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Blaze VS Starfire (AgentRedhead)

Blaze VS Starfire is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by AgentRedhead, featuring Blaze the Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Starfire from DC Comics in a battle between alien princesses.





Death Battle[]


Next Time on Death Battle![]


Blaze VS Starfire is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by XarXel, featuring Blaze the Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Starfire from DC Comics


Wiz: "Blaze the Cat, princess of the Sol Dimension and guardian of the Sol Emeralds."

Boomstick: "Starfire, princess of Tamaran and kind alien of the Teen Titans."

Wiz: "The duties of a royal are regal and refined, but the tight rules have left plenty wanting more - wanting to see the world."

Boomstick: "Why stop there? How about other planets, or separate dimensions? Because the strength of these princesses are literally fire! He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!"

Wiz: "And it's our job to test their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!"

Blaze the Cat Rushes into DEATH BATTLE![]

Wiz: "Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Eggman have been battling eachother time and time again. The fight always favor towards the blue blur, and this time was gonna be no different. Sure, he says ultimate power will be in his grasp and all, but his boss battle is more pathetic than usual."

Boomstick: "Yet, even more unusual, the mech doesn't drop a Chaos Emerald, you know, the typical mystic powers Eggman would use. No, this was a Sol Emerald, which straight up looks like candy. Before he could grab it, a pillar of flames blasts out from the arrival of Sonic's counterpart... and, also Knuckles' - Blaze the Cat."

Wiz: "This isn't just some rival to Sonic like Metal Sonic or Shadow are. She comes from another dimension, the Sol dimension."

Boomstick: "Soul? Like our essence of being?"

Wiz: "No. Sol, as in the Greek word Sol, which translates into Solar. In fact, Blaze is the princess of her own kingdom, and so is the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Funny enough, she fights her own version of Eggman, named Eggman Nega."

Boomstick: "WHOA, whoa there, Wiz! You do know the Ringmaster's father is black, right?"

Wiz: "Not ni- *pauses* - the N-word, NEGA, as in negative. His latest scheme has transported both him and Blaze to Sonic's dimension, which by the logic of the Sol Dimension's name, shouldn't it be called the Chaos dimension?"

Boomstick: "Well, whatever the name, Blaze only cared about getting the Sol Emeralds back as it is her duty. And she's not called the protector of the Sol Emeralds for nothing. Like any other rival to Sonic, Blaze can match his speed of the wind, keeping up with a lot of his tricks. We've calculated Sonic's speed to be 30% the speed of light from briefly escaping a pseudo black hole."

Wiz: "But that was ages ago. In that time, we've discovered more feats of Sonic going even faster, even in games before Colors. Such feats include escaping the Arabian Nights, an entire dimension inside a book Sonic was trapped in, and he escaped just by running. But the biggest would come from his friends, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, as they reacted to Solaris' fusion, which conjures a light that consumes the universe in 23 seconds. Considering Solaris exists in all time - past, present, and future - this light would be consuming the universe 38 Quadrillion times over."

Boomstick: "This would be 2 Decillion times faster than light, a speed with 41 zeroes! With speed being dead even, Blaze would have to compete with Sonic's skills in battle, and Sonic's been able to match Eggman through such skills alone, the man with an IQ of 300! But with the power of wind on his side, Blaze needed something to combat such power, and wouldn't you know it, she has the power over fire. She can trigger high-speed twirls empowered by flames, increase the power behind her strikes, erupt giant pillars of fire, and envelop herself in flames to become an explosive meteor with enough impact power to create a crater in bedrock."

Wiz: "She's enveloped these flames into several techniques, such as the Burst Hover, creating pillars of flames to slow her decent, or the Accelerator Tornado, which propels her up by spinning horizontally and emitting flames. The Flame Claw is essentially her version of the Homing Attack, and her Fire Boost mimics Sonic's own Boost. In fact, Sonic Rush introduced the Boost formula."

Boomstick: "Ugh! Now, we know who to blame for making Sonic games so unfun!"

Wiz: "Oh, shut it. Her pyrokinesis doesn't stop with her own flame burning in her soul. Blaze can dispel columns of flame and erase beings of fire. And these aren't just any typical flames. These are from the Flames of Disaster, Iblis, the raw power of the sun god, Solaris. This being burned the entire planet, ruined its atmosphere, and left it in a state of ruins for 200 years."

Boomstick: "Hey, hey, hey, we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let's back it up. During Rush, Blaze was accompanied by Cream the Rabbit, a kind and friendly face she found annoying but eventually warmed up to. Reminds me of Shrek. Seeing Sonic's friends be so open and expressive makes Blaze lament how she wasn't allowed to be, how she was dedicated to the title of princess and Sol Emerald guardian. Through this adventure, she finds the true meaning of frie- *gags* Frie- *gags*"

Wiz: "Wow, you really don't like this righting that much?"

Boomstick: "Ack-! *spits* Ah, finally got that beer tab out! Ahem - the true meaning of friendship. Bleh! After the Rush, Blaze returns to her home dimension, and gets her own version of Cream in the form of Marine the Raccoon. So, how did she manage to enter Silver's bad future?"

Wiz: "Bad writing."

Boomstick: "Ah."

Wiz: "Regardless, this experience has bonded them together, with Blaze's veteran advice helping the naïve and emotional Silver in his dying future. I'd say their relationship is the best in 06, but it's literally Blaze's ONLY relationship in this game. In fact, this connection was so strong, even after the timeline reset, they can still work in perfect sync, something even Sonic believed just by watching them."

