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To prevent further "is [random character] blacklisted" comments, here's the answer: If you don't EXPLICITLY see the character's name or category (eg. meme, mascot) on the Blacklist, then they AREN'T blacklisted. You're welcome.

This page is to showcase the select characters and battles of which are not allowed to have their own pages.

Any and all pages created for these characters or battles will be deleted on sight. No exceptions.

Keep in mind this does not apply to blogs.

If you happen to notice any pages that include the following blacklisted characters and battles, then please report them to the staff team on the Rule Violation Report who will then deal with them.

Finally, if you have any questions about the Blacklist feel free to contact one of the Admins on their message walls or post a comment down below.

Blacklisted Characters

  • Any and all real-life people, including internet celebrities
    • However, those that are strictly personas and have notable feats are allowed; Filthy Frank, JonTron, etc.
  • Any and all real-life animals
  • Mascots (Sports teams, Fast Food, cereal, etc)
    • The exception is with mascots that can be considered characters in their own right, and have plenty of viable feats and fighting ability, such as Segata Sanshiro and Pepsiman.
  • Any and all internet memes
  • Any and all alternate forms (Evil Ryu, 90's Godzilla, Klassic Scorpion, etc)
    • As of March 25th, 2018, alternate forms that are entirely separate to the main version of a particular character (ex. Archie Sonic, Paper Mario or Anakin Skywalker) are allowed, along with forms that can’t normally be accessed by said character (ex. Sonic the Werehog or Gogeta). While these forms may be allowed to be used in battles, they are still not allowed to have their own pages. However brief forms that are a normal part of a character's arsenal such as Super Sonic, Fire Mario, or Super Sayian Goku are still not allowed to solely be used due to the lack of feats they have on their own.
  • Any characters past the ecchi genre whose abilities are entirely NSFW (they are banned from blogs as well).
    • To clarify, characters past the ecchi genre can be used as long they have combative feats and any NSFW-related abilities they have will be left out.
  • Certain young children entertainment, such as interactive ones for kids up to the age of 6 (ex. Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig). Note that this doesn't mean all cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants, Johnny Test, etc... are banned.
  • Vaktus
  • All Diary of a Wimpy Kid characters
  • Sonichu and all other CWC characters (they are banned from blogs as well).
  • W.D. Gaster
    • Gaster is on the Blacklist is because he's so overly cryptic, obscure, minor, and mysterious that practically nothing is known about him. Gaster and his powers have to be severely stretched in order to get anything from him, leading to many users defining Gaster's powers and personal info as they personally interpret it, with a lot of those "feats" lacking clear evidence to back them up.
    • This only applies to canon Gaster. Unofficial versions of Gaster (from Glitchtale, AUs, fangames, Unitale battles, etc...) are allowed provided they have feats and powers/weapons to combat their opponent(s) with.
  • MissingNo.
    • MissingNo is not considered part of any canonicity in Pokémon, nor is it an OC that is capable of being utilized or justified under the Mary Sue Score. Not only that, but it is in possession of no feats that would otherwise make it viable for usage in VS debating, thereby giving it no justification to be used.
  • Racist Mario
    • Racist Mario is banned from both pages and blogs due to the nature of his origin video/source material. Not only does he use racist slurs, but the video contains blatant NSFW content, including rape of animals. The video is completely unsafe for work and should be kept off the wiki grounds at all costs.
  • Any and all modern religious figures (ex. God/Jehovah/Yahweh, Jesus, Satan, Allah, Ahura Mazda, deities from Hinduism)
    • Said figures are banned from blogs as well.
      • This does not apply to characters from ancient world religions aka. Mythological figures (ex. Zeus, Odin, Sun Wukong, Hercules, Apophis, Medea, etc...)
      • Fictional characters based on modern religious figures (ex. The-One-Above-All, The Presence, Chakravartin, and Lucemon) are allowed as long as they don't violate the following: have little to no derivation from their inspired figures, implement strong theological ties (ex. Jesus from Paradise Lost), or are parodies for something such as for the sake of political commentary (ex. Jesus from Family Guy).
  • All Fortnite characters except ones that are their own character and not just simple re-skins of an original (ex. They have their own feats, a background/history, a personality).
    • No real-life people that were added into the game are allowed (ex. Neymar Jr.).
  • /v/ Tan and Cancer Lord
    • Said characters are banned due to their origins (a comic on 4Chan) and that they give users an opportunity to use racist and homophobic slurs.
  • All characters from Friday Night Funkin' mods
    • The developer of Friday Night Funkin' has stated that all mods are canon if they want to be, opening the door for banned fanon-to-canon scaling and other forms of improper debating. To pre-emptively prevent this from occuring, all characters from every single FNF mod there is are banned.

Blacklisted Battles

Note: These include any battles featuring said blacklisted characters.

  • Battles that attempt to disprove or contest existing fights that happened in canon
    • Godzilla vs King Kong
    • Batman vs Superman
    • Iron Man vs Captain America (including Team Stark vs Team Cap)
  • All Batman battles with prep time (Violates Death Battle's rule which dictates that combatants may not have prior knowledge of each other)
  • Gogeta vs Vegito

More to be added in the future.

Blacklisted Categories

  • 'Battle of the Buttmonkeys' themed Death Battles
  • 'Loser' themed Death Battles
  • 'Buttmonkey'
  • Super Power Beat Down Combatants
  • Became a Super Power Beat Down
  • Fatal Fiction Combatants
  • Became a Fatal Fiction
  • Cartoon Fight Club Combatants
  • Became a Cartoon Fight Club
  • Became a Fan War!!!
  • Became a Grudge Match
  • Became a(n) (Insert other VS Show here) (Not including OMM and DBX)
  • Combatants