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Pum, Pum, Pum, Pum. I always get what I want, so just give it to me. Pum, Pum, Pum, Pum. I'm a beauty, beautiful pretty lady. But you know, you know I've got a secret yes I do. Pumpkins, Pum, Pum, Pumpkins. Pum, Pum, Pumpkins because that's my magic spell. Pum, Pum, Pumpkins, Pum, Pum, Pumpkins yeah!
~ Blair

Blair is a character from the Japanese manga series, Soul Eater.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
  • Ties: 0

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Despite her appearance, Blair is actually a magical-endowed feline known as a Bakeneko. Having lost her home when Maka Albarn attempted to raise her Weapon partner Soul Evans to Deathscythe status, Blair moves in with the pair and has since been their roommate since.

Death Battle Info[]

As a Bakeneko, Blair can assume human form at will and can take advantage of a male opponent via seduction to get her way. While able to hold her own in close-range combat, Blair is primary an user of magic. Her brand of magic Halloween Magic, consists of Halloween-themed attacks and defenses that range from Flying Pumpkins, to her Halloween Cannon and Smashing Pumpkin attacks.


  • Though not a true witch, Blair was able to deal with the Flying Dutchman in her cat form and contended with the combined Mizune in an almost fan-service-like struggle.


  • Lost one of her nine lives to Maka and assumedly another while trapped in an active furnace by the Flying Dutchman, apparently having seven lives left.