Boomstick: "Even before the time reset, their connection was still strong. Blaze would sacrifice herself to become Iblis' vessel, begging Silver to seal her into another dimension. She was willing to separate from him from space and time to keep Silver safe. Is it really any wonder not even a time reset couldn't break them apart? And Silver can go toe-to-toe with both Sonic AND Shadow. Weird Shadow and Blaze never interacted before (outside of Archie Comics)."

Wiz: "Blaze has enough skills and speed to keep up with the best of the Morbians around, including Emerl. While she never fought him, Sonic before before meeting Blaze, even after he absorbed enough Chaos energy to power the Final Egg Blaster, which destroyed a constellation. Considering the distance and the gravitational binding of each star, that's worth 465 ExaFOE. That power can shake the entire universe 10 times over. And she's still keeping up with the Blue Blur after he got even stronger and faster, such as Infinite, who created an entire dimension that goes on forever called Null Space."

Boomstick: "Breaking out of Null Space and defeating Infinite required an extra hand or two, but he didn't need the Chaos Emeralds against him. He does have a tenancy with those emeralds. In fast, Blaze has some emeralds of her own. With all of them together, she can activate her own super form, Burning Blaze! Yeah, not only is she the first Sonic character to get a super form - sorry, Amy - she gets one visually unique from the super forms we come to expect. Damn, alternate universes are so more creative than ours."

Wiz: "Burning Blaze is literally engulfed in flames, with her pyrokinesis obviously being significantly more potent. She can blast fire balls straight for her opponents, and emit flames from her waist down to propel her at speeds sufficient to easily smash through an oncoming meteor. In fact, in this super form, Blaze's speed is immeasurable. She can fly around the Exception, which takes place inside a dimensional rift, where neither time nor space exists."

Boomstick: "Not only that, in the Exception, Super Sonic and Burning Blaze fought the Egg Salamander, which drained the Chaos and Sol Emeralds' energies to power it. The two Eggmans teamed up and planned to use the Sol Emeralds presence in conjunction to the Chaos Emeralds to merge Sonic's and Blaze's dimensions together to collapse and form a Dream Eggmanland that transcends dimensions. Like, just transcending time and space of these universes?"

Wiz: "The craziest thing is before all that happened. Blaze has given up all hope, since the Sol Emeralds have been drained, but Sonic makes her realize that the Sol Emeralds' power comes from people's friendship and gets her to embrace the friendships she has made, thus recharging the Sol Emeralds. Let me run that by you again - the bonds of friendship restored the multiversal power of the Sol Emeralds!"

Boomstick: "This form also helps against the Jeweled Scepter, which uses the Power of the Stars. What does that do? It stabilizes and allows the coexistence or fusion of at least two universes. Hell, Eggman was taken aback by how significantly more powerful than he ever imagine, and he has knowledge of the Precioustone, a jewel created from the hopes and dreams of people living in other dimensions. I'm not bullshitting you, that's a thing!"

Wiz: "The Sol Emeralds are linked in a way to the Chaos Emeralds, which gave Sonic, Shadow, and Silver their super forms to fight Solaris, a super-dimensional lifeform that would consume all existing timelines of all dimensions. Sonic's Super form could also fight the Time Eater, which erased all of time and space of the cosmology. And even then, that pales in comparison of defeating The End, which stated to be infinite compared to his past adversaries. Blaze has a lot of power at her disposal here."

Boomstick: "Still, the Burning form can only last so long before running out of rings. Even so, it's not like she has any exploitable weakness, like a fear of heights.'

Wiz: "She does, actually."

Boomstick: "What? She has a hover technique and the ability to fly. What's the problem? Hell, when using these abilities, what's her solution of getting over her fear, keeping her head from looking down?"

Wiz: "So what? That doesn't remove her accomplishes in her life. Blaze has taken down the pirates plaguing her dimension, so much so there were no more left - and what became of Eggman Nega was nothing of her doing. With Marine managing her kingdom without her, Blaze was given the opportunity to hang out with her friends from the Chaos dimension. Wow. Even Sonic hasn't accomplished defeating his nemeses. This fiery princess is just that good. And may your karma be good, lest you have to deal with the burning rush of this princess."

Starfire lights up DEATH BATTLE![]

Wiz: "Tamaran, a beautiful paradise, which valued peace and tranquility..."

Boomstick: "But the Tamaraneans are not against violence, as they're trained like warriors for any planetary invasion. Heh, who says you can't do both?"

Wiz: "Tamaraneans naturally absorbs solar energy, giving them the power of flight and shoot fiery Starbolts to take down any warship, all under control of their emotions. And no Tamaranean better represent their warrior of peace quite like Koriand'r, or as you know her, Starfire."

Boomstick: "Koriand'r was the younger daughter of the king of Tamaran and next heir to the throne, much to the dismay her older sibling, Komand'r, or who you'll know as Blackfire. She was born sickly and lacked the natural ability to fly, making her unsuitable for the throne. Nevertheless, both Koriand'r and Komand'r were trained by the legendary Warriors of Okaara."

Wiz: "Unfortunately, Komand'r's hatred towards her sister to the point of attempting murder was punished by banishment, to where she swore vengeance against her home. And she would return in joined forces with the Citadel, Tamaran's enemy. With Komand'r's knowledge of Tamaran's defenses, the Citadel would lay waste to the entire planet until the king would sell Koriand'r as a slave to the Citadel."

