the hall,while chomping and laughing.

    The Wario Apparition is known to cause hallucinations and stroke like effects,if the player encounters the Wario Apparition,they should turn off the console.

    Other theories talk about how the Wario Apparition is an unfinished Wario boss,which the AI that governs Mario 64's personalization took it and reformed it for those looking for a challenge.

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  • Im secretly batman

    Do you think it would be possible to become Batman in real life? If so, what would he be like?

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  • MaverickHunterSilver

    Thought I might do a follow up to my Q&A back when I was RoadRollerDio, because as the title says, why the hell not?

    So, ask me anything, as long as it's not too personal.

    Edit: Also, nothing related to why I changed my name and all. That's something I prefer to leave far behind.

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  • SilverStream Comics

    Okay, so, I'm doing this. Wow. I have reached peak boredom. I was just sitting in my room, my brain wouldn't let me fall asleep so I was binge watching s**tty Netflix Movies and then I drifted to Youtube and started watching Death Battles and thought, hey, I like this series, and I have some ideas, so I'ma just post him, so here you go, I'm gonna try to think of 5 Ideas, but some will be a bit generic.

    So, I know this is a stomp for Izuku, but just think about it for like 1 second. These two had no abilities, no powers, until their life was really put on the line and they unlocked it, well, not really Izuku, but still, this battle has a lot of connections that could make it look awesome. 

    Also, this isn't maybe a complete stomp, if that make…

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