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A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

This is set to become an actual episode of Death Battle. Check out the Death Battle Wiki’s page for it here.

Reluctant Heroes
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date 6/18/2017
Written by Soul
Directed by Soul
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 Saitama vs Mob Decidueye vs Takumi
This is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Blake Belladonna from RWBY, and Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.


RWBY vs Attack on Titan! Not all heroes wanted to be called to the battlefield, but even some will do what they must to protect the ones they care about. Using their Speed and High-tech blades who will win this fight? The huntress or titan slayer?


Soul: When we normally think of heroes, we think of self-less heroes, saving the world and going to a happy ending.

Sun: While these two did originally not want to be heroes, they still fight, to protect the ones they care about. Using their high speed and blades to cut down anything that opposes them. Blake Belladonna, Ex-White Fang member, and Black Beast of team RWBY...

Soul: And Mikasa Ackerman, the red scarfed titan slayer of the scout regimen...

Sun: He's Soul and I'm Sun...

Soul: And it's our job to analyze their weapons armor and skills to find out who would win, a Fanon, Death Battle...

Blake Grapples into Death Battle

(Plays: From Shadows)

Soul: Born with no life, into segregation. Faunus are a breed of human that are known for being able to see in the dark, and for their animal like features ranging from a monkey tail to rabbit ears.

Sun: Normal people seemed to hate them for some reason calling them freaks and giving them less rights. And to stop this and declare equality one faunus named Adam Taurus decided to form a group called the White Fang and stop the racism with… Peaceful protests? But they did go on missions to protect other faunus from the dangers of racism by doing Mission Impossible style quests stealing and destroying tech to call their own. Until some bitch showed up killed a couple members forcing Adam to give into her demands.

Soul: Forced to murder and terrorism Adam’s lover rejected the Fang and ran away masking her faunus identity, with one goal, to bring the White Fang back to justice while showing that you shouldn’t judge someone by their race, but by their heart and her name is…

Sun: Martin Luther King Jr.!!! Oh.. wrong person, I mean Blake Belladonna. With goals as high as hers where was she supposed to learn how to surpass her former lover? Why Beacon of course, where learning how to murder monsters is easier that it is at other also awesome monster fighting schools.

Soul: Blake was later teamed up with team RWBY where she got to learn various team attacks, which are useless here due to not including outside help. But something we can talk about is her weapon, Gambol Shroud, which is kinda a cross between pistols, a whip, and sickles, which can be used both long and short ranged, and can also be used as a grappling device and a slingshot big and durable enough to fling people.

(Plays: I May Fall)

Sun: She also has her aura which can be used to heal minor damage, lead away fatal blows, and make her attacks deadlier. And she can also use her semblance to create shadow clones or make really awesome ice sculptures to fool the enemy. And the dust she carries helps her with that even more, with red dust causing her clones to be ticking time bombs, earth and ice to make spare clones to take a hit for her, and violet to completely obscure and darken everyone’s vision giving it the illusion that they are fighting in a dark area.

Soul: Being a faunus, Blake’s already enhanced senses are even stronger, and she also has the ability to see in the dark. Which only adds onto what we have mentioned before.

Sun: Despite these awesome abilities she has a few weaknesses, like the fact if she is too busy thinking about her enemies and their moves, she will neglect other responsibilities such as food, and sleep. Like Soul during his bingeplay of a Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke...

Soul: JOEY!

Sun: It was just a Ratatta stop whining...

Soul: While her aura is helpful, it comes at a cost, with the overuse of it can severely cripple her body making her unable to fight while having suffering pain. And can even be bypassed if caught off guard or something attacks her before she can react. But even these weaknesses do not affect the amazing accomplishments she has done. Like the time she survived getting impaled by Adam’s sword which cuts through aura, was able to pick up an armless Yang, and escape before Adam realized she left a clone in her place, dropped Yang off somewhere and ran off to go vacationing...

Sun: Well, if monkey boy hadn't gotten himself stabbed after ditching his team, it would be better...

Blake: “And we may never be ready! Our enemies aren't just going to sit around and wait for graduation day. They're out there, somewhere, planning their next move, and none of us know what it is, but it's coming! Whether we're ready or not!”

Mikasa Maneuvers into Death Battle

(Cues: Guren no Yumiya)

Soul: Mikasa Ackerman, was raised inside the last walls of humanity. And while she was kept safe from the man slaughtering titans, she was not safe from... Human traffickers...

