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Street Fighter vs Pokemon! Two fiery combatants with fierce kicks and even hotter fire will face off to see who shines the brightest! Who will it be, the master of the Ansatsuken art and adversary to Ryu, or the Blaze Pokemon from the Hoenn reigon?

Ken Masters vs Blaziken
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date April 20th, 2020
Written by Datamari
Directed by Datamari
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N/A Conker vs Rocket Raccoon


Koopa: Fire.  An element that no matter how used, it will one hundred percent bring destruction to everything it comes across.

Neo: And these two will use both the fire within themselves and the fire within their fists to see which one is the better man… or chicken.

Bubbles: Ken Masters, the American martial artist from Street Fighter.

Koopa: And Blaziken, the flaming feather of Pokemon.

Neo: He’s Koopa, she’s Bubbles, and I’m Neo!

Koopa: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skill to find out who would win…

Koopa, Bubbles and Neo: A DEATH BATTLE!

Ken Masters[]

Bubbles: Born to an American father and Japanese mother, the former of the two just so happening to be a rich hotel tycoon, young Ken Masters was spoiled rotten.

Neo: Seeing that his son might grow up to become a douchebag like 90% of rich kids do, Ken’s father sent him to Japan to train in martial arts under the legendary Gouken.  There, he met his lifelong partner, Ryu.  No, they didn’t go out, but… y’know, now that I mention it…

Koopa: Ken and Ryu would be two of Gouken’s greatest students, mastering the art of Ansatsuken, otherwise known as the Assassin’s Fist.  Though this wasn’t the original art, as Gouken uses a non-lethal variant that primarily utilizes karate, kenpo and judo.

Bubbles: The two would end up training for over a decade, and Ken would return to America to compete in the U.S Martial Arts Tournament.

Neo: And he kicked ass!  So much ass he settled down with a woman named Eliza.  Heh, and now I don’t know who I’m more attracted to.

Bubbles: Proud of his accomplishments, Ken returned to Gouken's dojo to tell him the good news. There was just... one problem.

Neo: Yeah, just so happens some crazy dude with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos hair killed Gouken.  Grief-stricken by his master’s death, Ken seeked vengeance, and eventually came face to face with the Raging Demon himself, Akuma… and promptly got his ass handed to him.

Koopa: From there, Ken and Ryu would continue to roam the world and enter multiple World Warrior tournaments to put Gouken’s teachings to good use.  Being a user of Ansatsuken, Ken has access to many signature moves, like the blast of ki known as the Hadoken, the spinning kick known as the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, and the rising uppercut known as the Shoryuken.

Neo: But Ken has a special variant of the Shoryuken, allowing him to add a fiery effect and attack with multiple hits, and the Shinryuken is a series of kicks ended with an even stronger Shoryuken!  Finally, his Guren Senpukyaku has Ken do a series of Tatsumakis, ending with a strong kick!

Bubbles: Ken is a master of the art given to him, winning multiple martial arts tournaments and beating many powerful foes along the way.  He’s beaten people like M. Bison, Zangief, Vega, T. Hawk and Charlie Nash.  He’s fallen over 100 feet, defeated Vega in particular while he was bleeding out, can casually destroy cars, and even bested Ryu himself on occasion.  For comparison, M. Bison can survive a nuclear carpet bombing, and Zangief regularly wrestles bears and is able to lift his opponent into orbit.

Neo: Also, Ken did have help from Sakura in his fight with Bison, but he still did most of the heavy lifting.

Koopa: But despite his immense strength, Ken is not perfect.  Even though he's disciplined enough to learn a legendary martial art, he can still be cocky and overly-confident in his ability to win, which has cost him some fights.

Neo: Hell, this dude will laugh in your face if he’s that confident in a victory!  What an ass.  Still, Ken is one of the strongest users of the Ansatsuken art, and few can stand in his way when he’s at his best.

Ken: I’m ready for ya.  Bring it on!


Koopa: In the land of Hoenn, many young trainers will begin their journey to become the best Pokemon Trainer they can be with an important decision; who will be their first Pokemon?  Some will pick the fast Treecko, the sturdy Mudkip, or the strong Torchic.

Bubbles: While they might not seem like much at first with their short stature and short feathers, Torchics stand by their trainers no matter what, and will eventually evolve into a Combusken.  There, it gains the ability to fight mainly with its legs, even being able to kick ten times over the course of a second, though it still gets to use its many fire attacks.

Neo: But eventually, Combusken will evolve into its final form and it’s ultimate potential: Blaziken!