Boomstick: "Damn. Nothing in DEATH BATTLE made me think 'Long Live the King' so much before. After six years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse - EWW - Komand'r would just about to execute Koriand'r. That is, if not for an evil alien science group attacking the Citadel and experimented on the two siblings."

Wiz: "They were tested to see how much solar energy they can take before exploding, and thanks to a fortunate accident, Koriand'r was freed and even given tremendous new powers. And yet, despite all the years of abuse, Koriand'r still chooses to free Komand'r out of her compassion, only to be repaid with Komand'r's newly gained powers striking her down."

Boomstick: "Jeez, Tamaraneans are the most forgiving creatures you'll ever meet. Makes sense they value peace so much. Eventually Koriand'r would escape on a spaceship, and land on Earth, where she would join the Teen Titans. Honored by the team, she would stay as a member under the name Starfire."

Wiz: "HOWEVER, this was entirely retconned, as Blackfire's illness was removed, thus making her queen and caring for her sister. Instead, Tamaran's enemies forced Blackfire to turn over her sister, and Starfire becomes bitter by the fact nobody from Tamaran came to save her, leading her to become a bounty hunter."

Boomstick: "Whether her sister was a caring queen whose hand was forced or just straight up Scar, it was the road for Starfire to become a hero. With her power of absorption, she could gain superhuman strength, speed, and durability like Superman. But she can absorb more than solar energy. Really, any energy can do."

Wiz: "Her species are powered by the Ultraviolet radiology given by stars and suns, meaning they can siphon plasma energy from enemy laser blasts, powering her flight and superhuman physique. But she can also redirect the energy into Starbolts, completely unique from any other Tameranean. That experiment she blasted out from granted her the amazing power to channel and project that same energy into destructive blasts. Hyperion, one of the original sun gods, described Starbolts as highly concentrated solar energy that possessed incredible power."

Boomstick: "Starfire can throw these energy balls with accurate precision at her enemies, and she can blast them out in at break neck paces to give them a taste of Touhou! She can power that energy into a Nova, an omnidirectional pulse increasing her powers drastically. This technique, however, is draining to use, so it would work best as the final nail in the coffin. And Starfire has more natural abilities on hand. She can blast flames from her body, reaching planet to planet. She's hot to the touch."

Wiz: "Actually, she literally is, as one time Red Hood's gun started melting from just touching Starfire's skin. A mere punch from this woman would give you 3rd degree burns. And she'll be throwing a lot of these punches, thanks to her training by the warlords of Okaara. Her skills have beaten Donna Troy 4 times in a row, and equaled Wonder Woman's melee."

Boomstick: "This is impressive considering Diana regularly fights Ares, the embodiment of war with the martial arts, tactical wisdom, strategy and tactics of every battle in history. That's maddening, and that's not the full extent of her skills. She's been described as a tactical genius. She's used clever deduction and tactical thinking many times in combat."

Wiz: "She is among the mightiest of the Teen Titans for such reasons. Speaking of Wonder Woman, keeping up with her was already a feat among the Gods, as she caught every piece of the Shattered God flying across the DC Universe. To reach from all the corners of the 100 trillion lightyear sized universe to Wonder Woman, each piece must've been moving 315 Quintillion times FTL. And to reiterate, she caught EVERY single piece."

Boomstick: "Hell, Starfire once tagged Jesse Quick, who is one of the 5 fastest people alive, matching the Flash and Superman. She's got plenty of strength to go toe-to-toe with Superman, too, or rather, his clone, Conner Kent. Starfire could survive a cosmic storm that was moving the universe off-balance and threatening it entirely. It was created an unprecedented warping in the spacetime continuum, and Starfire just took it on."

Wiz: "Conner Kent, on the other hand, could face off against Superboy-Prime, who in a weaker state punched through the DC continuity itself. In fact, he's straight up killed the God of Antimatter, Anit-Monitor - albeit while weakened - who reduced the infinite multiverse down to just 5 universes left. For Starfire to scale to such beings, she would have to be the strongest Titan, which was confirmed by Beast Boy's words."

Boomstick: "Not sure we should trust the words of a shapeshifting goofball. Dude's the most inconsistent out of all of the Teen Titans. But that would put her above Demon Raven, whose power come from Trigon. In fact, Starfire has crashed through Trigon's skull, a being with a tenth of his power capable of destroying a universe. Oh, and also defeating the infinity-breaking speedster, Pre-Crisis Superman! Damn, I never knew she'd be this powerful."

Wiz: "Well, much like Raven, Starfire holds back, and with power to shake the cosmos, it's not hard to see why. But it could be from her peaceful nature as a Tameranean, leading her to overly trust people who wouldn't return the sentiment, just like with Blackfire."

Boomstick: "However, she's not wrong to give kindness to others. Her philosophy has lead to a planetary utopia somewhere now in Brainiac's closet. This Tameranean may have a soft heart, but don't go testing that softness, or you'll taste the power of the sun."


We start the scene upon the Tamarus Palace, as we cut to the interiors with Starfire floating down the hallway, looking at her family photos passed down from generations. She looks at a photo of Blackfire pulling her hair as kids, giving a saddening frown remembering her youth. But she cheers up looking at the next, showing them hugging it out. She flies buy, leaving the hallway.