Sun: Well, this is already depressing... But after her parents were murdered, she was lucky that this really whiny kid named Eren just happened to be there and helped her escape her captors, by murdering them...

Soul: Left with nowhere else to go she was adopted by the Jeager family, raised alongside Eren, she vowed that she would protect him. Which was actually perfect timing because three years later the colossal titan attacked and knocked down the wall releasing titans into the wall. And after Eren watched his mother get brutally eaten, he vowed to kill all the titans and joined the military. And because she wanted to protect the idiot. She did as well, and quickly became top of her class.

Sun: Soon enough she was up killing Titans and soaking in their blood, all the while, saving Eren's giant Titan Shifting ass.

(Cues: Wings of Freedom)

Soul: In order to kill something as big as a titan, you need some good equipment to do so. So she uses Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, which shoots out wires with that dig into a surface and pull her towards it or pulling the thing towards her. Which easily allows her to move at speeds that are hard to track. And for attacking, she has multiple swords that can cut trough bone like it is tissue paper.

Sun: Yeah and being an Asian on this show means you get some really cool powers... And for Mikasa she is immune to memory manipulation and illusions.

Soul: Mikasa is a very strong woman, often referred to as equal in power to a hundred soldiers. As seen as a kid she was able to kill adults and easily beat up some boys twice her size that tried to harm Eren. And also she was the top of her class of a training program that is known to be deadly. Not to mention the reaction speeds she needs to pilot the Maneuvering Equipment.

Sun: She is so badass, that she killed multiple titans with ease, and almost killed 3 different titans, and can even keep up with the Female Titan, and Eren's Titan form the Rogue Titan. But even so, she still has some weaknesses.

Soul: Even though she is a Titan Slaying badass, she is still just human, and her emotions often get the better of her. And if her Maneuvering Equipment fails, it could seriously harm her.

Sun: So? She is a complete badass! And I would kill! To be anything like her.

Soul: Well... You have killed for less...

Mikasa: "Once I'm dead, I won't even be able to remember you. So I win, no matter what. I'll live, no matter what!"


Soul: All right, the combatants are set, let's settle this debate once and for all...

Sun: Its time, for a DEATH BATTLE!

Sign for Reluctant Heroes...

(Cues: Marco's Theme)

(Inside the Second Wall, Market Place, Noon)

Blake, was confused, but focusing on her target. Some portal opened up recently and a White Fang spy ran through it. Now she was in some area where there were multiple walls, and some of which, had these giants behind them or in them. Her target, trying to evade ran into a young adult, who looked like some sort of patroller, catching him off balance. Blake then runs into him, knocking him onto the ground, catching the eye of a young woman who seemed without a soul, chasing after Blake. Getting into a mostly secluded part of the town, with not many people around, in case the Titans attacked again. As Blake's target was running up the wall, Blake was doing the same until a wire tipped with a sharp metal point as the young woman, revealed to be Mikasa was flung towards it, eyeing Blake with killing intent and grabbing a blade. Blake, naturally did the same grabbed Gamble Shroud and got in a combat stance. Both charged at each other as a very well known theme strikes.

(Cues: Gurren No Yumiya, Jonathan Young Cover)


Mikasa makes the first move by firing a cable from her gear as it lands in front of her feet and at high speeds she is flung towards Blake as she slashes her multiple times, only for Blake to disappear instantly, an appear behind Mikasa as she kicks her a few times, then fires some Fire Dust at her knocking her towards the ground at blinding speeds.

Blake as her weapon change a bit and flings it at Mikasa while holding onto another part of it. The Titan slayer grabs opens her eyes, while slightly burnt and has the blocks the onslaught of slashes until Gamble Shroud is called back and then uses the gear to catch hold of the wall, and fling herself at Blake. Mikasa slashes again at the faunus only for her to jump back as the blade is now caught in an ice statue that looks like Blake.

(Cues: Shinzou wo Sasageyo)

Blake appears behind Mikasa, and as that happens Mikasa lets the gear loose grip of the wall and lets go of the blade, causing her to fall onto Blake. As both are falling, Blake has Gamble Shroud in it's blade form, and Mikasa grabs another blade. The two clash multiple times, metal against metal, blade against blade. As the ground approaches, Mikasa has her gear grab onto the wall, and prevent her from falling to her death as Blake hits the ground, making a small creator. Mikasa looks as if, she confidentially stands on the wall only to be surprised that Blake survived the fall, with little to no damage.