Koopa: Standing over 6 foot tall, Blaziken combines both its fire and fighting capabilities to dish out both physical and special damage with ease.  Being a dual Fire/Fighting type, he’s most effective against Normal, Grass, Steel, Bug and Ice types, even overcoming some Fire disadvantages like Rock, though he struggles against Psychic, Flying, Ground and Water types.

Neo: All Pokemon have special abilities, though Blaziken’s is kinda lame.  Blaze increases its strength when using fire moves specifically, making it often more powerful than most fully-evolved Fire type Pokemon.

Bubbles: Blazikens usually utilize moves that combine fire and speedy attacks.  Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, Fire Punch and a signature of their kind, Blaze Kick.  It can also use many stat-boosting moves like Bulk Up and Focus Attack.

Koopa: Even without fire based moves, Blaziken can still learn moves like Slash, Quick Attack and Brave Bird.  According to the Pokedex, a Blaziken can clear 30 story buildings in a single leap, which means he can jump approximately 300 feet high, meaning he has a ton of lower body strength, even being able to save someone from falling off of Prism Tower from Kalos just before they hit the ground.

Neo: Hell, in Destiny Deoxys, a trainer’s Blaziken was able to move a wind turbine by jumping on each blade repeatedly, and it ended up generating power!

Bubbles: An average Torchic’s fire can reach up to 1,800 degrees fahrenheit, so it’s safe to assume Blaziken’s fire can reach temperatures even higher.  But even with these great feats, Blazikens still have those elemental weaknesses, and their defensive stats aren’t great, essentially making them a glass cannon.

Koopa: Also, Blaziken doesn’t learn a whole lot of Special Fire moves naturally, meaning that they’ll mostly rely on close-range physical moves to get the job done.  Still, the Blaziken species are a tough bunch, and despite its unpopularity amongst the Hoenn region starters, you don’t wanna have a Pokemon battle and have your opponent send out this fiery fighter.

Blaziken: Blazi-ken!


Koopa: Alright, the combatants are set, let’s end this debate once and for all!

Neo: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!


Battle Harbor[]

At a harbor somewhere in the United States, men and women and children watched from the boats by the side a fight between the young, talented playboy martial artist, Ken Masters, and the pink-clad embarrassment to Gouken’s training, Dan Hibiki.  Dan was confident in his ability to win, taunting his opponent before the fight even started.

Dan: You’ve met your match, Masters!  Today will be the day that I, Dan Hibiki, master of the Saikyo Arts, will defeat you here and-

Before Dan could finish, Ken dashed forward and delivered a combination of punches and kicks, ending with a powerful Shoryuken, launching Dan off of the docks and into the water below.  The crowd looked in both amusement and disappointment that the fight ended so quickly.

Ken: Sorry folks, you may wanna come back next-

Kid on boat, pointing to the sky: What’s that?!

Ken looked behind him, and saw a figure leaping towards him from hundreds of feet in the air. He leapt back, and the man/thing landed in front of him, causing stalls nearby to shake.  Everyone on the dock ran to safety, while the being revealed themselves as Blaziken.

Blaziken, striking a pose: Blaze!

Ken, groaning: First the fire cat, now this?  Alright bud, let’s see what you’re made of!

Ken and Blaziken got in their fighting poses as the crowd got fired up.



Blaziken made the first move, using Quick Attack to deliver fast leg strikes.  Ken was able to parry and block them, retaliating with a series of punches and kicks, ending with a Shoryuken.  Blaziken was knocked onto his back, but got back up with a handspring.  Ken went to attack with a Hurricane Kick, but Blaziken blocked every kick and lit his talons on fire, and quickly attacked once he found an opening.  Blaziken then used Double Kick to deliver two sharp kicks to Ken’s head, launching him back into a wagon full of hay.

Blaziken jumped upwards and glowed bright red, using Brave Bird as he honed in on the wagon.  Ken comically popped his head out and shook off the hay, quickly rolling out of the wagon as Blaziken scorched the hay inside and destroyed the wagon, leaving a small crater in the stone ground.  As the Pokemon was standing, Ken jumped and pounded the back of Blaziken’s head, following up with a successful Tatsumaki, landing Ken as he finished his combo with a strong kick to the gut, causing his opponent to fly back into a building behind him.

Blaziken got up, and noticed the people around him.  Before they could run in fear, Ken appeared, and everyone’s mood changed to a cheering crowd.

Ken: This doesn’t count as animal abuse, right?