However, as she leaves the hallway, a ball of bright light summons in the hallway, growing bigger and bigger. When the flash subsides, Blaze the Cat is fully transferred into the dimension.

Blaze: "Okay. One more dimension, one more emerald."

She looks around to see frame photos, each one she looks at having her last Sol Emerald. She runs down the hallway, looking at all of the photos, all having the same emerald.

The last one surprised her the most, making her come to a complete stop to fully take in the reveal. The first, or final depending how you look at it, picture was black and white, with the first Tamaranean finding the emerald for the first time. In that frame, there's a text bubble reading "Look at this cool gem I found, my Queen!"

Blaze: "How long have I lost that emerald!?"

To Blaze's shock, her sentence bombastically echoes throughout the castle. She tried covering her mouth, but the damage was already done. Starfire paused in suspicion of the sudden echo. She quickly floats back to the hallway to find a strange anthro purple cat.

Starfire: "HEY! What are you here!?"

Blaze turns towards the orange alien as she lights her hands up with green energy.

Blaze: "I'm here for my last Sol Emerald!"

Starfire: (looks at photos before turning back to Blaze) "Our family heirloom passed down for generations!? If so, where were you all this time?"

Blaze: "I only lost it five minutes ago!"


Starfire blitzes forward and tackles Blaze all the way across the hall, crashing through a stone wall. Pulverizing through the wall, Blaze was launched into the other side of a new area, sliding down the wall from the impact. Starfire comes out of the hole throwing Starbolts at the purple cat.

Quickly getting up in time, Blaze runs to the side dodging the Starbolts one after another. Most of them trying to hit where she is and miss because of her speed, but the last one lands where she would be, catching her off-guard. However, Blaze manages to catch it, and within her hands, the Starbolt was dispelled.

Blaze: "Huh. Interesting."

Looking over to her left, Blaze witnesses Starfire charging a ball of energy in her hands, which shortly bursts into a beam directed towards the purple cat. Knowing she can dispel it, Blaze blocks the laser before reducing it to nothing with a simple arm swipe. Frustrated, Starfire flies forward and pins Blaze to the wall. Trapping her in a chokehold, Starfire powers her fist with energy.

Starfire: "Let's see you dispel this."

Blaze struggles to reach her arm out to Starfire's chest, pushing through the chokehold and summoning some energy. More specifically, Blaze concentrates her magic, sending a white wave through Starfire's body, nullifying Starfire's energy and removing her ability to fly, making her fall over. The sudden nullification removed her grip on Blaze, allowing her to roundhouse kick Starfire a fair distance to the side.

Starfire: "Wh-what? How?"

Blaze: "Simple. I can control flames, including yours."

Blaze paces in place, building up momentum before lunging straight forward in a fiery tornado. She blitz her Burst Dash into Starfire, launching her across the palace. The kinetic energy leaves a trail of flames across the castle grounds. Closing in on a wall, Blaze decides to get some payback and slam Starfire's face against the wall, crashing straight through into another room - the ballroom, specifically.

Launching herself at her airborne foe, Blaze uses her Fire Claw technique and slashes at Starfire with her flaming claws, before finishing her combo with a quintuple spinning kick. That kick hits so hard, Starfire's body cracked the floor multiple times on landing on landing. However, Blaze remained floating, with her eyes close and hands together, as if she's concentrating on something. Suddenly, pillars of flames shoot out from the ground, each of them getting closer to Starfire.

Trying to get up with almost no energy, Starfire was left with her head spinning, seeing 6 floating purple cats at once. By the time her vision returns, she's left feeling the floor a little warm, as a flame pillar shoots out of the ground. The flames do massive damage to her back, Starfire screaming in pain in the process, but it all dwindles a little too quickly.

To Blaze's shock, the Tameranean Princess starts standing up straight. The flame pillar moved, showing that the blow isn't hurting her anymore. In fact, the entire flame pillar was being absorbed into her back until there was nothing left. Afterwards, Starfire regains her power of strength, flight, and fire as shown by the ball of flames in the palms of your hands.

Starfire: "Lucky for me, I can take your flames, and dish it right back!"

Starfire blasts a stream of fire heading straight for Blaze. Blaze flies away blasting fire out of her feet to avoid Starfire's stream. She moves her stream to follow Blaze around the ballroom, with the flames only hitting the pillars. Starfire starts spinning keeping up with Blaze flying around the entire room, practically having the entire ballroom in flames.

The more the chase continued, the closer the stream was catching up to Blaze, leaving her in a sort of quick time event. Blaze soon flips over the stream and fires a fireball right into Starfire's face, stunning her and nullifying the stream. Blaze closes in blasting forward in her Fire Boost, smashing them both into cratering a whole wall, the impact extinguish most of the flames in the ballroom.

As the rubble settles, the cat fight continues in a hole with their hands locked together, both trying to push eachother away. Blaze was pushing herself to her limits as touching the Tameranean's hands was sizzling her own. Luckily for her, Starfire was left weakened from the the crater, with bruises and cuts all over her body. Not to mention, in this pushy fight, Blaze had the leading strength.

Blaze: "Just give me the Sol Emerald! It is my sworn duty to protect all of them!"

A strange green aura pulsates from Starfire's chest. The light grows bigger and bigger by the second.

Starfire: "We Tameraneans want to be a peaceful race, but troublemakers like you always stand in our way!"