(cues: From Shadows Orchestral)

Blake takes this small amount of time to her advantage, grabbing Gamble Shroud and quickly firing Earth Dust at the Ice Statue causing it to fall and nearly on Mikasa, who narrowly avoids the blast, only for a shadow clone of Blake's to appear and rush towards her and explode, burning her again.

Mikasa then uses the enviroment to her own advantage as well, and fires one of the wires towards Blake who jumps, only to find the wire is coming back with a log at the other end, knocking Blake towards Mikasa. The Titan slayer clenches onto her blade swinging it at the huntress, only for Blake to block the attack with Gamble Shroud, breaking Mikasa's blade. she drops it and fires a wire at Blake, which impales her and brings her to Mikasa who swings a new blade at Blake. Blake narrowly manages to dodge the attack, but it slices her left arm, clean off.

(cues: Jiyuu no Tsubasa)

Blake kneels to the ground in pain dropping her weapon and clenching the stub that was her arm as Mikasa raises her blade for the kill. She swings it down, only to be caught in a new ice statue, jumping back and having her gear grip to multiple places to keep her out of reach. But before she can move again, some earth dust hits the gear resulting in heavy damage to it, causing cords to fire all over the place tangling Mikasa in them as Blake stands with blood dripping from her stub, and a new scar on her face. Mikasa desperate to get out of her vulnerable position had the cords retract and as the did so, with Mikasa tangled between them, they started to cut through her skin.

(cues: Reluctant Heroes)

The wires retracting were ripping through her body shredding her to pieces while covering her in her own blood. And as she was dying she remembered all the times she had with the person she swore to protect. At her dying breath she muttered “Eren…” and then passed onto the next life as her bloodied and mangled corpse falls to the ground.


  • Blake walks off, stopping the bleeding from where her left arm once was by holding some of one of the ice statues to it
  • Mikasa's mangled body and bloodied face lays in a giant pool of blood until it is stepped on by a titan looking for food


(cues: Let's Just Live)

Sun: Damn... Brutal even for Attack on Titan.

Soul: Mikasa's Maneuver Gear gave her a huge edge in this fight, letting her have mobility, speed, and reaction speeds all at one time, and her ability to see through most of Blake's shadow clones gave her a huge edge in this fight. But even so her normal speeds without the gear still do not match up to Blake.

Sun: Not to mention ice dust would give Mikasa a serious problem, considering it could take away one of Mikasa's only means of combat. And while the Titans are more dangerous than most Grimm, Mikasa only really has to fight one or two, while Blake fights large groups of Grimm at a time and has less damage.

Soul: The biggest thing pushing this fight in Blake's favor, is the very thing that Mikasa is heavily relying on. Damage the gear and it takes away all of Mikasa advantages or it could even kill her.

Sun: I guess Mikasa's loss was Titanic...

Soul: The Winner is Blake.

Next Time...


Shadow Like Snipers

Blake VS Mikasa
Blake VS Mikasa (AgentRedhead).png
Season 1
Season Episode 9
Air date TBD
Written by AgentRedhead
Episode guide
These former outcasts go head to head to see who's the better monster hunter!

Blake VS Mikasa is a What-If? episode of DEATH BATTLE! by AgentRedhead, featuring Blake Belladonna from the RWBY series and Mikasa Ackerman from the Attack on Titan series in a battle between tragic dual-wielding hunters.


(*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

Wiz: Born to shunned races and forced to fight for themselves and others, these two have fought through all their suffering to prove themselves capable of holding off world-ending threats, all in the name of the ones they love.

Boomstick: Blake Belladonna, the Grimm-killing member of Team RWBY.

Wiz: And Mikasa Ackerman, the Titan-slaying member of the Survey Corps.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Blake Belladonna

(*Cues: From Shadows - RWBY: Volume 1*)

Wiz: At first glance, the world of Remnant appears to be a happy, light-hearted place. But take a closer look, and you’ll see that beneath every light, there is always a shadow. And perhaps the biggest shadow cast in this world belongs to the Faunus.

Boomstick: Faunus live in Remnant alongside humans, and for the most part, they seem similar enough. The one big difference, though, is that people who are born Faunus are part human, part animal. You’d think having something as small as a scorpion tail or rabbit ears would be fine, maybe even kind of cool, right? Well, not exactly.

Wiz: The Faunus were subject to extreme discrimination, often feared or made fun of for the traits that made them unique in the first place.