Blaziken used Ember, firing a small fire blast at Ken.  He ran around the store, Blaziken continued to use Ember, trying to catch Ken as the building began to burn.  All the customers and workers ran out, leaving the two fighters.  Ken was getting closer, and Blaziken stopped to trade punches with Ken.  The blonde fighter ended their stalemate by dodging a punch.

Ken: Try this!

Ken suddenly leapt forward with a long series of fiery spinning kicks, propping Blaziken into the air and ending with a strong kick, sending him flying across the building.  Blaziken laid there, catching it’s breath.

Ken: I’ll admit, you put up a good fight, but how about we wrap this up before it gets too messy, yeah?

Blaziken stood up and used Bulk Up, flexing his muscles, causing his body to steam.  The two clashed fists, though Ken was starting to be pushed back.  Blaziken tried to use Slash, but was caught by Ken and thrown to the ground.  Ken jumped and pounded Blaziken’s face into the ground.  He did it a second time, but on the third time, Blaziken used a handspring combined with Blaze Kick, knocking back his opponent and lightly burning his shoulder.  Ken attempted to fire a Hadoken, but Blaziken jumped over it to use Brave Bird, landing a hit on Ken and completely destroying the wooden floor below.

Blaziken hopped out of the hole, expecting to see his opponent done for.  But to his surprise, when the smoke settled, Ken stood up and huffed, holding up his fists.

Ken: I could do this all day…

Blaziken fired up his talons, ready to fight once more.  He tried to punch Ken, but he blocked every punch he tried to throw at him.  Ken reeled back and kicked Blaziken multiple times, eventually using one Shoryuken… then another… but the third one missed due to Blaziken using Slash at the last moment, causing him to bleed.  Ken tried to retaliate by kicking, but Blaziken ducked out of the way and used Sky Uppercut, launching Ken through the ceiling high into the sky.  He jumped after him, and used Hi Jump Kick as his leg glows and kicks Ken in the abdomen once again, tearing his body clean in half as one half flew off into the distance, and the other fell with Blaziken.

Blaziken looked up at the sky, then at his fist as he clutched it, and walked out of the burning building.



Neo: Oh come on, the water was right there!

Koopa: Ken had more concrete feats and arguably matched Blaziken in terms of experience, but it just wasn’t enough to outmatch nearly every other aspect.  Aside from being faster, Blaziken had a wider variety of moves at his disposal for different situations, allowing him to either overpower Ken with his fast moves or stagger him with his stronger attacks.  And while Ken’s Ansatsuken fighting style is incredibly powerful, he hasn’t shown to be as capable of its full potential when compared to someone like Ryu.

Neo: Plus, even if he has victories over some of Street Fighter’s toughest sonsofbitches, he’s lost quite a few of them due to his recklessness and lack of experience.  Even though he’s beaten people on his own with no problem, someone with Blaziken’s capabilities was just too much for him to take on alone.  Combined with an average Blaziken’s crazy lower body strength, many of its kicking moves could easily outclass some of Ken’s strongest moves.

Bubbles: Plus, Blaze allowed him to strengthen his fire attacks even beyond a standard fire type.  And being one himself certainly didn’t help Ken; in Pokemon, with the exception of Dragon types, types are resistant to themselves, meaning that Ken’s fire attacks wouldn’t have done too much damage to Blaziken in the long run.  In the end, with his wider move pool and strength, Blaziken was able to overcome Ken’s superior feats in order to claim victory.

Neo: Looks like one of Gouken’s greatest students just KEN’t keep up with this fiery Pokemon!

Koopa: The winner is Blaziken.

Next Time on Death Battle![]

Neo: Next time on Death Battle!

A castle can be seen, and a spaceship soon comes crashing near its vicinity.  A hidden figure can be seen sitting up in his bed, as well as a tail perking up.

???: Ugh, who the hell’s crashing into my house at this time of night?!

The hidden figure is seen going out to the sign of the crash, seeing a spaceship landed in his garden.

???: Goddammit!  Now I’m gonna have to pay for repairs, and it’s gonna take months just to-

Before he could finish his thought, someone climbed out of the spaceship, shaking off the excess rubble.  The two looked each other down, furrowing their brows.

Conker and Rocket: Who the hell are you?



Alternate Ending[]

Ken: I could do this all day…

Blaziken fired up his talons, ready to fight once more.  He tried to punch Ken, but he blocked every punch he tried to throw at him.  Ken reeled back and kicked Blaziken multiple times, eventually using one Shoryuken… then another… but the third one missed due to Blaziken using Slash at the last moment, causing him to bleed.  Ken quickly shot a Hadoken at Blaziken to keep him away, and ran up to him to do one more combination of Shoryukens, and the third one connected.