The light in her chest burst out, firing her nova to blast Blaze away, who only managed to hold back most of it with her arms. The explosion was so powerful, we cut to an outside view of the palace to see a big chunk of it be demolished. Within the blast, Blaze slowly pushes against the energy. As she screamed in agony, she pushed through and swiped both arms out, nullifying the blast.

Blaze skids across the floor, collapsing onto her hands once at a complete stop. Starfire crawls out of the rubble, exhausted from pumping out so much energy. With the ceiling removed, the sunlight gave her enough strength to stand back up. While she doesn't have enough strength to fire starbolts, Starfire had enough to fight hand-to-hand, signified by punching her hands together creating a shockwave

Starfire: "Ready for more?"

Blaze lifts her legs, and stretches her whole body in the same way all cats do. Once standing up, she cracks her neck to ready up.

Blaze: *scoffs* (sarcasm) "If we don't end this soon, I might start to like it."

They run towards eachother and clash fists together. Blaze lands a roundhouse kick on Starfire's stomach, almost tumbling her back, but she holds her ground. Instead, Starfire reverses the momentum to headbutt Blaze, cracking the floor and popping her into the air. Starfire grabs Blaze's airborne body slams her overhead, over and over from side to side. However, Blaze had enough of that and ignites the air on her feet to spray fire that not only stuns Starfire, but also launches Blaze out of her grasp.

Blaze spins over to reverse her trajectory and returns a headbutt to Starfire. Blaze flips back and lands on the ground safely, beckoning Starfire to tackle her, which she does with a smirk on her face. They clash and continue to exchange blows, such as Starfire delivering an axe kick to slam on the ground, with Blaze rolling away like the Chosen Undead to avoid it. She then flies forward with her Fire Claw and tackle Starfire. She blocks the tackle and slams her fist straight down on Blaze right to the floor, cratering it.

Blaze got on her hands and quickly spins her whole body around, sweeping Starfire's legs off the ground. As she spins around, Blaze shoots up into the air like using her Accelerator Tornado to uppercut Starfire, launching them both high into the air. Blaze shoots her body spinning towards Starfire with her Fire Claw over and over, rapidly attacking her from side to side.

Catching on to the same movement, Starfire catches Blaze in her grasp, holding her by her neck where all cats are defenseless against. In her other hand, Starfire's fist grows a green aura, and when she delivers a blow against Blaze, a Starbolt blasted out into the Tameranean city, along dragging Blaze. Knowing it's fiery energy, Blaze tries nullifying it by collapsing it in her hands, literally putting out the flame in her grasp.

She spins around to change her momentum and fires up her hands, ready to throw flames all around. Starfire finds it amusing, and awaits the flame to absorb it. However, when Blaze got close, she threw a fireball past Starfire. Completely confused, she sees where the fireball was heading, rather than taking care of the purple cat within melee range.


Starfire gasps in panic, and rushes right for the fireball, all while Blaze shows regret in her face. Just as the fireball reaches the houses, Starfire swoops in and penetrates it, putting the flame out instantly.

Starfire: "Are you insane!? Were you actually trying to BURN my peop-!?"

Just then, Blaze smacks Starfire in the face with a dive kick, blitzing as a meteor in re-entry out of the city and into empty hills, decimating an entire desert. As the dust clears, we see Blaze flying across the desert while carrying Starfire by her hair.

Blaze: "Regretfully, you'd absorb the fireball otherwise. So, how about we remove your people's safety from the matter?"

Blaze violently flies down slamming Starfire against the sand, creating a thin but long pillar of flame. However, a green light explodes and consumes the pillar. Launched out, Blaze's hovering stops her momentum, while she awaits the Tameranean's next move. Starbolts shoot right for the purple cat, with her reflexes sharp enough to avoid all of them, but not Starfire, as she tackles Blaze.

The two fly down to the sand floor and start spinning in circles. The faster they move, the more sand they spin with them, quickly creating a giant sand tornado. They clash apart within the tornado, their hands fueling up with heat, and they both blast streams of fire at eachother, creating a fiery explosion. It was so intense, the blast caused the sand tornado to turn into glass.

Obviously, with these two fighting, the glass only lasted seconds intact, as they smash right out and pulverize a giant portion of it. Blaze jumps across from giant glass shard to giant glass shard, while Starfire flies throwing starbolts at where the purple cat was. Eventually, she finds a long and sharp glass piece, and with quick measures, Starfire threw it at blinding spinning speeds right for Blaze, shattering other glass pieces in the process.

Seeing the wide glass blade spinning right for her, Blaze spins in place in a tornado of flames, with the very flames growing so hot glass melts around her and swept up by the tornado. It's so effective, it does the same for the spinning glass blade. All of the melted glass formed a glass ball, which Blaze not only jumps out of, but also grabs and throws overhead at blazing speeds, smashing right into Starfire and back to the broken glass tornado. This royally pissed Starfire off, screaming at the top of her lungs and flies so fast the launch obliterated the rest of the glass and tackle Blaze off-guard.

We cut to a view of Tameran from space, where the two's speeds and clashes can be seen. They fly across all over the planet, avoiding areas that look like cities. Their clashes even dispersed a thunderstorm, a tornado, and a blizzard. However, the clashes become more frequent, the shockwaves grow larger, unfortunately covering some cities, and the impacts start shaking the very planet.

Cutting back to the fight on the surface, the two fly across an ocean so fast, their trails part it like the red sea. They spin together trying to throw eachother off, but they spin so fast, they don't see where they're going and they splash into the ocean. Starfire was submerged, while Blaze's body skips across the water.