Boomstick: Figures, even in a world inspired by fairy tales, people are still racist jerks. But of course, every fairy tale also needs a hero, or in this case, a heroine.

Wiz: Blake Belladonna was a very passionate freedom fighter, working alongside the prominent Faunus activist group called the White Fang. At first, the group was a civil one, usually having peaceful protests. However, after a while, their protests started growing a bit more violent.

Boomstick: Yeah, see, the White Fang’s leader Adam Taurus was a pretty cool guy at first, but soon he started turning the White Fang into a terrorist organization, after he started believing in the Magneto philosophy of “Humans don’t deserve the world, our race is superior!” And being a young impressionable cat-girl herself, she believed every word of it, and soon ran away from home, fully joining them.

Wiz: Don’t be fooled, Blake isn’t exactly dumb. She was just young and naïve, believing that what she was doing was the right thing to do.

Boomstick: Kinda like cancelling someone over some obscure tweets from nearly ten years ago. But hey, it’s not all bad, because now that she was on her own, she could literally fight for what she believed in. And she had the perfect weapon to do it, too!

Wiz: Blake’s signature weapon is known as Gambol Shroud. While it may appear to be a simple weapon on paper, this is more than just a sword and sheath. Housed within Gambol Shroud is a ribbon that stretches ninety-six meters wide, or just over three hundred feet. With this ribbon, Blake can use it as a sort of grappling hook to pull herself up, or to swing around the battlefield with ease.

Boomstick: But this isn’t just a defensive weapon. Besides swinging around for mobility, she can also use the blade part with the ribbon, giving this thing even more range. It’s like she’s performing yo-yo tricks, but with a sword! But you know, with how she’s able to swing around like that, you’d think her Faunus trait was a monkey tail, kinda like that Sun Wukong kid, right? Nope! Instead, she’s a cat Faunus, which means she’s got cute little kitty ears!

Wiz: Those ears aren’t just for show. As a cat Faunus, Blake has superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, as well as unique Faunus abilities, such as night vision and hearing abilities on par with regular cats. She has also unlocked her aura, or the manifestation of her soul, which acts as a sort of shield that she can use to block attacks or reduce damage, sort of like a healing factor. These extra powers really help her put Gambol Shroud to good use, whether she’s using it as a sword, a grappling hook, or a gun.

Boomstick: Because it wouldn’t be a RWBY weapon if it wasn’t also a gun. But if her sword or a simple gunshot blast won’t do the trick, she’s also got dust to kick things up a notch! Wait a minute, dust? Like, the stuff that gets everywhere and makes you sneeze?

Wiz: No, not exactly. This kind of dust is an energy source that Blake can use in combination with the most important of her aura abilities: Her Semblance.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, her own personal superpower!

Wiz: Right. In Blake’s case, her semblance, known as Shadow, allows her to create copies of herself as a means of evading hits. She can infuse dust into the copies, in order to give them additional effects.

Boomstick: She’s got a bunch of different kinds of dust she can use. Take the Fire Dust, which turns her shadow into a mini bomb, or the Ice Dust, which turns it into an ice sculpture that can trap opponents, or even the Earth Dust, which pulls a Medusa and turns her shadow into a stone statue, which she can use as a cover.

Wiz: While her Semblance is a very useful power for evading hits, it does have a downside. If Blake runs out of aura, then she’ll be unable to use her Semblance, leaving her somewhat exposed.

Boomstick: But luckily for our feline friend here, she’s got another technique she can use, one she’s nearly perfected: Running away! She’s so good at it, it’s the very reason why she got her semblance! Lucky girl, all I get whenever I run anywhere is a footsore and a jammed leg.

Wiz: I’m surprised you’re able to even run with a shotgun leg. But unlike you, Blake’s running away had purpose.

(*Cues: Nevermore - RWBY: Volume 6*)

Wiz: After she learned of Adam’s terrorist plans, Blake was horrified, and broke things off with him. Abandoning the White Fang and Adam, she ran away once again, this time with no purpose or direction for her life.

Boomstick: Until she found Beacon Academy, where she trained to become a huntress alongside the other members of her new team, Team RWBY, fighting alongside Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long, a brawlin’ blonde bombshell that Blake definitely gets along better with, if you know what I mean.

Wiz: As the literal B in team RWBY, Blake has more than proven herself worthy of being called a huntress. She’s fast enough to keep up with the likes of Mercury and Emerald, and she and Sun have even dodged lightning attacks from the Sea Feilong Grimm. Given Blake and Sun’s heights and the distance the lightning bolt would have to cover, Blake would have to be moving around a speed of Mach 11 in order to dodge it.