Ken: SHOR...



Ken rised in the air as Blaziken cried out, his neck snapped from the impact of the Shoryuken.  Ken landed and held his bleeding wounds, looking at his opponent.  He grinned as he coughed up blood.

Ken: Heh... animal control's got nothing on me...

Ken VS Blaziken
Ken VS Blaziken
Season 1
Season Episode 9
Air date 2-28-2021
Written by Cider621
Episode guide
Plankton VS Ursula
Spongebob Vs. Aquaman


  1. Martial Art experts
  2. Fire users
  3. Ken


Wiz: Fire, an element of destruction

Boomstick: And today we have two of them

Like Ken Masters, the original echo fighter

And Blaziken, the blaze Pokemon

I'm Wiz and he's Boomstick and it is out duty to analyze their weapons armor and skills to find out will win a Deathbattle


When Ken was about 12 years old, his father thought he should learn about discipline

That's what my dad did...especially after finished his beer...

O-oh...well uh...In order to do so, they sent Ken to Japan to train under Gouken.

My dad did that too except instead of me he get cigarettes...

Uhm...uh...At first, Ken was very hesitant to learn from Gouken, wanting to go back home in the US

Eventually he got used to Gouken and even his adopted son, Ryu, since he had a foil to finally pull pranks on

Ryu and Ken would later become best friends and rivals

Ken can fight on par with Ryu and we all know what he can do

He once fought off M. Bison albiet with help though he did most of the damage

Bison once blew up a city

Measuring the city we can assume the force required to destroy it was about 39.1 megatons of TNT

Hot damn

While Ken isn't that strong it does put his strength in perspective

Ken is also on par with Ryu in terms of speed

Ryu can dodge Guile's sonic attacks putting his reaction and movement speed to faster than sound

Ryu can also lift small boulders

Measuring the boulder it should weigh about 48.4 tons

Ken can also take a massive beating from Bison...Like when my dad got home...

Ken has some unique moves to himself

The Inazuma Kick An overhead axe kick that hits the victim twice

The Forward Step Kick where he steps forward and then launches a fast strong kick

The Thunder Kick Ken slightly rushes forward and does an overhead axe kick

The Chin Buster where he delivers a punch into the chest which can be followed by an uppercut to the chin, launching the victim into the air

The Lion Breaker A high roundhouse kick to the head, followed by a crescent kick which also launches the victim

The Knee Bash Ken grabs someone the delivers two knee strikes to their face and then hits them with a kick to the chin

The Hell Wheel Ken grabs someone and steps on them and pushes down, causing them to flip back and land on the ground

He also has most of Ryu's own attacks, though they also have added fire properties to them

Then there's Violent Ken

Violent Ken gains Rage Powers and can Teleport

He's stronger AND faster than before

He's nearly uncontrollable he described himself as a "desire to destroy and the desire to kill"

Ken is so bad ass

You'd better hope that if you fight Ken, he's in a friendly mood

"Come on! Let's turn up the heat!"


The world of Pokemon has several regions

And one of these regions is Hoenn, what kind of name is that?

In Hoenn new trainers can choose between one of 3 starters

And one of them is Torchic

Torchic will one day reach become Combusken and then it will grow into the fire fighting typed Blaziken

On that day no-one knew the terror of fire fighting starters

For this battle the only trainer specific thing we'll be using is Mega-evolution

Blaziken's legs are so strong it can jump 30-feet

Blaziken is comparable to other Pokemon of it's strength meaning it can feasibly lift about 18.3 tons

It also can dodge a seismic toss

Measuring how fast seismic toss is Blaziken can react to speeds faster than the speed of sound

What about when one fought fellow fire starter Charizard

Measuring how strong Seismic Toss is again Blaziken has taken them before meaning Blaziken can tank a force of 0.9 Megatons of TNT

Or it's strongest damage move being high-jump kick, which can fling Rhyhorn around

Rhyhorn's weigh 254 pounds to launch one with a mere kick would take least 254 pounds of force

What about the other moves

We'll talk about status moves it learns

So the boring ones

No they are actually quite useful

Do they hurt people?

Some do?

Do all of them?

Then they are boring

Sand Attack lowers a victims accuracy

Flame charge increases it's speed

Bulk Up increases defense and attack

Focus Energy increases it's critical hit rate

Detect allows it to see a future attack

And Feather dance allows it to lower a victims attack strength

It's ability Blaze allows it to gain a power up in fire moves when at low health

Then there's it's mega evolution

It's strength, durability and, speed rise exponentially

It's ability changes to speed boost which raises it's speed after every attack

The Blaze Pokemon is neigh unstoppable

"In battle, Baziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely this Poémon’s wrists burn"


Alright the combatants all-set and the data run through all possibilities

Let's get ready for a Deathbattle!

