• Bluefitr101


    July 19, 2019 by Bluefitr101

    Hey there I’m new here ask be nice to me please be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you but if you are mean well i like to talk to so be nice to me Erza Scarlet 13:38, July 19, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Migue79

    My Written Battle Rules

    July 19, 2019 by Migue79

    These are the rules and parameters that my Battles will follow. These are all made to ensure Battles are as flexible, unrestricted and fair as possible. They also make what would be considered stomps into more decisive matches. They are as follows:

    1. Combatants have no prior knowledge of each other, unless otherwise specified.

    2. To ensure a fair fight, all combatants will start to fight in Neutral Territory (meaning no battle will start off in any of the combatants' universes), unless otherwise specified.

    3. Plot-Induced Stupidity and/or Character-Induced Stupidity will be disregarded, unless otherwise specified.

    4. Combatants will be kept in-character, unless otherwise specified.

    5. All combatants' maximum potential will be examined, unless otherwise spe…

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  • The Irish VS Writer

    Okay, so lads I rewatched Spider-Man 2099 vs Batman Beyond (Liked the episode there was some issues with the result but ultimately I agree) and something caught my attention and really annoyed me, The number of comments of people talking about the length of the animation like it's a bad thing. This just annoyed me as I feel like people don't understand how hard it is to animate a coherent animation that looks as slick as it did in the episode, Another episode where this happens was Ben 10 vs Green Lantern, which I couldn't get because I thought it was the second-best animation in Death Battle history, And people just focus too hard on how Ben died and label it as bad! Like lads, I have done animations in my day and they are an incredible p…

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  • Sharaku Jr.

    It's Time...

    July 18, 2019 by Sharaku Jr.

    First of all...thank you all. It's been great being here. Don't worry, I'm not leaving the wiki. Hell, I think this wiki is so fun, I might even stay here after I'm done writing fights. No, that's not what this is about.

    I've said stuff about myself. I've quietly revealed my name. But Kennethgriffith before me, I have show my face.

    "Sharaku, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?? This is da internet! This is a terrible idea!" I hear you saying. But I think I need to do this. I..I just feel compelled. But before I do, I wanna thank you all.

    Thanks to..



    Commander Ghost

    Big the cat 10


    Just Some Minor






    Modnar Resu




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  • Migue79

    Greetings, everyone!

    Welcome to my blog meant for debating the results of any of my Death Battles that I write, or any matchup that you want my input on (it can be Death Battles done by Death Battle, Rewind Rumble, Animation Rewind, etc.).

    However, I would appreciate if you could follow the rules provided by the DBF wiki. With that said, enjoy your stay here and I'm excited to receive your arguments! :D

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  • Zinniax-13

    The title says all, i'm going to be going on vacation starting tomorrow, so expect me to be gone for at lease 11 days. Have a nice day everyone!

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  • The Irish VS Writer

    Batman Beyond vs Scarlet Spider is a Death Battle by The Irish VS Writer

    Season 1 Episode 12! Marvel Comics vs DC Comics! The future of a superhero's legacy is cloning, But which clone of Batman and Spider-Man who took up the legacy will win a Death Battle?

    (Wiz and Boomstick)

    Wiz: Spider-Man and Batman, Eternal Rivals and icons of two of the most popular comic companies in the world: Marvel and DC Comics!

    Boomstick: Yeah and these guys aren't gonna be heroes forever, Someday they need to hang up the cowl and costume, And thankfully their clones will take up their mantles, So which one is the stronger of the two.

    Wiz: Ben Reilly - The Scarlet Spider!

    Boomstick: And Terry McGuinness - The Batman of Beyond, He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

    Wiz: And it's…

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  • XxmlgramenxX


    July 17, 2019 by XxmlgramenxX

    The playstation 3 is probably the most underated console of all time.

    The playstation 1 was the first console to use the dvd platform, the ps 2 was ground breaking and the ps3 has possibly the best games ever on it.

    I am an all console player and a pc gamer but the ps3 is still my favorite console for 3 reasons

    1.) The transition from Ps2 to Ps3 was huge, You had a online system where you could talk to other people, you had an online store, and a whole bunch of crazy stuff that was new

    2.)This one is personal but it was the first console i bought on my own and its where i came up with my username that im 1 to lazy to change and 2 had this for 13 years so why change it

    3.) of course the games were amazing, You had God Of War, Uncharted, Ratchet …

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  • EmperorDedede

    Lol u though that I wasn't going to make this fight, but It was I, WA WA HEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Thumbnails Are Appreciated

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  • Manchitas777

    Hey everyone, my name is Manchitas 777 but you can call me Mayhew “Mays” Lambert or whatever the hell you want to call me (I’ll even take Disappointment at this point).

    So as you can tell, Scout vs Bibi is taking longer than it should have, hell its way past the five days mark. I’m sorry to have disappointed anyone who was hoping I would finish on time but as you know, life gets in the way of things and it ironically makes living even more difficult. To be honest I’m not sure why I’m writing this, maybe its the last thing I’ll ever write on the internet or maybe I’ll just disappoint even more people for not doing what I should have done years ago or maybe no one will notice and I’ll just fade away like the dead man I am.

    To put it bluntly, I…

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