Boomstick: Damn, running away really is her superpower. But she’s not just fast, she’s also pretty strong, able to slice through armored foot soldiers like butter, even without her Beacon training. She’s also defeated that very same Feilong Grimm, Roman Torchwick, and her old ex-boyfriend Adam, after double teaming him with her new partner.

Wiz: Impressive, considering that Adam’s Moonslice can, well... slice right through this spider droid, a feat comparable to around four tons of TNT. Not to mention, she’s also survived the very train crash that Adam had caused, which comes out to nearly seven tons of TNT.

Boomstick: She's definitely proven herself to be a badass fighter, but she's not exactly invincible. For how awesome of a weapon Gambol Shroud is, it’s definitely not foolproof, and while it can take a lot of hits before breaking, the blade can still be broken pretty easily. But if that ribbon gets cut, there go her Spider-Man swinging powers.

Wiz: In addition, her aura has limits. If she exhausts her entire supply, her semblance will be cut off from her, and she'll be left vulnerable. But despite all of her hardships, she hasn’t let any of them bring her down. With her new friends and family at her side and her past ditched alongside her signature cat ear hiding bow, Blake Belladonna will continue fighting for what she believes in: A world where humans and Faunus can live together, in peace. A literal Fairy Tale ending.

Blake: There's too much wrong in this world to just stand by and do nothing. Inequality, corruption... Someone has to stop it.

Mikasa Ackerman

(*Cues: Wings of Freedom (Instrumental) – Attack on Titan Season 2*)

Boomstick: Behold, the district of Shiganshina! A southern town in the world of Attack on Titan that looks like it’s constantly holding a medieval festival.

Wiz: Long ago, humans peacefully lived within this city, including a young girl named Mikasa Ackerman, who led a happy life with her family. But of course, her blissful times would not last for long, as a violent battle would soon take place.

Boomstick: Yeah, see, Mikasa and her family were actually some of the last descendants of the Shogun clan, and they were hoping to live out their days in some kind of peace. But when you’re the last of your kind, you’re probably going to have some problems keeping a low profile.

(*Cues: So Ist Es Immer (Instrumental) - Attack on Titan Season 2*)

Wiz: Unfortunately, Mikasa and her family were soon tracked down and attacked by human traffickers, hoping to kidnap the nine-year-old Mikasa and sell her on the human-trading market. Yes, even in anime, people still treat others as property.

Boomstick: And if you think that’s messed up, we’re just getting started! You see, in order to get to Mikasa, they had to make sure there weren’t any witnesses, so the three robbers killed Mikasa’s parents. Unsurprisingly, things looked pretty bad for her.

Wiz: Thankfully, help would soon arrive, in the form of a young boy named Eren Jaeger, who assisted Mikasa by... murdering some of her captors right in front of her.

Boomstick: Jesus, even if her parents survived, she’d still have a fucked-up childhood! But when Eren was attacked by the third robber, Mikasa finally fought back, and saved Eren.

Wiz: With the two finally safe, Mikasa was soon adopted into Eren’s family, and was given not only his scarf and a new home, but also an important lesson: When life tries to fight you, you fight back.

Boomstick: Hell yeah! Finally, some useful advice! And soon, things were back to normal, and all the districts were living peacefully again.

Wiz: Peacefully, until another fight began. But this time, it wasn’t just a battle, it was an all-out war.

Boomstick: But instead of it being the districts fighting each other like an anime version of The Hunger Games, they’d actually be working together, in order to fight a much bigger threat: The Titans. You know, the things that drove humanity to live in the cities behind these walls in the first place?

Wiz: While Titans were never able to break through the wall before, they persisted nevertheless, in order to satiate their hunger for humans. However, in the year 845, the lives of everyone in the Shiganshina District changed when the Colossus Titan* finally managed to break through the wall Maria.

Boomstick: Damn, they didn’t just build the wall, they gave it a name and everything! Should’ve gone with a more threatening name than Maria, though, because as far as I know, being related to a Maria usually doesn’t end up going well.

Wiz: That couldn’t be truer, in this case. Once the Colossus Titan broke through the wall, it was every man – or woman – for themselves, with everyone fighting to stay alive, Mikasa included. After living most of her life hiding in fear, she was ready to face the world. The meek Mikasa was gone, and in her place stood the brave and powerful Mikasa Ackerman.