Starfire flies out of the water to tackle Blaze, smacking her high into the air. Seeing the Tameranean come back to smack her again, Blaze readjusts herself and perform a Fire Claw to counter it. Their clash moved the water from below, and they fly across the ocean for more clashes. They pick up so much speed, they return to the palace to crash in it.

In the falling rubble, Starfire slides on landing and shielding herself with her arm from the debris. Blaze on the other hand, jumps from big rubble to big rubble until landing on her knee on the floor, trying to catch her breath. Starfire smirks as she cracks her knuckles, gradually walking closer to her tired opponent.

Starfire: "Guess your little flame has died out."

Blaze looks up with heavy breathing. Behind the Tameranean princess closing in, the royal throne has a shiny gem on top; the Sol Emerald. Seeing her goal, she pushed through her low stamina for a Burst Dash, passing by Starfire before she could react. She was dumfounded by the purple cat's sudden burst of energy, and looking behind her, she pieces together Blaze is jumping up to the throne for the emerald.

Starfire: "NO! I WON'T LET YOU TAKE IT!!"

Feeling her rage reaching her limit, Starfire strikes the ground her fist filling with intense green energy, covering the entire floor with the same energy. And Just as Blaze reaches the Sol Emerald, pillars of green flames burst out of the floor, engulfing the entire throne room, incinerating everything and throwing her and the emerald off the throne.

Not giving up, Blaze flies up to the top of the throne room quickly becoming engulfed with the pillars, chasing the airborne Sol Emerald. She dodges and weaves past every burst, reaching her hand out to obtain the Sol Emerald.

It cuts to an outside view of the damaged palace, as the beams completely obliterate what remains. However, in the middle of it all, a small flash of light turning into a huge ball of fire burst from the seams, nullifying the green energy. As the sphere dissipates, it shows Burning Blaze twirling in full form. She looks down at her opponent, crossing her arms.

Burning Blaze: "Let's see what you're made of."

Starfire decides to stop holding back. Her body heats up, green energy seeping from her hands and eyes. She violently launches towards the super cat, and Burning Blaze bursts right for her. Their clash cause them both to rush up, both in pillars of flames that twist around exiting the atmosphere. They go so fast, they smash through a sizable portion of the moon, leaving huge mass to depart.

On the giant fragment, Burning Blaze charges her fingers and swipes multiple times forward, streams of flames blasting right for Starfire. She flies through the empty space of the streams, even when they rotate while moving forward. Starfire lands a Starbolt onto Blaze's face, causing a massive explosion - which dies off too quickly, due to Blaze's twirling her body to wave her hand, as she also slaps the Tameranean princess back with the back of the same hand.

Burning Blaze stomps the ground, causing multiple pillars of flames to blast out, each of them knocking Starfire back even further. However, Starfire harnesses the last pillar, turning it into a ball of green energy. She blasts it right back at Blaze, who flies away from the beam. It follows her to the edge of the meteor, cutting a chunk off which floats away. Blaze jumps off the chunk and performs the Fire Claw and punch Starfire back across the moon piece.

Starfire flies under the giant moon piece all the way around to the moon chunk. She moves the whole thing to be directly above Burning Blaze, and embows green energy in it's entirety. She punches it and breaks it apart, launching flaming meteors of it at alarming speeds. Blaze flies straight for Starfire, maneuvering around the green meteors effortlessly, with hands powering up with flames. She blasts a stream of fire forward, but Starfire swoops out of it and punches Blaze in the face with a Starbolt. The blow blasts Burning Blaze back right for the moon piece, only she went straight through it and causing an explosion that pulverizes it.

Burning Blaze lands into an asteroid of an asteroid belt, which turns over on impact. Starfire, hot on Blaze's trail, flies right for the asteroid, and delivers an axe kick to split it in half. Unfortunately, she doesn't find any pussy there, confusing the hell out of her as she remains unaware another asteroid behind her has Blaze there. That is, until Burning Blaze Fire Boosted and tackled her right into another.

The two flaming princesses fly around and into every asteroid trying to hit eachother, with occasional clashes to boot. They keep on jumping from asteroid to asteroid with each clash destroying them all. One particular clash had them locked in hands, with each of their momentum causing them to spin at blazing speeds. This spin is amusingly imitating the spin dash on the last asteroid, and shoots off into far distances.

They go through an unknown white planet and shave off a spherical cap in a violent fashion. They crash into a flaming meteor and shatter it to pieces, and smashed a comet so hard it flies backward, albeit 45 degrees off. The spinning has quickly dulled out, as Starfire has trapped Blaze into a one-hand chokehold, with Blaze trying kick her back. Her eyes glow green and shoot lasers out, but Blaze caught the beams with her flaming hand. With much force needed pushing it back, Blaze facepalms Starfire and blast a fiery explosion.

Unfortunately for the both of them, they start to get pulled in by a huge white star's gravitational pull. Both of them realize too late as they land right on the star, making a big shockwave that shook the star. Both Blaze and Starfire are blinded by the star's light and can't see d***, let alone eachother. However, they take advantage of their hearings, as Starfire sweeps her foot across the sun surface, alerting Burning Blaze with the twitch of her ear. Burning Blaze stomps on the surface, the impact sending a shockwave that bends the light and brushes on Starfire's shoulder.