Combatants Ken vs Blaziken


Ken: Punches a hurt Infernape out of a boxing ring

Blaziken: Steps into the room and helping the Infernape up and jumps into the ring KEN!

Ken: Yeah that’s my name Wipes his face Are you another one of these knock-off fire fighters?

Blaziken: Gets in a fighting stance


Ken: Hadoken! Fires a hadoken

Blaziken: Fires Flamethrower to destroy

Ken: Runs up Tatsumaki Senpukyaku! Does the spinning kick

Blaziken: Caught in the attack and thrown against the ropes and jump up using aerial ace

Ken: Hit back Agh- heppu hadoken firing two at it

Blaziken: Destroys one with flamethrower the other blasting it into the corner

Ken: Runs up and starts punching it up Shoryuken! Shoryukens it jumping onto the corner pole and spike it back down with an overhead heel kick

Blaziken: Hits the floor

Ken: lands on it jumping off were easier than that pig and monkey combined

Blaziken: Growls and uses Bulk Up and gets up using Fire Punch

Ken: Flung forward and hits the other corner before turning around

Blaziken: Flame Charges into him and starts Fire Punching him over and over

Ken: Brings his head back and headbutts the chicken off him into the center of the ring Stealing my style huh? Rushes at it with flaming fist jumping up

Blaziken: Sidesteps and elbows Ken down followed by a blaze kick

Ken: Kicked out of the ring and lands in the stands Hey! That’s not legal! Grabs a busted rope and pulls it launching him back at Blaziken setting his fist ablaze

Blaziken: Blaz?- Punched out of the ring too

Ken: Jumps over launching several hadokens into it

Blaziken: Ken...Starts glowing

Ken: Yeah?

Blaziken: Uses sand attack

Ken: Ack lands next to Blaziken rubbing in eyes Not cool

Blaziken: Jumps far back and uses brave bird

Ken: Launched out of the building and lands on the street and gets up Ugh…

Blaziken: Jumps out and uses flare blitz which is powered up with Blaze

Ken: Launched again

Blaziken: Charges over with Quick Attack

Ken: Rolls out of the way and sweeps it down and gets up firing a hadoken it before picking it up delivering two knee kicks to the face and kicks its chin doing the spinning kick again fires two more hadokens jumping up and hitting it back down with a flaming punch firing another hadoken followed by a second spinning kick

Blaziken: Catches his foot and throws him into a wall hitting him with flare blitz again and bounces up and lands on him

Ken: Lays there

Blaziken: Stands over him

Ken: Gets up quick with a kick to its gut shoryukening it upward jumping up and grabbing it’s legs and grabbing it slamming it down firing hadokens at it over and over stopping when it stops moving

Blaziken: Clenches its fist and mega evolves getting up running at him with flame charge fire punching him before back flipping and using double kick on him

Ken: Gets a few punches in

Blaziken: Getting faster each attack and runs behind him and uses blaze kick jumping up and fire punching him into the ground the asphalt around then cracking the punches getting faster and faster

Ken: Catches a punch and fire punching it away getting up as Violent Ken and running up spin kicking it and shoryukening it up and jumps up fire punching it back through the wall and into the ring running back in about to hadoken it

Blaziken: Detects it and dodges

Ken: Basically sets his whole arm on fire

Blaziken: Its knee glows

They run up to each other to attack and they clash both stopping

Ken: His mouth leaks blood and he looks down its knees deep in its gut then looking at Blaziken his arm elbow deep through its torso before pulling out

Blaziken: Return to normal and falls

Ken: No problem...Falls on his back Everything hurts



Oh my god

This was a close match to call

Blaziken had greater speed for sure

But Ken had superior strength and durability like how he scales to Ryu

Blaziken scales to a much lower feat

Comparing their feats Ken is 2.6 times stronger than Blaziken

And 43.4 times more durable

And it’s not like Mega evolution could save it as Ken also has stronger form that lowers the speed gap by teleportation

With all it’s advantages gone it was only a matter of time before Ken got his killing blow

Ken was just too much for Blaziken

Looks like Ken mastered poultry

The winner is Ken Masters

Ken is the Winner

Battle Track[]

Fire Fighters

The track is called Fire Fighters because they're fighters that use fire

it's also a pun

Next Time[]

Next time on Deathbattle!

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