(*Cues: Linked Horizon - Attack on Titan Season 1*)

Boomstick: Naturally, with there being huge ass Titans on the loose, Mikasa knew she needed to take action and fight back against them, so she and Eren joined the military. But take it from me, simple guns wouldn’t be enough to kill giant beasts like these, let alone harm them, so she got herself something more suited to the job: Her vertical maneuvering equipment, or VME.

Wiz: Also known as the Omni-directional Mobility Gear, the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment is a special harness that Mikasa wears in order to face off against the titans. It comes with two iron hooks, each about twenty to thirty feet long, which can attach to any surface, and then igniting the gas mechanism to reel themselves in, sort of like a reverse fishing pole. These tools would be essential for fighting the Titans, as they provided the speed to evade and strike them down.

Boomstick: But Mikasa wouldn’t be a titan-slayer if she didn’t have the tools to take them down, which she totally does! She’s armed with a dozen awesome disposable swords, made of ultrahard steel! You might think “So what, Boomstick? All swords are made of steel.” But you won’t be thinking that when I tell you that these are the only kinds of swords that can even harm a titan, let alone slash through their freakin’ necks! They were perfect for the job! Well, until the other kinds of Titans started showing up.

Wiz: Specifically, these new titans were dubbed Armored Titans. These swords weren’t enough anymore, so Mikasa got another upgrade to her arsenal: The Thunder Spears. A sort of combination between a javelin and a grenade, these were weapons developed specifically for piercing the armor of these new giants. After the spear is thrown and makes contact with the target, the fuse is removed, causing an explosion that blasts away anything in range.

Boomstick: I think I just found the new nickname for my dick! And piercing an Armored Titan like that is no joke, since it’s that exact kind of Titan that broke through the wall Maria in the first place! And she’s got eight of them! Good thing Mikasa’s a trusted soldier, since the government was kinda secretive about making these things.

Wiz: But it turns out, Mikasa may have been even better at keeping secrets than them, because she housed one more tool up her sleeve: her Ackerman blood.

Boomstick: Yeah, remember when Mikasa got held hostage by kidnappers all that time ago and saw lots of the regular kind of blood? Well, the Ackerman blood’s a bit different than that.

Wiz: Ages ago, long before the idea of Titans was even in anyone’s minds, the Ackerman Clan were the accidental result of science experiments done to engineer soldiers for the king of the Eldia nation. While normally subsided, when these powers are awakened, the carrier is granted a set of enhanced abilities.

Boomstick: While I normally object to you doin’ any of that crazy science shit on me, I’d probably make an exception if it gave me the same level of power as the Titans themselves!

Wiz: Well, it’s not quite the same level of power, but it does give Mikasa enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to channel Ackermans of the past, drawing from their experience to use in battle, which would certainly come in handy once Eren discovered that he could turn into a Titan himself.

Boomstick: Go figure, the one guy you think you can rely on turns out to be just another one of the same wall-smashing, family murdering assholes.

Wiz: The truth crushed Mikasa, who had devoted her life to Eren, even going so far as to joining the military with him, just to protect him. With Eren now taking fire from both sides, Mikasa had no choice but to protect him. Thankfully for the both of them, she’s more than equipped for the job. She can evade fire from a Titan’s crossbow and keep up with Levi Ackerman, who can dodge point blank gunfire. She's also survived the grip of another Titan, and has enough strength to constantly hold back Eren, even with broken ribs.

Boomstick: And have we mentioned that she kills goddamn giant titans? Hell, she’s so badass, she straight up launched one of her Thunder Spears into a Titan’s mouth! Suck on that!

Wiz: As ruthless as she may be, she’s not without weaknesses. Aside from her obsession with keeping Eren’s well-being prioritized above her own, she does have a limit on how many swords and spears she can have at a time. Once she runs out, she’s wide open.

Boomstick: But still, she’s a hardened soldier of war, and even without her swords or spears, she’ll never miss the chance to bring down anyone who gets in her way, even if it means killing the ones that she loves to get the job done. If I were a Titan, I’d think twice before messing with someone like Mikasa Ackerman.

Mikasa: There are only so many lives I can value. And I decided who those people were six years ago. So you shouldn’t try to ask for my pity. Because right now, I don’t have time to spare or room in my heart.

Death Battle

(*Cues: Titanic Shadows - Brandon Yates*)



Wiz: The winner is...

Next Time on DEATH BATTLE!