Forming power greater than before thanks to the white star, Starfire forms a large Starbolt above her head, and throws it like a Spirit Bomb to where she felt the shockwave. The Starbolt explosion caught Burning Blaze off-guard, even if she saw it too late, with the blast eclipsing half of the white star itself. However, Burning Blaze takes advantage of the momentum and flies around the white star, leaving a giant trail of hot flames on a star. She delivers a drop kick to Starfire's back, launching them both out of the white star's gravitational pull.

Their momentum stops mid-… …space? Mid-space, just to stare at eachother. Fists unclenching, scowls turning into curious eyebrow raises

Burning Blaze: "I'm impressed you can keep up with with my Burning form without the need of the Sol Emeralds."

Starfire: "Sol Emeralds? Is that what they're called? *scoffs* Didn't need their solar energy the entire time."

Both princesses' auras burn brighter than the white star itself. Both of them crack their bones in preparation to get loose from holding back. With their stances ready, they rush into eachother in a gigantic fiery clash that eclipses the white star in both size and luminosity. With their speed pressing against eachother's arms, they actually start enjoying pushing to their limits just to go for the kill.

However, Starfire pulls out her trump card move. She grabs a hold of Burning Blaze's face, confusing the hell out of her.

Starfire: "Well, I can't say I wouldn't need their energy."

A power surge commences, with Burning Blaze's energy dwindling and Starfire's rising. Rising a little too fast, one might say, as Starfire shakes with pain absorbing the Sol energy, even causing her to cough blood. But looking at the flames of Burning Blaze shrink, she decides now's the time to let it loose.

Starfire: "Guess this will do."

And with that, Starfire unleashes a Nova, blasting an even bigger green explosion omnidirectionally, almost pushing away the white star. Burning Blaze screams in immense pain with her skin boiling and her clothing scorching by the seams. She tries to fight back against the blast, but it proves too much with her weakened power, let alone the fact her color palette starts flickering from Burning to base form. And in her presumably last moments, she thinks of her friends.

Burning Blaze: (thinking) "Our dimensions will be doomed if I don't get out of here. Sonic… Tails… Amy… Cream… Marine!"

Remembering her resolve, Burning Blaze feels like she regains her ultimate power, the Nova no longer hurting her or holding her back. She Fire Boosts through the energy pulse, rushing right into the center. Burning Blaze strikes her palm into Starfire's chest, creating her own pulse, which not only erases the Nova, but send her straight into the white star. Starfire was left taxed out of energy on the impact, undoubtedly that energy was taken away from the strike.

Ready to finish the job, Burning Blaze spins like performing a Tatsumaki, with a ball of flame growing around her as she speeds towards the white star. Not one to die defenseless, Starfire quickly absorbs the white star's energy, practically regaining full power in seconds. She blasts a green beam from her hand straight for the flaming pussy (not changing that description). It did slow her down, but it only delayed the inevitable.


Burning Blaze strikes a mighty kick in Starfire's stomach, the blow so potent it scorched through her flesh. A humongous blast burns through Starfire's body, splitting her in half and soon comes for the rest. She screams in agony as her remaining body parts are consumed by the flame. The blast even devours the white star, with the light so bright the white star was colored black before being incinerated.

Once the smoke clears, we see Blaze in base form, surrounded by the Sol Emeralds, but with her arms crossed and her head tilted down. Putting down another flaming princess took a toll on her, even if it would've been the Tameranean or her.

Blaze: "I hope your people find peace, even without you."

With that off her chest, she teleports away with the Sol Emeralds in a wave of fire.



Boomstick: "Whoa, that is not how I thought this cat fight would go down! I thought we needed the Archie comics for this outcome."

Wiz: "Now, now, Boomstick, we don't WANT to have our favorite win the match. It has to be based on logic in the research. That said, this was indeed unexpected. Many advantages we thought would go to Starfire was swiped away or matched with the purple cat's caliber."

Boosmtick: "Alright let's start with the obvious category - Speed!"


Boomstick: "Naturally, you would assume the Sonic character would have this advantage, and you'd be only half right! Solaris' light was considered 2 decillion times faster than light, making Blaze 6 trillion times faster than Wonder Woman. However, Starfire herself has tagged Jesse Quick, who once ran in a race against Superman and the Flash as one of the fastest people alive. This would ultimately make Starfire's speed immeasurable."

Wiz: "The Double Boost has shown to escape an infinite dimension, so such speed isn't new to Sonic characters. If that wasn't enough, Burning Blaze could fly in the Exception where neither time nor space exists. Ultimately, even if Starfire was actually faster from the start, speed wouldn't matter at all when viewing them at their best, so while Blaze starts out with the advantage, it would unfortunately only be a tie. Now, skill is where it gets interesting."


Boomstick: "Obviously, it would seem like Starfire had this in the bag. She's been trained by very experienced warriors from childhood, and could scale to Ares' being the embodiment of war. Hell, she's been called a tactical genius before."

Wiz: "That's the interesting part - Blaze deals with tactical geniuses on a daily basis. She's match Sonic's skills, who rivals Eggman's sheer skill alone, and as a matter of fact, she's dealt with her own version of Eggman in her dimension herself. So, tactical geniuses aren't new to her."

Boomstick: "Damn. And that's assuming Starfire is a tactical genius. She's shown signs of it, like clever deduction and tactical thinking, but Blaze can still match it anyways. Point goes to Blaze. But powers is a doozy!"


