King Clab King Clab 3 days ago

A Trip to a Super Market

I was on my phone Reading a Battle on my Phone. I was also Walking to the Super Market as well. (Bad Idea, Don't do this) By just Walking and looking at my Phone I made it to the Super Market!

So I went to the Dairy Part of the store to get some milk, This was also the last Bottle of Milk I was about to grab it but......Some Random Person Pushed me into the Floor and Grabed it before I could! Now I don't have milk for my cerial, Cookies, and Other Things!

This is the Story why King Clab does not go to the store anymore, My Roomate does all the Shopping now.

By: King Clab

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TheVoidofDrawings TheVoidofDrawings 3 days ago

What battle should I do for my birthday?

Today on April 9th marks the day of my birth! For this occasion, I wanna be nice and let you guys decide. What battle should I do?

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The Irish VS Writer The Irish VS Writer 3 days ago

Deku vs Mob

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 Deku
  • 4 Mob
  • 5 Intermission
  • 6 Battle
  • 7 Results
  • 8 Bonus

My Hero Academia vs Mob Psycho 100! With immense power these two not only defeat evil but help people around them. But when both reach 100% who will be the last one standing?

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PitTheSwordmaster PitTheSwordmaster 3 days ago

Zuko vs Todoroki

  • 1 Things to note before starting
  • 2 Interlude
  • 3 Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • 4 Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)
  • 5 Ad Break
  • 6 Fight
  • 7 Results
  • 8 Soundtrack
  • 9 Additional Notes
  • 10 Calc Citations
  • 11 Trivia

This blog is a carry over of a fanmade fight I created on the Death Battle wiki back in August before the official episode debuted (link here). Also I'll admit it ain't the best researched but I'm too lazy to make any changes to it now so shut.

(* Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

Wiz: There are many things that can change us and allow us to mature as individuals, but few things can truly make or break a person's outlook on life as much as cold, hard revenge.

Boomstick: Or in this case, fiery, hot revenge.

Wiz: Prince Zuko, heir to the throne of the Fire Nation an…

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Friendlysociopath Friendlysociopath 6 days ago

Gilgamesh (Fate) vs Puck (OC)

I suddenly have more free time and the normal website I spend it on may have been damaged via a server fire so might as well put a hunk of that free time into finishing this battle that I started writing... yep over a year ago.

Well- here it goes. It's not a proper Deathbattle so it won't have Wiz, Boomstick, or that stupid match character.


Gilgamesh found himself looking from afar at what appeared to be a young man in the prime of his life. Aside from his style of dress and the purest white hair he did not appear unusual- yet it could not be denied that he was out of the ordinary without any question or doubt.

The King of Uruk had a place for every man, woman, and child within his kingdom. No matter if they were the lowliest slave or highes…

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Zacisawesome101 Zacisawesome101 6 days ago

Superman Prime 1 Million vs Akihiro Dragoscale

Sponsored by Blue Apron!

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Interlude
  • 3 Superman Prime 1 Million
  • 4 Akihiro Dragoscale
  • 5 Intermission
  • 6 Death Battle
  • 7 Conclusion

DC vs The Dragon King's Son! Next time on DEATH BATTLE! By popular request, we're putting in SuperSaiyan2Link's character, Akihiro Dragoscale. He's going to be fighting Superman Prime 1 Million, if you want to sign up for a free trial of Blue Apron-!

Counter: Woah, are we finally doing this?

Kaiya: Yes we are! Superman Prime 1 Million, the Kal-El with a 15,000 year long sun dip!

Damien: And Akihiro Dragoscale! The bane of Mephistopheles and the youngest child of the Dragon King!

Hannah: To make this fair, we will be taking Akihiro from both official and unreleased media.

Counter: I'm Counter and these are my partners Damie…

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El Luigi Numbuh 1! El Luigi Numbuh 1! 7 days ago

Archie Eggman VS Lex Luthor

Archie Eggman VS Lex Luthor is a Fanmade DEATH BATTLE!, Written by El Luigi Numbuh 1!, Featuring Archie Eggman from Sonic The Hedgehog's Archie Comics against Lex Luthor from DC Comics.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 Archie Eggman
  • 4 Lex Luthor
  • 5 Intermission
  • 6 FIGHT!!!!!
  • 7 Results
  • 8 Advantages And Disadvantages
  • 9 Next Time
  • 10 SoundTrack
  • 11 Trivia

SEGA VS DC COMICS!, Which Villain for an Overpowered Comic Character (Sonic and Superman) who is Blue, has Near-Unlimited Amount for Speed, and potential of having unlimited amount of power for disposal, both of this Heroes having a rivalry well known and they has villains which are also rivals for them (Mario for Sonic, Goku for Superman. Bowser is the rival from Eggman and Frieza is the rival from Lex Luthor). This Vi…

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The Lone Reploid The Lone Reploid 9 days ago

Essay: Why Bee Movie is bad

It's a movie about fricken' bees man!

The end

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Mr.TreeTheSecond Mr.TreeTheSecond 10 days ago

For the badge

I just need to do this for a badge

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SuperSaiyanGodGanon SuperSaiyanGodGanon 10 days ago

Young Ganon: Pilot Episode

  • 1 Description
    • 1.1 Ganon
    • 1.2 Ratsus
    • 1.3 Vegeta "Grand Tour"
    • 1.4 Cyber Akuma
    • 1.5 Twelve
    • 1.6 About Chuck Lorre
    • 1.7 The Super Soldier That Came To Dinner
  • 2 Next Time!
    • 2.1 ???

This is the Pilot Episode of a brand new ongoing series! Young Ganon starts at 8PM, 7PM Central, only on ABC!

Ganon is the loving husband of Ratsus. He's funny and kooky all the time, but when things go wrong, his laughter turns into anger! He quite enjoys reading and games, including Visual Novels and Fighting Games! He possesses magical abilities, such as summoning any kind of Gunblade in fiction, and shooting fireballs! However... Ganon comes home one night and he finds a shocking truth!

Ratsus is the loving wife of Ganon. She's gentle and kind, and has zero flaws to her whatsoever. She wor…

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