Wiz: "With both princess having the power of flames and flight, their separate abilities are significantly at odds with eachother."

Boomstick: "Starfire's absorption was a neat trick that helped her against Blaze, syphoning her flames for her own benefit. She could suck Blaze dry- wait, not like that! Like, the absorption would even work on Burning Blaze - I mean, she is covered in fire, for God's sake! And the Sol Emerald's energy have been drained before, such as the Egg Salamander, though the power of friendship can easily restore the emeralds' energy."

Author's Note: Super forms could work with weakened powers of the Chaos Emeralds, such as Sonic and Chaos taking the positive and negative energies respectively, which can be attributed to the Sol Emeralds.

Wiz: "Not to mention, even when absorbing the Burning form, it's still infinite albeit with a time limit, and while Starfire can absorb sunlight continuously, that doesn't mean she doesn't have a limit unless specifically stated so. But Blaze's exclusive ability edge is her power nullification. This could dispel columns of flames and erase beings of fire from Iblis, the half-God, Flames of Disaster that has been scorching Earth for 200 years."

Boomstick: "While this doesn't mean she can erase Starfire outright, she could dispel the sunlight stored in her body. But Starfire has become resistant towards nullification before - energy dampeners haven't contained Starfire's power, and the experiments that gave her Starbolts altered her Tameranean physiology to where nullifying tech couldn't take away her power."

Wiz: "Still, Blaze has erased beings from a Super-Dimensional God, so it's unlikely Starfire is directly immune. And her super strength, flight, and flames are reliant on sunlight. Speaking of strength…"


Wiz: "…this is what will ultimately come down to."

Boomstick: "Starfire could wield power that defies measure and imagination, even against a universe-warping cosmic storm, while Sonic characters in base form need the Double Boost or especially the Triple Boost against a being of that magnitude. Blaze would've been toast if Starfire went all loose on her base form, if her speed and power nullification weren't effective enough."

Wiz: "But there lies what's holding back Starfire the most; herself. Tameraneans are still peaceful in nature, even with their war defenses, resulting in Koriand'r to regularly hold back on even Teen Titan missions, and letting her emotions get the better of her. Blaze was on the opposite spectrum, letting the world weigh down on her shoulders and not getting attached to anyone. She's overcame this problem, but she remains decisive on saving the world on missions."

Boomstick: "And when push comes to shove, if you were betting Blaze would win by her Burning form, you won the lottery! Starfire could reasonably scale to Superboy-Prime, who killed off Anti-Monitor, the same guy who reduced the infinite DC multiverse down to FIVE! But even in their first appearance, the Sol Emeralds had that beat. The Eggmans were going to use them to create an Eggmanland transcending dimensions! And this isn't inconsistent with Sonic soon after."

Wiz: "The super forms could fight and win against beings like Solaris, a Super-Dimensional God consuming time, the Time Eater, which could erase all timelines and dimensions, and The End, a being claiming to be infinite compared to all of Sonic's adversaries, including the last two. That's essentially multiplying infinity by FOUR times. And while Starfire can still absorb her energy, Burning Blaze is still beyond her power - let alone it would take a while to reach to such a limit."

Boomstick: "And keep in mind, when Superboy killed off Anti-Matter, he was in a weakened state. Anti-Monitor, specifically, not Superboy. Even when he became stronger, enough to battle the Darkest Knight, he's long gone higher than Starfire's league."

It cuts to Wiz and Boomstick in the lab.

Wiz: "It wasn't easy to consider. Starfire would just hold back too much to leave her wide open, and Blaze's superior genius tactics, accursed abilities, and Burning power in her Sol took full advantage."

Boomstick: "The fire in Koriand'r went out in blazing glory! Wait a second, that didn't make sense."

Wiz: "The winner is Blaze the Cat."

Advantages & Disadvantages[]

  • Blaze the Cat
    • + Could nullify Starfire's solar energy
    • + Burning form deemed greater power
    • + Has matched against genius intellect before
    • + Faster in base form than Starfire holding back…
    • = …but wouldn't matter otherwise when both immeasurable at their best
    • - Sol Emeralds' energy can be absorbed
  • Starfire
    • = Both immeasurable speed at their best
    • + Could absorb Blaze's flames and Sol Emeralds
    • + Much stronger against base Blaze…
    • - …though she'd hold back too much
    • - Limited stamina compared to Burning form, even with proper sunlight
    • (+/-) Is susceptible, though resistant to Blaze's nullification


The cover name would be "Stars Ablaze". This would be a heroically heavy metal, lyric soundtrack, with some of the instruments having soundbite, similar to the Sonic Rush soundtrack, singing about their fiery passion to protect the ones they love, representing their themes around emotions.

The track cover would have the Sol Emeralds falling into Tamaran's atmosphere, where 7 Starbolts are sprayed to destroy the Emeralds. One Starbolt forms a big "T", representing the Teen Titan symbol, with 3 flaming spikes forming a claw swipe slashing through it.

We are too strong for our Kingdoms
Because we fight for more than what's beyond
All those who dare to challenge our Nova
Shall taste the power of our mending bonds

We shall bless the battlefield with our royal grace
With our very flames to leave the many Stars Ablaze


  • The connections:
    • They are princesses from outside the main setting of the series (The Sol Dimension and Tamaran)
    • Their main source of energy weaponry are flames
    • They have journeyed to other realms beyond their own, where they actually bonded with friends
  • This battle would be animated in sprites.

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